Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • Why for the sake of art couldnt Prue, and the black detective come back. And what's up the with the final big bad of the series, the Triad were reduced to lame out of the loop ghostly talking big but never doing anything , old geazers.

    I thouht this was a very dissapointing season with nothing much new for the series they were better off leaving it were it was with them faking there own deaths, and demons having still some hope of taking over the world. U know so they would be more of a threat to the world and making for much more interesting stories to tell. Billie kills her sister in a lame attempt of thwarting her plans, I mean come on their was no real threat of Billies sister or the Triad and the sisters having everything handed to them so they could go back and forth in time and protect thier happy go lucky time line. I am so dissapointed that I got sucked into the lame sometimes interesting, scary , racist, woman empowering, thrilling, chick , love story drama half way through the series's run , and going backwards checking out the days of Prue. If I had known it was going to end so dissapointing I would of watched more Buffy, Angel reruns. They should consider (Brad Kern and co.) on doing a final final theatre , or made for T.v. flick.

    One final thought why did the show go try so hard to make the charmed ones so slutty, I mean I know woman of today have just as much right to be as permiscuious, or at least think about sexual relationships the same way as men do, but they were champions for good always talking to or about angels, and know they were being watched harder by the powers that B more than any other normal person so you would think they would have a little more restraint. From the very beginning of charmed to the very end they had meaningless or eventually meaningless flings.
    Prue when she had her high school romance cop boyfriend that died protecting her the first season to getting over him to when she met a descendant of some guy protecting her when the charmed ones went back to the 17th century, at the end she hooked up with the descendant of that guy in present day and the very next episode she barely mentions him and then starts screwing several other guys before she died. Phoebe, her with her boyfriend in New York she was sleeping with at the very beginning of the show to marrying then divorcing and killing Cole in a couple of thrilling seasons, to having no one at the very end and hooking up with hottie Cupid last minute, AND what ever happened to the first Cupid she fell in love with in like season two or three, or four, I dont know its a blurr. Piper, she was engaged to a demon undercover at the beginning, she killed him off and immediately started screwing the Angel Leo and broke up with him shortly the second season to start sleeping with some bank lending guy , so she could get P3 started up and then once that happened she starts sleeping with her niehbor, and shortly after that breaks up with him and starts seeing Leo again and gets married only to lose him for awhile and starts sleeping with some firefighter only to once again be back With HER Husband.Finally the HOE bag known as Paige who's actually half angel so u WOULD think she would b a little devine she's sleeping with some dude at the beginning of the fourth season to get her new family and powers and dump him and go back to screwing the rich guy who travels the world and came in and out of her life all the time, to having no man and never showing the slightest hint of settling down. She has a couple of meaningless flings with several dudes wich one of them was a cop to eventually screwing and rushing a marriage to the probation officer. And the minute they get marrid she cant wait not to have him around any more and keep kicking demon butt with her sisters the very thing she and the rest of them were trying so hard to get away from the past seasons. Sorry to call U guys out on all of this stuff last minute (talking to wb and charmed producers) but with all these diseases running rampant You would think female role models would have been more tame. Instead u GUYS just made 8 years of slutty, boring demon fighting, somewhat evil in itself i.e. Characters, plots etc. etc. for future generations to look back and say damn Im surprised I wasnt born in a world were everyone has some disease.
    Anywayz THATS enough time I've spent focusing on lame ass Charmed should of ended better they already went back in time the past several seasons the fans deserved better for keepng them on the air for 8 frickin years they didnt even say thank you for watching at the end like the wb does for all its other shows that ended.My personal opinion it would of been better if the writers got some help from Buffy's and Angel's writers i.e. Buffy seasons 1,3,4,5,and seven and all seasons of Angel) to have the sisters go through the curse they talked about so much in early years as to where no Halliwell would ever see there children grow. At least fans and non fans can agree and have some kind of solidarity that after the show ends Paige AND Phoebe's relationships don't last there God LIKE children will grow up in broken homes and become super human menaces to society were inevitabaly they join with darklighters, warlocks, and bad witches of the future so they will have a more befitting dark episode ending like Angel. By the character development the writers showed for these charmed ones there is no way in hell they can stay married, I would give it just two more years of them demon fighting b4 they get tired of thier husbands, make up an excuse to not sleep with them anymore and wait for fate, angels what ever to take them away and put them in some hockey chriogenic stasis (the shelf) for awhile so they can sleep around and give thier kids some new daddies in thier lives, and have some half brothers and sisters b4 bringing back thier original husbands.
    Charmed, This Show Surely Wasn't!