Season 6 Episode 3

Forget Me... Not

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 05, 2003 on The WB

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  • Another ok one.

    I feel the girls are a bit too entitled in this episode. Wyatt did something wrong, you could've fought for him from the start but instead you guys get all depressed need Leo and want to try once again to defeat a higher power because you dislike anyone that disagrees with you.

    They threaten this higher power just because of Wyatt. Yes, if it was my son I'd probably fight for my life for him, but they act like they're more entitled than anyone on this earth in this episode and it just annoyed me.

    And the fight at the office had NOTHING to do with the dragon, at least Paige saw the dragon when the coffee got spilt.

    I liked the episode and the idea of it, although Wyatt's powers are a bit ridiculous, but yeah I guess I felt they were acting extremely entitled and selfish in this episode.

    Also Leo is being ridiculous again about Chris. He came back to protect your son and you want him distracted as much as possible. And Leo is hardly an elder, he's not wearing the mandatory robes, he's constantly on earth which is dangerous, and he's always around. I get why Piper broke up with him, he chose his work over his family (I mean he could've left temporarily and come back once the elders were saved but she didn't see it that way) but now he's around all the time, it's hardly any different. A simple shout out and he's there. I would've preferred if they treated him like an actual elder and had him up high. THey think someone is after him so they tell him to stay on earth to figure it out where he's in danger opposed to stay up with them where they can have visions and see everything anyway but are safer? yeah ok.
  • Forget Me Not

    Forget Me Not was a perfect and very entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was very entertaining and amusing as Wyatt brought a dragon from television to the real world. There was chaos and havoc until some gentleman known as the Cleaners arrived and erased all memory and trace of the incident including Wyatt! I liked watching the sisters' figure out what was happening and deal with it. Baby Wyatt is quite powerful and I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Remember, Winnie, Remember!


    Kudos to the Charmed team for trying out something a little different. Now that the show has a heftier budget, attempts at bigger storylines are being made, and while the show is still fluff (though nowhere near as featherweight as season five), there's a lot to recommend here. Beginning in media res, the hour springs to life from the get go, as two mysterious men dressed all in white kidnap Wyatt and erase the sisters' memories of ever knowing him. The fun is trying to figure out what exactly happened to lead us to Phoebe starting a riot in work, as well as finding out why Wyatt was taken. While some of the FX shots were a little iffy, on the whole I was rather impressed by the sequences involving the dragon(!); they looked fairly awesome in parts (especially at night) and it was a refreshing change of pace not having any demons around to bore us to death. The riot that Phoebe managed to start by clocking Elise in the face was a hoot, and although it continues the trend of random subplots for Paige, at least it was somewhat watchable, in an after-thought kind of way. I would like to see an arc form sometime soon-ish, and less empathy from Phoebe, cos that got old two episodes ago! As others have mentioned, to inject the likes of the Cleaners into Charmed mythology felt considerably tacked-on, especially when no one addresses the whole Prue incident. It would have been a nice throwback had they been created as a result of the events that took place in ''All Hell Breaks Loose'' since both good and evil were exposed on camera. Oh well, Charmed never really was that good at continuity, so why start now?

  • Terrible Episode!

    I really hate this episode because Chris had very short role in this episode!! Honestly, this episode sucked! It is out of character line and very silly. Leo wanted Chris starts work and save his new charges. But witches who is not important is dont need a whitelight to protect them! It is stupid, I am so glad Chris dont want to protect his new charges, he want to focused on Charmed sisters and baby Wyatt! Way to go, Chris! I am really disappointed about this episode. I dislike it. Cleaners had no right to take baby Wyatt away permanent.
  • I Remember It....ALL!


    Forget Me...Not-The Cleaners kidnap Wyatt and erase his existence, after the child accidentally brings a dragon to life. When Piper, Phoebe and Paige regain their memories they relive the day Wyatt was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Paige is caught in the middle of sexual harassment troubles, Phoebe continues to cope with her newfound power of empathy, and Leo gives Chris a new assignment.

    You's just like the Charmed writers to bring up such a major plot point that should have existed years ago on the series!! The Cleaners have to be the biggest "WTF/Are You Kidding Me!?" Moment on Charmed (Well, atleast until Billie!) Seriously, where were these guys when Prue and Piper were exposed in "All Hell Breaks Loose". Oh since the sisters managed to cover up their mishaps in the past, they were no where to be found? Please, what would have been a better explaination would have beensince the events of "All Hell Breaks Loose", the Cleaners were createdto make sure such an event never happens again but NO!!The other contrivance of the episode is mind-bottling! O_0 it's sad that the Cleaners are such a major plot hole because they actually make for interesting villains considering they're neutral and work to clean up all magic, good or evil. The teaser was actually a great set-up, starting right in the middle of the story with some engaging momentum. Yet from there, the story suffers and the scenes with the dragon are some the poorest CGI I've ever seen on TV. Oh Chris bones his new charge, oh the comedy..Zzzzzzz. Well, at least we saw less of him in this episode. Anyway, I did get a kick out of watching the sister expose themselves and watching Phoebe start a massive brawl at work, but sadly those were the only real highlights. "Forget Me...Not" is ironically a forgettable episode which has too many plotholes to fully enjoy anything about it.

  • The sisters forget all about Wyatt after they try to save him from something that is unstoppable.

    This was a great episode. It really showed that everyone was willing to do everything for Wyatt. Lucky little guy. I loved Paige's story of the episode, her trying to help someone, her helping someone keep their job. Didn't really like Phoebe's riot. Piper's mom instincts really came in. Leo was good too. Chris was... not much featured in this episode. I liked the dialogues. The storyline was good, everything with the Cleaners... And you don't see dragons much, so that was good. Wyatt really knows what he's doing, now. But later... I don't see why all the season has to be about Wyatt. But, meh, that's the writers' problem. I love the show.
    Really good episode.
  • Playpens and dragons

    Part "Deja Vu All Over Again", part "Morality Bites", this is very much a new twist on an old theme. In a tense opening scene, a couple of men in white turn up and erase all memory of Wyatt. It's an intriguing start and straightaway we are left guessing. When the Charmed Ones eventually twig something is wrong they travel back one day, only to find Wyatt has set a dragon loose on the city.

    By far the best thing this week is the writing. The plot is well crafted and, for once, all the pieces fit together. Having the same scene beginning and end is clever (if not new) and there's a nice nod to "Deja Vu..." with the weather forecast showing as the girls come down to breakfast. There are also some memorable moments: Piper's scene with Leo is nicely acted and the fight at the Bay Mirror is superb. Brilliant direction and great choreography.

    My only gripe is that the cleaners seem to come out of nowhere. Where were they when Prue was killed? Why didn't they reprimand the Charmed Ones in "Morality Bites"? If they're going to roll out new beings like this they should at least explain where they've been hiding all this time.

    The dragon is surprisingly well done, although it is rather cheesy. Why on earth a baby would want a monster for a playmate I don't know. Mind you, this is the future lord of the underworld we're talking about here. I'm sure Cole was much the same at that age.

    Chris doesn't appear in the main production this week. Instead, he gets his own show in which he plays a complete slut. Thankfully, Leo orbs in to remind us this is still Charmed and not some cheap skinflick. Can't help thinking they'd have been better off giving Drew Fuller a week's holiday and saving some dosh.
  • The Cleaners kidnapped cute Wyatt.

    I wonder what happened during the beginning of the episode? Piper said: "Please, it won't happen again!". What won't happened again? Then later on, we learn that Wyatt brings a dragon into the real life. The Cleaners look creepy, are they? Yes, they are creepy to me because they kidnapped WYATT! How dare they. Wyatt is only a small little boy, why did they kidnapped him and erassed every memories about him?? However, I find this episode very interesting. The sisters do whatever they can to bring back Wyatt, and they actually expose themselves into the public. GOOD JOB. This is one of the best episode in this series. I love it.
  • Someone can say that this episode is not a Hollywood film production? XD Have you really noticed the exterior sets? The fires? And, last but not least, that freaky flying thing??? A big dinamic & action, more than the usual.

    The best thing of the episode is of cousrse its dinamic. Time plays an important role in Forget me not: Since the begginning we see the importance of the time cause the beginning of the episode is in fact the end, creating a sensation of suspense and a feeling of not knowedge of the situation. Later, we can see how things are going to happen again and they can not do anything to stop things to repeat! It's a quickly episode that goes near to the tic-tac of the clock.

    The off-screen of the episode is perfect! I think that the puntuation of the episode get up because of it! It could have been a perfect episode, but some little things made it keep the 9.

    The camera job (the filming) was great in this episode! I loved it. Some scenes are very remarkable (For exemple the air shots when Wyatt vanquish the Dragon) Lots of scenes are one shot scenes (no cuts) and I love that in a show because usually they don't do this kinda scenes. For exemple, the scene in the kitchen between Paige-Piper or the scene that opens the episode. In the other hand, the photography in the episode is great! The whole "rain" style was incredible and really believeble.

    The acting was... 1/3! Piper did one of her best job in this episode! She transmits a lot! She's perfect (The scenes between her and Leo were remarkable). Alysa was as always unexpressed, and I hate to say it but Paige was in this episode too much expressive! The first scene for exemple. I love when she does her "expresive" sequences but in this one she was too much and it didn't seem real! Anyway, I always love Paige acting despite this episode.

    The written in the scene with the acting was cool! For exemple the scne in the basement was so funny PHOEBE: "You feel some intense feelings... Anger? Sadness?" PAIGE: "Anoyance?" and them both smile at the same time to Phoebe! XD The Camera made a filming that got perfectly in the story aswell.

    What about the effect!!! Special effects were great! The fact that they did a dragon is kinda... WHOA! Was a orginal expensive idea that had a good result!

    And for all the ones that said that this episode was good enough! They did scenes in the outside! With a lot of fire, car accident include, a whole big set on fire at the end!! So it is like a Hollywood filming! XD It was a job well done!

    Ending, a good story (I loved the final, Piper saying the spell) a good off-screen job a awesome in sets and effect! Extremely enjoyable.

    PD: I have to finish talking about Wyatt powers... People tend to say that he has too many powers and all the stuff! But I am very persistant with the idea of Wyatt Desiderate power! In this episode we can see it clearly, that the power could be that. If you wanna know about "desiderata" power thing, I made a comment in Wyatt forum. Anyway, it's just my personal opinion! XD If you wanna ask me something about it go to one of my blog and I will talk you about it!
  • An entertaining episode, although a bit far-fetched. Then again, Charmed isn't exactly a reality show, is it?

    Charmed is a great show. It has a great storyline, great characters, and fantastic writing. That being said, this episode was almost....TOO fictional. This whole episode focuses on the sisters saving Wyatt from virtually erased from the world, and from the hearts and memories of his family. Great story, and much could be done with it, right? Well....the reason behind it was what I found lacking. Wyatt seemed to have developed many other powers overnight, without a single hint at any of them in previous episodes. Changing television channels telekinetically, bringing TV characters to life, etc. It just seemed a bit too....rushed. The writing was still very good, and there was never a dull moment in this episode. It just seemed that the character development in Wyatt's case was a bit disorganized and not completely thought through. I definitely recommend watching this, however, just like every other episode of Charmed.
  • Good but had some glitches in the storyline.

    Wyatt, Piper and Whitelighter Leo's son is kidnapped by the Cleaners, emissaries of a neutral power force that "cleans up" the mess caused when mortals are accidentally exposed to magic. In their efforts to erase Wyatt's existence, the Cleaners also wipe out the short-term memories of Piper and her sisters, Phoebe and Paige. Elsewhere, Phoebe continues to have problems with her new empath powers; Paige doesn't know what she's unleashing when she uses magic as a defense mechanism against sexual harassment at the workplace; and Leo sends Whitelighter Chris on an intriguing new assignment??

    Episode grade = A This was a good episode but it was a little too draged out for me it started at the end and finished at the begining ??? well i wasn't confused just a bit dazzled, I couldn't beleive that Pipers son was taken away from her it just wasn't fair but I suppose the Cleaners had to be introduced to the show some how.
  • Can the sisters rescue WYatt from the hands of the Cleaners and why do they want him so badly?

    An episode that starts midway through could leave the casual viewer's head spinning but i love stories that drop you right in at the deep end and make you think! We're plunged straight into the mystery as the Charmed Ones are under attack from the as yet unnamed Cleaners, who are desperately trying to get their hands on Wyatt. The amnesia episode has been done on just about every sci-fi/fantasy show you can think of with varying degrees of success but i think that this is Charmed's first proper stab at it and it's a tremendous show. The whole episode is built around a huge paradox but that doesn't spoil the enjoyment as the sisters try to figure out what Wyatt has done by reliving the day - of course they manage to do this with a very funny sequence that sees the trio exposing their powers on national television, forcing the Cleaners to realise their mistake and undo the damage before giving Wyatt back to a relieved Piper. A first rate episode - one of the show's highlights!
  • Frontal exposure all over! And you would think that Piper would have better development over her sisters who did not have babies.

    Wonderful episode for women in general. I am so glad that they addressed the strength of women. They are good at being mothers and at being employees. I am surprised that a temporary employee has so much clout with the higher ups, but that is okay. Why would she be able to de-thrown a manager is not my question, although it should be.

    I am so glad that Piper has time to bond with her son. She has always wanted to be a parent. It is right for Piper to have parental feelings.

    This is a good episode. = No demon...just a baby.
  • Interesting..

    I liked this episode of Charmed. It doesn't stick out in my mind a lot, and I didn't think it was overly spectacular, but to put it simply, it was good.

    When baby Wyatt uses one of his seemingly endless supply of powers - (seriously, why does he get to be so powerful, he's the same as Paige!) - to orb a dragon out of the tv set and into the real world, the dragons wreak havoc on the city.

    Magical beings called "the cleaners" come to take away Wyatt and erase his existance to cover up the magical exposion.

    The episode starts and ends the same way, with the middle showing how the sisters day went. It's somewhat timetravel and pretty interesting/ confusing.

    Page also had a storyline involving a temp job, a lousy boss and a friend getting harrased but it was done a bit poorly, well boringly, so didn't really stick out.
  • Wyatt conjures a dragon and the cleaners come to erase his exsistance.

    A great episode. The cleaners were a bit confusing because, why weren't they there with Prue and such. Although I have a theory that they were created afterwards to make so that wouldn't happen again. Anyway, Wyatt shows more of his powers, like changing the channel of the T.V with his eyes and conjuring a dragon from the T.V. I thought the dragon effect was great. I thought it was funny when Phoebe started that riot at her work. The best part has to have been when Piper goes to the dragon and faces him, knowing that Wyatt would save her. The greatness of the mother and son bond. It's a wonderful thing.
  • Bad Baby, no more t.v. for you!!!!

    After the very slow and occassionally boring season premiere, this episode is rather fast paced and exciting. THis has some of the best writing of the entire season and the storyline is just fun.

    In the teaser we are catapulted into the action. All the girls are frantic and freaking out about something, it has to do with Wyatt. We find out who these kidnappers are when they do this weird shimmer/glow thing. Its a nice effect. Two weird looking guys decked out in white suits speak in monotones about the situation. THey take WYatt because he did something bad. THe girls try to get him back but the suits fling them backwards. ALthough it was a mild fling it looked it hurt because they went back and downwards face first. THey erase anything dealing with Wyatt. A fantastic teaser and one the most interesting ones they have had in awhile. This is how they should all begin.

    We come back to the morning. Paige walks into the kitchen looking like a flight attendant blabbing about a coffee stain. Piper is making breakfast for a five year old, well its actually for Phoebe but sometimes you can be confused. During all of this Piper hears a baby cry, its actually a very freaky crying sound. Phoebe is in the basement because apparently she is constantly running into horny men. Nice excuse, I am totally kidding. Her empathy is driving her crazy and if Alyssa Milano continues to talk through her teeth I am going to scream. Anyway she got cut on her head but doesnt remember how. Miss Editor tells her to come in. Usually you dont hear the person on the other end but they decided to let us hear some of what she says.

    Pointless scene involving Chris and Leo. CHris slept with his new charge, just like dad(whoops spoiler,ha!). THeres some boring conversation but I am too busy laughing at how Leo is trying to be the autority figure in this situation.

    ANother p.s. with Paige and her coworker. Well actually it isnt that pointless. It serves a minor purpose. Paige works for a big corporate pig who threatened her friend. SHe was suppose to be her backup but didnt, she is such a scatter brain. Meanwhile Piper helps a father with his kid. Nothing really happens. Over at the Bay Mirror, the office is totally messed up. EVeryone looks like they had a big fight, this is all proven when ELise triggers a premonition and Phoebe sees she is the start of it. SHe horribly fakes a cough and exits.

    Paige wrote a spell to remember what they forgotten. THey babble for sometime but I am focused on Paiges killer heels. Seriously they are sooo high I am surprised Rose can walk in them, they look so painful. ANywho the spell is cast and the effects team decided to use some terrible 60s special effect by spinning the screen, it is now yesterday. Piper freaks when she realizes she has a kid.

    THey bang their heads together to try and figure out what the hell happened. Paige, the smartest one in the group for todays episode, figures they need to follow through like it was a normal day and see where it leads them. MEanwhile Wyatt flips through the channels, telekinetically I might add, and stops on a dragon program. Not the best effects but passable considering there are some terrible programs out there with worse effects. WYatt orbs a dragon out and the effects team definately needs to work on their lighting technique. THe dragon flies away but considering how close it was to the house and since wings need to flap to fly, the dragon should have torn the wall in the conservatory down when he flapped his wings. THe girls try to figure out what happened but Paige tells them to do what they normally do.

    ANother p.s. with Chris and Leo, snore moving on. Drew is considerably a better actor then Brian.

    Paiges Day: HEr friend tells PAige about the harrassment and the dragon flies by the window. PAige is either blind or totally dumb to miss that. A young man, probably an intern, gets blindsided by it and spills coffee on Paige, mystery solved. Paige witnesses the dragon blow some flames on the city, not the best effects shot but whatever.
    Phoebes Day: SHe goes to work and starts a fight. SHe channels a staff members anger and punches Elise. I am not one for violence but am I the only thinking she had that coming? ANyway a huge fight breaks out. EIther this staff is entirely unprofessional or Phoebe channelled her anger to everyone in the office. I am going to go with the latter but thats just my hope for this paper. THe scene is done rather nicely and fight is funny yet believeable. ALyssa does some hilarious stuff: the noogie, the punching,etc. Paige takes her away.
    Piper tries to figure out what happened but Wyatt orbs her to the dragon. Feebs and Paige come and witness the dragons terror. I have to admit the shot where the dragon comes out and shoots the fire is one of the best sequences this show has done.

    Major exposure. THe CLeaners(white suits) tell them about the situation. Once again Holly sells the hell out of the scene with her anger and fury. THere's a hilarious shot of Piper glaring at Phoebe after she stops Piper, it looks HOlly wants to kill her, only Holly could have done that. Piper talks to Leo who gives no hope at all. He spews something stupid about it was her responsibility and everything and I am wishing Piper will blow him up but no she doesnt. Piper tries to figure out something cryptic Leo said. Phoebe feels the pain of people and keels over. If she keeps doing that something is going to pop out. THey orb to the dragon. Piper figures out Wyatt is the dragons connection. WYatt blows the thing up and the explosion sends Piper backwards. YOu can easily see Holly is on something as she flies backwards and you can even hear the wheels on the pavement. THe CLeaners still want Wyatt and get him but the girls remember everything.

    THey devise a plan to expose themselves, no not that way, to get their attention. Phoebe levitates witht he weather man, you can see her stunt doubles harness, it gives the s.d. a wedgie. Paige orbs a jacket and Piper makes the bridge disappear in an o.k. green screen effect. BUt HOllys expression saves it. ANyway this works and the CLeaners come. Piper makes a deal and says she can stop Wyatt from doing this again. Good luck the kid is like 2 and is packing more power then you three combined, lets be real. all is well in the Halliwell Manor.

    Paige takes care of her pig boss. THe guy should be dead after the force he was hit with. THeres a nice little scene with Piper and Wyatt.

    Overall a very good episode. It has a certain edge of your seat feel. Good writing and the occassional great special effect really make this episode a stand out of season 6.
  • The Cleaners take Wyatt after he conjures a dragon. Piper tries to get him back.Phoebe starts a barroom brawl because of empathy.

    This episode was excellent. I loved watching phoebe kick some ass. I loved paige kick her bosses ass. Wyatt is so powerfull he could take over the whole damm world. I kind of wanted to beat the crap out of the dragon. I want to shoot fire out of my mouth. Eventually wyatt will destroy the whole frikin under world (Lucky Bastard) Damm it.
    Piper must cope with losing Wyatt. She was kind of an Jackass leaving wyatt alone. He had more powers then them as an egg. He could probably will destroy the Cleaners at age 5. The End.
  • One of the Best Episodes ever!!!! So underrated!

    Superb Thrilling Wonderful Episode!
    It is very very very very very very very very very good, I like it very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very much.
    You will Like it.
    i love IT very very very very very very very very very much!
  • I Wish I Could Forget It All

    Better than the season premiere, but still lacking the normal Charmed flare, Forget Me... Not is another round of Charmed acting on autopilot with not much of a plot and some simple resolutions.

    In the episode, Wyatt conjures a dragon from a TV show and the fire-breathing beast creates havoc throughout the city, causing The Cleaners, two men who reverse time when magic is exposed, to arrive, rewind time and erase Wyatt's existence.

    Forget Me... Not is a fun, yet slightly empty episode which has some good all-round acting from the regulars but hasn't got that much substance. The dragon FX are impressive but hardly used to their advantage. Paige's sexual harassment subplot is also boring as you share no passion for the characters involved whilst Phoebe continues to bore with her pointless dealings with her pointless new power of empathy. Chris still hasn't got much of a personality (who to blame? The writers? Drew Fuller?) and all his scenes still look like they're being acted by somebody who has no interest in the material he's been given.

    Rating: F
  • power and motherhood

    I liked this episode. We really got to see Wyatts powers. It also shows Pheobe\'s struggle with her new power. She is in my opinion over whelmed with it. When The sisters were facing the dragon it showed fear and frustration amoungst them. But Piper\'s mother instinct was the only power she needed to get Wyatt back. I think the cleaners should be banished. They have caused more harm then good in this episode and in others. Piper is the best thing for Wyatt not anybody else. This episode was a powerful episode for the power of a mothers love as apposed to magical powers.