Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • Great end to the series!!!

    I loved the series finale!!! They came up with a great way to end it. Have the Charmed Ones vanquish the final major villans of the story and have them be able to retire without prentending to have died. I think that for them taking out the villans they had the appropriate people take out Dumaine and Christy. They had Piper vanquish Dumaine which I thought was appropriate because he kidnapped her son so she had the most right to kill him. And I think that it was nice that after all the problems he presented to them all of the grief he gave them that she just blew him up with her blasting power which meant that he was pretty weak after all. I also like how she took out Past Dumaine with a blast as he shimmered out. I never saw something like that before and I thought that that was pretty cool. I also thought it right that Billie killed Christy. Her sister was the one who manipulated her, she was the one who turned Billie evil like with Piper and Dumaine she was the one who most deserved to vanquish her. I always thought that they could turn Billy back to good but Christy I always figured they'd have to kill because even if they bound her powers she'd still be evil.
  • This is the end of the Charmed serious.:(

    It just seems like they could have had a better ending. This episode was good but not ever ending. What happens to Chris and Wyatt? What happens to Paige\\\'s kids? What happens to Pheobe\\\'s kids? Who gets married, who has kids? There\\\'s just too many unanswered questions. It\\\'s like the director is not sure whether or not to have a spin off so he leaves room until he can decide. Another thing that they didn\\\'t really explain is what happens to Billie. Does she get married and have kids or does she die before she can get married? This episode didn\\\'t really have enough info to be the final episode.
  • A freaking "Cry-fest," this episode was for me . . . LoL

    I was immensely depressed that the series was finally ending (even though I felt it was "its time" to do so, admittedly), despite the fact that I was also kinda "hoping" that one or all of the sisters would have died at the end (because endings like that are, in my opinion, a lot more riveting and sticks with you . . . which then opens up the gateway to write a fanfic for it or something ^_^), which greatly upset my older sister because she believed I was being "evil like a demon" to hope for that. LoL

    However, how it ultimately played out and ended was just as superb, and still made me bawl my eyes out as I knew I would when I finally witnessed the show's end. I was glad that the girls got to move on with their lives and live "happily ever after" (and was definitely glad to see Chris again, who's my favorite of all of Piper's children . . . although knowing that Melinda got to be born after all was pretty cool). And I was DEFINITELY glad that freaking Christy got killed because she was getting on my last nerve. ~_~' LoL Sorry, Billie! ^_^

    In contrast, I was NOT happy that Phoebe's "one and only someone" turned out to be Coop. I'm happy she's happy and all that, and he WAS pretty funny, but I was hoping that Jason would have returned to her (even though that was pretty harsh that he freaked so much that she was a witch that he split on her like that, despite the "great love" he supposedly felt for her), because what THEY had was pretty special/cute, itself (plus, she wouldn't have had to worry about supporting him if they married, given that he's just as successful as she is ^_^). But, oh well. Again, that's what fanfiction is for.

    And even though she was my least favorite and wasn't that sad that she died, I didn't think it was fair that they could not undo Prue's death, but could do so for Paige and Phoebe a billion times over in the past and this last/final time. If she was watching from up in heaven, I'm sure Prue felt pretty "jipped." LoL Because she's the only sister who stayed dead; couldn't be brought back; whose fate could not be altered (and yet Melinda had been able to be born, after all though. Go fig.); and did not get to have a beautiful, happy family of her own. So yeah, that was pretty disappointing.

    Still, all in all, I am still very happy how it ended, and while I'll miss tuning in every Sunday, I'm content with my collection of DVDs of each season. ^_^

    P.S. Oh, and one more note: Free Cole from purgatory or wherever he's eternally stuck and I forgot! LoL That STILL depresses me to know that he's stuck there for all time. Doesn't his good deed when he helped Piper and Phoebe inadvertantly count for anything? ~_~ LoL
  • A great series finale. I love how they show how life came to pass and how they grew and lived on.

    Sadly this was Charmed Series Finale and fortunatly it was a great one too. This had 8 great and not so great seasons and this series finale puts the cherry on top of a delicious sundae (even though I don't like sundaes that much you catch my drift). I think it was great how they showed how Piper, Phoebe, Paige, and everyone important in their lives progress in the end and how they grew and lived. I also liked how they never completely gave up on their witchcraft and powers but instead taught it to their children and grandchildren. I love this show.
  • A great series finale to a great show!

    In the series finale of Charmed, Piprt has to use Coop's ring to go back in time to save Paige and Phoebe, but along the way, they pick up a few passengers!

    In my opnion, I thought this ending was excellent!!!!! It was planned out very well and the special effects were excellent! I loved how everybody came together at the end. I liked the ending where they show the pics, that made my smile wider and wider.

    The only thing I didn't like was how Prue didn't come back or wasn't on any of the pics at the end!!!! GRRR! She could've at least been at the end with the pics!!!!

    Well anyways, even thought I haven't watched this show since the beginning, I feel like it grew on me, and it will be missed.

  • The seris finale of Charmed

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! This seris finale is the best I has ever seen. For the last eight years I have been watching this show, new ones, on the edge of my seat, and reruns when I could laugh again. I was so sad to hear that the show was ending, but I know they have had a hard time getting the attentin they deserved and it was time for them to move on. And I was worried that we wouldn\\\\\\\'t get to see there characters get everything they deserved, but I was completely satisfied. I couldn\\\\\\\'t imagine the show ending better than that. I will continue to watch the reruns and the DVDs and I hope the cast and crew of \\\\\\\"Charmed\\\\\\\" knows what an amazing job they did, and how they have changed lives forever.
  • I can't believe that it is over. The last two episodes were the best of them all. I wish it didn't have to end there. But it is nice that it didn't go totally off the air. I can still see episode, just nothing new.

    After 8 seasons it finally comes to an end. It turns out that Billie and Christie betrayed the "Charmed Ones". Now it comes down to the ultimate battle. With help from The Hollow, both sides are now stronger than ever. The Charmed ones first destroy the Triad . Then go back to the Manor to fight Billie and Chrisie. But they didn\'t know that they also have the power of the Hollow. At the end both sides have been demolished. The manor is now destroyed and also Paige, Phoebe, and Christie are dead. Now only Piper and Billie are alive and now with the help of Leo, Piper must go back in time to stop it from happening. After Piper has fixed it all, things are back to normal. At the end you see an old Piper reading to her granddaughter. Then she goes up stairs with old Leo and children come running in and the door closes for the last time.

    I had read the script on a different website and was so excited to see the show. I am so sad that the series is over and that there will be no more new things to look forward to on the show. I would have liked to see chris and wyatt growing up and maybe even taking over. I hope that another show can come along that is as great as this one and mabe even along the same story line. I hate to see that charmed is over. I will miss the show soooo much. LUV YA!!!!
  • This series finale was so awesome...

    Forever Charmed, what a perfect ending it was. I only started watching Charmed since season 6, and this was by far the best episode. And what a tearjerker it was, especially at the end when the old piper and leo are walking up the stairs, and the photographs are shown... It was a really good episode, and couldnt have been any better. They brought back many old characters, such as Grams, Patty, Wyatt and Chris, as Piper and Leo went back in time to save Paige and Phoebe.

    Maybe it wasnt as good as All Hell Breaks Loose when Prue died, but in my book of shadows, it was the best episode ever.

    This charmed life shall never end...
  • The end was great.

    I started watching Charmed since mid-season 6. And I fell in love with it right away. I immediatly tried so see all the re-runs for the earlier seasons. And I have to say the end of the finale was great. The beginning of the episode might have not been all that great. But from the middle to the end was a great way to end the show. I was happy to see that Phoebe finally found the right guy. And Piper had a daughter. And Paige had twins and another child. The sisters each had three children and I thought that was cool. I'm sad to see the show end. But it had to end sometime.
  • Best show ever!

    I don't think they could of wrapped it up any better than this. Happy Endings are always great! The show was amazing I even got a couple of my guy friends to watch it and they ended up liking it! "Charmed" is the best show and always will be! Stay Charmed! :-)
  • One of the best endings for a series...

    After eight great years, Charmed has finally come to a closing, and what a wonderful closing it is. I loved this episode so much. It doesn't leave things hanging, and explains in detail everything that we would have wanted to know if the show did carry on. The final scenes moved me and I feel happy knowing that everything is going to be ok.

    I'm just sad that Prue didn't make one final appearance. That would have made this episode that much more special.

    Even though this final season hasn't been the best of Charmed, I believe that this episode made up for the lack of great episodes this season. Now there is a void that tv needs to fill. A show about witches, demons, and magic.
  • WAT!

    this episode however last and sentimental is making me say this ,what the hell!, i know what your thinking why , because of these points that i will say that degrearade the score i gave. why is prue\'s picture not at the wall she was an original charmed one, and why did they say that time traveling is hard from there explanation it seemed very easy and note that billy\'s actress can\'t do sad. but with these interesting points in check this episode isn\'t half bad but still the other half is bad. anyway this episode is very sentimental and mushy and a little bit an already done thing it\'s still good that everything worked out in the end for them and note THEM
  • Piper goes back in time to try to save her sisters from dying as Billie does the same. Piper returns to the past at the same time as Billie and every one is alive again including the triad. Now, once again, both families are out to kill each other again.

    I’m glad that the series had an actual ending. I hate shows that keep you wondering “What happens next?” and nothing is really wrapped up. I was also glad to see that many of the past characters returned (Wyatt, Chris, Patty, Grams). I would have liked to see Cole and Prue again but Shannen probably would have said “NO!” Also, they were probably were not allowed to use pictures of Shannen on the staircase in the end. Also, I was glad to see that Piper and Phoebe both got their little girls. I thought that it was a little over the top when it was revealed that each sister had three kids. Well, everything seemed to have turned out well for the Charmed Ones and the rest of their family. Including Billie who was seen taking care of Phoebe\'s three daughters towards the end of this episode.
  • I think it was brill

    I think it was brill i loved how they all got happy endings i love it when shows end like this unlike Angel where everyone dies.

    I thought it was reallly nice to see everyone in the last episode all together it was a bit of a shame that Prue wasnt there because it would have been nice to see all 4 sisters together but i prefer paige anyway and i loved having big Chris and Wyatt back in it (so Yummy).

    I loved how they ended it im going to miss charmed so much
  • Excellent!

    This is the final episode of the series, and it was excellent! Not just because almost every character made an appearance, but also because it showed us the future of how the Halliwell family is Forever Charmed.
    I'm going to miss the show very much, but this has been a great 8 YEARS!!
  • Watched These Ladies For A Long Time!

    This show has been on along time. My daughter and I have watched it almost from the beginning. The witches provided some special time with my daughter for many years. I liked that the ending showed the Halliwells full circle and well deserved happiness. I prefer this final farewell to last years twist to a new generation of witches. Goodbye, we will miss this easy going and entertaining show!
  • A great end to an amazing show!!

    I think that Forever Charmed has to be the best episode of Charmed ever. My eyes were blurry with tears at the end. I was sad that Charmed is finally over but I was glad the writers gave it a good send off. There was one thing that bothered me about it though. The way they fixed everything with Coop's ring. Back in the episode "All Hell Breaks Loose" after Piper had been shot, Leo said that the only one on both sides(good + evil) who had the power of time manipulation was Tempus. They obviously changed it around for a better final episode. I think that a cupid having such a powerful power was a bit unbelievable. But I suppose without it we wouldn't have got such a great finale. I'm really gonna miss Charmed and I hope it comes back in the future or that they release a spin off.
  • I just love charmed and i wish one day they will be back again.

    I\'m so heart broken that Charmed is over that i don\'t know how to put them in words. Charmed is my one & only TV program that I ever watch. It\'s almost unbelievable for my family that how eddicted I am to this series. For someone who won\'t sit to watch something for 10 min. I would be glued to the coach for hours when charmed was on. I do have all thier episodes and still watch them over and over again. I hope one day Charmed will be back. I love them all specially Piper and Leo.
  • A fitting goodbye, perhaps, but for me this series should have ended last year.

    Despite having paid less attention to this show this season than I had done previously, I made the effort to watch the finale of this at times funny and innovative series.

    Storyline-wise, this episode didn't really do it for me - it didn't hold my attention, because it didn't make me feel like there was any real danger. Furthermore, the plot seemed to require numerous contrivances in order to cram in as many guest stars as possible.

    That said, the guest stars went a good way to making up for what this episode lacked in plot. It was lovely to see Grams, Patty, Victor and Older Chris + Wyatt again. I was also pleased to see Brian Krause back again - I felt that his absence from part of this season was a shame. I also liked that we saw some of the Charmed Ones' future, that they were all happy and had 3 children (each). The absence of Prue from the photographs at the end was noticeable, but unavoidable.

    So a nice, but not spectacular episode for me - a fitting goodbye to this entertaining series, but IMHO, a season too late.
  • I thought this was one of the best, if not the best episode of Charmed!!

    This episode was so good its hard to put it into words!! I am glad they let billy stay alive because a show with her in it would be cool but if they did i don't think every1 from Charmed would go on it!! What else can i say it was a phenomanol episode beyond words can describe it nearly made me cry i still can't believe that there isn't going to be another season! how is it that all great shows finish just right? Everyone got what they deserved! A Happy ending for all! I give it 5 stars! Undoubtably the best episode ever!!
  • Piper saves everyone

    This couldnt have been a better ending. I am so happy they brought all of the guest stars back with large parts, Victor, Patty, Grams, Future Chris, Future Wyatt. It was so well done and I really liked the end where they told us what happened to the characters. I was slightly saddened that Pheobe ended up with Coop I was secretly hoping Cole would come back and they could finally live happily ever after together. I am so glad Leo came back as well, he was always such a key part of the series and i was so bummed when he was taken out.
  • Piper saves the family and the world.

    I loved this episode. It made me cry. It\'s too bad it was the last episode. I loved watching this show. It will be missed very much aound my house as I watch it, my husband watched it, and my children watch it. The story was well written and well planned out. Having thr girls\' mother and grand-mother and the chance for them to see their grandchildren was a wonderful touch to a wonderful series ending. It brought out the good characteristics of the show and showed a great love for family which I thought the show demonstrated very well.
  • As Fantabulistic as it could have been! Kudos!

    This was the perfect fairy tale, happily ever after, ending I expected. Absolutely magical. The sisters all together. Their lives with some sense of normalcy. The reuniting with past & future family members. This episode tide everything we have been seeing for the past eight years together. Well done to the cast & crew. The collaboration was truly apparent. However, sad to see you guys go. I will miss my Sunday night appointments with the show. Charmed is up there with the greats. Hopefully there will be a movie, or reunion shows sometime in the future. Kudos once again!
  • K\'s views on the end of Charmed.

    OMG! It\'s ended! I am gonna miss that show so much. but it\'s nice to know there is a happy ending. At least Piper now has Leo back, and they all seemed to form happy families, which seemed kinda unreal (even for Paige). I didnt think Billie would kill her own sister that way though. At least she seemed happy so many years on.
    May the girls success in life beyond Charmed.
  • Great finale for a great series!

    Piper and Leo go to Phoebe’s apartment where the Book of Shadows is. While she looks for some kind of solution, Billie returns to Magic School and confronts Dumain, revealing Christy is dead. Dumain suggests she project herself back into the past and save Christy.

    Piper and Leo arrive at Victor’s and Piper breaks the news. Victor reveals he knows about Coop and Piper realizes he can help them. She summons Coop and asks to borrow is ring so she can go back in time. Coop agrees but warns it doesn’t always work as desired. Leo goes with her and the two of them go into the past in 1975 where they meet a young Victor and Patty in bed, when Piper was 3 and Phoebe hasn’t been born yet. Later they try to explain things without giving away too much, and finally revealed Paige and Phoebe are dead and that they’re the Charmed Ones. Patty suggests they use their family magic to get Piper to where she needs to go. The three of them take the ring and go to Grams, but end up in a future where Piper and Leo are old and have been waiting for them.

    The old Piper and Leo reveal it’s 50 years in the future and that Phoebe needs to focus on who she wants to get to with her heart, not her head, and they must work together to get rid of the Hollow. They try again and see Grams talking with a young Piper. After young Piper leaves, they introduce themselves and Grams faints. Piper reveals that Patty is dead at that time.

    Dumain walks Billie through the process for her to travel back into the past. But when he mentions she has to focus on the Triad she suspects something is up and finally realizes she’s been manipulated. Dumain tells her go back and ask Christy so she’ll understand.

    While Patty tries to wake Grams, Leo points out that he could be taken away again. Grams wakes up and Piper makes introductions and tells her she must help save the Charmed Ones. Billie projects herself back into the past at the Manor, just as the past Billie and Christy arrive. She warns them but past-Billie sends present-Billie flying and goes on to fight. The battle starts to play out as before but then Piper, Grams, and Patty arrive to cast a spell which drives the Hollow out of all o them prematurely. The present-Billie and Piper merge with themselves in the past, and then Billie and Christy teleports out.

    The Angel Of Destiny who brought Leo arrives to take him back again. Piper explains everything but notes they’re back where they started. Then the future Wyatt and Chris appear to reveal someone has screwed up their future. Billie and Christy are walking and Christy doesn’t believe they’re being used and goes off on her own.

    Chris and Wyatt explain that Wyatt lost his powers in the middle of a demon fight and came back to the present. Piper figures out Billie and Christy stole Wyatt’s power using the Hollow. Coop arrives and Wyatt recognizes him as “Uncle Coop,” and then Chris and Wyatt take Patty to see Victor. Victor is confused and finally patty finds out they’re separated.

    Christy tells Dumain that Billie has abandoned them but there’s a way to revive the Triad without her. Grams is working on a potion when Henry arrives to talk to Paige. Coop insists on confessing his love to Phoebe but Phoebe can’t handle it and goes to talk to her sisters after giving him the ring back. Dumain teleports in to grab Coop and the ring, while Billie shows up and asks to talk to them.

    They hear her out and she explains about the Triad, and future-Chris and Wyatt show up and reveal that Dumain is involved. Phoebe calls for Coop who can’t respond, and Chris and Wyatt reveal that Coop was sent so Phoebe could fall in love with him, and it wasn’t a forbidden love. They explain that in the future they’re as one and all she has to do is think about him to summon him. She does so and he appears, in great pain. He reveals Dumain took his ring and they plan to go back in time.

    Dumain is talking with the Triad in the past when Dumain and Christy arrive, but the Charmed Ones and Billie arrive as well and destroy the Triad, then both Dumains. The Halliwells explain that Billie sent them back, and Paige takes the ring. Christy accuses Billie of betraying her but she throws a huge fireball. Billie deflects it back and destroys her.

    All the Halliwells are reunited at the Manor and Wyatt has his powers back. They reveal Billie has gone her own way. The Angel of Destiny arrives with Leo and reveals that’s how the battle was supposed to end, and it’s all worked out. Victor and Patty arrive with the children and Coop reveals he can take everyone back and make sure they won’t remember what they’ve learned. Everyone has a happy moment before going their ways.

    Later Piper comes down and says they should write everything down in the Book of Shadows. Each write down what they’ve experienced and we see what will happen in the future. Coop and Phoebe marry and have two children, and Phoebe publishes a best-selling book. Henry continues to look after his parolees and has three children with Paige, who continues to help the next generation of witches. And Piper and Leo trained Chris and Wyatt and finally opened a restaurant, while Leo trains at a reclaimed Magic School. It ends with an elderly Piper reading their saga to her granddaughter, then going upstairs with an elderly Leo past the pictures of all their family, past and present, on the walls. The other grandchildren come into the manor and the doors swing closed one final time.

  • Really beautiful ending.

    Truly moving. It's the epilogue this great history deserved. I'll just miss them all. So at the end all get fixed, and it seems like, even if there are other adventures waiting for them, they will be just happy watching their families growing. Perhaps Phoebe's daughters will become the new Charmed Ones.

    We still must have faith the possibility of a spin off or maybe a sequel. Following the life of Wyatt and Chris would be great, and getting to know all their cousins as well. But I suppose this is the end of Charmed and we'll have to deal with it.
  • You can't not review this episode lol.

    So...Charmed has officially ended. I'm not sad about it, I think it was the right time.
    I'll say the bad thing(s) about the episode first to get it out of the way - Prue/Shannen didn't return. I was a bit peeved with that because I hoped like hell that she would. Even so, this didn't detract from the episode being very special and pretty good, if not a bit rushed.
    I like that Patty and Penny were in the episode and we had the opportunity to see how things would turn out in the future. Since the producers knew the show was ending they had a chance to end it properly...the only thing that could have made it better was Shannen being there or at least more references to her characer. That disappointed me.
    So...the episode. It was a bit rushed, as i've just said, but it was still good. It was also quite predictable. We all knew that Leo would come back and they'd all be alright in the end because there would be uproar if that didn't happen lol. I didn't see the point of Billie being in the episode. It should have just been the sisters and their family. Billie didn't really serve any real purpose...apart from killing her I don't see why she couldn't have been killed off in the previous episode...which had an appropriate title for her to be killed off lol. It was great seeing their mom and grams again...but without enough references to Prue it didn't seem real enough. Piper almost laughed when her mom asked where Prue was...that was hardly appropriate. There wasn't much emotion regarding Prue and that would've helped the episode.
    There were of course the usual witty comments and funny scenes which is always a good thing. The older Wyatt saying 'Uncle Coop' was hilarious - especially when you saw Phoebe's and Coop's faces!
    I loved the end of it, that was the most emotive part. The pictures on the wall and when the sisters were writing in the book of shadows. It brought together 8 years of a good show and it wasn't a sad ending where one of the sisters didn't make it. I think the producers knew they'd mucked up enough by killing Prue lol...killing off any one of the remaining sisters would be totally wrong!

    All in all I think the acting was very good and the last few episodes have re-instilled my love for Alyssa's character. There is only one episode out of 8 Seasons where she annoyed me and actually came across as 'PhoeMe'. Her relationship with Coop was very sweet and Alyssa's acting when her character admitted her feelings etc was top class. No doubt about it. It was very realistic and damn, I was convinced when she said she had fallen in love with Coop. I was absolutely elated that Phoebe had finally found someone (who is damn cute!)! So yeah, great acting from Alyssa. She's a wonderful person who is a great actress.
    Holly's acting has been very consistant throughout each season and she really has held the show together with the way she delivers her lines etc. Rose, although not the best actress, has still made an impact on the show and deserves recognition for taking on a part like she did after such a great actress i.e. Shannen left the show.
    I don't think the show have survived to where it did without Shannen's drive for the first 3 Seasons. Although she never returned like so many had hoped, she's a still a huge character and a big part of the show regardless of whether she is in any scenes. Without Shay the show wouldn't have survived past S1. She made sure there was promotional work done for it and had a say in directing etc - she really is a credit to the show.
    I could of course go on to speak about Brian/Julian etc, but then the review would be endless so I just thought i'd mention the sisters.
    The show has been great to watch and this episode was a fitting finale, even if it could have been improved slightly lol.
    I guess there's only one thing left to say...Thank you to Shannen, Holly, Alyssa, Rose, and the rest of the cast/crew for bringing the show to life and letting us enjoy it for 8 years. It might have ended but we've still got the memories...and the DVDs!

  • fandabilutious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think that this episode was brilliant, I think all actors were great! im so glade that billie didnt get killed off i think she a great character no matter what anybody says i feel so sorry for her when she had to kill her sister after she had looked for her all that time, but cristie did throw the fireball at her first. i loved to see leo back again he was lookin hot, only i didnt like him when he was a old man 2 old 4 me! :) i loved it when wyatt said uncle coop i think that was my fave part of the episode. all i can say is tht this was one of the best programs on tv and its so sad 2 see it end :( :( :( :( !!!
  • Simply Beautiful!

    This is probably one of the best season finales I've ever seen. The voice over scenes at the end with the glimpses of the future gave it a poignancy that few shows will ever achieve. I'll admit, killing Christy was somewhat weak (all that buildup for such a simple solution), but perhaps that is how it should be.

    And I have to admit I love the fact that Phoebe did find her true love whose name begins with a "C" which goes all the way back to the Halloween episode in season 3!

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