Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • Perfect!

    That's just about all I have to say. A perfect ending to a really fun and funny show. I enjoyed getting to know the Halliwell sisters and think the finale took them out in a classy and satisfying way. Congrats to everyone who worked on the show (throughout all the years). I loved the series and I loved this last episode!
  • Finally...

    I lost partial interest in the series around the sixth season. By the end of the seventh season, I was sure that Charmed was dead. However, the show picked up some of its old glory for the last season, and the series finale does not disappoint. I think the writers did a good job by not letting the final battle interfere with closing the series. Overall, I think this is Charmed\'s best season finale. Charmed ended on a good note.
  • Just as everything should be except

    Except for the demons, I thought they would find a way to make sure that they weren\'t attacked anymore...oh well. I saw that Cupid and Phoebe thing coming from the moment that he told phoebe that he was cupid (all of phoebe\'s \'successful relationships have always been with magical creatures).
    Anyway I like the whole travelling back in time with Cupid\'s ring thing, I was sure they were going to find a lame way to do it but they didn\'t. The only weird thing with that was when Christy used it with Dumain to find the triad (apparently they loved the Triad?). I really liked seeing Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey back too, i like them. I would have preffered to see some involvement with Excalibur but the episode survived without it. They really messed up stuff with the hollow though. If they were going to use it the least they could have done was use it right. There was no spell to summon the hollow or to eject it either. In \"Charmed and Dangerous\" the only way to get rid of the hollow was for good and evil to join forces and read the inscription on the box.
  • charmed will be forever missed

    this episode was the best it gave the the series a conclusion that it deserved i will miss this show nothing will be the same on tv again it just sad to see my favorite show end in to see piper have that little girl she saw in the future in to see phoebe have her little girl in also to see that the charmed ones forgive billy in and also see that paige kids in to know that she became a full time whitelighter this was a sad episode they will forever be missed
  • The BEST EPISODE EVER It is sad that CHARMED is over :( .....

    I can not beleive that it is over.But this episode was outstanding,it was an amazing episode to end with it CHARMED one of the best shows ever.
    from the best moments in the finale was all the jumping through times,all the cast of charmed being in the episode
    unfortunatly without Prue.
    And at the end when they wrote in the Book of SHadows.
    andseeing their children & grand children.

    But really i am very sad that the show came to an end.
    It was an amazing 8 years.
  • Charmed is over, but this episode did the show justice. I enjoyed it very much.

    I have been watching Charmed for many years now and have enjoyed almost every episode. Of course, some episodes were better than others, but Charmed always had this magic (literally) that would just make me enjoy every second.

    I thought that the series finale, \"Forever Charmed\", really did a good job at wrapping up all the lingering storylines and bringing the Halliwells together as a family. I loved seeing Paige and Phoebe alive again, as well as the whole enitre family! The time-travel was a little confusing but was definately worth it to be able to see all the Halliwell generations together. I was especially happy to see Chris again. Though it did bother me that Leo and the others weren\'t more happy to see him alive. I thought they would have a bigger reaction. Seeing Patty, Penny, and Victor all together was great. They\'re all so funny! I never realized how much I missed all of them. Unfortunately there was no Prue in the finale, but we all expected that.

    I thought that the montage at the end with all the photos of the family members was perfect and the ending with all the mini-Halliwells was so adorable.

    Overall, this episode was better than I expected, besides it being a little too rushed, and I am glad that the series finale brought out all the things I have loved about Charmed for the last eight years.

    Goodbye Piper, Paige, and Phoebe. We shall miss you!
  • All Good Things Must Come To An End

    This was an excellent end to an awesome series. Everything I thought and more. The time-traveling was great. Patty was hoot! Grams is always a delight, and Chris and Wyatt were also a very nice addition. I'm happy Pheobe finally found a man she can have a future with (even though Cole is her soulmate). Thank God Christy died! The gurl was the most annoying character to ever step foot on Charmed. I thought Billie was a whench, but Christy is worse. The ending was the best. Seeing what the future held for the Charmed Ones was awesome. The pictures at the end made me cry. I am so sad that Charmed has come to an end, but happy that it had a fulfilling end.
    Goodbye Charmed! Charmed will always be my favorite series. Its such a special show.
  • What a fantasic end to Charmed

    Before I discuss the series finale there are few thing I need to say, I spend 8 years watching this series from first episode to this final episode I have say one thing it’s been wonder sci-fi show to watch through up’s and down of Charmed life even though I’m sad for it to end I was rather happy about it. My main concern through the 8 years was that writer would ruin this series but even though we had some awful episode the series finale made up for it.

    Wow, what a brilliant series finale and I got to admit it really was brilliant, I hated time-travelling story-lines because it changes events that happened but I got to admit I really had tears in my eyes at the end of the episode, I honestly don’t know where to start with this episode. I loved how we got to see every generation of charmed ones ,past, present & future.

    It’s strange how everyone recognised each other and having all the generation together at last. I honestly think this was better Series finale than all of charmed ones put together because it answer every single question we had about future of the charmed ones . I’m glad they got a chance to do a proper finish for the series.

    I will definatly record this as one hallmark moment of my TV history along with Dawson creek
  • The Power of Three is gone. But, Piper will stop at nothing to get her sisters back. With Leo by her side, she makes her way through time to change the past. Chris and Wyatt pay a visit to the Charmed Ones. But, not before Leo is taken again.

    This was a perfect ending to one of TheWBs most popular and most watched series ever.The episode "Forever Charmed" was a great blast as they actually brought back the whole cast for characters in the family that were featured. Surprising though was the fact that they never asked Shanen Dorothy(Prue Halliwell) to return. Nonetheless, they ended a great series with extreme justice for each character. Though, there were hints that they were running low on new ideas, the show was an extremely entertaining and enjoyable one. Hopefully, there will be follow ups such as movies and the sort.
  • Gone but never forgotten

    Such a fantastic ending to a perfect series. Season 8 will go down in the TV books as one of the best and the finale... superb. But why oh why did they have to make me cry, that was sooo rude.

    I cannot think of a better way for the show to be ended, ive seen some finale's but this one is deffinatly number one on my list. Buffy and angel, being two of my other fave shows lacked a lot in how they ended, leaving us wondering "ooo i wonder...". But with Charmed, we all know its deffinatly over.

    The End, gone but never forgotten.
  • Great solved. A series to be remembered forever.

    They could hardly have done it any better.
    Well, it was all pretty fast and surprising in the end - how Coop turns out to be send by the elders for example.
    Nevertheless, the ending was just brilliant. I so was hoping that Billy would finally turn towards the sisters again and she did. I\'d only loved to see how she coped with the killing of Christy. She really became a part of the charmed family in this last season.
    The timetravelling was so hilarious and how then time caught up and Billy and Piper were projected in their past-I\'s really was unexpected, but so worked out.

    And I gotta admit that there were tears in the end. Well, after so many years, how could I not be mourning a little...!? In fact, I grew up watching the magic work every week.

    Only one thing: they could have spared a whole lot about the part at the end with all those grandkids. I don\'t know, it just seamed a little too much to me.


    Forever charmed, we\'ll never forget.
  • wounderfull episode! I've cried a lot!

    wow! the first episode that I have actually cried!
    at the begining, piper goes to see her mom, and find her with her father, doing whatever the do in bed... after that they go and take her grandmother and she faintad when she see Patty. I couldn't stop lughiong when Futer Waiet and Futer Chris entering the room where Cup is, and saying "hey, uncle Cup". My sister and I couldnwt stop lughing!
    I think the end of the episode is a successfull ending. every charmed is writing in the book and telling what she had been through (kids, family...), and showing it. at the end, old Piper calls to her grandougter the book of shadow, and let her reading it, and she and Leo climb the stairs and on the walls there are fotos of the family. the music and the pictures together made me cry! after that the are bunch of kids entering the door, and the grandougter is closing the door with her powers, just like Prue closed the door on the first/second episode of the seriese.
    but, when they show the pictures on the wall, I think they had to show the picture where Prue, Piper and Pheobe are together! it's like they didn't had another sister!
    but, I loved the episode, and I think it was one of the best ever in charmed! too bad this is over, but never mind - there will be other serieses.
  • The writers did a good job bringing everything to a close. I appreciate how it ended, ensuring that there would not be a reunion show.

    The actors and actresses of this show will be missed. I hope their careers will continue after this show. The ladies of this show should not be type casted in their future roles. The characters they played on the show had depth, personality, and longing to express true emotion.
    Furthermore, they are truly loved and respected for the work they completed on the show.
    The ending of this show marked the closing of another chapter in great tv writing and entertainment.
  • Piper and Leo travel back in time, with the help of Coop, to find a way to save Phoebe and Paige. This is one of my absolute episodes of the entire series. It was a great ending to a wonderful show.

    Piper and Leo travel back in time to find a way to save Phoebe and Paige. In the process they encounter past Patty and future Grams. They soon discover they have to get to the hollow before Billie and the demons can. Everyone manages to get there before the battle takes place and say a spell to get the hollow back into its box.

    Once all the sisters are alive again, they must figure out how to battle both Billie and Christie. They discover that the Triad was alive all along. Before they can eliminate them, however, future Chris and future Wyatt come back to find out how Wyatt's powers disappeared.

    Billie discovers that she has been manipulated into killing the Charmed Ones by the demons and goes to the manor to make peace with the sisters. While there, she tells them that the demons convinced them to steal Wyatt's powers. Billie trys to make amends by helping the sisters to figure out how to defeat the Triad. Billie uses her powers to take the sisters back into the past and vanquish the Triad before they can attempt to get a hold of the hollow.

    All the sisters make it there in time and everyone gets vanquished except for Christie, who wonders how they knew what the demons were going to do. Billie admits that she helped the sisters to defeat them. Christie feels betrayed and forms a fireball. She throws it at Billie but it is deflected by Billie and she throws it back at her killing her sister instantly. A devestated Billie returns home.

    When the sisters return home all the family members are there including future Wyatt who has his power back. The family celebrates the victory along with Leo's return. Later on, Paige and Phoebe are sitting in the dining room and Piper comes in with the BOS. She suggest they all take time to write down their thoughts and experiences over everything that has happened for future generations.

    Phoebe writes that she married Coop and ended up having the daughter she had seen in her premonitions, along with two others that she did not know about. We see that Phoebe enlisted the help of an old friend (Billie) to help her with her children. She also writes that she continued to help people find love and became an author. With the love she found from Coop, she was inspired to help others find love. Paige writes that the break she recieved from fighting demons allowed her time to get closer to Henry and concentrate on her inner whitelighter and help future whitelighters and witches. She also writes that Henry continued with his parolees and found time to spend with Henry Jr. and the twin girls. They became a close knit family.

    Piper writes that she and Leo were able to get closer to together and concentrate on raising the next generation of magic, which not only included Wyatt and Chris, but also a little girl named Melinda. Piper also writes that when the boys were old enough they carried on the tradition of fighting demons which left her more time to spend opening a new restaraunt and cooking something other than potions. Leo went back to teaching at magic school once it was reclaimed by good magic. He did that until he retired. Both Piper and Leo spent their life together with their many grandchildren.

    Toward the end of the episode, as future Piper and future Leo were walking upstairs, we see a lot of different pictures. The grandchildren are playing including one that is reading the BOS. The little girl magically closes the front door of the manor.
  • Series finale, they're dead and then they aren't.. They're together and then again they aren't.. Still one of the best episodes made of Charmed.

    Well, it had to end sometime and this was the perfect moment. After season 7 the show wasn't at its best. There were a few good episodes, but that's it.

    Anyway, so the final episode of Charmed is a fact and I'm glad the way it ended.

    Let's start with the characters:

    Piper: She still looks good and seems to have everything under control. The Leo - Piper thingy with the Angel of destiny became somehow annoying, because we knew he'd come back anyway at the end of the episode. Still Piper made a great performance.

    Phoebe: So she finaly found love, it's about time. Strange how she found it in only three or four episodes while she has been looking for it so long. But anyway, the coop thingy is cute. They fit and that's important.

    Paige: I think she didn't have a big role in this episode and that's a shame. She's just as important as the rest. We haven't seen Henry a lot, that's a shame too, but still, their story is good.

    The others: It was nice to seem them all together. Grams, Patty, Victor, older Chris and Wyatt (great to see Chris again!!) Really nice to see that.

    Story line: Well, the time traveling.. Good idea, but too much of it in one episode. Why didn't they go back in time when Prue died? That's the first question that comes in mind. The times where they traveled to didn't bother me. It was nice to see that Leo and Piper were still together so many years later.

    Christy and Billie: Well... Billie's okay, but Christy, it's good that she's not around anymore. She annoyed me since the first time I saw her. Too bad, but the role wasn't good.

    Global view of episode: This was a perfect ending for the show. But the ending with the older Piper.. hmm i didn't really like that. It's nice to know they're okay, but too much is too much. It should've stopped with Chris and Wyatt or something like that. It was a bit OD. :)

    Anyway, perfect episode, but sad charmed is gone...
  • I can\\\'t believe it\\\'s over

    I really can\\\'t believe Charmed is over, i\\\'ve been watching it since it started in 1998 & i just can\\\'t believe still that it\\\'s gone, i hope they make a charmed future generation but it won\\\'t be the same without Paige Phoebe & Piper.. maybe if they make a Charmed Ps2 & Xbox game that will be really good, i\\\'d buy it in a flash, but this was a great episode, very well written & exciting, and i love the fact that Billie killed Christy cause she was annoying, lol.
  • Well, that's it...

    Well, that's it then. The last episode, end of story, goodbye, the end.

    Although, I don't really liked Prue in Charmed (if you compare to Phoebe en Piper), I found it strange that when they showed every picture on the wall. There wasn't hanging a picture of Prue... Kind of strange, don't you think?

    And I will (again, i might add) discuss the fact of Marnette Patterson's performance (Christy) in the serie. I mean, oh boy, those so called looks of rage looked more to me as though she had some tough steak between her - perfect - teeth or something. A little bit too exaggerated, to me.

    I was pleasantly surprised Wesley Ramsey (adult Wyatt) and Drew Fuller (adult Chris) appeared in this episode. That "Uncle Coop"-thing was sooo funny.

    The information about the futur was touching to watch but it's strange that they talk about Piper having grandchildren and not about Phoebe and Paige. I can't imagine that their children won't have children. :)

    A good epidose, a good serie. Do I need to say more?
  • Foerever Charmed, the last episode ever of Charmed, sad to see one of the greatest telivision shows in history leave our screens...

    Forever Charmed is probably one of the best and sadest episodes of Charmed...EVER!
    It fetured all the characters in previous episodes like Patty, Grams, Futre Chris and Wyatt and Piper also got Leo back!
    In the end everything was all good, the Charmed ones had three babies each and also Phoebe married Coop!
    All in all Charmed is my favourite show and I'm so sad to see it go but I think that if this series had to go one day, this would be the way to end it!
    As Grams would say, Blessed Be.
    Forever Charmed
  • Oh Uncle Coop!

    WOW! this episode was great :)
    Although it's really hard to accept that Charmed is over after the sisters being with us for a good 8 years but at least I'm pleased with how they ended this amazing seris.
    It was really nice what they did with bringing the whole family( From the past and also the Future ) together with the only person missing to be Prue!
    Everybody's gonna live happily ever after ... Finally!
    I wish they would've left some room, Just In Case, they wanted to come back for a Ninth series :D

    Once Charmed, Forever Charmed :)
  • They made it!

    The charmed sisters made it to the finish line! This was a really good episode.

    The blockbuster one was the two hour penultimate episode that came before this one, the grand finale.

    There were some decent skirmishes in this one but nothing like the violence, destruction, and mayhem that took place right before it.

    The one sister that was killed a little ways into the series, remained dead, unfortunately. No surprise there, given the circumstances.

    The happy ending was as happy as you could hope for. Granted it is not a perfect world, not even in the Charmed world. But it did seem to end like a story book.

    At the end, they did not have to say, "and they lived happily ever after". You just sort of knew in your heart they did.

    It was a very fitting, satisfying ending to a very lively, exciting series.
  • Piper is distraught over losing her sisters, and enlists the help of present day Coop, and past Grams and Mum, to reverse the tragic explosion at the manor and beat the Jenkins witches once and for all. Unexpectadly, Billie comes to their aid at a large c

    GREAT! This show was ended perfectly, covering everything. I\'m glad my witches got their kids and their dreamlives. It made their charmed years worth it. I cried when Billie killed Christie, but what has to be done, must be. No show has ended this well, completely satisfied! I will forever miss the forever charmed ones, and even Billie too! Thanks to the WB for 8 great years, great!!!!!
  • Leo returns, Leo goes back. Piper,Leo,Mom,grams go backwards and forwards....

    Ok I have put off this last comment for 4 days because I wanted to be sure of what it was I wanted to say. It was a good episode, I agree with that, but I will always feel it could have been done better. I did laugh more than I thought I would, there were some comic relief moments and maybe thats what they were hoping for. I was very glad when Christy was vanquished. But I felt that instead of their mother from the past and Grams from the past, they should have been from present time, as with all the Halliwell line of witches. While I have no idea what the problems were behind the scenes I will always feel the Pru should have been there. Somehow, someway. I feel like the whole thing with Coop was pushed just like with Paige and her husband. Part of me feels like Cole should have some how fit in. I guess we should feel good knowing that they all had the children they wanted and the loves and lives they thought they would never have. I was a fan of this show from the begining and it will always be one of my favorite shows but I guess I am just relieved the wait is over and now we can move onto whatever new show might catch my attention like this one did, if thats possible.

    Farewell Charmed ones, good luck in whatever you do.
  • Perfect ending. Whilst it is sad to see Charmed go, it had to end soon, things haven't been great or a while but this episoide delivered everything that we have loved about Charmed over the years. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with havin

    Perfect ending. Whilst it is sad to see Charmed go, it had to end soon, things haven't been great or a while but this episoide delivered everything that we have loved about Charmed over the years.

    We had the conclusion of the long running storyline with Billie and Christie which was ultimately summed up very quickly, it could have been extended a little longer. I would have also liked to have seen a bit more depth to Christie in general.

    The gathering of past and future generations was fun and well done and seeing the interactions with past/future selves and little revelations of the future was amusing and well handled.

    It was great to see what the future held in store for the sisters and their families and it was moving to those who have been wih the series for so long. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with having a happily ever after for everybody where no-one dies, and everyone gets what they want.
  • Best possible ending....they all get what they've always wanted from the start. I'm very proud of them.....Blessed Be!

    I thought it was a perfect ending, I cried so much even laughed a few times. Since the begining I have been one of it\'s biggest fans and not just cause I am a wiccan myself but every episode was special in it\'s own way. You never knew what would happen next. Through all the good and bad times the girls had, I\'m so happy that in the end they get what they wanted and even more. Everyone is happy and have a very special family filled with love and power. Blessed Be! It\'s the truth against the world! Forevercharmed.....
  • I did more the a little cry... im a girly man and so what?!?!?!?!

    Charmed had its serie finale a couple a days ago, and im a little shaken still. Its over. I can't believe after 8 years, it came down to 8 minutes. I think the writer and director did a great job! It was better than any other finale i have seen so far. That was Charmed at its best! That eposide is what tv is all about! I havn't watched it since, cause its stii on dvr, becasuse i now as soon as i start it ill cry the night I actually watched it. Sunday at 7:52 the tears were pooring down and i could hardly breath! i was crying that hard. My hearts still brken, but hopefully me about to own the entire series will help? I rasie my glass to hoping it will!
  • 8 years of fighting evil comes to an end as the Charmed Ones fulfill their Charmed destiny

    After watching the show for 8 years, I can't believe this is the end.
    I couldn't imagine Charmed ending in a different way than it has.

    I got really confused with the constant time travelling and stuff, but it all worked out perfectly and this was really a, words cannot describe, episode.

    The ending was really emotional, hearing every sister speak about their lives, and the door closing in the tradittional way, magically.

    Marnette Patterson and Kaley Cuoco really acted their roles out perfectly, especially in the scene where they battle eachother.

    Constance M. Burge, Shannen Doherty, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Holly Marie Combs and Brad Kern, thank you for bringing this show into my life, playing the roles you did and entertaining me for the past 8 years.
    Charmed is my favorite tv-show of all time and i'm sad to see that is had come to an end.
    After the summer I will be doing an education that's about making tv-shows and I will definetely use this show as an inspiration for the types of tv-shows i would like to make.

    Thank you again to the entire cast of Charmed and to The WB for airing the show.

    I've truly been Forever Charmed
  • THIS episode reminded me why I loved Charmed so much. I didn't start watching every week until season 6 and felt it went down hill from there, but this episode was refreshing to watch and made me sad to see it go.

    Charmed Forever started off with a pretty big cliff hanger. But we all knew they couldn't just kill off the sisters in the finale. So I wanted to know how Piper would fix this. I wanted to know what was going t happen to the girls. What I didn't expect was the journey to the past and then the boys (Chris and Wyatt) coming back from the future. I LOVE Chris, definitely one of my fave characters. But it wasn't enough! Wouldn't it be kick ass if they did a spin off with Wyatt and Chris? My fave part was when Coup showed up and adult Wyatt yells out "Uncle Coup!" And everyone is in shock. I had to rewind that (DVR) three times to laugh and look at the expressions. Talk about a shockingly fantastic way to give a hint to the future in this series finale.

    It was sad when Billie had to kill Christie (though I hated Christie from the start) but I really loved how they wrapped up what would happen to the three sisters into their old age.

    Leading all the way up to Piper's grand-daughter closing the door with telekinesis, the same way her dearly departed great aunt Prue did in the first episode of Charmed 8 years ago.

    It's been a wonderful, long ride with a finale well worth the wait. I'll miss the magical trio. For now, I'll fill up my time with the Charmed season DVDs and shows like Supernatural to feed my kill the demons fix.
  • for what it was going for very good.

    For what they were trying to do with the finale it was great. Made for (most) Charmed fans. Issues on two counts though. One: the final battle was very lack and overly easy. Interresting but not finale worthy. Two: The episode was about sisterhood and the Haliwell line (past/present/future) but besides having her named mentioned Pru was shunned from it. Granted i get there are issues with Shannen but to leave her photo (charmed fans you know what photo i'm referring to) out of the finale wall was honestly bull.
  • I can\\\\\\\'t believe people wasted 60 minutes of their life watching this!!! I can\\\\\\\'t believe I wasted 60 minutes of my life watching this!!!!!!

    I\\\\\\\'ll just start off by saying this: They should have ended the show at season 6 and not thought twice.

    Now to go into depth. Here are things I can\\\\\\\'t stand about this episode let alone this season.

    1. The Villian
    -The Triad? Come on! They didn\\\\\\\'t do anything except waste space. The Source would have made a better closer, or Zanku or even Barbus. Don\\\\\\\'t forget also that Cole killed them already (and those ones were far more intimidating).

    2. The love interests.
    -Piper & Leo: there together, they break up, he leaves, comes back, leaves again, and repeat.
    Paige: Can\\\\\\\'t find love in 4 years but somehow finds it in less than 10 episodes. Even after finding it she completely ignores it and her true love only has two sentences in the last episode.
    Phoebe: Let me get this straight: Cole couldn\\\\\\\'t after 2.5 seasons, Jason, Dex, whats his name (the one she prophesied having a child with), but Coop after only 5 episodes is her soul mate? Enough is enough.

    3. Billy.
    -Malibu Barbie
    -Didn\\\\\\\'t even have a mission during the first few episodes then suddenly remembers she needs to find her sister.
    -Got new powers almost every episode.
    -Changed sides as often as I change my socks.
    -Parents died: no biggie, killed own sister: walks it off (shown wathcing over Phoebe\\\\\\\'s children in the end).

    4. Last episode itself.
    -Those who fear time travel (Butterfly Effect) must have had a heart attack with this one. Lets see: Time travel to save sisters. Time travel to save powers. Time travel to kill Triad, yet again. With all that couldn\\\\\\\'t they have, I don\\\\\\\'t know:

    -Saved Kristy from being kidnapped (as a child)in the first place?

    -Stopped the Source from using the Hollow and so save Cole from becoming evil again?

    -Saved Prue?

    Like the Alice and Wonderland episode, this was a complete nightmare. Those who praise it.........I weep for you.
  • Forever Charmed - A Tribute to 8 Years of Magic ...

    Well, I finally made it. A special video dedicated to all 8 seasons of the show, from the unforgettable series premiere back in October of 1998 to the tearjerker series finale from this past Sunday. It is the successor to the 35-minute Legacy of Charmed video from two years ago (this one's only 8.5 minutes).

    For 8 years now Charmed has singlehandedly revolutionized both the WB network and the supernatural genre, being the second longest running and second oldest show on the network when it ended, as well as the single longest running show in history with all-female leads.

    The music is In Loving Memory by Alterbridge, which is perhaps the most perfect song for any music video. Not to sound too corny, but ... here's hoping that Charmed lives on in the hearts of the fans.

    The video can be accessed here:


    Good news, I uploaded the video onto YouTube (which is what I should've done in the first place ... ), so now you don't have to save and dl it, just click here:
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