Season 7 Episode 19

Freaky Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on The WB

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  • Alyssa Takes Off Her Mask...

    There's only two words that come to mind as I write this: missed opportunity.

    The body swap has been a well-known, re-usable storyline for many sci-fi shows and yes Charmed has already had body swap stories (Enter the Demon to name one) but I was actually looking forward to this episode quite a lot. It had been a while since Charmed had done a full-on comedy episode and I was hoping this would be a good vehicle to show that Charmed can write comedy without it ending up corny or childish.

    Sadly, this episode is actually quite boring. The demon of the week, an ugly hag called Imara, is different compared to other demons as it's obvious that Suzanne Krull had undergone a lot of make-up to look so weird and otherworldly compared to other demons on the show, which are usually just human-looking.

    Imara decides to gain the respect of Zankou by swapping bodies with Phoebe, so she can first kill Phoebe in Imara's body and then kill Piper and Paige. The scenes with Imara in Phoebe's body are funny but few and far between, with only some moments (Imara's fake premonitions and her constant clothes-changing) sticking in your mind. Eventually, the episode gets boring and a pointless "sister dies" twist is put in the fourth act. I for one get tired of the times when one of the sisters is killed. As it's happened so often and you know that they'll be saved somehow, all suspense is gone.

    Alyssa Milano and Suzanne Krull both gave good performances in the episode and Alyssa portrayed evil quite well (as we've seen her do before in the Queen of the Underworld saga in the latter part of season four).

    I don't really know what to think about Phoebe's decision to go back to college. We've already had the "College-Phoebe" storyline once before and do we really need it again? It seems like they've only written it in to give Phoebe something to do or so she could meet the father of her unborn baby in her psychology class or something. We'll have to wait and see.

    Freaky Phoebe is an occasionally funny but ultimately forgettable hour of Charmed.
  • Good as allways!

    I think that this episode was just as good as allways! I don't think Charmed as ever been boring. It is allways exciting, interesting and they allways looks so nice and beautiful!
    I don't want this series ever to end...!!!
    Every week i am looking forward to the next episode!! In this episode I think "phoebe" performed very well....did they swich bodies in reality...?....
  • A good episode, but typical fare

    This was a fairly typical demon-attacks-and-Charmed-Ones-vanquish-demon episode. Nothing much happened to move the plot or character arc forward—except that Phoebe decided to go to graduate school, which is a major development, and a welcome one.

    What made this episode original was that Imara, a smart and powerful demon, was undone by her own vanity. The plan was for her to temporarily inhabit Phoebe's body, work with Piper and Paige to vanquish Zankou's lieutenants, then return to her own body. But once inside Phoebe's body, she couldn't stop looking at herself in the mirror. She decided to keep Phoebe's body, and helped the Charmed Ones vanquish her own. So when Piper and Paige reversed the spell, her essence had no place to go.

    Chances are that no one in the audience was sitting on the edge of their seat, wondering whether Piper and Paige would be able to save Phoebe after they vanquished the demonic body she was inhabiting. Of course they were going to save her. Even Piper and Paige seemed fairly confident: while Piper was beating herself up for not recognizing that Phoebe had been possessed, she wasn't wailing her sister's death. The stakes were high, but they weren't insurmountable. The suspense in this episode, as in all the others, doesn't lie in whether the demon will be defeated, but how. Having Paige's new charge help out in vanquishing Imara was a nice way to interweave the main plot and the subplot.

    The episode had one weakness: While Piper recognized that Phoebe was not herself, she didn't recognize that the soul-swapper had gone through with her plan. Piper's argument that she didn't expect a demon who possessed Phoebe's body to help vanquish other demons was logical. It worked intellectually, but it didn't work emotionally. She should have been more suspicious.
  • 'Coyote Piper' and 'Enter The Demon', both mixed together to make an un original storyline.

    I would have liked this episode, if I hadn't seen 'Coyote Piper' and 'Enter The Demon' I don't know what happened with this episode,the storyline was good but it was basically a remake. It is a real shame because the actress Suzanne Krull (Imara), played the part really well and the makeup looked fantastic it's a shame they did this one already, (Haven't there been enough episodes with Phoebe barley wearing anything!)

    This episode is about Imara, an evil being who really hates the way she looks so she swaps bodies with Phoebe, because she thought Phoebe was soo beautiful.

  • Body Switches.

    Freaky Phoebe is a great episode, although they have done this kind of storyline before I couldn't help but enjoy this hilarious episode. Phoebe and a demon named Amara swicth bodies while Phoebe is being held hostage and Amara is vanquishing demons with Piper. Alyssa Milano was hilarious in this episode checking her image in the mirror every five minutes and the funny little quotes in the episode like ''I could be bald and still look hot''. So even thought they did this episode already it's still highly enjoyable. Overall: A good episode, I have watched it 3 times and it still hasn't bored me.
  • Great episode but didn't they do this kind of one before !!!

    Paige begins whitelighter duty when she gets a new charge named Mitchell Haines, Mitchell isn't interested in having a new whitelighter nor developing his powers. Will Paige be able to show him using his powers can be a good thing or will she admit defeat? Piper takes care of demons who attack at P3. Phoebe is annoyed because the newspaper is being sued and the legal department is clamping down all reporters. They want all of Phoebe's columns to be reviewed by a professional shrink so that she doesn't get sued for giving bad advice. A hideous-looking sorceress named Imara switches bodies with Phoebe so she can be out in the real world and take care of three of Zankou's lieutenants who are above ground. Destroying Zankou's trusted men will weaken the powerful demon. The real Phoebe is trapped underground. Will the sisters discover the switcharoo in time? Good episode but they do these ones alot i think Paige should of been kidnapped and impersinated by Imara because they doa lot of episodes with Phoebe and Piper being posessed, and it would have been very funny becaus epaige is the funny type but i suppose she was helping her charge. overall one of my favourite episodes with switching bodies.
  • Out of characte?? Xd Alyssa is... a very very bad witch! This episode is one more! Nothing bad but nothing especial either

    The episode is... I don't know... Right? I don't like at all the whole "I'm hot, you're not" idea. But the figth scenes were great and the story too so this a one episode to watch!

    A great camera job: The Final scene in the attic when superhighspeed enter till Phoebe is shown is one single scene (not cuts) and they do a explosion so it's very original. The car accident is well done aswell. I think is a special "normal" episode that reminds of the episode of the seasons before.

    Once again I loved Rose! The first scene with Leo was very great
  • A very good episode!

    One good episode! I liked it, although it is a mix of a couple of episodes from before, but I liked those episodes so more of the same is fine by me! I like the title for this one, in a previous episode Paige had used the term Freaky Phoebe when Phoebe switched bodies with her & now here's an episode with both that title & the same kind of thing! I love that this series either sometimes breaks the 4th wall or refers back to itself! I find that very funny, at least somewhat funny. So, all in all a good episode!

    Don't fancy yours much

    Charmed is looking a little tired at the moment. Since the end of the avatar arc, it seems to have been running on autopilot. The last few episodes haven't been bad but I'm sure I'd have rated them more highly in earlier seasons.

    This week sees a hag named Imara swap souls with Phoebe in order to go on a demon hunting rampage. It's not a bad story, and there's some nice acting, but the possessed sister thing has been done so many times it doesn't have the impact it should. And what is it with Piper? She knows they are hunting a soul swapper and it's blindingly obvious Phoebe is acting strangely but it still takes her almost the full hour to put two and two together. Grrrrr!

    There are some memorable scenes, like Imara faking a premonition while in Phoebe's body, but she spends way too much time checking herself out in the mirror. The script is also a little odd towards the end - neither Piper nor Paige seem remotely upset that their sister has died - they just assume she 'll come back. They're right, of course, but it totally destroys any sense of drama. Top marks this week go to the make-up team for doing such a good job on Imara - she really does look the part.

    Paige being called up as a whitelighter is a good development and, unlike last week, her subplot ties into the main story. I thought her charge, Mitchell, had a very cool power. It's nice to see another witch who is more than just demon fodder.

    Inspector Sheridan makes a fleeting appearance too. I'm not sure where they're going with this character. She's obviously been kept on for a reason but she's hardly done anything since getting knocked out in 'Charrrrrrrmed'. I guess we'll have to wait until the finale.

    Score: 9.0
  • ....And Slutty Phoebe Returns!


    Freaky Phoebe-A powerful sorceress switches bodies with Phoebe, who ends up trapped in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Paige faces a big problem when her new charge refuses her help.

    How is that after ALL the times that the sisters have been possessed, impersonated or under a spell, NO one can tell anymore, especially when it comes to Phoebe!! Lastepisode, the sisters were smart and managed to see through Katya impersonation as Darcy, now this week, we're back to the sisters being as delusional and naive as ever! Whether it was meant to be funny or ironic that the sisters didn't know Imara was in Phoebe's body like she ironically points out at one point in the episode, it's beyond pathetic at this point! The sisters should know without hesitation when one of them is not themselves at this point, it's been seven years and they've been through countless situations like this! God, Piper has known Phoebe since birth yet she's probably the most blind of everyone in the episode when the signs are SO DAMN clear that Phoebe is not herself! She walks around admiring herself at every mirror she sees, dresses sluttier at every chance she gets and isobsessedwith killing demons!'s like the characters that Constance M. Burge created have been replaced by vapid morons that Brad Kern seems content with! Anyway, the whole Imara/Phoebe body switch is filled with the same gimmicks and cheap jokes as you would expect from astory-linefrom this. And speaking of Imara, she's probably the cheesiest villains ever! Her make-up is beyond cartoony, making her look like some Saturday morning cartoon villain! What's up with the budget during these seasons!? O_0 Sure, the sisters vanquishing

    The only thing that keeps this episode from being a complete disaster isPaige'ssub-plot with her latest charge. It's nice to see the writers being consistent with Paige's new calling and it's actually great seeing her grow into a whitelighter. Sure, her faking a car crash was extreme but in the end, Paige learned from her mistakes and managed to get through to Mitchell. Mitchell himself was a decent character and his power of hyper speed with pretty cool, proving even to be useful with helping the sisters get a piece of Phoebe's hair so she and Imara can switch back. All and All, a weak filler that could have worse if not for a solid sub-plot with Paige and her charge.

  • Freaky Phoebe

    Freaky Phoebe was a perfect episode of Charmed because it had a lot of great character and plot development, some campy humor, and serious issues being addressed. It was fun watching as Inspector Sheridan renewed interest in the sisters after more unexplained happenings. I couldn't believe it took Piper so long to realize something was wrong with Phoebe. I liked seeing Paige on her first White Lighter mission but I thought it would have been a bit bigger part of the over all story though it did come through in the end. I liked how every thing played out, and the sisters seemed to have really grown from their experiences. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!