Season 7 Episode 19

Freaky Phoebe

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 01, 2005 on The WB

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  • ....And Slutty Phoebe Returns!


    Freaky Phoebe-A powerful sorceress switches bodies with Phoebe, who ends up trapped in the Underworld. Meanwhile, Paige faces a big problem when her new charge refuses her help.

    How is that after ALL the times that the sisters have been possessed, impersonated or under a spell, NO one can tell anymore, especially when it comes to Phoebe!! Lastepisode, the sisters were smart and managed to see through Katya impersonation as Darcy, now this week, we're back to the sisters being as delusional and naive as ever! Whether it was meant to be funny or ironic that the sisters didn't know Imara was in Phoebe's body like she ironically points out at one point in the episode, it's beyond pathetic at this point! The sisters should know without hesitation when one of them is not themselves at this point, it's been seven years and they've been through countless situations like this! God, Piper has known Phoebe since birth yet she's probably the most blind of everyone in the episode when the signs are SO DAMN clear that Phoebe is not herself! She walks around admiring herself at every mirror she sees, dresses sluttier at every chance she gets and isobsessedwith killing demons!'s like the characters that Constance M. Burge created have been replaced by vapid morons that Brad Kern seems content with! Anyway, the whole Imara/Phoebe body switch is filled with the same gimmicks and cheap jokes as you would expect from astory-linefrom this. And speaking of Imara, she's probably the cheesiest villains ever! Her make-up is beyond cartoony, making her look like some Saturday morning cartoon villain! What's up with the budget during these seasons!? O_0 Sure, the sisters vanquishing

    The only thing that keeps this episode from being a complete disaster isPaige'ssub-plot with her latest charge. It's nice to see the writers being consistent with Paige's new calling and it's actually great seeing her grow into a whitelighter. Sure, her faking a car crash was extreme but in the end, Paige learned from her mistakes and managed to get through to Mitchell. Mitchell himself was a decent character and his power of hyper speed with pretty cool, proving even to be useful with helping the sisters get a piece of Phoebe's hair so she and Imara can switch back. All and All, a weak filler that could have worse if not for a solid sub-plot with Paige and her charge.

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