Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • A nice way to end the show.

    After 8 years, this is the end. Charmed is so magical in every way.
  • W O W the series finale was EPIC !!

    Although, I must admit, I would want to have seen Prue and a different kind of villain (Kristie and Penny.. why were you there .. why? ), the finale was great!!

    It contained all the elements of a great farewell. All the loved characters, time travel, past-present-future and a closing that was emotional and worthing of the greatest witches there were!

    And of course PIPER was the key player and the sister that saved all! She was the strongest, she was the one that stick the family together!!

    Ohh I love you Charmed and I always Kisses from Greece
  • Forever Charmed

    Forever Charmed was a perfect ending to the amazing series Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this finale because the story lines were wrapped up pretty nicely, there was action, drama, intrigue and a family reunion of sorts allowing for us to say goodbye to beloved Grams, Patty, grown Wyatt and Chris, Victor, along with the Leo, the sisters and their other children. I loved how every thing ended with the sisters writing about themselves in the book and it transformed into Piper reading it to her granddaughter. I was very entertained by watching this series and look forward to doing so again!!!!!!!!!
  • After the death of her sisters, Piper borrows Cupid's ring, but instead reunites her with her mother and grandmother, who help her save Phoebe and Paige. Meanwhile, Billie uses her powers to save Christy, who died in the battle against the Charmed Ones.

    Epic seems to be the only word adequate enough to sum up the series finale of Charmed. We see all the Halliwells united, with the exception of Prue, and even get a glimpse into the sisters' futures after they defeat the 'Ultimate Power'. Piper and Leo finally have the daughter they foresaw in season two, Phoebe finally gets the daughters she's been wanting, and even Paige gets in on the baby-making by giving birth to two daughters and a son. In the end, elderly Piper reading to her granddaughter from the Book of Shadows, before the manor doors are magically closed reminds the fans just how far the sisters have come in their journey.
  • Perfectly Charmed

    When asked what his favorite episode of Charmed is, Brad Kern said, "The last one."

    I agree.

    This episode is genius, frankly. Huge props to Brad Kern for coming up with Coop's ring as a plot device that allowed nearly every important series character to appear in the show without being ridiculous or overly contrived. Don't even try to follow the logic of it all. Just sit back and enjoy. It is a hilarious, touching and very satisfying screenplay from the explosion at the beginning to the manor door swinging shut. As they should be, Billie and Christie are only a necessary diversion to the bulk of the story. It was a great decision to have Billie dispose of Christie herself. Allegedly, Brad Kern was originally considering redeeming Christie, while Holly was fine with killing off both sisters. They made the right call in redeeming just Billie.

    Piper and Leo's marriage has been at the center of Charmed if not from the beginning, then at least since Prue's death, and that is illustrated clearly here with them at the heart of this episode and their reunion being the final climax.

    Phoebe is given only a little more to do as she has to take the final step with Coop. Victor Webster is a little tall for Alyssa, but otherwise, it is all good.

    Paige has even less to do, but that's just because her story is the closest to fulfillment already. Brad Kern and production were very lucky that all the necessary actors were available for this episode. Seeing Patti, Grams, Victor, Wyatt, and Chris again and all at once was fantastic and the just reward to us loyal fans. Yes, there were characters who were inevitably left out: Prue, Daryll, and Cole most notably, but not everyone was available or willing, and production flatly didn't have the money to pay everyone. Brad said afterwards that he desperately wanted to show more photos at the end, including pictures of Prue and Cole, but they just didn't have the money for it, even if Shannen would have agreed. Nearly every criticism of this episode that I've seen has centered on Prue not being shown or apparently referred to enough, though she is referred to at least 3 separate times. I think that is ridiculous. Shannen left the show and refused to come back. There was nothing production could do about it. All the seriously sad Prue fans can just buy the first 3 seasons on DVD and forget the rest, and then stop reviewing later seasons like they are actual fans. Real Charmed fans, like myself, say BRAVO!!! Thanks to Holly, Alyssa, Rose, Brian and Brad for 8 memorable years!
  • Oh Lord! Right off the bat I will say that I loved it, love isn’t even a strong enough word for my sentiments on this episode!

    I attend school but I still have managed to view it well over a dozen times and it is only getting better with each viewing. There was so much in it, so much emotion, so many loose ends tied up and oh so much of the Halliwell family to enjoy!

    From the beginning, I thought the episode opened very strongly. It was good that we were right there in the aftermath of 8.21, Holly’s acting was tremendous, she looked and acted the part of somebody whose life had just been torn apart so well. I adored Piper and Leo together and we hadn’t seen them together for so long that having him there to clean her up and comfort her was so needed. I felt like having her be the one left standing, the one to fix everything was fitting of her personality and role on the show. Meanwhile Billie ran on back to Dumain, and I actually felt Kayley in that scene, her acting was solid and she appeared just as determined as Piper to get things back to how she wanted – and so started the merry-go-round through time with 101 loves, friends and family members!

    First stop – Victor! I was so happy for Leo seeing his sons again but so sad for Victor loosing his daughters (I count Paige as kinda his). The Coop popped by and proved useful beyond just finding a date. Colour me shocked. At first I was hesitant about the time travel aspect but they actually had the means consistent – we had seen Coops ring time travel as Piper mentioned so I didn’t think it was just plucked out of thin air for convenience. Well done writers. And even if it was just for convenience who would care? I mean, we got Finola Hughs out of it! That woman just does not age, which was a bonus considering all the times we’ve visited her in the past. I loved seeing her, even more with Victor just because of what great chemistry the actors have. Victor and Patty seemed so perfect, made me rather sad that it all went south. And I loved the line “Paige? You mean we have another daughter?”/“Yes, mom, you do”. The statement that Piper/Patty/Penny equals a substitute Po3 didn’t seem overly logical but I bought it just to see Grams again and is it just me or is she feistier with every appearance?! Love her.

    But first we saw Piper all gramsy which was a hoot! Even though we’ve seen the future before and it’s prone to change this one was seemed like the genuine deal, at least I hope so. “How do you spell Zankou? With a z or and x?” - demon scrabble was hilarious and having the aspirin ready for Piper was also a fine touch. The old Piper and Leo were brilliantly cast, with the same affection that our Piper and Leo have.

    Anywho, hijinx’s aside, seeing our Grams was fabulous, her speech to little Piper was so sweet. Again Piper is deemed as the heart of the family and we got a little taste of Piper back when she was the shy little mediator ala season one. Cute. I’m also glad they had Grams faint at the sight of Patty. At least five years had passed since her death and Grams obviously hadn’t started communing with her ghost yet which makes Prue’s non-appearance a little more believable. And her reaction to finding out about her granddaughters being "The Charmed Ones" was just as proud and excited as it was in “That 70’s Episode”.

    I was glad that the substitute Po3 thwarted the ultimate battle and that Phoebe and Paige were saved but when Leo was taken away again I thought for a microsecond they were going to end it with Piper choosing between her soul mate and her sisters! Then I remembered that this is Charmed and not even Brad Kern is that evil. Awesome exchange:

    Phoebe: Okay, so because you guys altered a key moment in time by saving us…
    Grams: …and the Manor
    Phoebe: Right, because of all that what was supposed to happen after all of this won’t happen?
    Patty: Exactly. Which kinda makes this the new present.
    Paige: says the woman from the past.
    Grams: Although a different past from mine.

    Aaargh! That spiel would’ve totally made my head implode but I was promptly distracted by the arrival of Wyatt and Chris – officially making the family dynamic go from huge to busting. And cut to the Jenkins’ gals, as the new wisened-up (but still a tad daft) Billie talked sense into her nutso sister. I have a lot to say about these troublesome pair but I’m saving it for later. The next few scenes were some of my favourites – just the whole family getting comfortable and caught up on future goss. Grams seemed just as much a Grams to the boys as she did the girls telling them to watch their language and all! And Wyatt’s “uncle Coop” slip up? Priceless! What a goofball! Patty and Victors reunion was also a classic when she jumped right onto him! I love seeing them together with their grandkids; they missed pretty much all of the girls growing up so I was happy to see that. And finally, two thirds of the way through the episode, Henry shows up, and about dammed timed.

    Grams: Don’t tell me she married a whitelighter too!?
    Piper: Worse……….a mortal.
    Grams: Good God! Didn’t I teach you girls anything?

    Hehe. I love Grams and her anti-male stance; it’s refreshingly different from that of the girls.

    Billie then showing up put the episode back onto more of a magic bound track. I’m glad she blurted out her apology and excuse and that it seemed 100% genuine. Crawling back for forgiveness suits her. And the Charmed Ones did the time warp agaaaaiiiin! Back into the past. Triad, dead, check. Christy, dead, check. Now, the way I see Billie killing Christy is that it was totally believable and excusable. I know that killing is obviously wrong but Christy was literally a killing machine and was raised in a cave, by demons, with wacky morals and a deadly grudge against the Charmed Ones. She was a victim of circumstance and killing her was really the only option. That’s why I had no problem with Cole’s S5 “character assassination”. I don’t think that people who have been evil all their life can change so I’m comfortable with them dying. Some people think that Charmed is too black and white when it comes to stuff like that but I think it is a black and white situation so I was happy with the resolution to the Jenkins’ arc, as much as I did love Christy and her delightfully manipulative ways.

    The last 7 or so minutes were painfully sweet. The AoD returning Leo and everyone clapping Piper/Leo and Phoebe/Coops respective kisses was totally heartwarming! Tears were streaming – repeat – streaming down my face for them. Patty and Victor entering with the kids made for the entire Halliwell clan in the sunroom, sans Prue. Which brings me to Patty’s take on her death. Basically that it was destiny, the token Charmed “everything happens for a reason” mantra that has been since season one. “As one door closes another door opens”, the look between Paige and Patty was perfect. We haven’t seen nearly enough of their mother/daughter connection and I was happy that we got a bit of that now. Then hugs, kisses and smiles all around in the most satisfying family moment in television history (for me anyways). I was bawling throughout this sappiness. BAWLING.

    Not time to recover though, cause it only got worse. The sisters sitting around the table with the Book of Shadows recording their experiences was genius and a fabulous way of giving us future insight in a compact and original form. Stupid me said that I never wanted voiceovers again in Chared after “Malice In Wonderland” but boy did I eat my own words or what! Loved each sisters dialogue.

    Phoebe: Predictably she married Coop in a nifty, low key wedding. Awww, I’m not their biggest shipper but still, awww. I felt assured that they'd last cause apparently they're in love to the point that Phoebe can summon him with a thought! Convoluted? Yes. But strangely convenient and lame plot devices are a staple of this show. And she had her foreseen child at last!!!! Ugghh! They sure got their moneys worth out of that plot. Oh, and two other little sweethearts, her own little Po3. I was pleased to see Phoebe looking all corporate and still working, author of a book and everything. Ever since I saw her in Scry Hard doing her thing I hoped she would never retire and continue passionately with her career. So I was happy with the closure they gave to her character. My favourite character ever! I cannot stress that enough. Love Phoebe Halliwell.

    Paige: A good chance to give Henry some more much needed screen time. And gosh are their kids cute or what! Another charmed trio! The twins and lil Henry were cute as cute can be. Oh and I loved Paige’s glasses! They’re exactly the kind of quirky thing that suits her. On top of that she manages to keep protecting the innocent even when the dust had settled. She seemed to be the most likely to keep on giving, she came to the game late and has always been the most enthusiastic about the craft (Phoebe too at times). She refused the AoD offer and was the only one drawn back to the witchy world when they got new identities. And hopefully this means that being a whitelighter was the “enlightenment” she’s been searching for since, oh, say, season five! She’s both embraced and rejected her WL and witch sides at separate times; she’s been everything from a fruit packer to a head mistress trying to find her calling so I pray that she at last found some kind of independent fulfillment with her whitelighterness at last.

    Piper: Last but not least the Halliwell family Matriarch and her loyal man. As much as I hate Magic School I am partially glad it was reclaimed, Leo needs and outlet like that for all his knowledge and motivational taglines i.e. “You’re power comes from you’re emotions” or “trust in yourself”. Oh and the kid with tk orbing we saw was Piper and Leo’s first grandchild btw (so it says in spoilers), so that was neat. I was thrilled that he and Piper had their daughter (in sides as Melinda), I wonder whether that child is the same Melinda as in Morality Bites? If they were fated to have her then perhaps it doesn’t matter that she arrived insanely late. So now there is a power of three by three! My god this show had endless spin-off possibilities. Oh, and another awesome loose end that was tied is pipers dream of owning her own restraunt! Kinda a catch 22 as P3 was possibly shut down but I’m still really, really impressed that they covered this. And an even cooler fact! I think that the dish she was making was Roast Pork with Gratin of Florence Fennel and Penne with a Port Giblet Sauce!! That’s right! Her dish from her Quake interview in “Something Wicca This Way Comes”!!! Well, she added a dash of port to the sauce so I think that was a shout out to the first episode. Awesome.

    And fade to the future where the tears went from streaming to gushing. “…and although we certainly had our struggles and hardships over the years we’re a family of survivors and will always be. Which is why we’ve truly been charmed.” So true. “After all it’ll be yours one day…”, made me so sad, but happy that their legacy was being passed on. As old Piper and Leo embarked the stairs I was a wreck. The final montage was absolutely powerful, the photo’s were impeccably chosen and incorporated everyone who meant anything to the show (bar Shannen of course). The music and images killed me with nostalgia, and the final photo of the girls was beautiful! Off that, the Charmed ones generation over and a new generation just beginning the door is tk’d closed for the final time. Sob. Weep. Moan. My satisfaction with life was just seriously injured.

    Trying to look at it objectively (as if I even could!), I did find some small faults, but they didn’t detract from the episode. For instance the grand daughter tk’d her hand the wrong way which irked me ever so slightly; there wasn’t quite enough Henry, the effects of Christy’s vanquish could have been grander and there wasn’t a mention of Darryl! A personal favourite of mine and cast member of seven years was totally forgot in this episode which was a bloody shame. So in my mind it didn’t warrant a perfect 10, but a dam close 9.8 -9.9. As far as how much it impacted me emotionally it completely exceeded any number! One of my favourite episodes of the series, it wrapped everything up perfectly!

    I will truly miss that manor and all it represents, the magic, the battles, the emotion and the experiences of four incredible women. I’m even gonna miss the piles of discontinuity ever-present in the show (even in the finale!). But more than anything I’ll miss the Halliwells. All four generations that we came to know and love like family, the three sisters that captivated me like nothing else for eight years and will continue to do so for another eighty. Thankyou to all the cast and crew over the past eight years, especially the leading ladies – Holly, Alyssa, Rose and Shannen. Forever Charmed!
  • And 8 wonderful seasons end the best way possible, with the best episode of Charmed ever. If I could score this an 11, I would.

    A great ending can elevate a book, movie, or tv show to greatness, and this series has that. Any reviewer who suggested that the Season 7 ending would have been the better ending for Charmed I'll assume is on drugs, lots of them.

    Yes, Season 8 was a lot to stomach at times, but we all got the ultimate payoff with these last two episodes. Really, both episodes are the same episode because they run seamlessly into one another. But I understand why Brad Kern named them separately. Kill Billie 2 is an action episode in structure and tone, building in tenseness until the final battle. Forever Charmed, while still being dire in consequence, is a lighthearted homage to its characters, history, and future.

    I hate to steal a line from my fave reviewer, Blinksterboy, but I also smiled throughout this entire episode. In fact, I've watched it over and over, and I still smile throughout. It has so many wonderful moments and scenes. It is just one after another. Any time you have this many traverses in time there are going to be some holes in the logic of it all. Like Piper clearly warns us all during the episode, "don't think about it too hard, you'll just get a head ache." Great advice. Instead just sit back and enjoy. I love that it was Piper and Leo together that had to go through time and figure everything out. The old Piper and Leo were great. Very adorable scene. Finola Hughes and Jennifer Rhodes are awesome, as usual. One of my favorite lines of the show is when Grams says to Paige, "Yeah, we're dead by now. We're over it." I also love that Grams instantly kicks into gear once she hears about the Charmed Ones and that she won't let Piper stir the potion. The scene where Victor and Patty are reunited at his place is hilarious, and every scene involving Chris and Wyatt is a great one. Like everyone else, I loved the "Uncle Coop" moment, and I also loved how the elders gave Phoebe a break and let her know Coop was meant for her. Great writing there.

    It is somewhat odd that Billie changes sides and everything finally comes together in her head just after the mere mention of the Triad. Again, in a prior episode, Christie had already told Billie that the Triad had directed her. It is also a little odd that Christie would so easily give up on Billie and basically junk the entire plan. Anyway, it was necessary to get the story where it needed to go. It was a great move to have Billie be the one to vanquish Christie. That is the price she paid for her betrayal of the sisters. It makes it a lot easier to forgive her for what she did. It is a light finish for Paige and Henry. In fact, I'm not sure what happened to Henry, but his little appearance at Phoebe's loft was his only scene in the entire two episodes other than the flashforward finish. And what about that hug he and Paige shared? I've seen old friends have a warmer hug than that. Like I've said before, Henry was a good character, but he and Paige have little chemistry between them.

    Want to see chemistry, it comes so easily when Leo is brought back for the end and he and Piper share a laughing embrace, so joyous that Phoebe breaks out in spontaneous clapping that others follow. What a great finish to the Piper losing Leo story arc. Maybe it is just the 8 seasons together, but Brian and Holly have such an easy natural chemistry together. They make everyone else look like a fraud. Great group hug at the end. I loved every minute of it.

    And of course we have our look into the future, which has the sisters living the lives they always hoped for. They all like having kids, apparently. I especially dug that Leo went back to run Magic School and that Paige continued being a whitelighter. All ending with the grandkids in the manor and the pictures on the wall. And lastly, the granddaughter using her power to close the manor door. Perfect ending.

    Yes, it would have been nice to see Dorian back for a moment, and maybe some others, but I would rather appreciate this episode for what was there versus what wasn't. And for all the people still whining about no images of Prue, all I have to say is- Get over it.

    Brad Kern called this episode Forever Charmed because he said he wanted the series to be "forever Charmed." Mission accomplished. Special thanks through 8 wonderful seasons to Holly, Alyssa, Brian, Rose, and Brad. You have done what every artist strives for. To create something that will forever be. Blessed.
  • Charmed has always been a good show, and yea letsface it there were some eps. you didnt want to end,some you thought were soo boring, and some that made you cry, well this one had 2 out of 3.

    Charmed has always been a good show, and yea lets face it there were some eps. you didnt want to end,some you thought were soo boring, and some that made you cry, well this one had 2 out of 3. I wanted to cry because i knew it was really over, and i never wanted it to end, because it was sooo good. And it really was the end! This ep. showed the past, present, and future. So, they should make a new one, dealing with the kids, since thats where it left off. So lets bring Charmed back !
  • such a good show.......sad that u ended it the way u did,will never never ever have one as good

    it was the wrong choice to end the show,never will have that connection was the type of show that gave hope,love,attraction and mystery,its kinda funny was interesting to see what came next for them.i about died when pru died,but u all had a way to bring the sisters back.but if u could rethink the way u ended it ,u know u left a lot of loose ends that could turn into something and then u would need to send the sisters back into battle,better hury the window is almost closed forever.It realy was such a good show,looked foreword to watching it each week,then it end.
  • The final episode of Charmed where Piper and Leo travel back in time with Coop's ring to try anc change the events that led to her sisters death. While Billy tries to do the same while relaizing what her sister has become.

    I have been watching this show since it began and if when I started watching this I had to imagine an ending for it, this would have been it. The ending come full circle which is something few shows do, A happy ending as well for everybody. I was very pleased to see that everybody ends up with someone and that everybody gets the future they imagined. In the very end when the little closes the door, she uses Prue's power and it is just a little reminder that everything comes back around. I loved this show and was very sad to see it end but it ended beautifully.
  • The end of an era...

    I've watched the WB since it began 10 years ago, and one after the other I've watched the series finales of all their good shows. 7th Heaven (which I never really liked, but watched anyway), Buffy (my favorite show of all time), Angel (which ended before it's time), Dawson's Creek (a show that helped shape my generation...), Felicity (and I'll admit it jumped the shark when she cut her hair... why hair made such a difference is beyond me) and now, the final one... Charmed. Don't get me wrong, I love Gilmore Girls and Smallville but I always had this extra special place in my heart for Charmed. I've watched it since it's premier in 1998 and have followed it closely for the past 8 years (although sadly I tend to miss the season premiers every year and I ended up downloading most of them since season 4...). I watch them in syndication on TNT everyday and I still cry when Prue dies and when they have to kill Cole (the first time) and when Andy dies in season 1. I still cringe everytime I see an episode with Nick Lachey in it.
    I admit that I stopped watching for a little while this season (it saddens me to admit it, but it didn't exactly start out as the best season. When I found out that I was the last season I started watching more dilligently. I have to admit, I wasn't the best season up until the last two or three episodes. I hated Billie and I hated Christy even more. I was getting excited that they were both going to die, but the Billie didn't. At first I was bummed until I saw the very end, what the future would bring. how Billie would be there to watch Phoebe's kids while she left to give birth.
    I love how all three Charmed Ones had 3 children. Paige with her son and then twin girls (1 boy & 2 girls), Piper with Wyatt and Chris and the little girl (2 boys & 1 girl), and Phoebe's 3 girls. I assume that Phoebe had her first little girl before Piper had hers, but I'm assuming that one of them named their daughter Prudence. I kind of figured it was Phoebe. I always kind of thought that Phoebe would be the one to carry-on the all P's tradition. I'm also assuming that one of the girls' named their kids Patty (Patricia) or Penelope (Penny)...
    I'm really going to miss this show, but I understand why they don't want to do it anymore. Alyssa and Holly have put in all 8 years and Rose has put in 5. It's understandable.
    Long Live Charmed
  • Wonderful way to end the era of the Charmed Sister. The WB missed an opportunity, but has several opportunities left.

    This episode ends the Charmed series, as few other series end, by providing a present day and future wrap-up. While the WB could provide the series with a better send-off, it is clear the writers were listening to the fans.

    Given the profit the WB made after eight years, the proper respect would be an hour long retrospective on the series and a two hour final episode (split three hour story line) showing more of the Charmed line's future.

    Obviously the fan base has an interest in the Charmed line and a show about the next generation (or even the next, next generation) will have a large following. This would allow the "charmed" actresses a chance at a life outside of the show, but the opportunity to do guest appearances. Hopefully there will be Charmed movies (TV or the big screen) either about the next generations or past adventures. My vote is for the adventures of the next generation.
  • "Forever Charmed" is well said! I love this series and forever will! amazing ending! Though I will miss them all ;'( love forever charmed.

    Very effective endings, explains a lot and it balanced all the conspiracy. Well, worth watching the whole season from 1-8, and I have no regrets at all buying them all seasons. Very Very Very Excellent work of series. I give you 10/10. *Hey! just like the ending, maybe I could pass this series down to my grand kids one day right? Happy watching people. Hope it gives something, something that will always be in your mind. God! I hate how this kind of series effected me xP figuratively. Haha. x x x x x x x x x x x
  • two thumbs up!!

    The series had a good run.. In my opinion the ending was a bit predictable.. of course there is going to be a happy ending..I believe that they wrote it this way because the sisters have done so much to make the world good, and peaceful. And because of all the good they've done they derserve a happy ending. I'm not disapointed though, I believe they do deserve a happy ending..I've always loved the episodes when drew fuller and wes ramsey guest Star.. I think that they both are such talented actors, as well as they rest of the cast from Charmed. I'm sad to see this show end.
  • woow great ending!!!

    great ending !!!
    I love it so much . it's one of my favorite show at all the times.
    I hope they never end this great series I wish there was season 9 and 10 ...
    I never bored watching this show .and I think if Prue, Piper and Phoebe were alive and paige wasn't (which i love her all) I think it would be much better because I think prue is the most powerful sister and she is great .. but I wish prue was alive and paige will be in the series because it will bee much much better.. four sister I think it will be just great!!! and with the 4 sister i can't imagine what could they do??
  • This episode made me cry.

    This episode was amazing. I liked that Billie FINALLY realized that Christy was corrupted although I thought it was pretty obvious. I loved seeing Piper and Leo in the future that was adoreable - knowing that everything works out for them. I also like Pheobe and Coop's relationship and I'm glad that worked out, but when we reached the end of the episode I started to get emotional knowing that this was the last I was going to be seeing of Charmed :(. I loved how they ending it with us seeing how everyone's life ends up and how they have wonderful families now. I expecially liked the part when they started to slowly show us all of the pictures of the Piper's family. That part made me sad, expecially with the music, Oh gosh. It was a really good episode it just made me sad to know that that's the end - it's over. I'll always miss charmed with Piper's sarcastic humor, Pheobe's quest for love, and Paige's little jokes that made her so much fun to watch. And I can't forget the kids and Leo they are an important asset to the show to and I will miss them all. Good-bye Charmed xoxo
  • SO IT ENDS.....

    Absolutely brilliant! After last week's spectacular shootout, this is the perfect way to end the series; upbeat, cheerful and packed with action from one end to the other. We all know what happens so I shan't bother with the plot. All I'll say is don't try to make sense of it. You won't.

    Totally the right decision to bring in so many family members. Yes, some of the reasons for involving them are pretty spurious but who cares? The actors look like they are really enjoying themselves and the interaction is beautiful. I'm glad they chose not to include Billie in the group hug; it wouldn't have been right.

    There are so many good bits to choose from: Grams fainting, Wyatt yelling "Uncle Coop", Patty leaping out on Victor. I don't think I stopped smiling all the way through. For me, the highlight was seeing the Charmed Sons together. I never rated Drew Fuller before but he actually looks quite fit in this episode. Must be the shorter hair. Not sure why they portrayed Wyatt as such a goof but there you go. Wes Ramsey still rocks. A bit more Henry and it would have been beyond perfect. This may not be the funniest, the darkest or the most dramatic episode, and it may have plotholes the size of Sweden, but in terms of closure it really couldn't be better. Christy is vanquished with her own power, the Triad is gone forever and the Charmed Ones finally get the lives they want. The narrative at the end rounds things off perfectly and we even get an insight into the next generation. For the first and only time in the series, I'm giving it ten out of ten.

    So that's it! As the only person who has reviewed every episode in order, I can honestly say it's been a wonderful ride. Yes, there have been some bum episodes and, yes, the magical creatures were excruciating, but there have been some stunning stories and some wonderful acting. Special thanks go to Holly, Brian, Alyssa and Rose for keeping things going right to the end, and to Shannen and Julian for their earlier roles. I'd also like to say a big thank you to Brad Kern. He doesn't get much thanks on this site but without him none of this would have happened.

    Over the course of the series, a staggering 610 evil beings are vanquished. The vast majority (466) are demons. There are also 26 warlocks, 39 vampires, 18 darklighters, 11 mortals and 50 miscellaneous others. The Charmed Ones themselves account for 374 killings. Of the remainder, 127 are vanquished by other demons, 23 by Cole, 25 by Leo, 27 by Billie and Christy and 34 by various others.

    As Jeremy said in the first episode, "I am not the only one". No kidding, mate!

    Blessed be.

    Score: 10.0
  • With the help of Leo, Piper must find a way to go back and warn herself so that she may save her sisters.

    Was an amazing episode, one of my favorite in the entire series, mostly because you get to see the beautiful boys again all grown up :) And boy did they grow up good! It was an amazing ending to an amazing show, they made sure to bring in everyone you'd want to see. A sure tribute that all fans could be proud of! While it ended the Charmed series and tied up all the loose ends it still left room if there was ever to be a sequel series of a spin-off of the show. A must see for every charmed fan!!
  • The Perfect End To A Perfect Show

    Charmed, being the longest running television show with only female leads definately had a lot to put an end to, with the final episode. It was perfectly displayed, and introducing all of the main guest stars back for the series finale was one of the best ideas the writers had. Being a huge Charmed fan, I certainly could not wait to see what the episode had in store, and it definately lived up to my expectations and more. I have no critizisms for this final episode, because I and also the fans and voters of Charmed Magazine thought it was the best ever Charmed episode. I am a huge fan of the CharmedYoutube community, and am often browsing the fan vids, and I have yet to come across a video that has not got a good reference towards this episode. This is certainly an episode to be remembered and treasured in the Charmed Universe Forever.
  • this ep was the best of them all

    i would have to sau that this ep is the best ep of charmed every and i have watched every ep they have made. i mean its got everything time travle older chris and wyatt and of corse it exsplans everything in the tv show and i would have to say this to people who dont like this eip i say shame on you and your not even a true charmed fan so i hoope you enjoy this ep most of all this show and people remeber charmed may have ended but it will live on in everyones hearts forever and ever
  • What a way to go. Very moving and it was let go way before it's time, although around for many years it still had a lot that it could have pooked out.

    One of the best episodes of Charmed's histroy and deffinetly the best series finale, Even beating Buffy and Angel because of the not killing of a main character. It was a very moving episode and i think me and alot of other people will agree that they wanted Billie's sister to be turned back good, but that would have made the ending to perfect. Although a lot of peopele will agree also tha Billie was too strong.She had Powers comiong out of her Bottom. She and her sister were stronger then the Charmed ones'. If she didn't kill her sister then they would have easily killed the Charmed ones. To easily I especially love about this episode that they showed us the generations of Halliwells growing up. It was a beuatiful endig and a show tha t will go in the history books forever.
  • Piper and Leo uses Cooo's ring to travel back in time to save Phoebe and Paige while Billie uses Projection to go back in time to warn Christy about the demon they are working with.

    This is the last episode of Charmed. It was a a good way to end Charmed. This episode was well done. My favourite parts were when Leo and Piper are travelling into the future and are surprise to see themselves when they are old. I like that scene because it gives them hope that they will always be together. One of my other favourite parts is when Chris and Watt from the future come and said,"someone just messed up our world" or something similar to that. One of the sadest scenes in this episde was when Billie killed Christy. I know that Christy was evil but the look on Billie's face was so sad and depressing. I felt so sorry for her even though she's a fictional charcter made by writers. I loved the end of episode where they sum up there lives. It was really cool to see them all get married and have children. The best part is at the end when Piper's daughter(I think it was her) used her powers to close the door just like Prue did in the 1st episode.
  • Piper saves her sister. They end the Triad, Billie kills christy. Charmed is over forever!

    This episode was soooo sad, but I love how Piper saved everyone and they ended the Triad once and for all. And I cant believe Charmed ended! The last battle was so cool, it destroyed the manor. I was sad at first when only Piper survived, so I'm glad that coops ring was able to help her and Leo save them. It was hilarious how the ring took them all over the place. But finally she was able to reach her sisters and save them. And when Billie had to kill her own sister! She loved her so much, so I know it must have been hard for her. But its good she finally realised she was on the wrong side!!! The ending was really good to, I love how it showed little clips of their future, I was sad to see it end, still am.
  • The final episode of CHARMED. Having lost her sisters, Phoebe and Paige, in their final battle, Piper used Coop's ring to travel through time so she could save her sisters. .

    FOREVER CHARMED is great. It is one of my favorite episodes.Everything about it is great. It was the perfect way to end CHARMED. Both the acting and writing was excellent. I loved seeing Victor, Patty, Grams, adult Chris and Wyatt together. It is also sad because it is the last episode. I wanted at least one more season. I wanted to see more of Coop and Henry. I also wanted to see Phoebe and Paige start their families. CHARMED could have gone on for many more years. Whenever I see this episode I cry. It's happy and sad at the same time.
  • In this the final episode there was a lot of time traveling which i enjoyed a great deal because you got to see all your favorite family members with the exception of prue in the same time working together to save their family.

    First off i must say charmed was one of my all time favorite shows i watched from begining to end and i loved every episode.As i was watching this episode i was so sad because i knew it was the last one but it was amazing.I loved the time traveling i always did but in past episodes it was either past or future but in this one we saw family members from both the future and the past and it was so fun to watch them all interact with each other.I also loved the ending because it didn't just end when they saved everyone and sent everyone back to their own times they showed us how the charmed ones lives played out right up to their grandchildren which i thought was a really nice way to end it.
  • Great series finalie!!!!!!!

    This was a great final episode and a great way to end this series!!! It wraps everything up from all the seasons: all the known enemies are dead, the show showed their future and what they're doing in the future (but forgot to mention what happened to P3) and ended on a good note with no cliffhangers and nothing that could be left to interpertation. I kinda liked the final battle but was also kinda dissapointed: after all of that I expected something grander. I liked how Christy died from her own fireball and I especially liked the death of Dumaine: Piper blew him up which I think was fitting since he did kidnap her son.
  • One of the best shows ever. But THE best episode of all time!!! And a little sad for no more charmed to come.

    rose mcgowan ,holly mary combs , alyssa milano and brian krause thank u for one of the best shows in history of mankind. Exellent writing! The last episode gets ur head spinning and lets u gues how its gonna turn out. I bet not one person had it right!
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
    One of the best shows ever.
    But THE best episode of all time!!!
    And a little sad for no more charmed to come.
  • As this era closes, Piper must save her sisters to seal her future!

    This episode was perfect! Piper had to save her sisters and along the way we got to see our favorite family members again! Patty, Grams, Wyatt, and Chris. Too bad Prue couldn't make a cameo though! Anyway, Billie projects back in time to save Christy, who doesn't give a rat's ass that she's been used for so many years. I think this episode tied up all the loose ends and I'm glad everyone got a happy endiing. But one famous scene will go down in the history of Charmed. When the 3 sisters gather to document all their knowledge they've accumulated over the past eight years. Finally, we close with a montage of the Halliwell's pictures on the wall and a small prue-like girl telekinetically closing the door. A charmed-style flash and boom! That's the end of an amazing television era! I won't secify on the details of their happy ending but Charmed fans will be quite pleased with the ending! Also, Pheobe and Coop are apparently allowed to marry because the Elders sent him down in hopes they would fall in love. Kind of sweet in a weird twisted kind of way! Anyway, screw the elders and wish the Charmed Ones their much-deserved happily ever after...
  • My favorite show, my favorite episode.

    Charmed is by far my favorite show. Forever charmed was the best episode. So many shows leave you hanging with unanswered questions, but this episode not only came to a great conclusion wrapped up all loose ends , but it even gave you a glimpse of what the was instore for the charmed ones in the furture. The only question that wasn't answered for me was why did Phoebe never get her active powers back? But all in all they did better than any show I ever watched and I was pleased. I balled like a big baby, then I bought the dvd.
  • Best series finale ever!

    The episode "Forever Charmed" was the best series finale I have seen for a tv show. Usually, for a series finale, they don't let you know what happens after that episode and you get left with all of these questions. In " Forever Charmed" they writers cleared everything up for you and told you what happened after the big battle between Billie and Christy. We saw that Phoebe and Paige had kids, that Chris and Wyatt kept fighting demons, and that Piper and Leo did get to grow old together and have grandchildren. Also, this was a great episode because you got to go back and forth through time and see their mom, grams, and Piper and Leo when they were older. I thought that when Coop came back to the manor and Wyatt said "Uncle Coop!" showing that Phoebe and Coop get married was hilarious! Overall, this was one of my favorite episodes and an awesome series finale!
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