Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • 1998 – 2006 - Rest In Peace

    Eight years. Eight years of witches, demons and potions. Eight years of family members dying and eight years of time travelling. Finally, Charmed has come to an end, and at least it went out with some dignity left.

    It’s no secret that Charmed really hasn’t been what it used to be the last four years. The story-lines have gotten worse and cheesier, the characters has been destroyed and the standard of the episodes have become really low. But still there have been some rays of light, and it has been s show worth watching. And even though I feel like it should have ended some years ago, the last few episodes of Season 8 were good, and Forever Charmed gave a satisfying end to the show we all fell in love with

    I starts right after the end of Kill Billie: Vol. 2, and it’s immediately gripping and emotional. Taking Piper and Leo back through time to get the aid of the past generations is fun, and it really takes us back to the roots of the Charmed Ones, and I t really made me nostalgic to see the dear old Patty and Grams again. Even though a lot of the time travelling parts didn’t really make much sense, it was well written and fun to watch, ad for once, they gave us an original way to “turn back time”. Especially Patty was just delightful in the episode. James Read, Finola Hughes and Jennifer Rhodes all gave wonderful performances, as did Alyssa and Rose, but the one who really showed what she’s made of was of course Holly. She was wonderful throughout the whole episode. Even though their appearance might have seemed a little pointless, it was quite fun to see Wyatt and Chris again, and have the whole family gathered.

    I like that Billie finally understood that she’d been manipulated, and stood besides the sisters once more, but I was sad to see Christy died. I have really grown to love her these past months. Kaley’s cry scene wasn’t exactly the best I’ve seen in my life, but it was still fair and at least she gave her best.

    As for the narration in the end, when the sisters write their stories in the book, it was at times a little to sweet and dear for my liking, but it was still a really emotional moment, and it was fun to see what would happen to the sisters after they’re done with their Charmed lives. I liked how Coop and Phoebe finally got each other, and I loved to see Henry again, even if he wasn’t in many scenes. And the final moment, when Piper’s grandchild closes the door magically, I was so torn up. It was a bit cheesy, but it was also emotional as hell, and I felt all the past eight years running past my eyes. The photographs on the wall served the same purpose. It reminded us of what the sisters has been through and all the persons they’d lost. It did, however, annoy me so much that they couldn’t even have a picture of Prue or visit her in the past when she was child or something. I mean, she used to be a Charmed one, and one of the main characters on the show, and all they did was mention her name like four times.

    All in all, Forever Charmed was a good way to end the series. Sometimes it was unbearably sweet, like the big group hug, where I almost watched away because of the extreme cuteness. The thing that makes it good, is all the wonderful character interaction and the nostalgic trip to the past. A fair ending to the show that’s been with me since I was 10. Good Bye Charmed. May you never return.
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