Season 1 Episode 13

From Fear To Eternity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1999 on The WB
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The Demon of Fear emerges after 1300 years and sets off to kill 13 unmarried witches by midnight, including the Charmed Ones. The sisters must learn to conquer their fears in order to defeat him. Meanwhile, Phoebe has misgivings about her expected duties at a new job and Piper is frustrated by her superstition about relationships started on Friday the 13th.moreless

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  • From Fear to Eternity

    From Fear to Eternity was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and fun while exploring Friday the 13th "Charmed" style. It was interesting to see how the sisters get tangled up in what is happening once again along with Andy and his partner finding clues pointing to Prue. The sisters are confronted with their fears giving some more depth to their characters. It was great to watch Prue overcome her fear with the help of her Mother's spirit. I like the ending where Prue gets one last message from her mother. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!moreless
  • In this episode a demon whom is named Barbus returned to San Francisco. It is Friday the 13th in this episode. The clock strikes 13. His goal is to scare 13 unmarried women literally to death before midnight.moreless

    This episode is quite interesting. I like how Prue pointed out to Phoebe that when choosing good luck charms, one won't be unlucky. There were some flaws with the camera work and makeup. Some parts weren't consistent throughout the show. There were some simple mistakes as well, like Prue's hair not being streaked with white before wrapping her head in a towel. Unless the white appears after the death, or in her case, scare, that flaw was very noticable. Or when Andy and Darrell were coming to question Prue about the previous murder, they heard her scream and busted in, which is illegal unless they have a warrant. But aside from the basics, the plot was good, and I very much enjoy this series.moreless
  • The infamous Demon of Fear makes his first appearance on Friday the 13th. Allegedly he comes around only once every 1300 years. Wrong.

    For me, any episode with Barbas, played by Billy Drago, is probably going to be a good episode. Barbas is a unique figure in the Charmed pantheon. He is a demon, but he doesn't operate in the normal demonic fashion. Billy Drago plays him with the self-assurance of any top level demon, but also with a creepy amusement. Here is a demon who truly enjoys his work. Barbas here is the blueprint for demons to follow in later seasons. He is a normal-looking human dressed in all black. He even calls himself a demon. We have everything here except the fireballs.

    It is Friday the 13th, and this episode continues the horror elements from last episode. The foreboding manner in which this episode was shot adds to the effectiveness of Barbas's rather famous first appearance. I especially love how Barbas waves his hand and a shadow passes across the face of his victims. Very creepy and very cool!

    This is mostly a Prue-centered episode. Prue overcomes a couple hangovers from the death of her mother and ultimately vanquishes Barbas, until next time, rather anticlimactically. Probably a bigger result is that the sisters are drawn closer together as a result of the trial. This episode also clearly established Prue as the strongest sister, the sister of action; that would be highlighted for the next couple episodes.

    Phoebe's subplot is a further revealing of her good witch nature, which I'm sure we are all aware of by now. She is momentarily the righteous one, until Paige shows up, when her character takes a pragmatic turn. Alyssa looks fantastic here, BTW.

    Piper's subplot is irritating frankly, but I am always irritated by any subplot involving Piper and any man but Leo. At least it is always fun to watch Piper.moreless
  • Hit Me Barbus One More Time

    This episode is the first to feature Barbas and it's a shame as it's completely ruined when watching it during re-runs as you just aren't interested in him anymore, due to his constant appearances in almost every other season of Charmed. He was an effective villain at first but it's annoying that he was used to death.

    From Fear to Eternity has Barbas, the demon of fear, unleashing the sister's worst fears on them, which ultimately will kill them. Barbas needs to kill 13 witches by midnight on Friday the 13th to obtain freedom from the Underworld.

    The motive behind Barbas’ killings is really good in this episode and it's annoying that in his later appearances on the show, his motive is never used again and he just pops up without any real purpose. From Fear to Eternity has some brilliant set pieces and the writers used the various settings very effectively. Prue almost drowning in the shower was a very tense moment, as was the scene when Barbas was about to kill Tangella. The death scene of the apartment block witch was also effective and there were some good special effects used as she burned away.

    Billy Drago is the only down-point of the episode. His awful portrayal of Barbas is just plain bad and it's a struggle to take his character seriously when he's shouting lame threats like "you're frozen in fear!!!" at anybody who cares.

    From Fear to Eternity is probably one of the best episodes of season one and the good points of the hour far outweigh the bad ones. Recommended.

    Rating: Bmoreless
  • barbas!

    this is the first episode with Barbas, the demon of Fear! we find out prue and pheobes fear! but not pipers. they should have showed pipers fear too.that wouldve benn cool. i loved this episode. it was one of the best in the season. prue was really col in this episode. i love it!
Shannen Doherty

Shannen Doherty

Prudence 'Prue' Halliwell

Holly Marie Combs

Holly Marie Combs

Piper Halliwell

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano

Phoebe Halliwell

Dorian Gregory

Dorian Gregory

Darryl Morris

Ted King

Ted King

Inspector Andy Trudeau

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, it is revealed that Prue has a fear of water- specifically of drowning. In real life, Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) has a fear of water.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode and in "Ms. Hellfire" Barbas uses smoke as a form of transportation. In his later appearances when he is teleporting he is surrounded by fire.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time one of the sisters (Prue) is visited by Patty, not only when she helps to save Prue from drowning but when she from the great beyond adds passages to the book of Shadows. However in this episode she is not played by Finola Hughes, and her face is not clearly shown.

    • When Prue gets out of the shower after Barbas attacks her, her hair is still black. When she takes the towel off of her hair downstairs, her hair has a streak of white in it. The white would have occurred during the fear attack, not afterwards.

    • TRIVIA: Featured music in this episode -
      -The Answer by Brooke Ramel
      -Enchanted by Chasing Furies
      -No Mercy by Khaleel.

    • Andy told Prue that the lady from the bookstore was half covered in debris and her face was contorted. When they showed her lying there, her face was normal and there wasn't anything covering her body.

    • TRIVIA: The address on the mailing list was different than the address on the flyers when the Halliwell sisters lost their cat. It is however the same address used in the rest of the series.

    • When Phoebe was signing the mailing list, the pen wasn't writing right away. The first couple letters of her name were not there, but when Barbas looked at the mailing list her whole name was written.

    • When Prue takes the towel off her head her hair is messy, but when she looks in the mirror to see the white streak in her hair, it is perfectly combed.

    • After Prue opens the shower door, and the water is rushing out of the shower onto the floor. You can see the water pump pumping the water into the shower and onto the floor.

    • When Prue is floating in the pool, her white bra strap is visible; when she gets out of the pool, her bra strap is still visible and it's black.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Patty comes to Prue while she's drowning to try to save her. This happens again in the season 5 episode "A Witch's Tail" while Piper is drowning. However this time, Patty is not played by actress Finola Hughes.

    • After Prue is in the pool (at the house that is for sale) how is it that her hair and clothes are not only dry, but styled to perfection by the time she gets back to the Manor?

    • TRIVIA: This episode takes place on Friday the 13th, an unlucky day. This is also the 13th episode of the first season. 13 is thought of an unlucky number.

    • Right before Prue enters the shower, the make-up covering her tattoo on her ankle is very obvious (it's a different color tone than her natural skin tone).

    • TRIVIA: This is the first appearance of Barbas, the Demon of Fear.

    • TRIVIA: Prue's greatest fear is revealed to be drowning, the same way her mother died; and that Phoebe is afraid of losing one of her sisters.

    • When Prue gets frightened by the demon, part of her hair turns white, however, when she is lured to the pool to die and scare Pheobe to death, all her hair is black.

    • Piper's outfit changed four times in one day.

    • When Phoebe is at the job interview, and she found out that she got the job, the boss tells her that she is going to be in Calastoga for the rest of the afternoon, Phoebe asks her if she's taking a romantic mid-week break, when it is clearly supposed to be Friday the 13th. How would it be mid-week, when it is Friday?

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Phoebe: Hey, what are you doing?
      Piper: Kicking myself. I just lost probably the greatest catch in San Francisco.
      Prue: What happened?
      Piper: He doesn't like women who rely on superstitions to make decisions. And I'm not so sure he's wrong.
      Phoebe: So, Prue vanquished the demon of fear.
      Prue: Well, at least put him back in the bottle for another thirteen hundred years.
      Piper: Wait, whoa, what? What happened?
      Phoebe: Well, he pushed her into a pool and then...
      Prue: And mum helped me out.
      Piper: Mum?
      Prue: Okay, I know it sounds crazy but I saw her. It was just like my dream. She was this incredible vision, so peaceful and she took my hand and brought me to the surface.
      Piper: That doesn't sound crazy. I wish I could've seen her.
      Phoebe: Me too.
      Piper: I'm just glad you're all right.
      (They hug.)
      Prue: I love you.
      (Piper breaks the hug.)
      Piper: What did you just say?
      Prue: I love you.
      (Piper and Phoebe smile.)
      Piper: I think that's the first time you've said that to me.
      Prue: Yeah, I know, I wish I had of said it a long time ago. Ever since mum died I've been afraid to say it. I didn't want to lose anybody else.
      Piper: Well, we're not going anywhere.
      Prue: Okay. I'm exhausted. I'll se you two in the morning.
      (Prue leaves the room.)
      Piper: Uh, what happened to her in that pool?
      Phoebe: I don't know. But whatever it was, it must have been incredible.

    • Prue: Phoebe?
      (She opens the gate.)
      Phoebe: I'm in the backyard. You won't believe the view from here.
      (Prue walks in the yard.)
      Prue: Pheebs, where are you? (She walks near the swimming pool.) Phoebe?
      (Prue turns around and sees Phoebe tied up and Barbas standing there.)
      Barbas: (imitating Phoebe's voice) Isn't that a great view? (Barbas pushes Prue in the pool.) That's right. (Prue sinks to the bottom. She tries to swim back up to the top but can't.) Feed me your fear.
      (A bright light appears in the pool.)
      A voice: Prue, Prue. You must face your fears, Prue. You must trust in the greatest of all powers. Love.
      Prue: Mum?
      A voice: Save yourself. Save your sister. (Prue's mum holds out her hand.) Don't be afraid.
      (Prue reaches out and holds her mum's hand. Her mum pulls her up to the top.)
      Prue: (to Barbas) It's over.
      (She uses her power and Barbas flies across the yard. She gets out of the pool.)
      Barbas: Your fear.
      Prue: I'm not afraid anymore.
      Barbas: Nooo!
      (Barbas burns and explodes. The rope disappears off Phoebe. Prue and Phoebe hug.)
      Phoebe: Oh my God, I was so scared.
      Prue: I know. I'm just glad you're safe.
      Phoebe: I don't know what would happen if I ever lost you. I love you.
      Prue: I love you.

    • Tanjella: Sorry, we're closed. (Barbas knocks on the door again.) I said, we're closed.
      (Barbas walks through the door like a ghost.)
      Barbas: Not to me, witch.
      Tanjella: Oh my God. (Tanjella picks up an amulet.)
      Barbas: Amulets don't work with this demon. (He passes his hand in front of her face.) Your greatest fear is being buried alive in an earthquake. (The room starts shaking and things fall off the shelves. Tanjella screams. Shelves fall down around her.) Yes. You can't run, you're frozen in fear.
      (Tanjella stops screaming and she falls on the floor. She is dead and her hair has turned white. Barbas walks over to the mailing list. He passes his hand above it and half of the names disappear.)

    • Tanjella: Excuse me, but I'm getting ready to close now.
      Prue: Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that you were open until 1:00.
      Tanjella: Normally I am, but not on the eve of Friday the 13th. In fact, I kinda wanna be closed by midnight.
      Prue: All right, well, we won't be much longer will we, Pheebs?
      Phoebe: Okay, okay. So, input?
      (She holds up a necklace.)
      Prue: Nice. Let's go.
      Phoebe: It's nice? That's it? Maybe I should look for another one.
      Prue: Phoebe, the woman wants to close.
      Phoebe: I know, I know, but choosing the right good luck charm is a very big decision.
      Prue: If they all bring good luck, what's the worse that can happen if you choose the wrong one?
      Pheobe: All right, you know, this is why I like shopping with Piper.
      (They walk up to the counter and hands the necklace to Tanjella.)
      Tanjella: Okay, you want me to put this on Piper's order?
      Phoebe: Uh, no, I'll pay separately.
      Tanjella: Cash or charge?
      Phoebe: (to Prue) Uh, will you put it on a credit card for me? I will pay you back. And tomorrow I have a job interview and...
      Prue: And the good luck charm is going to help you get the job. How much?
      Tanjella: $25.50 plus tax.
      Prue: Okay.
      Tanjella: Oh, but you get 10% off if you sign the mailing list.
      Phoebe: See? Good luck already.
      (Phoebe writes down their names.)
      Tanjella: If you're interested, we're having a Wicca gathering for the spring equinox.
      Prue: What makes you think that we would be interested?
      Tanjella: Most witches are.
      Prue: We never said that we were witches.
      Phoebe: (to Prue under her breath) Do you think she knows?
      Prue: (under her breath) How could she?
      (The clock strikes twelve.)
      Tanjella: Could you please hurry?
      Phoebe: Is there a problem?
      Tanjella: I told you I just, I want to be closed by midnight.
      Prue: Wow, you really take this Friday the 13th stuff seriously.
      Tanjella: Yeah, you should too. Especially this one.
      Phoebe: And why is that?
      Tanjella: Because once every thirteen hundred years, there's a universal convergence of negative energy on Friday the 13th and this is the year.
      Prue: Of course it is.
      Tanjella: Did you hear that? The clock struck thirteen. It's starting already.
      Phoebe: Good night, Tanjella.
      (They grab the necklace and leave.)

    • Piper: You can never be too rich or too safe.

    • Barbas (talking to Phoebe): You mortals need to look deeper... Down where the real truth lies. Your greatest fear is losing a sister, and I get two for one...

    • Prue: Does a positive superstition cancel out a negative one?

    • Phoebe: I love you.
      Prue: Yeah, me too.
      Piper: I wonder if she knows she does that.

    • Andy: What would you do if you were in my shoes?
      Prue: First of all, no one should ever be in those shoes

    • Piper: Unmarried. Like being single didn't have enough problems.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Prue: Nope, that's all she wrote.

      This is a somewhat commonly used phrase of debatable origin. The standard theory is that it comes from when soldiers at war would receive "Dear John" letters from their girlfriends implicitly but not expressively ending their relationships. They would read the letters aloud and when questioned by their buddies as to the remaining contents, they would respond "That's all she wrote." It's usage today typically expresses disappointment in the lack of more information, or to express that "that's all there is."

    • When Barbas drowns Prue in the pool, he says "Nice coat."
      This is very similar to the Buffy, the Vampire Slayer season 1 episode "Prophecy Girl", in which the Master drowns Buffy in a pool of sewer water and says "By the way. I love the dress." Also, in the season 5 episode "Fool for Love", Spike, after killing his second slayer says, "love the coat."

    • Title: "From Fear To Eternity"
      This is a reference to the 1953 film From Here to Eternity, that was adapted from the novel.