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Make Your Own Charmed Spin-off Ideas

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    This is a topic where you can make your own Charmed spin-offs. Here is my idea.

    Title: Charmed Again

    Plot: The lives of Piper and Leo's children as the new Charmed Ones. In my spin-off, it is explained that the prophacy of the Charmed Ones being girls is changed and that Pheobe and Paige's children's powers have been striped until the legacy falls into their hands. At the beginning of season 3, Chris is killed by The New Source of All Evil and Traci Halliwell is created by the Elders to replace him, thus making the Power of Three reborn. But at the end of season 3, it is revealed that Chris' soul was actually lost on Earth and it is up to the Charmed One's to look for him in season 4.

    Running Time: 23-25 min. instead of 40 min.

    # of seasons; episodes: 4 seasons; 84 episodes (21 in each season)

    Wyatt Matthew Halliwell (seasons 1-4) - A half witch/half whitelighter who has the same powers as his mother, Piper, and is the eldest Charmed One. He is known to habe the same older sibling attitude as Prue and when Chris is killed, he decides to not accept Traci as a replacement, even though she is his sister. He was dating Gwen Heffley, a future witch hunter, for season 2 and 3 and is afraid to tell him his secret after she told him hers. He is persuaded in the end of season 3 to go to the dark side by demon Levi Roland but managed to turn back to the good side.

    Chris Perry Halliwell (seasons 1-4; not featured in the middle of season 3) - A half witch/half whitelighter who has the same powers as his aunt Paige. He is known to not listen to his older brother as part of a phase of retaliation. He is killed at the beginning of season 3 but was actually lost on Earth.

    Melinda Pruedence Halliwell (seasons 1-4) - A witch who doesn't have the powers of a whitelighter because Leo became mortal before her birth. She is known to be a little bratty due to being the youngest and feels that her powers aren't strong enough because her powers are the same as her aunt Pheobe. So, just likke Pheobe, she takes martial arts lessons to fight demons. Her powers have been temporarily taken away when she uses them for personal gain in the middle of season 3 just like her aunt Pheobe.

    Traci Halliwell (seasons 3-4) - A half witch/half whitelighter who is created by the Elders to replace Chris when he died. She is half whitelighter because Leo recieved his powers back when he became the charge of the New Charmed Ones. She is now the youngest.

    Piper Halliwell (seasons 1-3) - A witch who used to be apart of the previous Charmed Ones. She has the powers of freezing and blowing up. She is killed in the middle of season 3. She guides her children when they are battling demons.

    Leo Wyatt (season 1-4) - The whitelighter charge of his kids who are now the New Charmed Ones. He recieved his powers back to care for them. He has the powers to heal, orb and energy balls.

    Camille Green (seasons 1-4) - A mortal who is Melinda's best friend. She finds out the witches' secret in the middle of season 1 and recieves the power of levetation from Melinda to find out what it is like in the middle of season 3.

    Terrence Cambridge (season 1-4) - A mortal who is Melinda's student teacher at school. He finds out her secret in season 2 after Melinda reveals to him that they will get married in the future right before his present wedding. He turns evil at the end of season 3 and works for Levi Roland.

    Levi Roland (seasons 2-3) - A demon who tries to kill the Charmed Ones. He tries in the beginning of season 3 to summon the Hollow to kill the witches before Traci can become a Charmed One. In the end of season 3, he manages to pursuade Wyatt to join him but fails and is vanquished.

    Gwen Heffley (seasons 2-3) - A future witch hunter who was dating Wyatt. After he chants a truth spell to tell her the truth, he finds out that she is next in line to become a witch hunter but tries to use her skills to save the witches against her father. She finds out his secret during the episode of her death.

    Season 1, Episode 1: Someting Wicca This Way Inherits
    When Wyatt, Chris and Melinda become the New Charmed Ones, they must face off against a warlock who is actually Melinda's science teacher trying to steal her powers. Meanwhile, Leo starts to think that he won't be able to help his kids after he recieves his powers back.

    Episode 2: I Honestly Love You, Even Though You're Older
    When Melinda develops a crush on her new student-teacher, she tries to use a spell to find out if they are a good match. But when he is kidnapped by a dragon demon, she tries to save him by herself, causing her to take martial arts lessons. Meanwhile, Wyatt tries to give her mother her social life back by using a spell that backfires and turns her into a party animal.

    Episode 3: Voyage to India
    Wyatt and Chris' powers start to act abnormal, causing them vulnerable to demons. It later ends up as a grand demonic battle in India over a very powerful stone, causing Wyatt and Chris to stop it. Meanwhile, Melinda uses a spell to switch bodies with Camille and it goes wrong when a demon attacks Melinda's body.

    Episode 4: You Gotta Not Fight For Your Right To Party
    Wyatt, Chris and Melinda's party goes wrong when vampires crash it. Meanwhile, Piper and Leo's date is ruined when Paige and Henry need their help of finding their kids.
    NOTE: Rose McGowan guest stars as Paige Matthews

    More episodes coming soon...
    And please no mean comments on my idea. Try to make some of your own if you don't like my idea; try to help me if you do like my idea.

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    This is a brilliant idea! I have always wondered how other people would have continued the show, but not in that very long stories since I don't have time to read them. This is just perfect for that.
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