Season 7 Episode 19

Freaky Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on The WB

Episode Recap

The demon Amara is determined to wipe out Zankou's minions on earth. A key to her plan is impersonating a Charmed One. As an added bonus, she'll get a hot body to replace her own homely frame.

Phoebe is annoyed - the legal department is insisting that a credentialed psychologist reviews all of her columns, and she won't stand for it.

Piper is angry – a demon attacks her in broad daylight! At P3! A civilian is injured. She's determined to send a message that P3 is off-limits. What's worse, Inspector Sheridan is the detective investigating the "robbery," and Piper is afraid something will jog her memory.

Paige is worried – the Elders have assigned her a charge. What if she's not ready? What if she screws up? Leo calms her down and sends her on her way.

Paige's charge Mitchell has no particular desire to be a witch, and he doesn't plan on cooperating. Paige tries to convince him to embrace his gift, but he refuses. Leo tells Paige she has to get past his defenses, like he did when he disguised himself as a handyman to get close to the Charmed Ones. Paige disguises herself and crashes her car into a telephone pole outside Mitchell's auto shop. He super-speeds out to save her. Paige morphs back into herself, and tells him he really does choose to help people. Mitchell is not amused, and tells her to get lost. Leo convinces her to get to know him as a man, not just a witch. Paige does some research and finds that Mitchell's fiancée was killed by demons, and he blames himself. She convinces him to give witchcraft another try.

Amara originally sent her minions to snag a lock of hair from Piper – hair that is vital to the soul-switching spell she plans to perform. Since Piper now has her guard up, she sends the minions after Phoebe. They retrieve the hair and Amara performs the spell. Bingo – she's in Phoebe's body, and Phoebe is trapped in hers. Her minions lock up Phamara in a magical cage. Amara takes over Phoebe's body as she's talking to the snooty psychologist who's supposed to vet her column. Ameobe is thrilled to be in a gorgeous body, and immediately starts hitting on the psychologist. She kisses him, then tells him to do what he wants with her column – she couldn't care less.

Decoy Ameobe is vain as hell, constantly checking herself out and trying on new skimpy outfits. Piper doesn't catch on that there's any change. Ameobe fakes a premonition and tells Piper it's time to go after a demon disguised as a city councilman. Piper freezes all the innocents and they sneak into his office. Ameobe gets him to drop his disguise and Piper vanquishes him with a potion. Unfortunately, their picture was caught on the security cameras. Sheridan comes to the manor with the picture, asking if they had anything to do with the councilman's disappearance. Piper denies it, but Sheridan is obviously suspicious. Down in Amara's lair, Phamara tries to convince the minions that she's Amara, back in her old body. A suspicious minion goes to check it out.

The minion confronts Ameobe in the attic. Piper walks in on them, and Phoebe convinces her to vanquish him. She says she knows who's behind it all. They recruit Paige back from her Whitelighter duties. Down in the lair, Phamara is finally free of the cage, and is thrilled when her sisters and Ameobe orb down. She thinks they've come to rescue her, but Ameobe uses the potion to vanquish her. Phoebe's soul floats free, and Ameobe cackles that she got the Charmed Ones to kill their sister.

Ameobe continues her quest to vanquish Zankou's minions on earth. She takes out one posing as a judge. Paige and Piepr resolve to get Phoebe back by repeating the soul-switching spell. They get Mitchell to use his super-speed to grab a lock of hair from Ameobe, then reverse the spell. Amara is booted out of Phoebe's body, and Phoebe is back to normal.

Elise tells Phoebe they fired the psychologist who was supposed to check her column--he said that she came onto him and then told him to do what he liked with the stories! Obviously, he was nuts. Phoebe decides to go to graduate school so she can really have the credentials to do her job. At the police station, Sheridan pores over the Halliwell files.

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