Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • What a way to end a series (or maybe they\'re fresh out of ideas)

    Yeah. Huha. Travel back in time to save the sisters. Why don't they go back in time to save Prue while they're at it. Ah, yes, Shannon Doherty predicted that and got off the wagon in time. Charmed has strong storylines, that I agree, but to go back whenever something goes awry. Well, that's too much of a good ending for my sake (for the zillionth of times).
    And they lived happily ever after. shyeah right.
  • AWFUL, the final battle was terrible. Should have spent the whole hour on how the girls lives progressed.

    They should have focussed on the girls futures. Not the ridiculous final battle. Nobody cares about Billie and her sister, they care about the charmed ones. They should have spent the whole hour focussing on how their lives developed. Phoebe totally disrespects Cole saying she never knew love.
    Totally ignores 2 and a half seasons of Phoebe finding her forbidden love. Phoebe actually saves Balthazar in order to save Cole because of her intense love. Then she says, I\\\'ve never known love until I met Coop. Coop was sent by the Elders, since when does Phoebe take orders from the Elders. Sent as a reward. That\\\'s not Phoebe, she makes her own decisions. It was a terrible, terrible final episode. Nobody cares about Billie and her sister. Focus on the girls.
  • I can\\\\\\\'t believe people wasted 60 minutes of their life watching this!!! I can\\\\\\\'t believe I wasted 60 minutes of my life watching this!!!!!!

    I\\\\\\\'ll just start off by saying this: They should have ended the show at season 6 and not thought twice.

    Now to go into depth. Here are things I can\\\\\\\'t stand about this episode let alone this season.

    1. The Villian
    -The Triad? Come on! They didn\\\\\\\'t do anything except waste space. The Source would have made a better closer, or Zanku or even Barbus. Don\\\\\\\'t forget also that Cole killed them already (and those ones were far more intimidating).

    2. The love interests.
    -Piper & Leo: there together, they break up, he leaves, comes back, leaves again, and repeat.
    Paige: Can\\\\\\\'t find love in 4 years but somehow finds it in less than 10 episodes. Even after finding it she completely ignores it and her true love only has two sentences in the last episode.
    Phoebe: Let me get this straight: Cole couldn\\\\\\\'t after 2.5 seasons, Jason, Dex, whats his name (the one she prophesied having a child with), but Coop after only 5 episodes is her soul mate? Enough is enough.

    3. Billy.
    -Malibu Barbie
    -Didn\\\\\\\'t even have a mission during the first few episodes then suddenly remembers she needs to find her sister.
    -Got new powers almost every episode.
    -Changed sides as often as I change my socks.
    -Parents died: no biggie, killed own sister: walks it off (shown wathcing over Phoebe\\\\\\\'s children in the end).

    4. Last episode itself.
    -Those who fear time travel (Butterfly Effect) must have had a heart attack with this one. Lets see: Time travel to save sisters. Time travel to save powers. Time travel to kill Triad, yet again. With all that couldn\\\\\\\'t they have, I don\\\\\\\'t know:

    -Saved Kristy from being kidnapped (as a child)in the first place?

    -Stopped the Source from using the Hollow and so save Cole from becoming evil again?

    -Saved Prue?

    Like the Alice and Wonderland episode, this was a complete nightmare. Those who praise it.........I weep for you.
  • Terrible

    Terrible Episode - have to be close to the worse one I have seen in this series. Lets just bring in everyone through all points in time throughout the series and then just finish it by stopping any fight even happening. Would have been ok finishing with 821. At least it was emotional high.
    And then the last 3 mins we go through the future of what happens - even worse just skip years and tell a perfect story with no problems. Just plain terrible.
  • WHAT THE HEK?????????????? OMG!!! How come they couldnt get Cole and Daryll back!!?? This is the worst ending I had in my mind!!! We all love Prue so it shouldnt matter whats going on around the set SHE SHOULD have come back!!! I hate

    WHAT THE HEK??????????????
    OMG!!! How come they couldnt get Cole and Daryll back!!??
    This is the worst ending I had in my mind!!!
    We all love Prue so it shouldnt matter whats going on around the set SHE SHOULD have come back!!! I hate u brian kern or wtever ur name is!!! its sad to end this way when it could have ended alot more better!!!!!!!!! It must come back for a season 9!!! :(
  • Why for the sake of art couldnt Prue, and the black detective come back. And what's up the with the final big bad of the series, the Triad were reduced to lame out of the loop ghostly talking big but never doing anything , old geazers.

    I thouht this was a very dissapointing season with nothing much new for the series they were better off leaving it were it was with them faking there own deaths, and demons having still some hope of taking over the world. U know so they would be more of a threat to the world and making for much more interesting stories to tell. Billie kills her sister in a lame attempt of thwarting her plans, I mean come on their was no real threat of Billies sister or the Triad and the sisters having everything handed to them so they could go back and forth in time and protect thier happy go lucky time line. I am so dissapointed that I got sucked into the lame sometimes interesting, scary , racist, woman empowering, thrilling, chick , love story drama half way through the series's run , and going backwards checking out the days of Prue. If I had known it was going to end so dissapointing I would of watched more Buffy, Angel reruns. They should consider (Brad Kern and co.) on doing a final final theatre , or made for T.v. flick.

    One final thought why did the show go try so hard to make the charmed ones so slutty, I mean I know woman of today have just as much right to be as permiscuious, or at least think about sexual relationships the same way as men do, but they were champions for good always talking to or about angels, and know they were being watched harder by the powers that B more than any other normal person so you would think they would have a little more restraint. From the very beginning of charmed to the very end they had meaningless or eventually meaningless flings.
    Prue when she had her high school romance cop boyfriend that died protecting her the first season to getting over him to when she met a descendant of some guy protecting her when the charmed ones went back to the 17th century, at the end she hooked up with the descendant of that guy in present day and the very next episode she barely mentions him and then starts screwing several other guys before she died. Phoebe, her with her boyfriend in New York she was sleeping with at the very beginning of the show to marrying then divorcing and killing Cole in a couple of thrilling seasons, to having no one at the very end and hooking up with hottie Cupid last minute, AND what ever happened to the first Cupid she fell in love with in like season two or three, or four, I dont know its a blurr. Piper, she was engaged to a demon undercover at the beginning, she killed him off and immediately started screwing the Angel Leo and broke up with him shortly the second season to start sleeping with some bank lending guy , so she could get P3 started up and then once that happened she starts sleeping with her niehbor, and shortly after that breaks up with him and starts seeing Leo again and gets married only to lose him for awhile and starts sleeping with some firefighter only to once again be back With HER Husband.Finally the HOE bag known as Paige who's actually half angel so u WOULD think she would b a little devine she's sleeping with some dude at the beginning of the fourth season to get her new family and powers and dump him and go back to screwing the rich guy who travels the world and came in and out of her life all the time, to having no man and never showing the slightest hint of settling down. She has a couple of meaningless flings with several dudes wich one of them was a cop to eventually screwing and rushing a marriage to the probation officer. And the minute they get marrid she cant wait not to have him around any more and keep kicking demon butt with her sisters the very thing she and the rest of them were trying so hard to get away from the past seasons. Sorry to call U guys out on all of this stuff last minute (talking to wb and charmed producers) but with all these diseases running rampant You would think female role models would have been more tame. Instead u GUYS just made 8 years of slutty, boring demon fighting, somewhat evil in itself i.e. Characters, plots etc. etc. for future generations to look back and say damn Im surprised I wasnt born in a world were everyone has some disease.
    Anywayz THATS enough time I've spent focusing on lame ass Charmed should of ended better they already went back in time the past several seasons the fans deserved better for keepng them on the air for 8 frickin years they didnt even say thank you for watching at the end like the wb does for all its other shows that ended.My personal opinion it would of been better if the writers got some help from Buffy's and Angel's writers i.e. Buffy seasons 1,3,4,5,and seven and all seasons of Angel) to have the sisters go through the curse they talked about so much in early years as to where no Halliwell would ever see there children grow. At least fans and non fans can agree and have some kind of solidarity that after the show ends Paige AND Phoebe's relationships don't last there God LIKE children will grow up in broken homes and become super human menaces to society were inevitabaly they join with darklighters, warlocks, and bad witches of the future so they will have a more befitting dark episode ending like Angel. By the character development the writers showed for these charmed ones there is no way in hell they can stay married, I would give it just two more years of them demon fighting b4 they get tired of thier husbands, make up an excuse to not sleep with them anymore and wait for fate, angels what ever to take them away and put them in some hockey chriogenic stasis (the shelf) for awhile so they can sleep around and give thier kids some new daddies in thier lives, and have some half brothers and sisters b4 bringing back thier original husbands.
    Charmed, This Show Surely Wasn't!
  • Why did they let it get to this?

    I have always liked Charmed; I watched it during some of the dodgy moments, such as nearly every episode of season 5 and felt it would always get better and low and behold along came series 7 and it was really good. It was full of arcs and fairly good storytelling, for Charmed especially. Then they did the fantastic ending, even Prue got a mentioned and sort of saved the day. I thought; what a good send off..... oh dear there was another series wasn't there!!!

    At first series 8 seemed do-able, then the budget restraints became clear and I started to wander why Kaley Cuoco was event there, then they made her a bit evil and I thought; nice touch. Then they blew up the mansion in the episode before this one and I thought this send off would top off the last series finale and it did, if you stopped before this episode started.

    Firstly; Piper seems only concerned that Phoebe is dead, Rose McGowan can be annoying but thats no reason not to acknowlage that Paige has been blown up to. Did I miss the fight, maybe the writers forgot that Paige existed?

    Secondly; the montage at the end of 'happy charmed ones' is a bit gut wrenching. We know they are going to be happy once Piper and Leo sort the time line out - writers, please let us use our imagination instead of ruining it for us.

    Thirdly, and most importantly - why didn't you stop at the end of series 7 - that was a perfect ending! I cannot understand why you would renew a series only to reduce its budget, stretch out storylines that have already finished in series 3 (yes I'm talking about the Triad) and produce what can only be described as a second rate series finally. Only the powers that be can explain why this was allowed to be made.
  • Billie and Kristie have killed Pheobe and Paige, Piper and Leo have to use Coop's ring to retrieve her mother and grandmother to kill evil Billie.

    I was really looking forward to this season finale but was a bit disappointed at the weak storyline. Going back in time and recruiting the mother and grandmother, could have been so much better, there were pleanty of others that they could have brought back such as Cole and possibly a return from Prue. But Billie and Kristie are good villians but both of them being witches and them being sisters was a bit copy-cat kind of thing. But all-together it wasn't a bad episode which I would watch again but maybe not buy as a DVD, unless I wanted to buy the whole season.
  • The only reason this episode got 1.0 is because I couldn't get the counter to do negatives!!! They have completely thrown the rules out the window and made a complete pile of poo (in fact I would rather have watched a pile of poo than this

    The season 7 finale was the most perfect way they could have finished this show but they had to keep going (Speeling is a muppet that way!)

    Don't get me wrong, I was an avid viewer of this show, watched it from day 1!! But besides episode 21, this series has been awful!!!

    Another reviewer on this site said this ending was good compared to endings like Angel, and I quote, where 'everyone dies.(whether they did or not is still open to speculation) But amiguous endings to shows, especially shows involving supernatural elements, are the best way to honour the memory of the shows themselves (Me and my mates still argue about the angel ending!!).

    Back to the actual ending, they completely disregarded the whole changing the past/future element by having complete interaction between time periods. They completely messed up the whole time travel element, as in season 1 Tempest was the only one on either side who had the power to manipulate time!!! (apparently cupids have gained some more responsibility in the magical kingdom.

    Bringing Chris and Wyatt in was good, I guess, even though their only purpose seemed to be to fill in Phoebe about her love life!!!

    Anyway, I've said enough. I'm going to now physically wipe this dross from my memory and not even acknowledge the humongous waste of time that is Charmed 8!!! I suggest you do the same!!
  • i hate to say this but i hated this episode.. mostly b/c the time traveling got very annoying,the characters didnt seem right,the battle never happend,and the show abandon all that made it good.this episode was a waste of my time..

    1.trying to figure out whats going on its not hard but as the show keep going the time traveling starts to not make sense espicailly since grams should have remember piper from ''that 70s episode''when she meet piper but grams didnt remember piper.
    (dont try and say she earse her memory b/c in other eps.grams let them know she was gone do that and if she was gone do that on ''that 70s episode'' she would have told them)

    2.phoebe never got her powers of leviation and empathy back which is so lame since she was so usless this whole season.(they could have gave them back when she was writing bout her life)i did like phoebe with coop tho.

    3.paige with henry was a poor writing choice to me.i perfer her with glen.the only realtionship they got right is piper/leo and phoebe/coop.

    4.the season was leading up to a big battle,so dont hold your breathe.. no battles happenes.there was so many characters(that i loved)that the writers forgot about the battle that they been building up too.instead they focus more on the characters than the story they made for this season.i feel like the season was a waste of my time since didnt nothing happen in the end.the end focus more on the girls lives then the story the writers made bout the power of 3.this season was like sex and the city with demons.

    5.if they can bring all this characters back they can mention prue more than what they did.they said they need 2 pay actors to use their photo but they could have payed shannen.if the writers been saving money shouldnt they use it for that.especaiily since they didnt really have a battle.the blowing up of the manor was a waste since no battle really happened.they could have at least let the fans see a little version of prue but not even that...(and dont get me started when they said they cant bring prue back b/c of personal gain and then somehow phoebe and paige come back.)brad said he didnt want to focus on one sister(prue) so why was piper the main focus in this episode? then phoebe and paige was kicked to the side.

    6.piper trusting billie again was a poor writing.if someone harm my children and then came back they better hope i didnt see them.i still dont understnad they cant forgive christy,when she wasnt thinking right b/c she was raised by the traid but they can forgive billie.when billie still tried to kill them when she was in her right mind unlike christy...poor writing.if christy died so should billie.

    7.i didnt like how the made it seem everywoman in the world needed to have children.someone should have not had children.

    8.btw billie they couldnt have came up with something else besdies giving billie prue powers.

    9.this end of charmed was so ened like a fariytale and no story is like that.i will say season 7 was a better ending than this crap.season 7 should have been the end of charmed not season 8.

    i like how they made piper/leo and phoebe/coop end up together.i didnt like the happy fariytale ending. i dont like piage ending up with henry.i didnt like the time traveling.i didnt like all the characters coming back b/c that took away from the big battle that didnt even happen.i didnt like how billie survied and christy didnt. both of there faith should have been shannen doherty not even alittle girl that look like her.i hated this was such a waste...
  • Season 7's finale was the end of Charmed for me. I own Season 8 but I have to say that the ending here left me cold. It disrespected Pru's death and the rules that came with it and treated Pru and the shows mythology like they never mattered.

    Season 7's finale was the throw it together end of the series but it was far more successful in ending the series then this "very lets bring everyone back to hug and kiss and give everyone exactly what they want" piece of overly cheesey garbage.

    The finale of Charmed needed to be about the sisters and the power of three. This was done with great success in Season 7 as the Charmed ones faced an all mighty demon,vanquished him with the help of Pru's power (thanking her in the process) and then moving on with their lives at last. BUT then they bought it back and for the fan boy in me I wanted more Charmed. But after all the hype about the 7 part finale and the idea that they might top themselves and Pru might return OR she would at least be recognised as well as she was in Season 7 this ending was atrocious.

    EVERYONE who had died in the Halliwell family came back for a cameo but even in the flashback to their childhood Pru did not appear. The scene with the little girl with a season 1 Pru haircut gave me hope they would refer to her but it was just Piper as a kid. In the end Pru is pawned off by Piper saying 'Oh Mom not now.' Completely disrespectful and dismissive.

    Then to make matters worse Piper and Pheobe are saved and bought back from the dead. HELLO! They aren't allowed to do that. Piper was told in Season 4 she could not bring Pru back because they could not use Magic for personal gain NOR was it right to bring Pru back from the dead as her death was meant to happen to save the world and it was an impossible thing to be done. BUT NO in the finale of the series Piper finds away to save Pheobe and Paige and even jumps past their deaths all the way back to before Pru died. Yet only two are saved and Piper never considers this a chance to save her eldest sister.

    All in all a decent episode but not the end of Charmed for me. It screwed around to much with the mythology of the show, made the sisters appear to not care about Pru and ended with the dumbest and cheesiest ending I've ever seen. All in all 5 out of 10 was all I could give this because it just failed on almost every level to tie the show up successfully.
  • Well in reality it JUMPED from oh say...SEASON ONE!

    The 2nd ep of season one we see a fin breaking the surface. Third ep, we see the three charmed ones hurled over the ramp as they are flung far over the ensnared shark! Fonzie is waiting in a boat on the other side; "Ayyyyyyyy...! Let me tell you sumthin', you girls are terrific!" Piper replies; "Oh Fonzie can you save us?" "Let me tell you somethin'; sure, no problem girls!" then with a snap of his fingers, Fonzie hypnotizes an unsuspecting American television audience and Ayyyyyyyy... the three witches go on for a painful amont of time. Painful for all the INTELLIGENT human life on Earth.

    This show was and forever will be GARBAGE! Hormone ravaged teenage boys and I suspect some Viagra induced adults, tuned in to see if these "good witches" would wear something showing more leg and cleavage. They got what they (or Fonzie) wanted. Little girls tuned into to see the fashion also. Now, even after HARMED I mean CHARMED has ended; the hypnotized tune in to reruns for the very same aforementioned reasons. Sad.
  • What a sucks! What do you think of creating the 9th season ourselves? Read this and we will think of REALLY fresh ideas for the 9th season of the show!

    Hello guys! I was just kidding when I wrote that this episode is sucks. Honestly, it was one of the best. Sorry, I just wanted you to read my review! Please, continue your reading.
    So what do you think of the 9th season? Imagine that your are the writers of the show. What new and fresh ideas can you think of? Write them in your reviews!
    Ok, I will be the first writer with two fresh ideas. My first idea will be Chiromantists! We had an episode about gypsies and their stuff but this is different. I suggest you chiromantists. This can be written in the book of shadows: \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Chiromantists are rare creatures who can change the destiny of every person, demon or witch. They can change the lines on the hands of one or another creation. The can create new ways and adventures, interesting moments or fast death, etc\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\". Well my idea consists of the following. Some very powerful demon finds chiromantist in his home site and he asks him to change the lines of the sisters which can cause the death of power of three! Well, I think that it can be a very interesting episode.
    Here is my second idea. Imagine that the whole magic which is used by every magical creation is located in one super confidential place. So, two demons somehow find this place and they decide to use all magic for their own. Charmed ones find out about them and they have to do everything to stop them or all the magic will be gone. In the final fight sisters let those bad demons steal all magic and they cast the spell which takes the magical stuff out of them including theirs. So when those demons have no magic or powers the charmed sisters destroy them and continuing their magical lives.
    So what do you think about my special ideas? Are they good enough for the 9th season which won\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be lasted? Please agree or disagree with me if you think they are too bad. Well anyway, write me your own ides for season 9 in your reviews or send them on my e-mail. I will be very happy if you do it and I will try to write my own book with your main idea. I am waiting for your suggestions. Please agree or disagree!
  • Okay, This should have been spectacular. I love Charmed. This episode should have made my life. But it didn't.

    First off, no Prue. I understand that they can't use pictures of her or have her on the show if Shannon doesn't want to appear. But honestly, people. Can we at least mention her? Also, the entire episode felt rushed. It was more like "Hey, how many guest stars can we fit in 40 minutes?" instead of "Oh no! We need these people for plot delvopment!" Chris and Wyatt from the future, good to see them, but utterly pointless. And so was all that stuff with Coop. It felt very very forced. "Oh yes, you get married! And It's not forbidden!" Can we make it feel a little more natural maybe? it's over, so I guess not...
  • This is the end of the Charmed serious.:(

    It just seems like they could have had a better ending. This episode was good but not ever ending. What happens to Chris and Wyatt? What happens to Paige\\\'s kids? What happens to Pheobe\\\'s kids? Who gets married, who has kids? There\\\'s just too many unanswered questions. It\\\'s like the director is not sure whether or not to have a spin off so he leaves room until he can decide. Another thing that they didn\\\'t really explain is what happens to Billie. Does she get married and have kids or does she die before she can get married? This episode didn\\\'t really have enough info to be the final episode.
  • woow great ending!!!

    great ending !!!
    I love it so much . it's one of my favorite show at all the times.
    I hope they never end this great series I wish there was season 9 and 10 ...
    I never bored watching this show .and I think if Prue, Piper and Phoebe were alive and paige wasn't (which i love her all) I think it would be much better because I think prue is the most powerful sister and she is great .. but I wish prue was alive and paige will be in the series because it will bee much much better.. four sister I think it will be just great!!! and with the 4 sister i can't imagine what could they do??
  • Read ahead and find out what happens in this amazing last episode!!!!!!!

    Probably one of the best episodes for charmed!!! I always new that when the time came to make a last episode, it would be one of the best and thats what happend when \'something wicca this ways goes\' came to the screen. It was amazing and at the same time it was sad that it was actually over. That was until season 8 came out bringing another amazing last episode 'Forever Carmed'.

    For 8 years the charmed ones have battled the forces of evil and now evil won!
    Paige: "so much for happy ever after"
    Now for their very last episode ever of charmed...
    Billie: "Piper, theres no-one left"
    Paige and Peobe are dead! so Piper must summon the most unimaginable power to bring them back.
    Piper: "I dont now how, but im going to fix this"

    Piper: " the future..."
    Peobe: (to Paige) "are you getting any of this"
    Paige: "whatever"

    This was a very good ending to the show. I feel like everything was just perfect. I am both sad and happy to see the show go. It is sad becasue I won't be able to se these lovely ladies (especially Alyssa Milano) on a weekly show. But it is also happy to see it go because a ninth season would have been too much. I am going to miss this show and eveyrone around it. Thank you and you will be FOREVER CHARMED.
  • I can't wait to see this episode.

    Wow, this is the second time (as I know) Piper have to travel back in time to save her sisters, but this time she uses ... Coop O_o??? I can't wait to see this episode, but there are some problems- I don't have WB channel, so I have to download it from i-net. But this episode will be downloadable only 3 or even 5 days after it was first aired. But I hope this will be the final season of this film, because 8 seasons are too much. But I hope that they will make Charmed GX, with next generation of witches.
  • How come at the end they dont say or show what powers phoebe and paige\'s kids have and when(older)Wyatt and Chris are by the book of shadows when they are making a potion they dont show phoebe and paige\'s kids there,i think they would all help kicking d

    How come at the end they dont say or show what powers phoebe and paige\'s kids have and when (older)Wyatt and Chris are by the book of shadows when they are making a potion they dont show phoebe and paige\'s kids there,i think they would all help kicking demons butt.
  • A fitting goodbye, perhaps, but for me this series should have ended last year.

    Despite having paid less attention to this show this season than I had done previously, I made the effort to watch the finale of this at times funny and innovative series.

    Storyline-wise, this episode didn't really do it for me - it didn't hold my attention, because it didn't make me feel like there was any real danger. Furthermore, the plot seemed to require numerous contrivances in order to cram in as many guest stars as possible.

    That said, the guest stars went a good way to making up for what this episode lacked in plot. It was lovely to see Grams, Patty, Victor and Older Chris + Wyatt again. I was also pleased to see Brian Krause back again - I felt that his absence from part of this season was a shame. I also liked that we saw some of the Charmed Ones' future, that they were all happy and had 3 children (each). The absence of Prue from the photographs at the end was noticeable, but unavoidable.

    So a nice, but not spectacular episode for me - a fitting goodbye to this entertaining series, but IMHO, a season too late.
  • First I would like to say that I can\'t believe that Charmed is over. I really don\'t think that eight years on air could do this show any justice. I strongly feel that they should have renewed the show for one more season.

    The final episode of Charmed ever is a continuation of the previous episode when Christy, Paige, and Phoebe are killed in the final battle between good and evil. Piper and Bille go their seperate ways after the deaths of their sisters. With Coop\'s ring, Piper travels to the past and future to change the events that led up to Paige and Phoebe\'s deaths. During her time travel, Piper runs into Patty, Grams and her future self and Leo. Future Chris and Wyatt also appear in this episode and it feels good to see all these former castmembers coming back for the finale but some people were missing. Where\'s Darryl? Where\'s Cole? And where\'s Prue? Everytime Patty would ask about Prue,Piper would change the subject. So much for keeping Prue\'s memory alive. Overall the finale definitely ended with a good note and it gave me the impression that the sisters would remain \"Charmed\" even after the show was over. It was a great episode but I really felt that something(someone in particular)was missing that would give the show perfect closure.
  • So we knew they were going to find resolutions all the way around. Some surprises and disapointments. Good by to the Charmed ones. May we have more again later.

    I knew this was to be the last episode but I really hoped there would be a bit more. We knew that 2 sisters had died last time. So all of this is reversed and we get to meet all of the cast (except for Prue) in all of about 15 minutes.

    Also the actual final battle happens in what 5 minutes. And there was no drama in this final battle.

    I will miss the Charmed ones though. I have grown very fond of the sisters. They have been part of my life for the last many years. I have grown as they have grown.

    Thank you for letting me fight the deamons of their world while we are fighting out own.
  • all never forget dise show.

    I was in middle school when the charmed show strated the years pasted one of the sisters dead. then one new sister came to the circle. the years go buy and the series deads with saving the people you love.then little of the pasted and little of future and i loved it avery happy ending of the charmed sister all mess then put its cool.
  • Picking up exacly where the Previsous Eposideo (Kill Billie Vol. 2) end with Paige, Cristies and Phoebes death, Piper and Billy both find ways to travel back to the past to change the outcome.

    This is one of the best in the series. Besides the ausome way it ends with them telling what happeneds, it cleaverly reunites old favorite reacuring charactors, like wyatt (Pipers First Born Son), Chris (Wyatt's Second Born Son)the charmed ones mom Patty, Their Grandmother Penny, and mix's it well with drama, comedy, action and a great twisting plot. It was a great way to end an awsome show (which I personaly belive is the best there ever was), but it was a great way to end a season which got better as it went. I solute the writer of this series and understand why he had to end it at the time, but I wish he would bring it back, or at least make a spin off of it.
  • You can't not review this episode lol.

    So...Charmed has officially ended. I'm not sad about it, I think it was the right time.
    I'll say the bad thing(s) about the episode first to get it out of the way - Prue/Shannen didn't return. I was a bit peeved with that because I hoped like hell that she would. Even so, this didn't detract from the episode being very special and pretty good, if not a bit rushed.
    I like that Patty and Penny were in the episode and we had the opportunity to see how things would turn out in the future. Since the producers knew the show was ending they had a chance to end it properly...the only thing that could have made it better was Shannen being there or at least more references to her characer. That disappointed me.
    So...the episode. It was a bit rushed, as i've just said, but it was still good. It was also quite predictable. We all knew that Leo would come back and they'd all be alright in the end because there would be uproar if that didn't happen lol. I didn't see the point of Billie being in the episode. It should have just been the sisters and their family. Billie didn't really serve any real purpose...apart from killing her I don't see why she couldn't have been killed off in the previous episode...which had an appropriate title for her to be killed off lol. It was great seeing their mom and grams again...but without enough references to Prue it didn't seem real enough. Piper almost laughed when her mom asked where Prue was...that was hardly appropriate. There wasn't much emotion regarding Prue and that would've helped the episode.
    There were of course the usual witty comments and funny scenes which is always a good thing. The older Wyatt saying 'Uncle Coop' was hilarious - especially when you saw Phoebe's and Coop's faces!
    I loved the end of it, that was the most emotive part. The pictures on the wall and when the sisters were writing in the book of shadows. It brought together 8 years of a good show and it wasn't a sad ending where one of the sisters didn't make it. I think the producers knew they'd mucked up enough by killing Prue lol...killing off any one of the remaining sisters would be totally wrong!

    All in all I think the acting was very good and the last few episodes have re-instilled my love for Alyssa's character. There is only one episode out of 8 Seasons where she annoyed me and actually came across as 'PhoeMe'. Her relationship with Coop was very sweet and Alyssa's acting when her character admitted her feelings etc was top class. No doubt about it. It was very realistic and damn, I was convinced when she said she had fallen in love with Coop. I was absolutely elated that Phoebe had finally found someone (who is damn cute!)! So yeah, great acting from Alyssa. She's a wonderful person who is a great actress.
    Holly's acting has been very consistant throughout each season and she really has held the show together with the way she delivers her lines etc. Rose, although not the best actress, has still made an impact on the show and deserves recognition for taking on a part like she did after such a great actress i.e. Shannen left the show.
    I don't think the show have survived to where it did without Shannen's drive for the first 3 Seasons. Although she never returned like so many had hoped, she's a still a huge character and a big part of the show regardless of whether she is in any scenes. Without Shay the show wouldn't have survived past S1. She made sure there was promotional work done for it and had a say in directing etc - she really is a credit to the show.
    I could of course go on to speak about Brian/Julian etc, but then the review would be endless so I just thought i'd mention the sisters.
    The show has been great to watch and this episode was a fitting finale, even if it could have been improved slightly lol.
    I guess there's only one thing left to say...Thank you to Shannen, Holly, Alyssa, Rose, and the rest of the cast/crew for bringing the show to life and letting us enjoy it for 8 years. It might have ended but we've still got the memories...and the DVDs!

  • The Power of Three is gone. But, Piper will stop at nothing to get her sisters back. With Leo by her side, she makes her way through time to change the past. Chris and Wyatt pay a visit to the Charmed Ones. But, not before Leo is taken again.

    This was a perfect ending to one of TheWBs most popular and most watched series ever.The episode "Forever Charmed" was a great blast as they actually brought back the whole cast for characters in the family that were featured. Surprising though was the fact that they never asked Shanen Dorothy(Prue Halliwell) to return. Nonetheless, they ended a great series with extreme justice for each character. Though, there were hints that they were running low on new ideas, the show was an extremely entertaining and enjoyable one. Hopefully, there will be follow ups such as movies and the sort.
  • Forever Charmed, all too fitting!

    Wow! What an ending! I cried and laughed at the same time. Reminds me of the line from "Steel Magnolias" from Dolly Parton, "Laughter through tears, my favorite emotion". I am deeply saddened that my favorite show is gone. But, what a great ending, no more loose ends. I loved seeing Grams, Patty, Victor, Wyatt, and Chris both older and younger. I only wish they could have had Prue come back even if you hired a lookalike, since it is known they could not even use Shannen's image. They could have super-imposed someone else's face in photos and recreated scenes. Overall the ending to one of the very best series ever! Although, I wouldn't mind a spin-off or reunion movie.
  • hope its good but maybe wontbre the last episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the Cw annouced that

    7th heaven will live...?....dont know why that show sucks.but the reason is because of the final episodes sure if the final for charmed get a even higher rete then the Cw might ask them to come back for a couple more seasons even though they werent tell everyone to see the fianl so the ratings blast off the wall.also it is said that maybe some charecter dont want to return one of the \\\"sisters\\\" well why not bring SHANNON back im sure with the right money! she would and with one of the charecters gone \\\"HINT\\\" she would for sure sure the story would be fresh and great after all she did have a great part in one of the best charmed epiode ever made...ALL HELL BREAKS LOSE\\\".So come and help charmed see light once more...with hopefully Prue....not pheobe..:]
  • I agree this was excellent end to the series except for there was no Prue.

    If this had been a true ending to the series for all of the devoted fans of the show, when Piper and Leo are walking up the stairs at the end there should have been a picture of Prue, like the original picture of the three sisters, when the sisters magically moved closer together in the picture. The only reference they made to Prue in this episode was when Patty acknoledged that Victor told her what happened to Prue. Shannon makes me so angry that she couldn't put aside her feelings that made her leave the show in the first place to make some cameo appearance on this final episode. I am truly no longer a fan of Shannon because of this I liked her from playing Prue on this show, and just the fact that she wouldn't come back for the finale upsets me, it would have been nice if they had a picture of Prue. Did anyone else notice that after Prue died the picture of the three magically disappeared. No picture of Prue was shown after Prue died. Only her name was mentioned occasionally, and her name was seen once, after Wyatt was born. And no references were ever made again to what Prue did, her working for 415 or at Bucklands. It's like as soon as Prue died that was it, Prue remained in memories never to be seen or heard again.
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