Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • They should have stopped after season 7-Billie should have never been introduced-and all of season 8 just did not make sense...

    I have always loved Charmed, I never missed one show. Season 1-7, except for the occasional miss in season 5, were absolutely fantastic. They were thrilling,exciting, funny, sometimes soap-y, and just...great!! But, they should\\\'ve stopped after season 7. In season 8 Billie is introduced and most,if not all, the attention was shifted to her. She was a poor written character; her personality not the least bit interesting and almost always she got on my nerves. And,come on! This Christy thing... First off, how long has it been since Christy\\\'s disappearance? YEARS! And still Billie looks for her!! The Halliwell sisters lost a sister too, and they were sad, but they weren\\\'t obsessed like this girl, and they\\\'re supposed to be all about \\\"the power of three\\\" and their \\\"greatest fear is to lose a sister\\\" and their special sisterly bond. And, once Billie finds her stupid sister, they turn out to be sooo powerful...Excuse me,where did these girls come from? And who do they think they are? Billie barely knew any magic when the charmed ones met her-and all of a sudden she becomes miss. superwitch better than the charmed ones who had 8 years of experience?! Furthermore, how can these girls,that no magical being ever met, could manipulate all those magical creatures? The same creatures that went to the Charmed ones for help because they knew they would??!!So-they screwed up a couple of times,that doesn\\\'t mean they turn on them so easily! It all just doesn\\\'t make any since