Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • This episode was the series finale to the best TV show ever:)

    I thought this series finale was fantastic. It was the best ending this show could have had and it was a memorable event for me!! I give this episode a 10 out of 10- no other show could have ended as great as Charmed did and I am a Charmed Fan Forever!!! :)
  • eu sou uma pessoa que adora assistir televisao.curto varias series,principalmente as de tv a cabo.uma das series que estou assistindo nesse ano e charmed(pelo menos os eps que nao vi).alem desse,vejo supernatural e smallville.

    the best episode of charmed!!!!i liked the flashbacks and i watched five was so perfect that made me cry all the five times.the best thing is that in the end of it, you can see all the generation of the charmed ones,including the mother and granma at a picture and also see wyatt and chris grown up.paige has a beautiful family and phoebe has more than one little girl.piper finally stay with her husband and shes happy about the life she sad because charmed finished but i enjoy the last episode.
  • This episode was full of twist and turns but in the end it ended in a good fashion.It was a very complete ending to the series well written. It was well done and Billy was a breath of fresh air she helped them back to there roots and that was good to see.

    It was the best series I have encounter and Nip/Tuck is the second series I enjoy. I just love Julian McMahon he made Charmed exciting especially since he wanted to not be evil and be good and was truely in love with Phobe and she was truely in love with Cole. It was a magical romance. To bad the source was a pain and ruined the romance. I am glad that in the end they all found happyness and the future of magic was peserved for the next generation. Maybe they may make a spin off of the kids. Being they are the next generation of witches to fight off evil. I love the addition of Billy Zane during the 7th season and Cole helping Piper get through the ordeal of her almost death. I watch it everyday in reruns 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon I hope that the station does not remove Charmed from there line up. I have been recording the episodes and on the morning one the 8th season is only a few days away and I will record the whole thing. They want so much money for the DVD sets of each season. I will end up with them one day they are worth getting and keeping. My daughter and I watch them when she gets home from school everyday and if she has plans she will watch what I recorded when she has the time.
  • simple awesome.

    i just loved this episode so much. at the beggining i really wasn't worried about the 2 sisters dying but it was sad.

    i really couldn't wait until billy discovered how her sister really was, but i did feel bad for her.

    the last scenes were just too beatiful. when we got to see how their lifes were going to be i was so happy for them. they really deserved it.

    this episode gave me mixed feelings. I was really happy for them because everything ended up great, but at the same time i was so sad because there wasn't gonna be a new episode ever and i was gonna miss them so much.
  • This episode was really good. I liked the traveling to the past and future and the ending especially.

    I thought that this is the best episode of the series. I love this show and will always love this show. I thought that this was a great way to end the series. It gave insight into what happened in the past and great insight into the future about whats to come. I think that he writers and producers did a very good job ending the show. I would have liked it better if they would have told a little more about what happens in the future and showed a little more about what happen to Leo. I LOVE Charmed!!!
  • In the previous episode, Paige and Phoebe are dead and Piper has to fix it. They never say where Christy is just that Billie can't find her. Piper(with Leo)goes into into the future and the past with Coop's ring to try to save Phoebe and Paige. It works.

    I thought this episode was one of the best ones. It was creative and original. I liked it how they brought back old characters and it flowed with the story. I loved it when Adult Whytt goes "Uncle Coop!!" That was probably the best line in the whole episode. I liked it how they had Billie be one the Charmed ones side but I don't think it was realistic how fast they trusted her again. For all they know is that she could be projecting them into a volcano! I liked it how Christy died but Kaley Couco's crying sucked! I hated it that two of the main characters (Phoebe and Paige) weren't in the series finale until the second half!! They spent a little too much time talking to Grams and their mom. They should have just saved Phoebe and Paige a lot faster that way Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan could get more screen time. Over all great episode. It was a great way to end the series.
  • Great way to end the show

    I missed it the first time around finally got to see the repeat. What an excellent way to end a pretty good show. Like how they brought back Wyatt and Chris. Wish what's her name, Prue, would have come back for the final episode. She really does burn her bridges when she leaves a television show.
  • Series Classic

    I loved this episode!!!! It is deffinantly on my top 5 list!!! It was a wonderful was to end the series by showing what happened to all the sisters. I think it was weird that they all had 3 kids. It kinda seemed a little too "Happily Ever After" though, but i still think it was pretty creative. I thought it was kinda sad when Billie vanquished Crystal. But she ws evil so - - - yeah. I never really thought Billie and Crystal would be the all powerful ones until the end. But with so many seasons, it would be hard to tell who from the beggining. Kudos to the writer for the wonderful ending!!
  • The Charmed future could not have been better!

    This episode in a whole was okay, but the ending, the ending was AMAZING, unlike any series finale i have ever seen. This was indeed an episode that will always be remembered. I still remeber turning off the tv after it went off knowing that the manor doors were finaly closed for good. =[ Charmed could not have ended better, although. They could have put Prue in. i KNOW that shannen couldnt/wouldnt come back, but they went into the past, why not have like a 10 year old prue and have her follow them into the future or something. But either was. Charmed will always be Forever Charmed!
  • This episode goes to show why the season went on for 8 years!EXCELLENT!

    I was crying the whole episode!! This series is by far the greatest ever created! I am not the kind of person to sit around a watch TV at all, but this show got me hooked from the beginning. I just loved the season finale because it was so creative! Everything about it was great. (except Shannen was not in it, but we all know why!)I don't think anyone could have come up with a better finale to any show!So many mixed emotions were represented during this episode which made it great! It was a little rushed, I admitt, but the previous episode shoule be considered part of the finale instead of a completly diffrent episode. I loved this episode because of Piper's anger. You could really fell the pain she was going thru. Another thing I loved about this episode was seeing Phoebe finally give in and fall in love! During previous episodes it made it look like Piper and Leo were never going to work out, but they did and lived happily ever after. I liked knowing that Pipers kids grew up to fullfill there destiny as Witches, very exciting! What couldn't you love about this episode or even the show!? Very creative film making, and it will never be replaced, beat or forgotten! Blessed be
  • the finale was great, only one thing was missing ; the ghost of Prue

    a show the will be missed, yes, but too one that was great to see. with hope ( and a little bit of requesting ) perhaps we can get to see some more charmed action sequences in the form of tv-movies. prue was always missed by this viewer and i think that others missed shannon's character too. but page brought in some new and interesting stories along with the witch in training, bille. but you can see in a few of the later episodes that the writers were going back to the well a couple of times. each time though had fresh ideas and fun plots
    a great show nonetheless !
  • Saw it for the second (probably final) time on tv last night and I must admit, it was a good ending. With only one complaint by me and with so many shows getting short-changed, that's quite a feat.

    Shows come and go and, sadly, few of them get 8 years and a series finale to go out well, but Charmed did. That alone says something good about it. One can comment on the direction of the show since getting axed when WB merged with UPN or with the losses of Aaron Spelling and Shannon Doherty, but give credit to the writers for weaving a subtle but layered story to end the show. We have references to past episodes such as Cupid's ring, Phoebe's vision of her child, the Charmed ones' grandmother and her feelings about marriage, and more. While it was a bit hurried, it must've been very satisfying to viewers who stuck by the show through the years. Can't ask for much more than that.

    My only complaint was the way they handled the character of Christie after agonizing over the ethics of how to deal with humans, finding/saving her, and all that for a rather brusque ending (which I won't spoil for those who have yet to see it or will wait for the inevitable DVD). On one hand, it made sense, but on the other it felt a little like a cop out. Hopefully, the new CW might consider a Charmed show or a made for tv movie to celebrate what seemed to be a successful show that treated the WB network well. With dedicated writers like that, I could definitely see one more effort being worth watching.

    Phoebe: So much has happened over the last 8 years. So much has been gained and lost. Still, in some ways I feel like my life is really just beginning...and it was. For though I had loved before, I'd never really known love until I met Coop. A man who I shared the special little girl I had long ago forseen, but feared I might never have. Along with two other special little girls I had not forseen. I was suddenly so blessed to have a new family of my own, and old friends to share it with. And though I kept working and giving advice to those who asked, I was more interested in helping them find love. Since finally, having been loved.
    Paige: Phoebe, had become somewhat of an expert on the subject. As for me, life without demons opened up similar avenues. Henry of course continued to look after his parolees, even if they didn’t want to be looked after. While still making time to help me with little Henry and the twins. Which allowed me time to finally embrace my inner whitelighter. And to help the next generation of witches come into their own.
    Piper: So that Paige could pass on all the she learned. Not just to her own children, or to mine, or to Phoebe’s, but to other future witches and white lighters as well. Which filled the time between when we were doing the fighting and when our kids were old enough to take over. Allowing me time to get back to my roots and cook something other then potions for once. And open the restaurant I'd always dreamed of owning. As for Leo, after we reclaimed magic school he went back to teaching. Which he continued to do, until it was time to retire. Older Piper (finishes reading the Book of Shadows to her granddaughter): And although we certainly had our struggles and heart aches over the years we’re a family of survivors and we will always be. Which is why we've truly been Charmed. that sums it up perfectly. That sums up the show perfectly. i thin ktehy rushed the ending a little to fast, but it was still raeally good.
  • Just a little too fast

    I have mixed emotions about this final episode. It has a decent ending and that part i loved, but it feels to me that this final episode should have been a 2 parter with a little more events. It almost felt like orb-orb-orb-fire-end.

    To that part this episode felt a little more shody then i am used too. It is also the fact that as a final episode that this more power and effort could have gone into it. It is not a more is better, but it almost boils donw to this.

    The final part where the 'life goes on' part is quite excellent, it is the part leading to the blasting of the triade that makes this a little less perfect then 'acceptable'.

    Just that.... 'this is it' part. I expected more.

    Stil. I enjoyed the tale of three witchs very much and i will miss them on tv (however at times i wil rewatch them all on DVD).
  • The best finale I've ever seen. Hardly any un-answered questions... Maybe just a few.

    I LOVE IT! I'm gonna miss Charmed. It would be so cool if they had a spin-off, where we see Chris and Wyatts generation kicking some demon ass!

    I wonder... in the end, are Phoebe and Paige still alive? Who's daughter was Piper reading to, Wyatt's or Chris? Maybe Chris with Bianca... Come Back! Why did you have to end such an incredible show?! I'm so happy Billie becomes good again! Also, ecstatic that everybody's happy, but I really wanted Prue to come back. I wanted them to at least conjure her spirit in any episode for any reason whatsoever. That would've been so cool!
  • Why did they let it get to this?

    I have always liked Charmed; I watched it during some of the dodgy moments, such as nearly every episode of season 5 and felt it would always get better and low and behold along came series 7 and it was really good. It was full of arcs and fairly good storytelling, for Charmed especially. Then they did the fantastic ending, even Prue got a mentioned and sort of saved the day. I thought; what a good send off..... oh dear there was another series wasn't there!!!

    At first series 8 seemed do-able, then the budget restraints became clear and I started to wander why Kaley Cuoco was event there, then they made her a bit evil and I thought; nice touch. Then they blew up the mansion in the episode before this one and I thought this send off would top off the last series finale and it did, if you stopped before this episode started.

    Firstly; Piper seems only concerned that Phoebe is dead, Rose McGowan can be annoying but thats no reason not to acknowlage that Paige has been blown up to. Did I miss the fight, maybe the writers forgot that Paige existed?

    Secondly; the montage at the end of 'happy charmed ones' is a bit gut wrenching. We know they are going to be happy once Piper and Leo sort the time line out - writers, please let us use our imagination instead of ruining it for us.

    Thirdly, and most importantly - why didn't you stop at the end of series 7 - that was a perfect ending! I cannot understand why you would renew a series only to reduce its budget, stretch out storylines that have already finished in series 3 (yes I'm talking about the Triad) and produce what can only be described as a second rate series finally. Only the powers that be can explain why this was allowed to be made.
  • The ended was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have watched from the beginning I love the ending!! The only way it could have been better if Cole had come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Paige was alot better than Prue!!! Leo was great !!!
    I wish it had not ended this year and now I will not have anything to watch on Sunday's.
  • Last Episode of Charmed.

    this is the last ever episode of charmed. it is continued from the episode kill billie volume 2. this is one of the best episodes from season 8 of charmed. all the loose ends where wrapped up. at the start it has piper going to the past so that she can save her sisters lives. at the end of the episode you see what all the sisters do in their futures. piper: opens up a restaurant. has another child.
    phoebe: gets married to coop. has children.
    paige: has children. this episode is brilliant and every charmed fan should watch it. overall: brilliant.
  • The saddest episode of Charmed I've ever seen, but in a way the happiest. Almost everyone gets reunited and everything seems to be ok..

    I am going to miss charmed so much, this episode had me crying for most of it, mostly because I knew it was the end. I will patiently wait until the rest of the seasons come out on dvd so I can have Charmed in my life forever ((I already have seasons 1-5)).I don't think that the show will fade out of anyone's memory bc I don't think the fans would allow it. Someone should create like a Charmed memory sight. That would be so cool..atleast I think so..I miss Charmed, my Sundays just aren't the same without a new episode.
  • It was one of the best Finales i've ever seen!

    i have been watching charmed forever....since the beginning!

    and i also have seen so many finales and a lot have been very disappointing! but this one was really cool cause it keeps you watching and you also thought that the ending would not be a good one but it was the complete opposite.

    i thought it was genius for everyone to come together in the end and they did it so well! like going through time and then chris and wyatt coming from the future! (HOT!) and then they all got married and had babies and it was just so cute and PERFECT!!!!!
  • A great episode with some disapointment.

    This is a great episode. I loveed seeing chris and wyatt all grown up again, and seeing pheobe finally get her child that she has so long foreseen. My faveorite part would have to be when Billie vanquished her sister with her own fireball, it was preety funny I have to admit. Having said all that the show I wish could have been better. At the end when Piper and Leo were walking up the stairs I almost cried. And the thing that bugs me the most is that out of all the pictures on the wall they had no pic of prue. That I think is just crazy becuase she is there sister to.
  • Very nice way to end the show, with a conclusion as to what happens to the sisters and the future generations

    It was a very cute way to end it, it had all the conclusions to the sisters lives. Piper finally has the life she wanted, with magic but also not so much with the killing. Paige shouldnt have worn those glasses though in the end, :P..but it was a great episode..and phoebe and Coop are just too cute..I loved how you see that the blood line of the witches just kept on growing..i really felt bad for Christy though, she never got a chance to live at all, and now she's dead. But it was a thing that had to happen. It was a great episode, and im very sad the show ended. I wish they would do a spin-off of Chris and Wyatt and their sister??..but that would also mean bringing back piper and the rest, but im sure they could find a way..a couple of guest stars of the girls would be appreciated, it would be cool..also there was speculation as to if piper in the end has her daughter or if it was one of phoebe's girls..well i think it was melinda the daughter piper didn't have but was supposed to..well it was a great episode
  • it starts off with pheobe, paige and christy dead. the house is distroyed and piper and billie are left. leo comes back.piper go back in time to save her sisters.billie vanquishes christy we hear about the rest of their lives

    i thought this episode was good but not great.their was no great excitment it was all traveling through time and everybods happy in the end. but we still dont know what happend to prue. and they explain the rest of their lives in five minutes thats not long enough. at the eng we see piper and leo as and old couple with a house full of grandchldren. but they should have ended it when they were still young so at the end of the show we know that their lives will still go on, but how they did it their lives are almost over at the end of the eposode. i just wish it could have lasted another season, or at least had a better fanale, it should have had more drama and more suspense. also pheobe has been trying to get pregnant for two seasons she should of gotten pregnant at the begeining of this season, not telling us about it at the end. Now i say goodbye to this incredible show!!!
  • Made me cry.

    This episode was by far one of the best Charmed episodes I have ever seen.The ending made me cry but thats what made it a great episode.When they all wrote in the book at the end,when you got to see what they all moved on to become,really made this seires worth wild.Then when the Older Piper and Leo walked up the stairs and it showed all the family really was amazing..but why didnt it show Prue?That was kinda messed up!But I give it a 10 flat!
  • Undoubtedly one of Charmed's best episodes ever!

    This episode was quite a tearjerker and one hell of a conclusion! After 8 magical years, loyal viewers were given a real dose of conclusion through this charming series finale. Not only did audiences get to see how the struggle versus evil ended, but also how it all turned out in the future for the sisters. Overall, this episode was one of Charmed's best!
  • I can't believe they cancelled Charmed, but at least this episode was awesome.

    Charmed was and still is one of my favorite shows, and it angers me that they cancelled it; however, the way that it was cancelled made me realize why I fell in love with the show in the first place. Forever Charmed was the best episode I've ever seen of Charmed, and I was sure that nothing would beat All Hell Breaks Loose, but Forever Charmed was unbeliveably great. I wish that the writers would have had sense enough to make every episode as good as this one. First off the way it was written kept viewers guessing until the very end, and secondly the way they ended it and everything that happened in the episode was absolutley amazing, I only wish they had not wrapped the show up so well, otherwis they would have left it open for a movie to conclude the series.
  • This was the very last episode of charmed where piper with the help of Coop\\\'s rings tries to change what happened to Phoebe and Paige, by traveling into the past and future.

    This was by far the best episode of the whole series, the perfect ending to a great show! The only thing about this episdoe that was disappointing was there was no mention of Prue! She was the eldest, why whouldn\\\\\\\'t the past Patty and Grams ask about her? The things I laughed at the most was past Gram\\\\\\\'s reaction to future piper telling her that her and her sister\\\\\\\'s are the charmed ones, and Future Wyatt clling Coop \\\\\\\"uncle\\\\\\\" when he seems him, making it known that Phoebe will marry him. And the ending made me cry as the charmed ones were writing in the BOS and while future Piper and Leo walking up the stairs bypassing all family pics! I will miss this show greatly!
  • In this final episode of Charmed we all get to see what the future holds for the Charmed Ones. Piper and Leo are still together and Wyatt and Chris have taken over. Phoebe gets the children she's always wanted and Paige gets a family of her own as well.

    An amazing end to an amazing show. I found this ending very heart-warming and quite the tearjerker. I think it left the viewers with a sense of closure which is very much needed for a show that has run as long as Charmed did. It leaves you asking no questions which is the perfect ending. Although I'm sad to see it end I am glad that it ended this way. The ending was centered around the family which is how the show started. To me the most joyeous part of the show wasn't the witchcraft or acion, but it was the family.
  • It is left up to Piper and Leo to save the Charmed Ones and the destiny of the Halliwell line.

    Often, series finales are lackluster at best (Seinfeld, anyone?) But the final episode of Charmed did not disappoint. It was fitting that Piper was left to save the destiny of the Charmed Ones and their offspring, as, after Prue's death, she was always the strongest sister. With the help of dependable Leo, beautiful Patty, fiesty Grams, long-worrying Victor, and Coop's magic ring, the Charmed Ones go about righting all that has gone wrong. This episode was particularly enjoyable as it brought together all the favorite characters from the past, including future Wyatt and Chris. But, what I especially liked (and what brought tears to my eyes) was the ending that showed each sister's future--including their children and even grand-children. I loved seeing the ending shot of Halliwell Manor filled with Halliwell grandchildren! I also appreciated that they held with season-ending tradition by having one the the Halliwell granddaughters close the door with magic. Didn't she make you think of little Prue? :)
  • The finale has its dramatic moments but overall is a very happy, family oriented episode.

    Im still in shock, It hasnt hit me yet. THat was a great finale. It was truly a CHarmed finale. It just seemed very natural and all. Kern did a really great job. It did seem rushed for a little bit. but it went with the overall mood. Piper was all "lets go gotta save my sisters no time for obstacles". It was just great. There was a lot of confusion because they couldnt tell the past everything that happened but it worked out well.

    Piper: THe last one standing for a while in this episode. It was a lot of piper, which i dont really care about but I wanted to see more paige and phoebe. Holly can act and this episode and the previous just proved her talents. SHe travels in time to the past to stop the ultimate battle events. In was an interesting idea and it wasnt selfish at all. I remembered reading the description for this eppy and thinking personal gang but then the angel of destiny clariified that they werent really suppose to die so it was all good.
    ---- SHe first goes to the past and sees phoebe being made, literally. I didnt really appreciate this. Kern entered the comedic relief way too early in the episode. Penny fainting was fine but the bedroom scene was way too early.
    --- THe future with old piper and leo was adorable. I can totally see them playing scrabble together. --- Little pipers scene with Penny was great. Penny is like their second mother and the scene was just cute. THen penny faints due to her dead daughter saying "hi." That was cute.
    --- SO piper catches both of them up and its off to the battle scene. New shots were made and it was cool because you saw a clearer view of the big energy ball. It was great seeing three generations of Halliwells working together. ANd piper saves the day.

    Billie uses her projection power to go in the past and save her sister. I cant believe her past sent her flying into the wall. What was that? that was very weird and uncalled for. After saving CHristy, Billie realizes that soemthing is seriously wrong with CHristy and decides to go to the charmed ones.

    THe episode was like a race against the clock. It kept you at the edge of your seat. Piper wanted Billie and CHristy dead and CHristy wanted to kill THe COs. I thought Piper was going to throw the potion at BIllie when she entered the house.

    It was so great to see Wyatt and CHris together. THey are so good together and they have that brother thing down really well. It was amazing. THey were wonderful and I wish we could see more of them. THey come to the past because christy still got a hold of wyatt and he lost his powers. SO this added more to the drama because her son was brought into the picture. I loved when Wes slipped and said uncle coop and he covered his mouth that was adorable, the room got really quiet. That was great. I would kill to see a spin off on them. I mean they are absolutely wonderful and i think a show about them would take off.

    Dumain stole Coops ring and Christy used it to warn the Triad. I felt the Triad vanquish was a bit rushed. I didnt think potions would of stopped them. but at least they are dead for good now. I loved pipers reaction to Dumain and then she blows both of them up.

    THen christy is just standing really pissed at Billie. I cant believe Christy attempted to kill Billie with a fire ball. Then Billie just flung out her hands and killed her sister. I was speechless. I couldnt believe it. THen she just breaks down. It wasnt the best breakdown scene but it was could enough. I felt Kaley did a great job and it looked like a lot of emotion in her face. maybe thats how she actually cries in real life?

    THe ending scene was the best. It was written extremely well. It was a little sex and the city but it was still a CHarmed ending.
    Phoebe future: I knew she would marry Coop. THey are absolutely great together. SHe had three daughters. THat was unexpected I thought it would of been the one girl she foresaw. SHe continues to give love life advice and she is truly happy. She deserves to be after that long search for true love, she found a cupid. SO are her three girls the new charmed ones? the first episode stated they would arrive with the arrival of three sisters. i was just wondering if the fact that she has three girls affects anything.

    Paiges future: SHe finally is full whitelighter. Good for her. at least she embraced it and didnt ignore it. Twins and a girl? another shock there but they were really cute.

    Pipers future: SHe and leo are together and always will be. I was happy to see she has a girl in the future. I was also excited to here she got her dream restaurant. i cant believe they remembered she wanted one.

    So all in all it was a really touching episode. nothing really was left open. I never had any questions that i feared werent going to be answered. It was a happy ending and it was a really good one. one of the best series finales i have seen. All of the sisters are leading happy lives and there children will take on the responsibilities when they get older. I just cant believe its over. still hasnt set in. 8 years is half of my life. I dedicated half of my life to this show and it was a great eight years. Thank you so much Charmed for eight years of escape from the real world and into a world where people have powers and they have to save the world. It has been truly amazing and you will never be forgotten.
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