Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • all never forget dise show.

    I was in middle school when the charmed show strated the years pasted one of the sisters dead. then one new sister came to the circle. the years go buy and the series deads with saving the people you love.then little of the pasted and little of future and i loved it avery happy ending of the charmed sister all mess then put its cool.
  • The end of an era as the Charmed Ones face their final battle on our TV screens...for now anyway!

    This is truly an episode for the fans that definitely ticks all the right boxes and gives us everything that we'd expect from the show. It's a pity they couldn't manage to talk Shannon Doherty back for a cameo but every other single member of the Halliwell clan puts in an appearance as Piper using Coop's ring tries to rewind the final battle against Billie and Christy with the hope of saving Paige and Phoebe. Unsurprisingly she succeeds with the help of her mother and Grams and there's a happy ending for everyone (unless you count Christy who goes up in flames and poor Billie who ultimately brings her down!) The end of an era and a definite tear jerker as future Piper and Leo ascend the stairs and we realise that this is probably the last time we'll visit the Halliwell Manor - a superb final episode.
  • all over...

    the very last episode well what can i say after 8 years it is all over [clapping] the episode was very good a few familiar faces came back from the past and future.Near the end,though,when they are all hugging i reckon they should have at least have brought prue back.For charmed fans the episode might have bought a tear to your eye as we all realise it is all over but then we realise we have the dvds(or can get)to watch.the team of writers and producers have bought us 8 years of wonderful cliff-hangers,plots and they have kept us watching (claps for the great team) but how can i leave this without thanking the brilliant team of actoresess/actors who made the show possible they made the show as popular as it is today (claps) this episode answered all our questions-will piper ever get leo back?,will phoebe get her babies?,will they leave it as piper the only surviving sister? and so on and happily all the answers turned out as we all wanted piper and leo were reunited, phoebe got 3 little girls and of course phoebe and paige were saved!Now the question still stands of will there be a spin-off with the charmed sons? or even will there be a movie? well thats enough for me charmed-we will miss you (cheering and clapping) Blessed be good-bye..
  • Nostalgic.

    The finale episode of the wonderful drama about three witches who do all kinds of mumbo jumbo. We've seen them laugh. We've seen them cry. We've seen them kick some demon butt, and now we have to say goodbye. And what's goodbye without a little tearjerker? We wanted dramatic and we got dramatic! More or less ..

    The last episode (the one before this) ended really good. Which made strong hopes about the finale being an emotionally charged dramatic earthquake. Not really what I expected. The one before the last ended with the manor going kablamo, destroying both the Charmed ones and those two meddling blondes who by the way, totally pisses me off. The whole storyline about it pretty much sucked. Anyway, we learned that only Piper survived. I for one hoped that it would be something like the season 3 finale. A real earthquake(not literally). But it kinda wasn't.

    Piper used that Cupidon guy's ring to go back in time. The journey resulted in rendezvousing with all the family, making a nostalgic, nice happily ever after moment. It was cute!
  • The final episode of a brilliant series - a little lacklustre but good none the less.

    I was really looking forward to this episode, and to some extent I was not dissapointed. It was a nice ride to the end and the trip into the future was a great way to end it all. The thing that was lacking, was PRUE. Shannen Doherty should have been included somewhere. For the sake of the series they should have paid her a s*** load of money to make a cameo. It would have made the whole thing so much more believable. There weren't even any photos of her on the wall in the final shot. For the sake of someones wounded pride / ego the producers should have given us the ending we fans deserved.
  • this was a very sad, but very awesome episode. this exactly what i expect in a series finally! so many answers, yet so many new questions are brought up. this was truely the greatest episode ever!

    this was completely excellent and teary. i couldn't think of anything more wonderful or amazing. it's just what anyone would expect for a series finale, a great way to end, but so sad that it has to end. it seems that almost everyone was in this episode, everyone except prue halliwell. but that didn't upset me, it just led to more questions, and even some more answers. this is truely a must see spisode, and i couldn't describe it any better. but just because it's over, it doesn't mean that this friendship is over, it should remain in our hearts and memory forever!
  • The final episode of the series!

    This was a great episode and very sad. It was sad because I knew that a great series was ending...

    Over all this was a very well plotted and acted episode. It finished off all of the loose ends of the series and ended on a high note!

    In the episode Piper must find a way to save her sisters and take down Billy. So she uses Coop’s ring to travel back in time. THANKFULLY we see all the major characters (except Prue). This way we get a sense of closure and get to say goodbye to everyone.

    The episode ends with a scene from the future. The Charmed ones finally get their happily ever after...
  • The best ending for one that shouldn't have happened

    The best ending even it was a little bit piper obsessed i stilled loved it it s by far the best show in its time but it has now over but it was magical while it lasted.
    The episode was superb but do you think it was the best show? NO, i think there is many episodes better than this but it being the finale gave it a special touch which made me cry soo much its a show i have loved for years its truly magical they should do a spin-off with the kids and go broader in to there futures.
  • One of the best episodes of the Charmed Ones. Got to at least see where the girls were going to end up in the future

    I really loved this episode. I am so glad that Coop and Phoebe got married and had children because that is what Phoebe wanted most in her life. Of course there is the true love of Piper and Leo. They were so meant for each other and they went through alot just to be together. The elders and demons, and so much more but in the end they still was together. When Piper and Leo went back in time to save her sisters it was the ultimate test for them and they passed with flying colors. Paige and Henry got married and they had children and I think that was what all the Charmed Ones really wanted was to be happy. Billie ended up being there for them and helping them out.
  • Simply beautiful.

    I don't think the series finale could have been any better written. Amazing, the whole episode. All the family (minus Pure, although I'm not a fan of hers anyway so I wasnt bothered at all) were in the episode, including the child phoebe saw from her future. The last few scenes make me cry every single time i see the episode. The voice over by all 3 charmed women, is what really gets me. Its a great ending to the show, giving us an insight of what goes on in their future to give us a real sense of closure.

  • Piper and Leo goes back in time to save her sister's from dying. She uses Coop's ring and ends up in the past, where she is met by her mother and grandmother, Patricia and Penelope.

    The series finale - it was one of the greatest episodes of the entire show. I loved this episode alot. I wish we would have seen more of the kids from each Charmed one and I really miss that we didn't get to know if the girl in the scene with Piper really was Piper's word or not. I have always liked Charmed and I really love it. This is an episode I'd watch like all the time. We didn't see much of Wyatt and Chris but Holly's, Alyssa's and Rose's performances in this episode were just amazing! It was filmed just right and I was hoping for a 9th season but they can't keep doing it, all good things must come to an end. Holly has a new little boy to take care of now and Alyssa and Rose has film projects already. Everyone loved the show as long as it was still airing and we will always. Charmed will live forever.
  • Picking up exacly where the Previsous Eposideo (Kill Billie Vol. 2) end with Paige, Cristies and Phoebes death, Piper and Billy both find ways to travel back to the past to change the outcome.

    This is one of the best in the series. Besides the ausome way it ends with them telling what happeneds, it cleaverly reunites old favorite reacuring charactors, like wyatt (Pipers First Born Son), Chris (Wyatt's Second Born Son)the charmed ones mom Patty, Their Grandmother Penny, and mix's it well with drama, comedy, action and a great twisting plot. It was a great way to end an awsome show (which I personaly belive is the best there ever was), but it was a great way to end a season which got better as it went. I solute the writer of this series and understand why he had to end it at the time, but I wish he would bring it back, or at least make a spin off of it.
  • The last episode of Charmed ever...

    I think this episode was really good although Kill Billie Vol. 2 was better, this was a more wrapping up episode. I think the end was a little bit cheesey but it was probably the best way to express it although since when was the book of shadows a story book? The last moments were so sweet, but on the wall of pictures there was no Prue, no paige and her family, or phoebe and her family so they could have don't that better although it still made me want to cry.
    I like the little Prue at the end shutting the door, it was a nice close to the show. I can't believe it's gone, but an all round good episode to go out on i think.
  • all the generations of halliwells together- how could u not love it!!

    I for one was worried about what this episode would be like, as i don't usually like the finales. But i have to say- this was amazing!! How could u not like it- u were treated to four gorgeus looking guys all at once! (Leo, Coop, Chris and Wyatt!)Aside from that though, i really loved the storyline and how they sumed everything up at the end with Phoebe finally getting the children she wanted. We also got to see Paige with kids!! Piper got a girl!! I just loved it and thought it was a brilliant farewell to a magical show that has kept me hooked for eight years!! I will sorely miss it!!
  • Piper & Leo, with help from Coop's ring, must travel back in time to change the events that lead to the deaths of Piper's sisters. Meanwhile, Billie uses her power of Projection to do the same thing

    i loved this was the best way to end the series except for the great grandkids getting powers at the end and not knowing what happens to them...this was truly an excellent two-part episode...piper, phoebe, and paige battle billie and christy...the battle is very intense and only leaves piper and billie alive..their sisters are dead...leo comes back to life, but piper is unhapy. both she and billie go back to try to change the events...billie learns from it and realizes that the sisters didn't do everything christy told billie they did so she gets on their side and stops the battle from taking by the end of their trip to change time and replay the battle, everyone is still alive and leo still comes back..this was so intense and very good
  • It showed the happy ending to the long story, this episode shows how piper and leo get back to each other, phoebe realises that she love coop and that they can be together, and then you see that love can conquer any evil

    i love this episode to the max!!! it has got to be the best episode every im serious! i made me cry!! and i dont cry alot! it was so nice to see that all the trouble that the girls where put through they finally got what they deserved which was a happy and peaceful life with there families!!! it was great to see the little girl do the same thing that prue did in the very first episodes it made your heart flutter!!! i was upsept that charmed has come to an end! ( because i am sad and have no life) but when it ended like this i was proud! i watched it about 100 times! luving it!
  • Perfectly Charmed with the Power of Three

    This episode was great. It had almost everything I expected it to have: good vs evil, same and different powers, love, sisterhood (how I hate that word! can't think of another though), a round-up of past and present characters, and most importantly, The Power Of Three. This show has been a fantastic part of my life and I've learnt a lot by watching it. True,it lost momentum in Season 5 (especially after Cole was finally vanquished) and I wasn't very keen on Season 6 (in fact, the first time I watched S6 I pretty much hated it) but Season 7 raised the show's profile up a little. Then Season 8 came along. I've only watched the finale today as it has only just aired for me (I live in England). When I first heard about showings in the States I found that many people didn't like the character of Billie. I have to say, when she first appeared I wasn't overly keen (even though I liked the actress, Kaley Cuoco, on 8 Simple Rules) and towards the end of the season I strongly disliked her (in the penultimate episode I was hoping both she and Christy would be killed) but in the series finale I finally really liked her. I was distraught when she killed her sister and I think she is a really good actress. It was so lovely to see her at the end when the Charmed Ones were recapping their future, to see her involved as an "aunty" to their kids was great. Of course, having the action and drama of Piper and Leo's (yay he's back!) attempts to change the past to save the future were great (especially by reuiniting old characters) but the highlight for me was when Phoebe realized she could finally be free to love Coop. Phoebe has always been my favourite sister and I really liked the character of Coop (even though he was sickeningly annoying about love at some times) so it was excellent to see them together properly for the first time. I nearly cried at their wedding. I was so happy for Phoebe because she deserves all this happiness after all her years of struggle. A great moment was when adult Wyatt let slip "Hey Uncle Coop" and there were a lot of funny moments like that, for example when Grams fainted. What would have made the episode better (maybe) would have been to bring back Prue and Cole (even though I'm not much of a Prue fan). Although there would have been problems technically bringing them back it still would have nice. So, to round off, this final episode ever of Charmed was a fantastic way to complete and end the series - it brought all the magical and personal events since Season 1 to a great conclusion and I will seriously miss such an inspiring, charming, touching and wonderful show.
  • you can see the future,the past and the present. you get to see some people that you haven\\\'t seen for a while.

    I really love this episode. There is a real soy in it. It has sadness and happiness. We get to see the future the past and present all in one episode, this episode is very good. And leo is in and the end is all happilly ever after after.And you get to see a lot of people who you haven\\\'t seen for a while. like grams, patty, leo , big wyatt and chris. SO I hope that you people have all seen this beacause it\\\'s one of the best episode ever. I already watch it like a hundred times but I still watch it happy.
  • Leo and Piper travel back in time to try and save her sisters and kill the Triad. they travel to the past and future. it showed both wyatt and chris, phoebe marries coop. And the family lives happy in the future and billie becomes part of the family.

    This was the best episode that was every made. The show had everyone in it with the exception of Prue. It remind the fans of everyone who is important to Charmed and the determination and will power of the sister and the entire Halliwell witches. It gives you all the information that you will need but even that was not enough because Charmed is a show that was addicting and a person can not just stop watching it. this episode have everything that Charmed is about. it was funny, romantic, about family, sisterhood, and drama. it was a perfect ending to the show but it does not stop a person from wanting more, questions like why did it turn out this way.
  • this is the season finale of Charmed. The show that I always watched and was wishing it never came to a end!

    First off I wish this show never ended! I love this show. I love the plots, characters and Actors! I love how Piper\'s and Phoebe\'s characters have grown. At first both Piper and Phoebe were new to their powers and the emotions. They grew to be great witch and strong women. I am very pleased with this season finale. I enjoyed how Piper got all the generations together to help destroy the Nexus and the ulimate power. Actually Billie destroy the ulimate power when she help the charmed ones destroy the Triad. As for how the show ended I was very pleased with how each sister turned out. I am happy that Phoebe got married and had children. They all lived happily ever after!
  • The whole family (plus two wyatts and two chris') together again.......soooo sad.

    I love the older Chris....I really think he's hot. Seeing all the pictures on the wall of all the Hallowells that have tlived and died on one wall. Love it....sooooo cute. It was very sad but very brave of Billie to kill her sister in order to save the Charmed ones. Very noble. I am very glad tat Billie didn't have to die, and now she is helping Pheobie with her kids (plus her newborn which was just coming) Piper and Leo got to travel to the future to see their future selves playing scrabble....that was adorable and very funny. Also Pheobie and Paige die!!!!!! omg how could Billie and Kristie do that?!?!?!?!?! This was a great conclusion to a really great show and I really am going to miss it.
  • The perfect ending to a perfect tv show.

    This episode was the perfect way to end and amazing show, which manage to run for eight full seasons. The writers managed to finish off the storyline prefectly, plus give the viewers a little bit of information about how the sisters lifes, were to be come in the up coming years. Having all the family hugging at the end showing how close they all were was very moving.

    The episode was a perfect example of why Charmed was such a wonderful show, and why it will be greatly missed by the fans who have suck by it though the eight years that it was on our tv screens.

    RIP Charmed. You are greatly missed!
  • A fabulous ending to an equally fabulous show, tying up all the loose ends.

    This is on my top ten of favorite charmed episodes of all time. Of course, you had to expect the spectacular writing that kept this show going for so many years to carry through to the very end. I loved that we got to see Billy, Chris, Patty, Victor, and Grams in the end. It really took talent to tie everything up when so many more story lines were left unwritten, and I'm glad there were no hanging endings. This is the perfect example of why this show will be so greatly missed, and I really wish it hadn't ended at all.
  • Perfect ending

    This episode was seriously the best possible ending for the show, i just could not se how the show would end in tragedy. After all the fights for a normal live its only fair for them to have that. And the fact that they brought back most of the actors one last time was great. The only dissapointment was that Shannen Doherty could not join the cast one last time. But even so, I Think that Aaron Spelling dod a great job and i think we could all be proud of the great show that he created. In my opinion is was the perfect ending to the perfect show.
  • its a shame that charmed is over

    charmed was a good series and it shouldn't have been the last episode, they should have kept going for at least 2 more seasons. Kaley Cuoco damn she's hot i loved seing her in this show, showing a different charater than from 8 simple rules. this episode was a good one finishing all loose ends as such, but i feel that had they made the 2 extra seasons they could have done a better job, just because i felt the ending was a bit rushed, i think that they did a great job all round. i feel this season was very well put togther, i enjoyed watching all their combats and fighting and their story lines. it was a good series and i'm dissapointed to see it go.

    there was only one thing i couldn't understand, i know Shannon Doherty didn't ever wanna do the show again when she decided to leave but...if piper had the power to go back in time and save her sisters (Phoebe and Paige) from dying then what was stopping her from saving Prue in this last episode or better than that what was stopping her from going back to the past and saving her from when she first died, all they needed to do was replace the actor to play prue if shannon didn't wanna come back, that might have been a better ending or better storyline maybe, ah well to late for that now
  • Right on Script

    Besides the fact that this is the final episode and they ended it well giving everyone a glimps at the Haliwell futures, they also kept on script with the Haliwell past. In All Haliwell\'s Eve, it was predicted that Phoebe\'s true love\'s name would start with a C. Well, everyone assumed that this would be Cole. But here enters Coop. I\'m glad that the writers obviously paid attention to this small detail and kept on script.
  • Great way to end the series!!

    This was the best episode ever!1 It was great how Leo got to be in it. I liked seeing Piper and Leo playing scrabble in the future, that was funny. This episode was really sad only because it was the last one. The good thing is that they showed their future, which didn't keep you guessing. It was great when Billy threw a fireball at Christy and she shot it bach at her. The only thing I would change is to bring back Prue since they showed Wyatt and Chris. It was still a great episode and I will watch it again if I can.
  • This was the BEST ending episode that has ever been made. I recorded this episode on my DVR and it has a permanent place there were I watch it at least every other week.

    In most cases, when a show ends I am double mad. First because my show is going off and second because the way it was ended sucked; but in this case I was only upset that I lost a great show. This ending brought back all of the little things that made up the show in the end. The best part is that it did not keep you guessing. It gave a great summary of what happened to the girls over the years. It explained how all of their glimpses of the future turned out or changed and how the girls reacted to them.
  • The episode is the final episode EVER of Charmed!In the episode the witches carry out their final taks of defeating Billie and Christy and when they win their destiny is done and they carry on with their normal lives.

    An EXCELLENT EPISODE. The way in which the sisters lives are given a chance again at the end makes it feel that the Charmed destiny is complete and adds the perfect ending to such a fantastic show. I think that the way family members make their return including: (Patty, Penny, Victor, Leo) is a great way to show that Charmed will continue to live in our hearts forever. Also I find the part in the episode where we see old Leo and Piper is absolutely adorable as we see that they survive and that their love will conquer after such a bumpy road. This episode is absolutely amazing!
  • I Just Luv the Sisters. I am cry to accept that they had to say good bye. I hope they come back.. i will loved to waiting for them..

    I Just Luv the Sisters. I am cry to accept that they had to say good bye. I hope they come back.. i will loved to waiting for them.. I Love all epoisodes of Charmed. The sisters life has influence me get the way how to facing problem with keep fun but still charm. I love Charmed.. FOREVER CHARMED.. so am i
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