Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • The end of an era...

    I've watched the WB since it began 10 years ago, and one after the other I've watched the series finales of all their good shows. 7th Heaven (which I never really liked, but watched anyway), Buffy (my favorite show of all time), Angel (which ended before it's time), Dawson's Creek (a show that helped shape my generation...), Felicity (and I'll admit it jumped the shark when she cut her hair... why hair made such a difference is beyond me) and now, the final one... Charmed. Don't get me wrong, I love Gilmore Girls and Smallville but I always had this extra special place in my heart for Charmed. I've watched it since it's premier in 1998 and have followed it closely for the past 8 years (although sadly I tend to miss the season premiers every year and I ended up downloading most of them since season 4...). I watch them in syndication on TNT everyday and I still cry when Prue dies and when they have to kill Cole (the first time) and when Andy dies in season 1. I still cringe everytime I see an episode with Nick Lachey in it.
    I admit that I stopped watching for a little while this season (it saddens me to admit it, but it didn't exactly start out as the best season. When I found out that I was the last season I started watching more dilligently. I have to admit, I wasn't the best season up until the last two or three episodes. I hated Billie and I hated Christy even more. I was getting excited that they were both going to die, but the Billie didn't. At first I was bummed until I saw the very end, what the future would bring. how Billie would be there to watch Phoebe's kids while she left to give birth.
    I love how all three Charmed Ones had 3 children. Paige with her son and then twin girls (1 boy & 2 girls), Piper with Wyatt and Chris and the little girl (2 boys & 1 girl), and Phoebe's 3 girls. I assume that Phoebe had her first little girl before Piper had hers, but I'm assuming that one of them named their daughter Prudence. I kind of figured it was Phoebe. I always kind of thought that Phoebe would be the one to carry-on the all P's tradition. I'm also assuming that one of the girls' named their kids Patty (Patricia) or Penelope (Penny)...
    I'm really going to miss this show, but I understand why they don't want to do it anymore. Alyssa and Holly have put in all 8 years and Rose has put in 5. It's understandable.
    Long Live Charmed