Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • With the help of Leo, Piper must find a way to go back and warn herself so that she may save her sisters.

    Was an amazing episode, one of my favorite in the entire series, mostly because you get to see the beautiful boys again all grown up :) And boy did they grow up good! It was an amazing ending to an amazing show, they made sure to bring in everyone you'd want to see. A sure tribute that all fans could be proud of! While it ended the Charmed series and tied up all the loose ends it still left room if there was ever to be a sequel series of a spin-off of the show. A must see for every charmed fan!!
  • The Perfect End To A Perfect Show

    Charmed, being the longest running television show with only female leads definately had a lot to put an end to, with the final episode. It was perfectly displayed, and introducing all of the main guest stars back for the series finale was one of the best ideas the writers had. Being a huge Charmed fan, I certainly could not wait to see what the episode had in store, and it definately lived up to my expectations and more. I have no critizisms for this final episode, because I and also the fans and voters of Charmed Magazine thought it was the best ever Charmed episode. I am a huge fan of the CharmedYoutube community, and am often browsing the fan vids, and I have yet to come across a video that has not got a good reference towards this episode. This is certainly an episode to be remembered and treasured in the Charmed Universe Forever.
  • Thus spoke Brad Kern.

    And so we reached it - the Charmed series finale. In truth, it has been a constant speculation when it would emerge. Charmed has in deed been a survivor over the years, extending to an impressive length of eight seasons. Now the door has been closed for the last time (telekinetically even!) and the triquetra has shone for the last time.

    Forever Charmed sees Piper and Billie both desperate to save their dead sisters. Piper borrows Coop's ring and Billie employs her projection power to go back in time so the outcome of the final battle can be altered.

    Forever Charmed is beautiful and satisfying. Seeing so many familiar faces again was a thrill, in particular Jennifer Rhodes (who still has the wonderful oneliners going), Finola Hughes and James Read. The smiling and laughter and hugging at the end felt very genuine, and these people more than anyone belong to the heart and soul of the show.

    Well, almost anyone. Shannen Doherty is conspicious by her absence, and although there is a beautiful scene at the end where Patty says 'One door closes and another opens' and looks at Paige, Prue remains missing. Brad Kern has stated that Shannen Doherty wasn't invited to appear at all, because they wanted to focus on the present characters. As far as I'm concerned, they could have chucked out Chris (Drew Fuller is awful as always, anyway) and Wyatt and Coop and Dumain and used those cuts to pay for Shannen's return. It's what every Charmed fan out there was yearning for, but of course, with Brad Kern at the helm, that was not going to happen. It was disappointing that in the final scene, incidentally a very emotional and brilliant one, we see no picture of Prue. She is in no way present in the episode, and for me that suggests that it must have been Brad Kern and not Alyssa Milano that must have been Shannen's real opponent in the alleged feud. Brad Kern, the destroyer of most Charmed greatness (oh, how the show could have looked if we had had Shannen Doherty and Constance Burge for eight seasons), could not respect the fans enough to bring her back. That was a disappointment.

    Dumain was still as exciting as watching wet paint dry, and it's sad that the final demon had to be as unmemorable as him. But, alas, we did get the Triad (yet again) and Christy, whose death was heartbreaking. That is the first time I have had genuine sympathy for Billie. However, I think they forgave her actions a little too easily. But, you know, it has to be a happy ending.

    It was slightly corny that all three sisters ended up having three children. But the ending where they wrote in the Book of Shadows was genius, and old Piper and Leo walking up the stairs past the photographs was very emotional.

    Despite the inevitable flaws that had to come with the storyline of season 8 preceding this episode, it featured memorable acting from virtually everybody, and indeed from Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan and Brian Krause.

    A very, very special episode, this one closes the eight year adventure of suspense, humour and tears that has been Charmed. Definitely not perfect all the way through, but hey, all's well that ends well.

    So long, Charmed. Thank God for DVD.
  • Wah!! *sniffles* Charmed is over!

    This was such a great episode. Way to end a series. It was so good, i could cry. But I didn't. I wish this wasn't the end for Charmed. This episode was too good. It had basically every body they love that are still alive. Well almost every body. Just family mostly. What I really loved about this episode is the ending. When they narrarated. That was so great. And was even better, was the ending of the ending. When Piper's granddaughter closed the door of the manor with her power. Just like Prue. That as a great way to end. And what's even better is the ending of the ending of the ending. When they show the triqueta, the charmed ones' sign. I loved that part!! My point is this is truly a great ending to Charmed!! This was a great episode!! Truly.
  • Almost Perfect.

    To me this episode was almost perfect. True, the sap in this episode was sticky enough to vanquish any demon, but it was also too sweet and yummy not to lap up every last drop. Although the darkness and depth of the original Charmed left seasons before, this farewell was both fitting and fulfilling on almost all levels. I have only a few complaints.

    1) The whole mess with Wyatt and Chris knowing their future had changed suddenly in the moment was too unrealistic to explain in my mind, but I suppose necessary to bring the whole family back together. Still, I wish they had found a different way to do it. I'm also not sure what I think about taking their past selves back just before they left as a fix to knowing too much of the future. It would have been better perhaps to use the spell grams must have used on the sisters time and time again to give them a magic free childhood. I would have also enjoyed the irony and nostalgia of it.

    2)The implication that grams never visited again was heartbreaking, considering if she had then Wyatt would have recognized her as an adult. Also Chris really shouldn't have if Wyatt didn't, considering that future Chris died in the past and was reborn to a different future where he quite obviously outlived his former life's self..meaning he couldn't have gone back in time and died there so would have had no memory of it either.

    3) No Prue. Now I'm not surprised, but still it would have been that much more complete if a past Prue could have come back and helped Piper. 4) No photos of Prue?! Okay so Shannen wouldn't/wasn't allowed to come back. That doesn't mean there shouldn't have been some photographs on that wall. I'm so very glad that Prue was mentioned. It made it tolerable. If anyone missed it, the closing of the door through the power that Prue once had was an obvious tribute. Despite this, the thought that Prue was never seen by the sisters again, that Piper never again tried to call on her (it was explained that she couldn't come because Piper needed to move on with her life first, not that it was forbidden forever), and that they didn't even care enough to keep some photos around, was quite bothersome none the less.

    5) Why was Phoebe not allowed to have Penny and Patty at the wedding like Piper was?

    That may seem like a lot, but in comparison to the last three seasons it was truly a MUCH needed breath of fresh air. I was so terrified of how they might end the series after what had led up to this that it took me more than two years to get up the courage to finally see the episode. All of my pain and frustration and anger vanished in a single well spent 40 minutes, and it looks as though I might not need that blood pressure medication after all. With all of the contradictions to both story lines and characters, it feels like the show finally came home. The biggest emotional breaking point for me? Piper finally got her restaurant. The season 8 DVDs are worth it, if only for this episode and Vaya Con Leo. There is one more inconsistency that was brought up which bothered some, but not me. The three generations of Halliwell women being able to control the Hallow when previous it was stated that good and evil had to get together to contain it was a non issue and easily explainable. It was previously explained that nobody could vanquish the Hallow but it could barely be contained, and that it was so powerful it took both good and evil working together to contain it. The implication here is power. If three generations of Halliwell women coming together from different times and working on one future isn't powerful enough then truly nothing is. I find the explanation very reasonable.
  • this ep was the best of them all

    i would have to sau that this ep is the best ep of charmed every and i have watched every ep they have made. i mean its got everything time travle older chris and wyatt and of corse it exsplans everything in the tv show and i would have to say this to people who dont like this eip i say shame on you and your not even a true charmed fan so i hoope you enjoy this ep most of all this show and people remeber charmed may have ended but it will live on in everyones hearts forever and ever
  • What a way to go. Very moving and it was let go way before it's time, although around for many years it still had a lot that it could have pooked out.

    One of the best episodes of Charmed's histroy and deffinetly the best series finale, Even beating Buffy and Angel because of the not killing of a main character. It was a very moving episode and i think me and alot of other people will agree that they wanted Billie's sister to be turned back good, but that would have made the ending to perfect. Although a lot of peopele will agree also tha Billie was too strong.She had Powers comiong out of her Bottom. She and her sister were stronger then the Charmed ones'. If she didn't kill her sister then they would have easily killed the Charmed ones. To easily I especially love about this episode that they showed us the generations of Halliwells growing up. It was a beuatiful endig and a show tha t will go in the history books forever.
  • Piper and Leo uses Cooo's ring to travel back in time to save Phoebe and Paige while Billie uses Projection to go back in time to warn Christy about the demon they are working with.

    This is the last episode of Charmed. It was a a good way to end Charmed. This episode was well done. My favourite parts were when Leo and Piper are travelling into the future and are surprise to see themselves when they are old. I like that scene because it gives them hope that they will always be together. One of my other favourite parts is when Chris and Watt from the future come and said,"someone just messed up our world" or something similar to that. One of the sadest scenes in this episde was when Billie killed Christy. I know that Christy was evil but the look on Billie's face was so sad and depressing. I felt so sorry for her even though she's a fictional charcter made by writers. I loved the end of episode where they sum up there lives. It was really cool to see them all get married and have children. The best part is at the end when Piper's daughter(I think it was her) used her powers to close the door just like Prue did in the 1st episode.
  • Incredible, yet kind-of Predictable Series Finale of Charmed.

    Phoebe and Paige die in the ultimate battle. Piper uses Coop's ring to travel back in time and save her sisters (since the angel of destiny told her that something went wrong) and that Paige and Phoebe weren't meant to die. Billie uses her projection power to also go back in time and stop the battle that Christy died in, but when she finds out that The Triad was behind her the entire time, she apparently smartens up.

    Christy is truely evil, and tries to kill Billie in this one. Piper gets Patty and Penny from the past (different pasts) to come with her to the future (though, her past)to say the inscription and "recreate" the power of three to send the hollow back in it's crypt(*CONTINUITY ERROR*)

    In the real ultimate battle...phoebe piper and paige throw potions that destroy the spirit of the triad. Piper blows up dumain. Billie sides with the charmed ones when christy tries throw a fireball at her but Billie telekinetic ally kills her sister with her own fireball.

    The Charmed Ones all have 3 children in the future, and grandchildren, who just get more powerful and more powerful to the point where (IMO) no evil could defeat them and Good won.(??)
  • having been the only one to survive the final battle, piper finds that billie also survived, the angel of destiny returns leo and the final battle takes place in a different way, thus ending with a walk down future events and remembrance of the past

    this episode brings to conclusion an amazing series, after going back in time to save paige and phoebe, piper must relinquish leo to the angel of destiny; grams and patty, along with hotty hot grown up chris and wyatt. billie refuses to continue helping christy when she learns the truth about the triad and christy sets out on her own to destroy the charmed one, the charmeds ones beat triad and billie kills christie, finally having fullfilled their destiny the charmed ones can lead a normal life and fullfill their dreams, it ends with piper reading to her grand daughter and the episode ends with leo and piper walking up the stairs as pictures are shown of the family over the years, thus bringing to an end the series that has captivated us through out the years
  • Piper saves her sister. They end the Triad, Billie kills christy. Charmed is over forever!

    This episode was soooo sad, but I love how Piper saved everyone and they ended the Triad once and for all. And I cant believe Charmed ended! The last battle was so cool, it destroyed the manor. I was sad at first when only Piper survived, so I'm glad that coops ring was able to help her and Leo save them. It was hilarious how the ring took them all over the place. But finally she was able to reach her sisters and save them. And when Billie had to kill her own sister! She loved her so much, so I know it must have been hard for her. But its good she finally realised she was on the wrong side!!! The ending was really good to, I love how it showed little clips of their future, I was sad to see it end, still am.
  • The final episode of CHARMED. Having lost her sisters, Phoebe and Paige, in their final battle, Piper used Coop's ring to travel through time so she could save her sisters. .

    FOREVER CHARMED is great. It is one of my favorite episodes.Everything about it is great. It was the perfect way to end CHARMED. Both the acting and writing was excellent. I loved seeing Victor, Patty, Grams, adult Chris and Wyatt together. It is also sad because it is the last episode. I wanted at least one more season. I wanted to see more of Coop and Henry. I also wanted to see Phoebe and Paige start their families. CHARMED could have gone on for many more years. Whenever I see this episode I cry. It's happy and sad at the same time.
  • The last episode of Charmed. I hated to see it go but the time has come.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I think they wrapped everything up nicely. Everybody got to have their say and their part except for Prue. I don't think Shannon Doherty even wanted to be on the last episode but she should have.

    You got to see all the family cast members past and present and it told you of how life was like for the "charmed ones" after everything was all said and done.

    Phoebe finally found love and has had the children she has wanted and gave birth to the next generation of charmed ones.

    Piper finally had the little girl she had seen herself with since season 1 or 2 when they went foreward in time.

    Paige married Henry and had a set of twin girls and a boy. She also could persue her whitlighter career that she really didn't want in the begening.
  • In this the final episode there was a lot of time traveling which i enjoyed a great deal because you got to see all your favorite family members with the exception of prue in the same time working together to save their family.

    First off i must say charmed was one of my all time favorite shows i watched from begining to end and i loved every episode.As i was watching this episode i was so sad because i knew it was the last one but it was amazing.I loved the time traveling i always did but in past episodes it was either past or future but in this one we saw family members from both the future and the past and it was so fun to watch them all interact with each other.I also loved the ending because it didn't just end when they saved everyone and sent everyone back to their own times they showed us how the charmed ones lives played out right up to their grandchildren which i thought was a really nice way to end it.
  • Forever Charmed

    This is the best episode of charmed i have seen also it was a great way to end the magical series . The main plot of the episode was the rush to travel through time to find Paige and Phoebe but with Billie still alive she to travels through time to try and save her sister Christy . When the all the sisters are reunited together they have an intense battle but with Piper's mum and grandmum there, the two banish the hollow to where it came from. With Christy gone, Billie using her power of projection to project herself with the 3 sisters to where Christy is . Billie tracks Christy down to where the triad is also, the sisters vanish the triad quickly with Dumain aswell with Billie defence less Christy tries to destroy Billie with her powers but is then reflected by Billie's powers killing Christy instantly. So over all this episode is the greatest one in the series.
  • A very great episode, except for one thing.....

    This was the most beautiful episode I've ever seen from Charmed. Especially the ending was beautiful. It also had a lot of extremely funny moments. It would have been perfect, if not for one thing that I saw after watching the ending of the episode for the third time.
    When you see Piper and Leo walk up the stairs, you see a lot of pictures of all important people in Charmed, except for one: Prue.
    I just can't stand the fact that those actors/producers couldn't put their differences aside for only ONE episode to make it a perfect ending. I think this is the most pathetic thing that you can do. I mean: IT'S THE SERIES FINALE!!!!!!!!
    This gave me enough reason to reduce the mark I gave for it, from a 10, to a 8.5
  • Forever in my heart

    well how can you end 8 years of a wonderfully 'magical' show!! and i still can't make up my mind if i totally liked this episode or not! but being the show finale i don't know if i would have ever been totally happy! i loved the ultimate power sisters vs the charmed one and liked how paige and phoebe died (v emotionally, i did cry alot!!) but since it was the last episode we saw alot of piper and not alot of the other two! i liked the story of how they all ended up, piper with her what looked like 3 children, phoebe with her 3 and paige with her 3!! but didn't totally like it ending with 'old' piper and leo walking up the stairs! i would rather have seen the modern day girls around the book or somthing of that kind! Still very entertaining, emotional and a great episode to end a fantastic 8 years!! it really is FOREVER charmed!!
  • A great series final after eight years of Charming my television!

    A perfect ending of this show!
    I loved the whole time travel thing, how complex it became it was totally Charmed.

    And a great performance also by Kaley Cuoco (Billie) when she killed Christy she really looked devasted, again great performance.

    So sad that it had to end though, i watched this show with a lot of fun for eight years, it's really the end of an era for me... First Buffy, then came Angel, and now Charmed is also over for me well it was well worth it buying the DVD box of the Final Season.

    One of the best shows ever! (in this genre)
  • A charming ending for a charming series!

    Charmed series for 8 years had it all: laughter,good, evil adventure, death. As everything good has its ending, so Charmed ended with this stunning episode! Good won once again and each sister found her way!Billie found the truth and gave her own battle but in the end she returned to good. Phoebe undrestood her feellings for Coop and that gave her power to won the Ultimate Battle. In the future, she has three girls, a good job and a lovely husband. Paige in the future has three children, many charges and Henry by her side. Piper found the things she always wanted: Leo, a normal life, three kids, a restaurant and many grandchildren. Everything is good now. Blessed be!
  • Great series finalie!!!!!!!

    This was a great final episode and a great way to end this series!!! It wraps everything up from all the seasons: all the known enemies are dead, the show showed their future and what they're doing in the future (but forgot to mention what happened to P3) and ended on a good note with no cliffhangers and nothing that could be left to interpertation. I kinda liked the final battle but was also kinda dissapointed: after all of that I expected something grander. I liked how Christy died from her own fireball and I especially liked the death of Dumaine: Piper blew him up which I think was fitting since he did kidnap her son.
  • One of the best shows ever. But THE best episode of all time!!! And a little sad for no more charmed to come.

    rose mcgowan ,holly mary combs , alyssa milano and brian krause thank u for one of the best shows in history of mankind. Exellent writing! The last episode gets ur head spinning and lets u gues how its gonna turn out. I bet not one person had it right!
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
  • With help from Coop's ring Piper & Leo travel back in time to change the events that lead to the deaths of Pheobe and Paige. Billie uses her power of Projection to do the same thing.

    This was a good conclusion to a great 8 year show. Though, it was not what I expected, it did tie up loose ends and story lines. We finally got to see the daughter Phoebe saw in the future. The Charmed Ones finally got to lead a normal life (as seen in the future bits at the end of the movie) but they still fight evil with the help of Wyatt and Chris. We see at the end old Piper reading what they wrote in the past to a grand daughter. It was good how they showed all the photos at the end and again it ended with the Manor door closing.
  • As this era closes, Piper must save her sisters to seal her future!

    This episode was perfect! Piper had to save her sisters and along the way we got to see our favorite family members again! Patty, Grams, Wyatt, and Chris. Too bad Prue couldn't make a cameo though! Anyway, Billie projects back in time to save Christy, who doesn't give a rat's ass that she's been used for so many years. I think this episode tied up all the loose ends and I'm glad everyone got a happy endiing. But one famous scene will go down in the history of Charmed. When the 3 sisters gather to document all their knowledge they've accumulated over the past eight years. Finally, we close with a montage of the Halliwell's pictures on the wall and a small prue-like girl telekinetically closing the door. A charmed-style flash and boom! That's the end of an amazing television era! I won't secify on the details of their happy ending but Charmed fans will be quite pleased with the ending! Also, Pheobe and Coop are apparently allowed to marry because the Elders sent him down in hopes they would fall in love. Kind of sweet in a weird twisted kind of way! Anyway, screw the elders and wish the Charmed Ones their much-deserved happily ever after...
  • My favorite show, my favorite episode.

    Charmed is by far my favorite show. Forever charmed was the best episode. So many shows leave you hanging with unanswered questions, but this episode not only came to a great conclusion wrapped up all loose ends , but it even gave you a glimpse of what the was instore for the charmed ones in the furture. The only question that wasn't answered for me was why did Phoebe never get her active powers back? But all in all they did better than any show I ever watched and I was pleased. I balled like a big baby, then I bought the dvd.
  • Best series finale ever!

    The episode "Forever Charmed" was the best series finale I have seen for a tv show. Usually, for a series finale, they don't let you know what happens after that episode and you get left with all of these questions. In " Forever Charmed" they writers cleared everything up for you and told you what happened after the big battle between Billie and Christy. We saw that Phoebe and Paige had kids, that Chris and Wyatt kept fighting demons, and that Piper and Leo did get to grow old together and have grandchildren. Also, this was a great episode because you got to go back and forth through time and see their mom, grams, and Piper and Leo when they were older. I thought that when Coop came back to the manor and Wyatt said "Uncle Coop!" showing that Phoebe and Coop get married was hilarious! Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes and an awesome series finale!
  • All things must pass.

    Although we knew it would eventually have to end, watching the finale was a bittersweet experience. These marvelous women had become a comfortable and reliable part of our lives. Their belief in the power of good was so inspiring, and their willingness to battle for it very reassuring. So when this episode aired, I wasn't prepared for the sense of loss I felt, now that I knew it was over. The show wrapped up the storylines very tidily, seeing that indeed, life goes on, the girls all have full and happy lives and another generation is there, waiting to step forward if they are needed. So why did I sob when it was over? Because I most definitely will miss them!
  • I liked it! (spoilers)

    After the big explosion, Phoebe, Paige and Christy all died. Piper and Billie survived and are determind to bring back their sisters. Piper uses Coop's ring to go back in time. Which has some funny outcomes. She consentrates on Phoebe and goes back to when Phoebe was conceived. Next she needs to find her Grams to make the power of 3. She consentrates on Grams and goes to the future, where she and Leo are the grandparents. When she tries again after talking to her future selves she finds Penny. But since Patty is dead already in her Grams's time Penny faints. Meanwhile Billie is trying to use her powers to go back and find Christy. When Dumain asks her to consentrate on the Tri-ad, she realizes he cannot be trusted. Finally Piper, Leo, Grams and Patty go back to when the explosion happened and does the spell that reverses the hollow. Later as Billie is trying to tell christy that Dumain has been manipulating them to try and save the triad, Christy tells her she should have listen to him. Billie tells Christy that they are being used. Used to kill the charmed ones. When Christy says "and that's exactly what we're going to do Billie, we're going to kill" Billie says "well i can't do it!, I won't!" The Christy tells her she'll do it on her own and walks away from Billie. Later, So they can go back in time to warn the triad, Christy and Dumain steal coop's ring. Billie goes to the sisters, to say she's sorry. She didn't realize Christy was using her. The sisters find out Dumain is who kidnapped Wyatt so Billie and Christy could take his power to summon the hollow. Billie honestly thought they were doing the right thing but now she knows the truth. They realize they need to go back in time again to where Billie thinks Dumain and Christy would have gone (to warn the triad). They again want to use Coop's ring but when they call him he reveals that they took his ring. Billie says she can go back in time also and does so by focusing on Christy. They arrive and vanquish the triad and both Dumain's then Billie tries to convince her sister to come home. Christy then shoots and energy ball at them and Billie knocks it back and kills Christy. I liked the entire episode. I thought the ending in to the future was a little predictable. But all in all a good series finale.
  • All Round Great Finish, However Few Details They Didn't Think Of!

    A good end to the show, although I didn't want it to end, however at the end when showing the family photo's why wasn't there one of Prue? Something The Should have thought.

    I liked they way the had the entire family involved,,,although the laughing was a bit cheesy. A good end to the show, although I didn't want it to end, however at the end when showing the family photo's why wasn't there one of Prue? Something The Should have thought.

    I liked they way the had the entire family involved,,,although the laughing was a bit cheesy.
  • I have been a fan of charmed forever i do not want this to be done.why is there talk of season 8 realease?i do not understand. help

    Why is there talk of 8 season being realeased in sept of 08?I thought season 7 was the last?I would love and welcome a season 8,as i never wanted to see charmed end.Was there tension between the women?I know a couple of them were writers for the show and producers,but why o why does it have to end?I looked forward to every episode there was always something fresh and new!Please bring our ladies back as i for one own every dvd put out by charmed!!! Just love it.thank you sicerly cindy
  • The Best Episode ever, they should all serieses like this, all the loose ends were tired up and you know what will happen to them in the future. Once again the best episode ever...

    The Best Episode ever, they should all serieses like this, all the loose ends were tired up and you know what will happen to them in the future. Once again the best episode ever...The Best Episode ever, they should all serieses like this, all the loose ends were tired up and you know what will happen to them in the future. Once again the best episode ever...
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