Season 8 Episode 22

Forever Charmed

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 21, 2006 on The WB

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  • And 8 wonderful seasons end the best way possible, with the best episode of Charmed ever. If I could score this an 11, I would.

    A great ending can elevate a book, movie, or tv show to greatness, and this series has that. Any reviewer who suggested that the Season 7 ending would have been the better ending for Charmed I'll assume is on drugs, lots of them.

    Yes, Season 8 was a lot to stomach at times, but we all got the ultimate payoff with these last two episodes. Really, both episodes are the same episode because they run seamlessly into one another. But I understand why Brad Kern named them separately. Kill Billie 2 is an action episode in structure and tone, building in tenseness until the final battle. Forever Charmed, while still being dire in consequence, is a lighthearted homage to its characters, history, and future.

    I hate to steal a line from my fave reviewer, Blinksterboy, but I also smiled throughout this entire episode. In fact, I've watched it over and over, and I still smile throughout. It has so many wonderful moments and scenes. It is just one after another. Any time you have this many traverses in time there are going to be some holes in the logic of it all. Like Piper clearly warns us all during the episode, "don't think about it too hard, you'll just get a head ache." Great advice. Instead just sit back and enjoy. I love that it was Piper and Leo together that had to go through time and figure everything out. The old Piper and Leo were great. Very adorable scene. Finola Hughes and Jennifer Rhodes are awesome, as usual. One of my favorite lines of the show is when Grams says to Paige, "Yeah, we're dead by now. We're over it." I also love that Grams instantly kicks into gear once she hears about the Charmed Ones and that she won't let Piper stir the potion. The scene where Victor and Patty are reunited at his place is hilarious, and every scene involving Chris and Wyatt is a great one. Like everyone else, I loved the "Uncle Coop" moment, and I also loved how the elders gave Phoebe a break and let her know Coop was meant for her. Great writing there.

    It is somewhat odd that Billie changes sides and everything finally comes together in her head just after the mere mention of the Triad. Again, in a prior episode, Christie had already told Billie that the Triad had directed her. It is also a little odd that Christie would so easily give up on Billie and basically junk the entire plan. Anyway, it was necessary to get the story where it needed to go. It was a great move to have Billie be the one to vanquish Christie. That is the price she paid for her betrayal of the sisters. It makes it a lot easier to forgive her for what she did. It is a light finish for Paige and Henry. In fact, I'm not sure what happened to Henry, but his little appearance at Phoebe's loft was his only scene in the entire two episodes other than the flashforward finish. And what about that hug he and Paige shared? I've seen old friends have a warmer hug than that. Like I've said before, Henry was a good character, but he and Paige have little chemistry between them.

    Want to see chemistry, it comes so easily when Leo is brought back for the end and he and Piper share a laughing embrace, so joyous that Phoebe breaks out in spontaneous clapping that others follow. What a great finish to the Piper losing Leo story arc. Maybe it is just the 8 seasons together, but Brian and Holly have such an easy natural chemistry together. They make everyone else look like a fraud. Great group hug at the end. I loved every minute of it.

    And of course we have our look into the future, which has the sisters living the lives they always hoped for. They all like having kids, apparently. I especially dug that Leo went back to run Magic School and that Paige continued being a whitelighter. All ending with the grandkids in the manor and the pictures on the wall. And lastly, the granddaughter using her power to close the manor door. Perfect ending.

    Yes, it would have been nice to see Dorian back for a moment, and maybe some others, but I would rather appreciate this episode for what was there versus what wasn't. And for all the people still whining about no images of Prue, all I have to say is- Get over it.

    Brad Kern called this episode Forever Charmed because he said he wanted the series to be "forever Charmed." Mission accomplished. Special thanks through 8 wonderful seasons to Holly, Alyssa, Brian, Rose, and Brad. You have done what every artist strives for. To create something that will forever be. Blessed.