Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • All good things must come to an end and i really think it\'s gonna be a very special episode as they promised. The real fans deserve a real end for the show...(not like the one last season when we thought it\'d be the end) I\'m gonna cry !

    Eight years of magic and 178 episodes later, here we are... We discovered a really entertaining show, the WB allowed us to have another \"charmed\" and we thank them (even though a ninth season would have been great as well...anyway). I thank our three witches fot this promising series finale where they wanted the fans to have a real \"family series\" end. I just can\'t wait to see it, I\'m in France so I won\'t be able to watch it the very night but I\'m gonna download it very quickly, I don\'t wanna wait september in France to watch it... To me, they\'ll be FOREVER CHARMED !!!!
  • The last episode of Charmed ever!! Congratulations Charmed, you have gave me and so many others wonderful memories, So I gIve you a tearfull GOOD BYE!!

    I can\'t beleive it\'s here, the day no Charmed fan ever wanted to come, the last episode. I know that it will be one of the best episodes ever as was promised, but i also know that many of us will be in tears by the end of it. The show has had an amzing run through out the years, some good times and some bad times, and i know that everyone is just greatfull that it lasted this long. I can\'t think of a better way to end it, then how it is ending, i just hope that some of the old cast members such as Leo, Darryl, Grams, and possibly even Prue come back. Through tears, Congratulations Charmed!!
  • Has spoilers.. A response to some bad criticism of this episode by nadavp3.

    No sane person in the right mind would give the sisters the ability to astral project just for the last episode. Get your facts straight before blabbing about how it sucks. They will use another witch who has the ability of projection (obviously everyone knows who this is) that will take them back in time. Anyways besides that. This episode is going to be great! Too bad its over.
  • This episode was soo amazing. Even though it\\\'s sad that Charmed is ending, im happy that their taking it out in syle.

    Ok, in Kill Billie Vol. 2, the sister first start off in the underworld which is where they were banished to in the last episode. They orb back to the manner to make their strongest potions, but Billy and Christy are already one step ahead of them with equal potions. The charmed ones come downstairs in search for them but find their astral forms. Billy and Christy then do a surprise attack from behind causing their potions to meet blowing Billy and Christy up the stairs, and the Charmed ones through the window. They orb back to Phoebe\\\'s loft, but demons who want to help them r waiting for them. With the site of Leo\\\'s ghost, Piper agrees to releasing the hollow. Billy and Christy use wyatt to help them summon the hollow as well, then still his powers. Chris orbs wyatt back to victor\\\'s house. The Showdown begins at the manor, with their newly acquired powers the charmed ones against billy and christy shoot some type of beams from their hands at each other causing a massive explosion destroying the entire manor. Piper emerges from the rubble to find a dead phoebe. The Angel of Destiny reappears with Leo, telling piper that the battle is over. Piper hears moans from more rubble and screams \\\"Paige\\\" but only to find Billy. Piper attacks billy beating her senseless. Leo, not knowing what\\\'s going on do to his absense, pulls piper off causing billy to excape. Leo tells piper \\\"their\\\'s nothing for us here\\\" and then the show fades out.
  • What a way to end a series (or maybe they\'re fresh out of ideas)

    Yeah. Huha. Travel back in time to save the sisters. Why don't they go back in time to save Prue while they're at it. Ah, yes, Shannon Doherty predicted that and got off the wagon in time. Charmed has strong storylines, that I agree, but to go back whenever something goes awry. Well, that's too much of a good ending for my sake (for the zillionth of times).
    And they lived happily ever after. shyeah right.
  • The day has finally come the end of charmed i was actually quite sceptical about the 8th series but it's been quite ok but this one wow now that is how you end charmed

    the 8th season for me got off to a poor start and a lot of people thought so. After the charmed ones got there identies back, then it started getting interesting.
    But my Cousin still believes they should have ended at the 7th but this episode changed his mind and said that it had been worth it to get an episode like this so there you go.
    A charmed lover turned hater at the (boring) start of the 8th season turned back into a charmed lover at the final episode and that shows just why charmed absolutely rules

    CHARMED FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (in our hearts)
  • I havnt seen this yet, but i hope the last ever episode holds its own.........

    After 8 years Charmed comes to an end. Charmed has had a good run, its one of my favorite show and has been for a long time, im not going to say i am disapointed that it has ended, because im not, charmed was great and should be remembered for that. i thought last years season finale was the last episode , but it wasnt, im glad it had held in there another year, even though it was not as strong as previous seasons. any way. Charmed is great, and always will be. (\",)
  • Can't believe it's ending...omg, I've grown with this show...:( I actually believe there's something 'utterly' impossible out there...I'm gonna miss those witches! I honestly think that it'll be great!!! ;D!

    Can't believe it's ending...omg, I've grown with this show...:( I actually believe there's something 'utterly' impossible out there...I'm gonna miss those witches! I honestly think that it'll be great!!! ;D! But something still bothers me,...the season 7 finale was to be the end, this series finale gonna be up to it?...let's hope that the writer does it best! =D...
  • hope its good but maybe wontbre the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the Cw annouced that

    7th heaven will live...?....dont know why that show sucks.but the reason is because of the final episodes sure if the final for charmed get a even higher rete then the Cw might ask them to come back for a couple more seasons even though they werent tell everyone to see the fianl so the ratings blast off the wall.also it is said that maybe some charecter dont want to return one of the \\\"sisters\\\" well why not bring SHANNON back im sure with the right money! she would and with one of the charecters gone \\\"HINT\\\" she would for sure sure the story would be fresh and great after all she did have a great part in one of the best charmed epiode ever made...ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE\\\".So come and help charmed see light once more...with hopefully Prue....not pheobe..:]
  • I didnt see it yet.

    I love this show and think it is the greatest. I am so sad it is ending and really wish it wouldnt. I will help anyway I can to stop it from ending. I rather this over 7th Heaven, although I love both. Besides having awesome clothes and hot guys.
  • I can't wait to see this episode.

    Wow, this is the second time (as I know) Piper have to travel back in time to save her sisters, but this time she uses ... Coop O_o??? I can't wait to see this episode, but there are some problems- I don't have WB channel, so I have to download it from i-net. But this episode will be downloadable only 3 or even 5 days after it was first aired. But I hope this will be the final season of this film, because 8 seasons are too much. But I hope that they will make Charmed GX, with next generation of witches.
  • Thank you Charmed for having been there all these years.We are truly going to miss you as a series that brought additional warmth and satisfaction to our homes and joyous smiles to our faces.Love,your fans from Belgrade,Serbia.

    We are truly going to miss you as a series that brought additional warmth and satisfaction to our homes and joyous smiles to our faces as well as tears and sometimes even a bit of sadness.If there is a slightest hope and chance that the producers might allow for the return of the series,we can\'t wait to hear it.And as far as the ever final episode is concerned, although I should wait to see it first and after that comment, the enthusiasm and anticipation with which we await it is overwhelming.Thank you again, your faithful fans from Serbia and Montenegro.
  • Im so sad the Charmed is over i feel like crying... that\'s my first time im writing a review and plz forgive my spelling\' my native language is Hebrew and not English…

    Charmed was a part of my life for so long I cant really believe it\'s over…
    I really think that’s the kind of show that gives the right amount of magic to our lives.

    Tomorrow will be the last day that Ill get up in the morning knowing that today I will get my weekly magic hour, it is about 4:30 a.m here and look at what im doing, writing about charmed for there is just nothing else im thinking about, you see its a part of my life , charmed, many people like to play soccer with the guys every Friday, others like to sleep all Saturday off, My love, my thing was charmed…
    When charmed was on all my friends never called me, they know I won\'t answer, when I was at the army (unfortunately, in Israel we all must go there ) my superior officer know that on Thursday I MUST go home soon because charmed is on…
    You see, charmed was the best show EVER and will be for a long long time, at least for me…

    I guess there is something in common for all of us, although you live at a different reality then me, we all get our weekly magic hour from charmed, and now…
    Start of tomorrow there is nothing to fill that anymore.

    One last thing…

    Goodbye piper, page, phoebe, leo, elders , prue (no I didn’t forget you and you\'re still a charmed one for me! ) , sweet little whiet and little chris , goodbye to all the demons for without evil there is no good, avatars I remember you too… my memory is too long to continue for if I will I could sit here for hours and not finish this review.

    Love you for giving me my weekly magic hour for so long,
  • Goood!

    I can't believe it's the end of the show!:(
    Every week,I watched Charmed,and now that it's ending,I don't know what to do :(
    I can't wait to the last episode,I think they made it the best episode ever! almost everyone returns..exept shannen doherty,sadly..
    better be good!

    loovvee Charmed!!

    On this link,you can get a lot of information 'bout Charmed and the episodes,you can also watch the trailer from the last episode
  • Man i wanted to see even more episodes but it's ending now

    I can't believe that it's ending but why...we all have to see the rest of it all so i wish they make the rest of it all and make us happy and i didn't see all of the episodes but am trying to buy them from th shops and i wish that charmed stay forever in this world till we are here so that we could see them at all time and be very happy of their work that make us happer
  • I am so sad its over! I cant belive this it!

    I loved this show so much! I have cryed like five times today because I have work tonight and I cant watch it. I cant even record it because my TV is being weird. I am going to miss these girls so much. I watch this show when ever its on, and I even have 3 season box sets!! This show is everything to me. I know its only a TV show but its the best. I mean 3 girls kicking ass everyday whats better than that? Its incredible and Im going to miss it so much! I just cant belive that is over already, the babies havent even grown up yet, it cant be over!!!! (I gave this episode an 8 just because it makes me sad its over)
  • hey look at this

    if you look at the preview at you will see at the end a picture of piper, paige, pheobe, and BILLIE ! ! ! yay which probubly means that they unite forses to destroy christy. never liked her... this is really cool plus you can tell its not a past picture, because they are all wearing the same clothes that they were wearing last week... im sad its ending but i have a feeling that the final episode is going to be worth it. thats al i need to say buti needed a couple more words to be aboe to submit this.
  • wow that was soooooooooo BEAUTIFUL...

    that was AWSOME... i cried... but i hate taht coop and phoebe got 2gether i wish it would of been some1 eles... b/c that was just to easy to tell it was coming and coops little love speeches where totally gay.. he should of tried harder... i can't belive their lives i don't understand really how all the sudden the demons stoped fighting them it's like all the demons it seemed like just vanished. i hated that the ending made it soo hard for charmed to ever come back lik 7 heaven did charmed just stoped there i ean ppl where saying it could be on for another season if it got awsome rating but after that theres no possible way.
  • best finale

    this was definately the best finale they could write!! it was a perfect ending to an amazing show!! i still can not believe that there will never be another new episode in this amazing series!! when billie vanquished christy i was cheering for her i had been waiting for that ever since i found out that she was evil. the whole connecting of seeing patty and grams and wyatt and chris and piper and leo seeing future piper and leo was amazingly done. i loved the ending how phoebe, piper and paige wrote done everything that happened and than it ended with piper reading it to her granddaughter. and did you notice piper, paige, and phoebe each had three kids!! i am just in awe of how an amazing series could end!!(i am currently crying about the fact that there will never be a new charmed episode)
  • It\'s the end of an era as the Charmed Ones finally fufill their destiny and finish off what was started.

    I\'ve followed Charmed for years and I felt that this was a fitting ending. Good triumphed over evil, and Piper, Paige, and Phoebe finally managed to defeat the bad and live their lives, each with three, count \'em, three children. It was beautiful and happily ever after. It was also good to see a reunion of everyone, and I mean everyone. Older Chris and Wyatt, Patty, and Grams. Too bad we didn\'t see Prue.

    However, there were some lacking points. When Billie killed her sister, I did not feel her emotion. Her sorrow did not feel real. The way the Charmed Ones finally one seemed a little too easy too.

    Still, it was a good ending and I\'ll miss the show.
  • The Ending of an Era. Charmed lives on in our hearts.

    There aren't enough words to describe this episode. It began with the heart wrenching fact that Phoebe and Paige were dead. Piper, always bound and determined to keep her family together sought a way to change that. She did in fact change it, and she in doing so gave us what we all wanted. For Phoebe and Paige and for Piper, to have a happy ending.

    We saw some familiar faces, in the return of Leo, Chris, Grams, and Patty. We also saw a newer face, in the return of good Wyatt.

    The return of Leo was the highlight for me, as I have always loved Piper and Leo and I was thrilled to see that they do grow old together and have not only a daughter, but grandchildren as well.

    The legacy of Charmed will be forever imprinted in our hearts and I for one am glad that it ended the way it did.
  • I liked this episode... It did such a great job of closing of the show in a meaningful way... and a good job is deserved for the writer, in keeping track of all the time traveling and character interaction in the finale...

    It brought all the characters back, and explained everything so well... even kept some surprises coming given it's the finale...

    At least this finale ties up everything unlike last year...

    Last year's was so open ended with the possibility of a new season,l so the finale was ambiguously built as both an ending and a continuation... I liked how this year's built a hard-out finale, no ifs, ands, or buts about it... which was easy considering how Paige had no intentions of returning to the show and the rest of the cast...

    I'm amazed how good Brad Kern did after I learned how Leo was supposed to be cut from the entire show due to budget cuts this season, and then getting to see everyone together in the finale was great too...

    The only thing, was that the Coop thing was obvious, but with so much else already going on it was hard to build the relationship well anyway...

    The whole last 5 minutes was the most emotional and really made the point of This Show Is Over quite well, and I liked the introduction of 70 year old Piper and Leo...

    As I said, overall, this was a SUPERB finale for the show... just too bad it's finally over...

    At least they made an all out effort to explain WHY it was ending (storywise), what with the underworld in shambles and needing to rebuild the demon heirarchy and everything else, there would be no more big fighting until Chris and Wyatt were older

  • Excellent Episode! I can't believe all that happened in an hour, I literally cried at the end! SPOILERS!

    At the beginning it was sort of confusing, Piper finally got Leo back, but then they took him away again! Because they kept changing time, The older and the younger Wyatt lost their powers. I can't believe Billie came around, like I mean actually being on their side and helping them when they have their kids. I can't believe they are ending that like that. They should make a spinoff with their kids and every thing in it, I think that would be a great way to 'redo' charmed. I can't believe Billie killed her 'witch' of a sister. I'm so glad she did and we got to see the older, but not evil Wyatt, and chris and all their kids and Coop and Phoebe getting together, and paige habving kids, its so much to handle in one episode. But It was one of the best episodes this season.
  • Okay...continuing from Kill Billie Vol.2, Piper and Leo find Coop to go back in time. They end up bringing most of the known Halliwell's back to there time. Billie becomes good and has to vanquish Chrristy. In the end, Coop is married to Phoebe and each h

    Where do I begin. This episode had to have been one of the best Charmed episode. If not #1, then #2. It picked off right where the story was. I loved how most of the Halliwells were back. Patty Halliwell was really funny in this episode. I thought it was cool how Chris and Wyatt come from the future. I was also happy that Billie turned good but felt so sorry that she killed her sister. In the end, Phoebe finally got what she wanted, love. This episode was done with perfection and couldn't have been better, well, the Shannen thing is a different story.
  • One of the best episodes ever! The series finale was great! I give it a definite 10 out of 10. There were so many guest stars in it that you were so excited who would pop up next.

    I loved this episode. It was the best! It started out from the previous episode's cliff hanger where of course Phoebe and Paige are dead. Its up to Piper and Leo, and some of the many past and present Halliwells to save the day.
    The two boys are back. Drew Fuller who plays older Chris and Wes Ramsey who plays older Wyatt. They have been my favorite characters for some time now so to find out they were coming back for the season finale was a shocker for me.

    This episode didn't have much blowing up or killing which in my opinion was a plus. It was a very funny and cheerful episode. There were plenty of jokes which made me fell not as bad because it was the series finale.

    The final 10 minutes of the episode was great. All the memories were brought back. But of course we got a glimpse of the future. I thought it was so clever about the pictures on the staircase. You got to see everyone that made up their family. I loved it so much.

    In conclusion, I give this episode a two thumbs up, a ten out of ten, anything you can. The episode is the best!
  • The finale to one of my favorite shows of all time!!!

    This finale was beyond my expectations. I never would have thought that the writers would really give 200%. I loved the way how every was patched up. I knew that there would be atonement for Billie becuase her heart is good. I know how some people feel that this show dragged on too long but believe me, it was worth it for how it ended. I really do wish that Shannen Doherty would have sucked up her ego and did the show, no matter how much bad blood was there. The way that the plot played out, it would have made sense that she was present. I have to admit, I did shed a few tears at the ending becuase of just how everything was done. The episode was classy, thrilling, suspenseful and overall one of the best finales that I have ever seen.
  • Excellent

    A fitting end to a great TV series.

    Family past and future visit; Penny and Patty are brought to the present, Wyatt and Chris come from the future. Billie is redeemed, although Christy cannot accept she could be wrong about the sisters, and ends up dieing when Billie chooses good over her sister.

    At the end, we see Phoebe and Coop together, and all the sisters contributing multiple times to the next generation. A photo montage of the family at the end is a fitting tribute, and we get to see Piper's granddaughter magically closing the door to end the series.

    The only thing missing was an appearence by Shannen Doherty, or at least a picture of her during the photo montage. Still, a truely great finish.
  • In the Series Finale, the halliwell family comes together through time and space, and fulfill's their destiny.

    This episode, under the circumstances, ended perfectly. Brad Kern, you did your thing. As for the cast, great way to end the show. I liked how it encompassed all the halliwell family. I also liked how in the end we got to know what happened in the future. There really isn't much more I can say, the actors were brilliant, the writing were brilliant, and it was a good example of what a series finale should be. I could probably nit-pick, but after I finished watching it, I thought it was good, so that's what I'm going to stick with it. See-ya in syndication.
  • Ding dong, the witch is dead! 7th Heaven take note. THIS is how you end a series! Caution: spoilers ahead.

    First off, I have to start by saying that this was by far even much better then I anticipated it to be. The entire cast and crew did an excellent job with this one. It was great to see Piper and Leo back together again. They have always been my favorite couple (although this season Henry and Paige were cute too). So glad to see Victor back too! I love him so much, he cracks me up. That line last week about, "I'll sick my grandson on you." Made me fall to the floor laughing. He did great with his remaining daughter after finding out about Phoebe and Paige. Glad that Leo wanted to see his boys so early on in the episode. They were so sweet and innocent looking when he saw them. You know he missed his family. I have always admired Piper's determination and this episode is no exception. She is desperate to find a way to save her sisters (especially Phoebe, poor forgotten Paige...). How ironic was it they had to ask Coop for help and even more so that he had a ring to take them to the past. But what made me laugh was them materializing next to a younger Victor and Patty. Who of us hasn't had nightmares of walking in on mom and dad um...snuggling, yeah that's it, snuggling...
    It was definitely great to see the whole family again. Jennifer Rhodes has always been my favorite recurring character (I think I just like to watch sarcastic older women). When she fainted after seeing Patty and then asked for a drink when she came too, I just laughed and laughed. After they get all caught up, it's onward to save Phoebe and Paige.
    It would only make sense that Billie travels back to the past to save her sister (what I thought would have been even more interesting is if maybe she could have gone way back to when her sister was actually taken to avoid Christy becoming evil). But I'm glad it ended up being right before the big battle (Billie threw HERSELF into a wall...priceless). I'm also glad they were able to stop the big explosion (I've grown kind of fond of the manor...).
    Although Leo got taken away again, I knew they would get him back because we all saw Piper and Leo arguing over a game of scrabble in the future. Plus, the writers knew the fans would be eternally pissed if Piper didn't get him back. Luckily our story doesn't end there. Chris and Wyatt (future selves) appear (I was so happy to see Drew Fuller and Wes Ramsey again, especially together, that hasn't happened in a long while!).
    Christy once again annoyed me, but Billie started to see the light. It was nice to see that Billie finally saw Dumain and Christy for who they were. Manipulators (setting the stage for something that happens later on in the episode).
    Then we cut back to our large family reunion where everyone is meeting everyone and trying to figure out what the next step is. I knew we'd see repercussions after Billie and Christy used poor little Wyatt. I was glad to hear Wyatt slip up and call Coop "Uncle Coop" (the looks he got from Chris were hysterical, like, "Dude! Shut up!"). Now we know who's getting married at the end (though it was a no brainer). Speaking of marriage, we get to see Henry again, yay!! Grams pouting because Paige married a mortal was classic. I was happy to see Ivan Sergei again. I was starting to wonder what had happened to him.
    It was refreshing to see Phoebe and Coop FINALLY talk about their feelings, although they were interrupted yet again (we all know they love each other, plus he saved her life). I was kind of mad at Dumain for taking him hostage to try and force him to help the evil side. I really wish they would have showed us a fight between those two. I was hoping Coop would kick his butt (glad Dumain didn't kill him though).
    So Billie FINALLY came to her senses. She actually decided to talk to the sisters about what was going on instead of going on what her sister and the other evil community said. (The wizard finally gave her a brain...). I really wanted Piper to have another smackdown with Billie (especially after she finds out Billie used her son and is responsible for him losing his powers), but alas I was disappointed. She just used some angry words. I wasn't extremely shocked to see Billie kill Christy (in fact, I think I may have predicted it a few episodes back, ding dong, the witch is dead!!), what was shocking though was Kaley Cuoco's acting (I actually think she did especially well with her emotions after killing the sister she had spent so long to find). I was very happy they finally killed off her, Dumain, and the Triad as well.
    The ending was especially great. First, we get Leo back (and we find out that THIS was the actual way the battle was supposed to go: loved the romantic kiss the two gave), everyone is returned to their rightful time, and we get to see the future of the Charmed ones:
    Phoebe and Coop end up together and have (what else?) 3 little girls. She continues on with her column and raising her little girls and also becomes a best selling author on the way.
    Henry and Paige stay together as well (he continues on with helping people through his job) and Paige finally finds herself as a whitelighter. They also have (surprise, surprise!) 3 kids. A little boy and twins (two girls).
    And Piper, well, we know what happens with her and Leo, all back together and finally happy. They already have Chris and Wyatt, but they also finally have that little girl Piper had long known she was destined to have. Piper also opened that restaurant she always wanted. We get to see Leo and Piper grow old together (he becomes a teacher at magic school) and we also get to meet their grandkids. The picture sequence at the end made me tear up a little. Showing all generations of the Charmed ones at all ages.
    The episode closes with the door magically being shut for the final time...
    Loved the entire series, and I think that they did a wonderful job putting it to rest. Thank you to the writers, cast, and crew for 8 years of nonstop entertainment (now if we could only get that darned spinoff with the Charmed ones kids...I love me some Wes Ramsey and Drew Fuller!!)...
    Goodbye to a wonderful show.
  • Perfect

    This episode could not have been more perfect. The fans and the series got the ending they deserved. It’s sad that Christy couldn’t be redeemed (after all, she was raised by demons, so her choices weren’t her own). But Billie, once she was free Christy’s influence, found the clarity to make the right choice. Friendship and forgiveness won out in the end.

    Seeing Grams, Patty, Victor, adult Chris, and adult Wyatt together in one episode was a wonderful gift. The sense of family capped off the theme that’s run through the series from the beginning. All along, the show has been about family first and fighting demons second. That’s why it lasted for eight years.

    Brad Kern deserves tremendous credit for maintaining a consistent sense of excitement and emotion through 178 episodes. The characters grew tremendously during that time but remained true to themselves. The acting and the dialogue have always been first-rate. The cast and crew have much to be proud of.

    Many thanks to Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, Brian Krause, Julian McMahon, Dorian Gregory and the rest of the cast for the joy they’ve brought to the fans over the years. This series finale was the crowning achievement, the answer to all that came before. It was beautiful and poignant, showing that life brings inevitable sadness, but love prevails through the generations. Forever.
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