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Prue Becoming A Whitelighter?

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    [1]May 14, 2013
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    now this is kind of a rant just so you can know.


    i get this from so many fans that prue should have became a whitelighter and im thinking wtf that makes no kind of sense what so ever.

    we all know charmed had alot of plot holes and by trying to make prue into a whitelighter would be a even bigger plothole the show dont need.

    and let me tell you why prue will never become a whitelighter.

    1.yes prue save many innocents and yes she did alot of good but that doesnt mean when she die she will be a whitelighter.if that was the case every witch who done did good and died would be a whitelighter.grams would be one and patty would be one as as you see by trying to make prue a whitelighter thats too many problems jus dont make any kind of sense

    2.from the show stand point whitelighters can only be humans who have done good in their life and then in their afterlife are pick by the elders like agent brody to become a whitelighter.

    3.when witches die they keep their powers(example patty and grams have came back i dont know how many times and still had their powers.the only way for a witch to lose her power if they were strip from her like what happened tophoebe on season 6 or stolen from her).so if prue was a whitelighter how would she have her charmed powers and whitelighter powers.wouldnt that threw off the balance the show talk about so much if prue had 2 kinds of different powers.(some may sa they can get rid of her witch power but that would be a plot hooe consider only way for a witch to lose her powers they get stolen from her by a demon or something or their strip by the council on season 6.)

    prue becoming a whitelighter dont make any kind of sense so i dont know why alot of fans would think she would be a whitelighter.even in season 9 prue not a whitelighter.her spirit didnt move on so it went into some dead coma girl body whosa blonde lol love season 9 the comics though its better than season 8.

    all im saying is prue becoming a whitelighter doesnt make any kind of sense.and even if somehow they did make her into a whitelighter that would be a big plot hole and charmed dont need no more of those because i already get alot of other scifi fans who call this show crap.(i love this show tho)

    i just had to get that rant out.

    i feel better now.

    im done

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