Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • The final episode of Charmed. It ended just the way it should. Perfectly. Old favorites guest star. (Sorry no Dorhtey or Julian)

    My all time favorite episode. Leo is returned. We get to see Patty, Grams, Victor, Future Wyatt, and Future Chris. What a party! Christy is vanquished and Billie is forgiven. Piper and Leo have the girl Piper always wanted, my guess is that her name is Melinda. Paige and Henry have twin girls and a son. Phoebe marries Coop and has three daughters. Billie is like Phoebe's baby-sitter. All is well. This episode is just perfect. I cried. The show was showing all those pics on the wall and I just lost it. I will miss this show so much. It has been part of my life since 4th grade. At least the show had a proper end. RIP Charmed!
  • Beautifully written, Charmed goes out with a bang.

    This episode has me in tears every single time i watch it. Why oh why are all my favourite series\\\' ending this year(Charmed and Alias).

    Absolutely fabulous storyline. If I had to say one bad thing about it i would say that there wasnt a very good climax.It was more about finishing off the episode with the whole family together and thats perfectly fine by me.

    I loved seeing Piper and Leo get white hair and has anyone else realised that we have seen all three Charmed Ones when they get old? We see Old Phoebe in that season 4 episode where she cast a spell to help her decide whether or not to marry Cole and she brings back her future and past self. We see old Paige in the Pirate episode of season 7. I shall have to make a banner out of those.

    Magnificent. Able to watch it over and over. The scene at the end with the photos and the little girl closing the door of the manor was great.

    Thankyou for 8 seasons Charmed. You are forever remembered!
  • This episode had me in tears.

    This episode had me in tears. I have been watching this show since the first episode and to see it come to an end was tragic. It wass a great ending to a very long journey. It touched on any possible loose ends. I loved how it closed with the all the grandchildren. I also enjoyed how this episode showed the end of the battle with Billie and Christy and then continued to show how the girls lived carried out through marrage, and children all with magic intertwined through out. I am very sad to see the show end and any spin off would be great but I was very satisfied with the closeure to this wonderful series.
  • The end of it all! Piper brings her sisters back.And alot of old faces come back!

    It was amazing. I seriously never thought that I'd be able to see Phoebe and Paige have kids. it's funny how the sister are always afraid of messing up the future when either way somebody ends up telling them things. That or they get to see their future themselves. Paige and Phoebe both have three kids but where is Piper's 3rd kid? The ending was better then i expected but they should continue charmed with all of their kids taking over. With Wyatt being so powerful and Phoebe having 3 girls are those the next Charmed Ones? Charmed was the best!
  • It's so sad!

    Piper and Leo try to go back to the past to try to bring Pheobe and Paige back to life. They find a way, by using Coop's ring. It takes them a while to reach their destination. Had to make a few pistops. Meanwhile, Billie tries to go back to save Christy. Damion tries to trick her into bring the Triad back. In the end, Billie winds up killing Christy and everything is back to normal. You get to see all of their kids. They finally add their story of being witches to the Book Of Shadows. Excellent episode!

    I can't believe Charmed is over. I cried when I watched this episode. The end, when they are adding to the Book Of Shadows about everything that happened to them as witches, and when Piper and Leo are walking up the stairway and they show you all of the family pictures on the wall. It was so touching. Charmed is my favorite show and I can't believe that this was the final episode. GREATEST SHOW EVER!
  • The last ever episode

    I loved this episode! I just can't believe that it's finally over. It's been a great eight series and althogh most of this series has been a hugh disappointment, this last episode made up for it. I have loved it from start to finish and it was good to see that Phoebe could finally find true love especially since she has been so unlucky with love. I loved it when Chris and Wyatt came from the future and it was funny when Wyatt slipped up and called Coop "Uncle". Drew Fuller and Wesley A. Ramsey are great actors nd i loved them throughout the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th series when they guest starred. This was an amazing end to an amazing show!
  • I Can\'t believe Chermed is Over!!!

    Charmed is the best show ever and now I don\'t have anything to watch on Sundays :\'( and this episode is really really good I really would\'ve love to see Paige and Prue together but I guess it wasn\'t meant to be, Everything happens for a reason :P Another thing why didn\'t Billie died!? shes a B****!! She wasn\'t a very good addition to Charmed...well maybe with another actress would have been great buy with Kaley shes pretty but wasn\'t good for the role Well all i have left to say is good bye Charmed Ill miss you Forever

    Rip Charmed 1998-2006 :\'(
  • This is the last episode ever of Charmed.

    What made this episode so good for me, was the fact that they brought back all the old faces to round the series off nicely. Just as we are made to think that Phoebe and Paige are dead, Piper starts a race against time to save her sisters. In doing so she encounters her and Leo in the future still happy after all those years. They also encounter a past Patty and Victor who ovbiously wants to help save their daughters. Grams also makes it into the episode along with future Wyatt and future Chris. Of course everything works out in the end, with each of the sisters having 3 kids each.
  • Phoebe and Paige were killed in the battle against Billy and Christy. So Piper goes back in time in an attempt to save them.

    A bittersweet episode due to the fact that it is the last one. Old characters were seen again. Such as future Chris.
    We also find out that Chris accomplished jis goal of stooping Wiatt from becoming evil. Also we see a peek into the demonless future of the charmed ones. Also Leo is returned to them which makes me happy.We run into even older characters such as Patty, their mother and Penny their grandmother. Due to Leo's return Piper can have the future she saw with him. The end of the episode shows the next generation of halliwells. Goodbye charmed you will be greatly missed.
  • It is the last episode and the sisters are fighting for their lives (make-believe or not,) this was a very good episode!

    I just wish that Charmed did have another season, I can not believe that they cancelled it. The three girls did fight the greatest evil of all time, but I really think more could have been done, and they could of had Chris and Wyatt and all the other children in the new episodes, I am just disappointed that Charmed is no more! I keep going over the last episode in my mind and I just know that there is still a story line to continue the story!
  • OMG i cnt believe its all over.One of the best shows finished for good.The TV show maybe over but ourlives will stay charmed forever.

    This episode one of my favourite episodes.The fight between Billie and Kristy could of been better.But i do actuyally believe why Kristy thought they were bad and forgetting what they are suppose to do.Since paige came into the show the sisters had stopped protecting innocents and payed more attention to their own lives.This finlae however was worth waiting for and it couldnt of ended in a better way.Bringing back some of the charcters was amazing but the episode would of been even better if prue had been in it.I hope that one day a charmed movie might get made and if no one else does one ill make it myself.I have already written my ideas down and if anyone would like to hear them please message me.I hadnt cried at an episode this much since the season three finale were piper gets shot and prue goes psycho.also mentioning prues funeral in the first episode of season four makes me cry.Overall i believe that charmed was one of the most inventive and original tv shows and even though its finished it will stay in my heart forvever.
  • After a horrible eigth season, this episode really impressed me.

    I don't like all episodes of season 8, except this one and Engaged and Confused, the story of this season was really boring, and I hate it when Brian Krause left the show, because of that Crap Kern, I was waiting this season would be really great specially the first episodes, but it wasn't.This episode impressed me so much, I really like this episode, Almost everyone that worked on the show appeared except Shannen.Forever Charmed made me cry in the end, I watch Charmed since the first episode and it is my favorite show, it is really sad that is over, but was better because if had other season, problaby would be worst than this one.The best finale ever!!!
  • I\'m gonna miss this show, but this episode was a great way to tie off the past eight seasons and bring an end to the series.

    I have to say...I wish that there was a better ending note for Cole, who I pretty much full in love with while he was a main character on the show. However, as he said in \"the seven year witch\", he has come to terms with his fate, so I guess I have to,too. Anyway, besides that I loved this episode and I was so happy for Piper and Leo! It was a great way to end the series, although I wish there were more seasons. This was my favorite show on tv and Forever Charmed did the series proud.
  • Loved it!

    The final episode was great one of the best ending i loved what they did and i am so happy for the power of 3 i really wish they would have had another episode well i can not wait until the 8th season comes out! This is in my opinion but i think charmed was the most adicting show and was the best i have ever seen it is not like smallville or some boring show it is always intresting charmed is the best their will never be another show like it or atleast better than charmed! I love it!
  • This was a great way to say goodbye.

    This was a thrilling and satisfying end to a great series. I’m not going to lie, I cried at the end “Kill Billie: Volume Two” when Phoebe, Paige and even the misguided Christy died. I didn’t know how the newly reunited Piper and Leo would rectify the wrong that was left in the wake of the final battle. It began with an emotional Piper trying to find a way to go back in time and with the help of Coop’s ring, and Leo she sets out on a time traveling adventure where she meets her future self. She later encounters her deceased mother and grandmother. Together, this version of the Charmed Ones are able to go back to before the final battle takes place. With the knowledge that Piper holds, they end the battle before their demise occurs.
    Meanwhile, Billie is heartbroken over the loss of the one person that she truly loved her sister. With the help of Divan, she realizes that she can use her power of projection to try and save her sister before the battle. She succeeds, but Christy is still set on destroying the Charmed Ones. Sadly, Billie has to kill her before Christy can kill her. And the scene were Billie falls to pieces over what she has just done was sad and gut-wrenching.
    The final moments of this great episode were magical. When Victor informs Patty of the death of Prue, and each sister enters the final chapters into the Book of Shadows, was the perfect ending to one of the best hours of television that the WB had ever put on.
  • I think it was a nice ending to leave on.

    Now usually I never like the final episode of any show because it just seems to lack what all the other episodes had. But I have to say that I really liked this last episode. It was a very nicely developed way to get all the characters back together again one more time to say goodbye. I really liked when Leo & Piper saw their future together meaning that Leo would be able to come back to her. And it's nice that Phoebe finally found someone. It showed that everything would be alright and for once...have a fairy tale ending. Definetely sweet & unforgettable.
  • So this is the very last episode. The Charmed ones finally face their final battle with Billie's evil sister.

    This was actually a touching episode. It was really sad to see the series come to an end. The way they brought back the witches' Mom, Grandma, and Chris and Wyatt was a great way to end it. It brought back all the memories and hardships of the sisters. The writers did a great job of showing us how their lives would be like in the future and how their children will carry on the tradition. Piper is still in the house, Phoebe and Paige in their own houses with their husbands and each have 3 children-that was cute! I thought that this was the best episode of the season.
  • or rather why i used to. it is sad that the show ended it was my all-time favorite show. i will miss the show

    charmed has been a gr8 show and ill bitterly miss it.
    alissa milano has been my idel since the beginin
    i like her since the movie comando and i must congradulate the person who choosed the actors coz the guys were definitaly cute ( brain krause , jullian mcmohan , drew fuller , jason lewis , kerr smith and other boyfrnds of all charecters) and the show is just simply gr8.
    i just wish it would go on for a few more years.i how ever feel that the end waz a bit abrupt.a few episodes could have been give to that 2 minute future and wesly ramsey and drew fuller could have been shown too. maybe it cld have been done.
  • Great series finale, But I wish could have more, lets hope we get a spin with Wyatt & Chris?

    Overall great ending to a awesome show, but I wish it did not have to come to an end. It now makes me wonder who the next generation of Charmed Ones will it be. Will Chris & Wyatt continue the fight against evil or will it Paige or Phoebes kids. Who knows.

    Great Ending, Ill going to miss watching this every week, I now can not wait for Season 8 to can out on DVD now with the special features that should be fun.
  • The best episode ever!!!

    After all this time travel I was mildly confused to be honest. But in the end everything changed back to normal except for Kaley Cuoco who did the lousiest job moaning a sister ever.

    But who cares? The most important thing is that everybody who ever was relevant to the show (except for prue) came back and that they tied up all the lose ends. And how!

    Never seen a happier ending, although it is sad, that the Henry/Paige relationship wasn't built slower and more convincing.

    Overall this episode made up for the last dozen of boring hours and ends the series in the known high quality.

    Thank you all for one of the best series in television history!
  • An awesome and appropriate ending to the show.

    Piper and Leo go back in time to bring back Phoebe and Paige and Billie realises what a bad sister Christy is. Some hilarious moments such as Patty and Victor \"creating\" Phoebe and the older Piper and Leo fighting over the spelling of Zankou (or it is Xankou) during a game of scrabble but there was also some sad moments such as Billie being forced to vanquish her only family member left to the past Patty finding out about Prue\'s death. The future of the Charmed ones were well explained and its good to see Wyatt and Chris continuing with the tradition, and as usual, the door of the manor shuts at the end. An excellent episode indeed.
  • A good end to a great show (possible spoilers - for those who have not seen the finale yet)

    What can oe say about the final ever episode of Charmed? It was well written, well acted and had some really great moments in it.

    Although there was a lot of time travel in this episode, it gave a chance to welcome back characters from over the years, i.e. grams ,patty (the girls' mother) and chris in an interesting way.

    I liked the fact that even though this current challenge is over, you get to see what happens to the Charmed ones in the future. I liked seeing Chris and Wyatt taking over the fight, and seeing as promised by Brad Kern that the legacy of Charmed would continue.

    I think that this was much better than last seasons finale; as it gave a sense of closure that was lacking from the previous season's ending. In this finale, not only do you get to see the charmed ones training the next generation but what happens to the girls as time goes on; and finally all 3 girls are settled down and married starting their own families.

    All in all, Charmed has been a great show over the years with its ups and downs, and twists and turns. I will miss the show but it was a fitting farewell in the end and I can find little fault in it.
  • Sadly Charmed is over, but it went out with a great episode!

    Sadly, Charmed has come to an end, and it's final episode, Forever Charmed, was truely one of Charmed's best episodes. Forever Charmed tied up many of the loose ends of the show and after seeing it, I am VERY happy that the season 7 finale, Something Wicca This Way Goes, was not the series finale. Although this episode contradicted many things stated in the past, this discrepancy can be overlooked since the show is over. Season 8 was probably the worst season of Charmed ever, with episodes that werent just bad, but plain stupid. Having to deal with a season with even MORE episodes based on Fairy Tales and Mythology (BOO BRAD KERN!!!!) and even more lengthy storylines that led nowhere was painful, but within the last few episodes the show began to pick up ending with a GREAT finale. The only bad part about the series finale was that is was the length of any other episode. Many viewers were very disappointed that we only got to enjoy the end of Charmed for an hour, not having a two hour finale as many of Charmed's season finales have been. In the end, we were all able to see the sisters grow old, having children of their own and grandchildren, but still displaying that the demon fighting and the future of the Halliwell line with go on.
  • The Charmed Ones make their mark in television history in this epic, action packed, spine tingleing series finale and millions of viewers tuned in on that fateful night to see why!

    The Charmed Ones really showed their true colors in this astonishing episode. Even with the family reunion and heart pounding action, I was quite upset with the way the series ended. Not how it actually went down, more like what didn\\\'t go down. I\\\'ll break it down. As far as the bond of the sisters were, it was great, as far as the villians were, even more fantastic. I have never been a fan of the way Charmed is constantly ruining the story, like in the season 7 finale, they incorperated her through a astral projection spell, which is rediculous, the girls have astral projected many times, example: \\\"Witch Way Now\\\" where Phoebe astral projected to the spirit realm where his soul was trapped. And lets now forget when they all astral projected to save the Magic School Libraian. And in this season finale, she is captured through her mothers curiosity.

    The real problem I had with this season was the lack of inclusion of powers mainly from Phoebe. She has many powers such as empathy with she hasn\\\'t used since season 7, levitation which I can\\\'t recall being used this season either, also theres her power forseen in \\\"Morality Bites\\\", along with that I\\\'ve only seen a hand full of premonitions. For Piper, I would haved liked to see more freezing instead she is stuck on blowing everything up and nowadays every demons she comes across blows up and there is no need for vanquishes. I guess she became more powerful over the years. Paige has been really cool, all the orbing and whatnot has really been pleasing to me. What is crappy, is Billie and Christi, they are just lame together. It would have been better if they had found a demon, or brought back the Triad in full. Also I liked Wyatt protecting himself and his brother with his protective shield.

    I enjoyed the action and I am glad the girls were finally able to rest knowing the future was bright after all, all married, all with kids, all happy, and almsot demon free.

    With the exception about the powers and the ever-changing storyline, the series ended on a good note and that is a good note in my book.
  • After losing her sisters in the battle against Billie and Christy, Piper and Leo return to the past to save their future. They call upon their mother and Grams and with the help of Coop's ring, they travel into the past and save Phoebe and Paige.

    This episode was awesome. It was a perfect ending to this show. I loved seeing the enitre Halliwell line together at last not battling evil. I especially loved seeing thier future children and grandchildren at the end. Seeing into the future as they each wrote in the book of shadows was fantastic. Now we know what their futures hold and we aren't left guessing. I am a huge fan, and I will forever remain one.
  • Piper, Leo, and Billie all return to the past in order to help save the future and their familys. Generations of Halliwells help the charmed ones fight the ultimate battle.

    Being that I have been watching Charmed for as long as Buffy the Vampire Slayer had been on the air, I was quite curious to see how they were going to wrap up my favorite show. I thought it was great how they were able to pull everyone together in the effort of closing this great show, even if Prue didn’t exactly make an appearance (but considering her history with co-stars not very surprising). I was glad to see that everyone got their happy fairytale ending…..including Phoebe who I was beginning to worry about. Having older Wyatt and Chris as well as Grams and Patty was a welcome treat. This was a perfect and wholesome way to end the show.
  • Amazing!!!!!but does it have to end!!! :(

    Personally i thought it was an fantastic end to the best tv show in the world!!! on one hand i like the way it ended with seeing the future but it makes me sad cause it means they r never going 2 bring it back. I new it was ending but it still came as a kinda shock as its been my favourite programme since i was like 7!!!!!! i liked how it went into each sisters future but i have to say paige's was kinda cheesy with "henry junior and the twins" but still a great episode and a good ending if there absuloutly has 2 be one!!!
  • Well, being a charmed freak of course when I heard the series was ending I was heart broken. At the beginning of this episode Paige, Pheobe, and Christy are dead. Piper uses Coops ring to travel back in time to save her sisters lives.

    At the end of the episode before this one, Leo is returned to Piper. As a Leo and Piper freak, I was completely happy this happened. Of course, Pheobe and Paige were dead so it didn\'t exactly make everything all better. Piper uses Coops ring to go back in time and save Pheobe and Paige. Along the way she sees her mother, grams, and even herself and Leo at an elderly age. I thought the way in which she traveled back in time was a little disappointing. Yes, Coop used this ring to show Pheobe her past loves, but I think the episode would have been alot more interesting if Piper had gone back in time a different way. I definitely wanted the happily ever after ending for charmed that the season finale provided, but it was a stretch even for me that Bille was able to travel back in time using her powers, and Piper used Coops ring to travel back in time to save her sisters lives. Overall this episode was filled with action, love, comedy, and lots of tears. Holly, Alyssa, and Rose did a wonderful job. The way the episode was written sort of ends in a huge family reunion, which was very nice indeed. At the very end of the episode, Piper, Pheobe, and Paige write in the book of shadows about the past years, and it shoots forward into the future and shows us what happens to the girls years later. I thought that was a very nice touch. Overall, a wonderful, heart breaking episode.
  • Great!! Super!!!

    This is a great season and series finale. Now that is how you in a show. not like in the 3rd season. I hat e how they kill off Prue! It was great! I love it! Bille had to kill her sister it was sad. But she was pure EVIL!It was nice to see the whole cast(besides prue).
  • After the death of their respected sisters, Piper and Billie go on their different ways, Billie uses her projection to go back in time to save Christy, while Piper and Leo use Coop's ring to go back in time to save Pheobe and Paige.

    Well, I could have expected better you know, I expected more fight scenes, hand-to-hand combat, Power against Power, Pheobe using matial arts and using her powers, at least her Levitation power, and something like those I mentioned, Oh and the fight scenes should have been longer coz throwing potions at the triad, Piper Blowing-up the two dumals(I don't know if it's the correct spelling) and Christy throwing a deadly fire ball at Billie which she easily bounce at her eliminating Christy, were so not season finale-ish, but I do admit it was a cool episode, my fave scene was when christy was killed, but anyways, the storyline was great,I just wish the Fight scenes were more cooler, but It was a memorable and emotional episode.
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