Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • Piper must save phobe and paige by going back in time to save them

    This episode was a perfect send off to charmed. All loose ends where tied up and all questions where answered.
    This season wasnt exactly great, but the last few episodes where some of my favourites.
    The down-side to this episode was that Billie was not killed off and that she was turned good again.
    I totally hated her this season as a useless character but at the end of the season given some notice to why she was in the show because of the story of the ultimate power..

    Charmed was and still is my favourite show, and i miss it so much, and im gladit left with a good send off.
    I didnt find this episode rushed as many other peaople think and i very much enjoyed it seeing the familys past life.

    The obvious down-side to this episode was that Shannen Doherty was not in it, but for obvious reason to why she wasnt.

    Overall,i think this episode was great, fun and memorable. I hope to see some cast members in upcoming movies
  • The end of an era...and what an end there was

    Have to say after watching this episode the second time I found it a lot better the first time.Still this episode did have the fitting end charmed needed.
    Parts of it have to say were weak.For example Christy\'s death.It was over to quick and that was it.The big bad of the season killed.Just like that.And parts of the time travelling parts seemed a bit off somehow.Billie\'s breaking down scene seemed a bit weird somehow.
    However it did have a lots of ups.As much as the timetravel part was weak,it had its special happy and classic moments.When Victor met Patty for example,the look on his face was pricless.The photo montage at the end was amazing.The music was bautiful and went so well.Shame there was no photo of Prue but hey nothing could be done about that.
    It did have a fitting ending to the series,however did like the season 7 one as well but this.The voice over parts at the end did it justice and Phobe finally found her true love begnning with a \'C\'.
    The doors of charmed have been closed forever.The series has had its up and downs,amazing episodes and totally stupid episodes but still.Not one to forget
    Blessed Be
  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO!!!!!!!!!!!! It\\\'s over! Then again I do have seasons 1-7 and soon to also have season 8 when in comes out, but its not the same as seeing a NEW episode every week u know?

    It\\\'s so sad! I think i\'m gonna cry! Not really but i feel like i could.

    But the finale was amazing! i especially liked the part where Patty meets up with Victor and she\'s really excited and acting like a little girl! thats funny, even my brother found alot of it funny, and he didn\'t even know what was going on, and he dosen\'t even like the show!

    This is a must see!!!
  • Charmed was simply the best

    Far the best Finale the charmed ones could have had. It was sad to see that the show had ended while still on top to some of its loyal fans, but this episode had to be the best of this season yet. This finale was even better than the one that was ment to have been the finale on season 7. I will miss watching Charmed on Sunday nights, but im glad that this show never lost its touch. I have been a fan since its first episode back in 98 and was glad with the way the series ended. Thanks to Mr. Spelling for 8 great seaons and for keeping the show always at its best.
  • First I would like to say that I can\'t believe that Charmed is over. I really don\'t think that eight years on air could do this show any justice. I strongly feel that they should have renewed the show for one more season.

    The final episode of Charmed ever is a continuation of the previous episode when Christy, Paige, and Phoebe are killed in the final battle between good and evil. Piper and Bille go their seperate ways after the deaths of their sisters. With Coop\'s ring, Piper travels to the past and future to change the events that led up to Paige and Phoebe\'s deaths. During her time travel, Piper runs into Patty, Grams and her future self and Leo. Future Chris and Wyatt also appear in this episode and it feels good to see all these former castmembers coming back for the finale but some people were missing. Where\'s Darryl? Where\'s Cole? And where\'s Prue? Everytime Patty would ask about Prue,Piper would change the subject. So much for keeping Prue\'s memory alive. Overall the finale definitely ended with a good note and it gave me the impression that the sisters would remain \"Charmed\" even after the show was over. It was a great episode but I really felt that something(someone in particular)was missing that would give the show perfect closure.
  • charmed is over!

    I can't believe that charmed is finally over! This was such a great (albeit clichéd) way to end the series. It was great that we got to see all of Piper and Leo's grandchildren as well as Paige and Phoebe's children. I wish they could have brought Prue back, even is the spirit form like they do with Grams but I heard that Shannon Dohery did'nt want to come back for the reunion. Either that or they did'nt want her back. Oh well, the Series Finale was great with or without Prue. I'm so sad that its over though! Charmed was the best show ever!!
  • Is it really over?

    You know I keep saying to myself that it really is over, and I still can not quite believe it.
    I am in shock.

    It was truly a wonderful show which I hand on heart can say I have watched from the very first episode, my daughter was 3 back then.

    It was a great ending to a great show, but I could have watched it forever.

    I wonder why it ended?

    It was nice to see the girls all get what they deserved,but I personally felt Rose was kind of left out, look when Piper thought they were dead - who was she crying about? its like Rose didn't matter, but we all know she did.

    Yes, I am still in shock, what am I going to fill my Thursday nights with now?
  • What a sucks! What do you think of creating the 9th season ourselves? Read this and we will think of REALLY fresh ideas for the 9th season of the show!

    Hello guys! I was just kidding when I wrote that this episode is sucks. Honestly, it was one of the best. Sorry, I just wanted you to read my review! Please, continue your reading.
    So what do you think of the 9th season? Imagine that your are the writers of the show. What new and fresh ideas can you think of? Write them in your reviews!
    Ok, I will be the first writer with two fresh ideas. My first idea will be Chiromantists! We had an episode about gypsies and their stuff but this is different. I suggest you chiromantists. This can be written in the book of shadows: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Chiromantists are rare creatures who can change the destiny of every person, demon or witch. They can change the lines on the hands of one or another creation. The can create new ways and adventures, interesting moments or fast death, etc\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Well my idea consists of the following. Some very powerful demon finds chiromantist in his home site and he asks him to change the lines of the sisters which can cause the death of power of three! Well, I think that it can be a very interesting episode.
    Here is my second idea. Imagine that the whole magic which is used by every magical creation is located in one super confidential place. So, two demons somehow find this place and they decide to use all magic for their own. Charmed ones find out about them and they have to do everything to stop them or all the magic will be gone. In the final fight sisters let those bad demons steal all magic and they cast the spell which takes the magical stuff out of them including theirs. So when those demons have no magic or powers the charmed sisters destroy them and continuing their magical lives.
    So what do you think about my special ideas? Are they good enough for the 9th season which won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be lasted? Please agree or disagree with me if you think they are too bad. Well anyway, write me your own ides for season 9 in your reviews or send them on my e-mail. I will be very happy if you do it and I will try to write my own book with your main idea. I am waiting for your suggestions. Please agree or disagree!
  • This episode was the best ever when I was watching it I was like "!wow!" but as I was watching it I was sad that it was finally over for the charmed ones.

    This episode was out of this world because of all the action with piper going through time trying to help her lost sisters.

    I rate this episode 10/10 because of seeing the main characters in action and by main characters I mean Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Grams, Leo, Chris, Wyatt & Patty. But I know that Patty & Grams arn't the main character but it was great seeing them in action again.

    My Favourite seen was when they showed the future in what happened to the charmed ones. Phoebe having the child she saw in the future was one of the best bits of the future seen bit.

    I'm also glad that Billie is still in thier lives helping them.
  • great ending to a great series!!

    i have to admit that i wasn\'t watching the past two seasons of charmed purely because i felt that the show had been going downhill, but being a fan of the show ever since watching the pilot i knew that i had to watch the series finale, and i was no disappointed. i enjoyed the family reunions that took place and felt that this was a great ending with the flashes to the future lives of piper, phoebe, and paige. overall i say it couldn\'t have ended any better!
  • Piper and Leo travel back in time to save Phoebe and Paige. They end up going to the past and then the future. It all turns out good in the end though.

    I thought this is one of the best episodes EVER. I loved the ending and when they traveled back in time and to the future. My favorite part was at the end when the sisters were all taking turns writing in the book. I loved to see them describe their futures and to see how everything turned out in the end. This is exactly why I watch this show. I think that this is one of the best shows. I love how they pull through even some of their toughest situations. I am very sad that this is the last episode.
  • I can't believe it's really over but what a great ending.

    This episode was brilliant because although it was the series finale it did not lose any of the charm (no pun intended) of usual episodes and I loved the fact that so many characters came back, especially Penny and Patty.
    Okay, so time travel isn't the most original storyline but reminded me of early episodes, especially That '70s Episode.
    My favourite scenes were the ones where everyone was hugging in the sun room and then when you find out what happened to everyone - everyone got their perfect ending.
    However, I have only one critism which is why this episode is not a perfect 10 out of 10 - Coop. Although he is cute and Phoebe loves him, like she said in the episode they haven't even gone on a date yet and are still destined to be together and end up having three girls. I am a "Phoebe and Cole" girl and so that is why I am having trouble adjusting to this new man.
    My theory (which I like better than the real ending) is that the elders realised Phoebe would never find love on her own again and realised that Cole was the only person she truly loved so got him out of purgatory and made him a Cupid - after all he has learnt a lot about love and heartbreak, changed his appearance and name so Phoebe wouldn't get suspicious and then let them fall in love again. Anyone agree?
    And on an end note - Paige's twins are adorable, Christy is finally dead (whoo!) and the final evil the Charmed Ones vanquished together was the Triad. Brilliant.
  • Final espiode of Charmed was brillant and not disappointing - but where was Prue??

    After eight long years of being an avid Charmed devotee I was transfixed to the screen during the episode of forever charmed hoping that it would be as explosive as I had come to expect - and I was not disappointed. Many programs end up having spin - offs and showing us a glimince of the Halliwell future there are many options for the producers to follow.

    My only critisisum of the final episode was where was Prudence?? Past Patty made reference to her and was told that she has died which we all knew being devoted fans. However in the final closing scenes of future Piper and Leo climbing the stairs we are shown photos of the family past and present growing up through the ages - where were the photos of Prue?? It was the pick up point of many of my friends who have grown up with Charmed.

    It is also noted when the grand daughter closes the door at the end scene - this was Prue\\\'s power - was this the hidden reference to Prue??
  • Amazing

    I love charmed and to think it has finished really upsets me, Although i do think this final series dragged on a little bit. But they brought it back with the final episode. I thought it was fantastic how they bought it all together. It was brill 10 out of 10.
    I just wish there was more to come i will miss my charmed fix every week.
    I was very sad to say goodbye to a fantastic show, i have been a fan from the start.
  • A gr8 episode that almost made me cry

    Well wot can i say 8yrs of my fav tv programme gone- I am so gonna cry. i luv every single episode and wish they wud continue making it. holly marie combs and alyssa core yes plz. my all time fav episode is \"blinded by the whightlighter\" i think its the funnyiest episode and also the storyline is very good. the \"forever charmed\" episode was brilliant, although i almost cried at the end wen old piper and leo were walking up the stairs and they showed tho pictures. i would like 2 no why they stopped making it, and i hope 2 c them make another few in time or else im gonna cry again!!!
  • I absolutely loved this episode..... how everything came together and it was a great ending of the best show in the world.If they could done one more show or in this episode had prue come back just to have closure that would of have been great. I Loved Ch

    This one of the best episodes in this season. How in the beginning of the season they were dead and no one knew they were alive(except the loved ones and Daryl)and then Leo dieing and they have to fight this ultimate Power and Billie helping the girls and finding her sister Christy(Who I did not like @ all) then the triad coming back and Christy and Billie being the Ultimate power and they killed each other(Charmed ones and The Ultimate Power) but Piper and Billie still being alive and both wanting their sister/s back and Billie killing her sister and the end when everyone lives happily ever after and the children live on and everone is happy!!! Charmed will rule 4ever
  • brilliant ending

    at first i thought that the episode wasn't that good because Piper didn't even bother to look for Paige's corpse and she thought of a way to save her sisters really easily. however, as the episode progressed it got better and better. in the final scene it made me cry as it was so brilliant. i am literally devatated to see charmed go as it was such a good program. it brought tears to my eyes the only problems i have are that i don't think they should'va forgiven Billie and also i think they should have had a picture of Prue on the wall as she was a big part of the power of three. anyway, a great episode, goodbye charmed, you ruled!
  • Piper, with the help from Coop, goes back in time to change the horrific fate of her sisters.

    Firstly, it was not as great as Kill Billie: Vol 2, but still a great episode. We could of had Prue, even as a little child. The power of three spell could be used, but still, a great series finale. Very sad at the end, and every sister had their happy ending full circle for sure. The family scenes were great. I could not stop crying. Shame about the budget cut because the door closing was recycled from season 4 which sucked. Still it was a great series. Thanks for the magical 10 years!
  • It's all over! What an episode! The greatest ever!

    This episode was truly the greatest episode ever! Out of any season, out of any TV show!!! I'll be watching this episode again again and again!!!! Billie truly rocked in this episode any Billie haters cannot deny shes a hero now!! And seeing her with Phoebe's children was so sweet! And I have sort gotten over my Piper hating...but only a small bit!!! The writing was perfect! The best way they could have possibly ended the series showing all the past, present and future family members! So glad they brought back all our favourites! 'm glad we didn't have to see Prue because to be honest it would have ruined the episode! But she did get mentioned a lot which fitted in well! Terrific acting from everyone my fav Kaley Cuoco!! Charmed will live in Forever and will never be forgotten with such an amazing finale we will always remember that the sisters will continue to battle evil and save the world for years to come. Forever Charmed!!!!!
  • I thought that this was a great end to a great show.

    I love charmed and i was very worried that the last ever episode would be rubbish, but it was really good, there was the normal great story line running through, there wasnt just loads of silly flashbacks that so many season finales like to put in, it had the great demon killing (i know she was a demon, but you know what i mean) that we charmed fans have become so fond of and there was then a look into the future that season finales dont always show, but it was a really nice touch it meant that you werent left wondering if this thing had happened or whether some other thing was gonna happen. Anyway it was a brillient end to the show and the series will be greatly missed.
  • Brings a tighty, dynamic, and emotional ending to a great series.

    In this final episode the Charmed Ones start off in a very bad situation. Piper, the sole survivor travels throughout time and encounters many characters previously in the series. I was also glad that Prue got some reconition, although I would have liked a little more. The Charmed Ones end up stopping the Ultimate Power and the Triad and getting the life they always wanted. Leo is returned, and Pheobe is married. In the end the lives of Pheobe, Piper, and Paige are forshadowed showing all their children and grandchildren. This was nice, giving an emotional closure to the series, although additional time showing a little more of the future could have been nice. Overall this episode was filled with action, drama, and emotion, an excellent episode that brought closure with all the elements that made Charmed a great show.
  • Well finally i was able to see it. I wasted all my downloads on previous charmed episodes(dont have a very high limit) that i had to wait for the new month to download the last two episodes. And all i can say is that it was worth the wait.

    Well finally i was able to see it. I wasted all my downloads on previous charmed episodes(don't have a very high limit) that i had to wait for the new month to download the last two episodes. And all i can say is that it was worth the wait.

    It was absolutely amazing. After reading so many reviews on the episode it was great to see what all the fuss was about. The last ten mintues were some of the best moments ever on charmed and highly emotional. The background music when old Piper and Leo are walking up the stairs is classic. It really highlights the emotion of it all.

    I have seen only about half the episodes of season 8 (i live in Australia and the stupid network isn\\\'t airing season 8 till later on in the year and i could not wait that long), but i can imagine that this was definitely the best.

    Charmed has definitely been my favourite show of all time, and although i am sad to see it go, atleast i can replay the final episodes as many times as i want.

  • Terrible

    Terrible Episode - have to be close to the worse one I have seen in this series. Lets just bring in everyone through all points in time throughout the series and then just finish it by stopping any fight even happening. Would have been ok finishing with 821. At least it was emotional high.
    And then the last 3 mins we go through the future of what happens - even worse just skip years and tell a perfect story with no problems. Just plain terrible.
  • Ending the series charming all viewers

    The last episode of the series truly showed how great a script could be written. The fact that it was given to Piper the mission of saving the day already brought at the beginning of the chapter the idea of how much rewarding the storyline would be. Obviously, because we must consider that no other caracther grew over the show, as magically, as personally as her. Holly Marie Combs represents the strenght of Charmed. And her performance, specially on this episode was awesome.
    Despite it all, the sisters and the bound which makes of the three witches the strongest of their lineage, also alludes to the fact that Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan, were both special too. Milano was truly responsible, along with Julian McMahon, for the good audience of season 3. McGowan guarantees the survival of the legacy when season 4 started. Not to mention Shannen Doherty from season 1-3, because no matter how much the actress gets rembered by her disturbing behavior, she knows how to lead a show.
    This review had the intention to rate the episode on the highest level because the end of the series is able to charm all viewers.
  • The end of Charmed. Forever.

    The final battle could have been a little better I think. It was nice to see the Mom, Grams, Older Wyatt, and Older Chirs. Am I the only one here that likes Drew Fuller? From what I have seen around the site, it appears that I am. I think they should have had more Chirs, but that's just me being a Drew Fuller fan girl.

    Anyway, Piper travels back in time, forward in time, and back in time again. She saves Pheobe and Paige. Gets Leo taken away from her. Again. She gets Leo back after Billie kills her sister.

    We see the future of the Charmed Ones. Pheobe has three girls, with her husband Coop. Pagie has a son and twin girls, Piper opens the restraunt she always wanted. Leo teaches at magic school until he decided to retire.

    The episode ends with a very old Piper reading The Book Of Shadows to her granddaughter. She leaves her grandaughter in the chair to read the Book of Shadows and says "One day it will be yours." While her and Leo walk about the stairs while music plays, the camera pans over different photos from over the years. After children run through the door to the manor, the granddaughter reading the Book of Shadows uses her telekinesis to shut the door to the manor.

    The door is shut for the finale time.

    I did enjoy the episode, but I can't help but think that it might have been better if it was given a 2 hour finale instead of a one hours. It seemed to me like the episode was rushed a bit.

    Charmed is over. For good.
  • It was a great episode, but I would have liked more about their lives (past, present, and future).

    I think that the show needed to end, because it was better to end while ahead than to keep going until no one wants to watch anymore. The episode was great because it brought the whole family together. However, I would have liked to see more past scenes, and maybe a few flashbacks as the girls review their last 8 years. In the end, they should have done an overview of the 8 years before going into the future. I also think that Prue should have been mentioned more. Granted, Shannen Doherty would not be in it (which would have been cool so that the girls could see Prue (esp. Paige)). However, they could have shown memories of her. While there couldn\'t have been flashbacks, when showing all the pictures on the wall, they could have shown the three of them as kids, or something to show that the big sister wasn\'t completely removed from the house after her death, especially if Patty and Penny were not removed. Another character that might have been cool to see again would be Melinda Warren. In the episode where Prue, Piper, and Phoebe summoned her, they said they\'d miss her but could always call her back. I think it would have been nice to have that one more time.

    I do think the episode was great, but more looking into the past, and more viewing the future would have made it that much better (even if it took one more episode).

    I never liked the whole Billie theme of this season, so her issues with Christy did not do much for me. I\'m glas Christy died, but I didn\'t care much for Billie\'s character. I don\'t think she matters enough to have had such a role in the series finale. If anything, Dorian Greggory should have come back (Inspector Morris).
  • To the Writers, Producers: Thank you all or the years of the Charmed Ones and Leo, I will forever missed them. Please come back. Just look and see what’s on TV, there is nothing to compare this show at all. “Charmed Girls

    There will never be another show like “The Charmed”. The final episode was too short, should have been 2 hour movie. I just can not get enough, I give this Show a Perfect 10. The ending was perfect, but too fast, too short. I hope that may be a 2 hour movie every now and then would be EXCELLENT.

    To Piper, Phoebe, Leo and Paige, I will for ever miss your show, I find it hard express my feelings of loosing you all. Come back, get together, produce and write your own shows.

    With all My Heart Love Yah All.
  • Atlast, the end.

    The series finale was very outstanding and fabulous to me. i tottaly loved the way it ended. I thought that the way the family all met with each other towards the end was fantastic and very touching, it's alo nice and good to know that the sisters finally had a life of their own with husbands, children and more imoportantly grandchildren.Although i felt Billie shouldn't have been given a second chance it was still ok to know that she was babysitting for Phoebe,after all she'd done but it was all her sister's fault.was it? wateva.I really enjoyed this episode though.really really did. i think it was wonderful for the SEASON FINALE
  • AWFUL, the final battle was terrible. Should have spent the whole hour on how the girls lives progressed.

    They should have focussed on the girls futures. Not the ridiculous final battle. Nobody cares about Billie and her sister, they care about the charmed ones. They should have spent the whole hour focussing on how their lives developed. Phoebe totally disrespects Cole saying she never knew love.
    Totally ignores 2 and a half seasons of Phoebe finding her forbidden love. Phoebe actually saves Balthazar in order to save Cole because of her intense love. Then she says, I\\\'ve never known love until I met Coop. Coop was sent by the Elders, since when does Phoebe take orders from the Elders. Sent as a reward. That\\\'s not Phoebe, she makes her own decisions. It was a terrible, terrible final episode. Nobody cares about Billie and her sister. Focus on the girls.
  • After eight years, it's over. Charmed is no more.

    Eight seasons. 178 episodes. Hundreds of potions. Hundreds of vanquished demons. One dead Halliwell. After all that, the ride is finally over.

    This series finale was so good in that it managed not only to bring the season's main storyline to a satisfying conclusion, but also to tie up other loose ends. It also did a great job in showing us that the sisters' lives go on, even if the show doesn't. Bringing in the rest of the family: Victor, Patty, Penny, Wyatt, and Chris was a nice touch, but it came within an eyelash of ruining the premise of the episode. It did not, and everything turned out okay. Well, almost.

    Phoebe finally found what she was looking for all this time, love, and with a Cupid of all people. Wyatt's slip of the tongue was priceless, and I kinda knew about that beforehand, but to be honest, I would've anticipated it anyway. She has truly evolved from the immature, impetuous, and impulsive girl we saw at first. Through all the heartbreak and triumph, she has arrived in a good place.

    Piper has also seen a great deal of development, as well as her relationship with Leo. She has had to endure the most emotion and pain among everyone. Losing a sister, losing Leo to the Elders, getting him back, almost losing him again, and surviving the worst demons in existence. Then, she nearly lost Leo to the Angel of Death, because he knew that something big was coming, and his death would give the sisters the strength to win it. Piper was able to save him and win the battle, but not without hardships. Leo has also had his share of trials. Being a Whitelighter was hard enough, but then he became an Elder, and had to worry about the future of his son, Wyatt. He also had to deal with his future son, Chris, and his deep-seated resentment towards him. Then he faced betrayal from another Elder, someone he trusted, and that led to perhaps the hardest chapter in his life, becoming an Avatar. The Elders erased his memory only to have him fall from grace, finally achieving what he wanted, to be human.

    Paige has always been a free spirit, the most unique among the sisters. Her life has always been hard, especially when she lost her parents in a car accident, but she survived because of magic. She was reluctant at first, but she embraced her inner witch, and her journey began anew. Paige has always been different, and that became more apparent over time. Her inner Whitelighter rose to the surface, prompting her to look inside herself and see something she never saw before. She had a new purpose in life. Eventually she had a husband, a cop, and now she has found someone she is happy with.

    Billie was the newcomer this season. A powerful witch just coming into her own, she helped the Charmed Ones realize that they need to protect the innocent, and in turn they helped her come into her own. She's also had things hard, losing her sister to a demonic kidnapping when she was just a kid, and her parents didn't believe her. She would, in time, rescue her sister, Christy, but this would only be the first step to something bigger. Christy was molded into a killer by the Triad, and led Billie on a path of deception and lies to turn her against the Charmed Ones. She succeeded, part of which involved the death of their parents, but Christy's deception led to the destruction of the manor and the deaths of everyone except Billie and Piper. This fate was changed, but Billie realized what Christy had become. Realizing that there was no redeeming her, Billie was forced to kill her own sister.

    Honestly, I think the series should've ended sooner than this, but now it\'s over, and while a part of me is sad about it, I'm satisfied that it\'s over. It\'s time for us to move on.

    Thank you, for eight great years.
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