Season 1 Episode 13

From Fear To Eternity

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 10, 1999 on The WB

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  • Ah Barbas

    Well, anything with Barbas is good. People complaining about him being acted badly etc, Billy Drago physically is perfect for the role, and as far as the cheesiness of "You're frozen IN FEAR", he hasn't been on land for 1300 years, don't you think you'd throw in some dramatic flare if you could too.

    Anyway, he's so cute as his early self, and I agree they do kind of overuse him eventually, but he suits as being someone the girls just feel is incredibly scary.

    My biggest issue, I hate that it's prue (as usual) who gets to save the day. I don't understand why they need a sister who is 'the strongest' especially since Phoebe is the one who has so much courage and no fears. But Phoebe learns martial arts (but Prue is better at it than her naturally), Prue is always right, Prue can do whatever she wants whenever she wants, casts spells and gets no repercussions but Phoebe and Piper have to justify their actions to her. So yes mini Prue rant, but I would've preferred if it had of been all three of them working together. And especially since Prue in S2 is still terrified of water (so she didn't overcome her fear anyway).

    Fashion what - Why Andy, why the 'Serial' shoes.

    Fashion yes - I did like Phoebe's little suit she wore this episode. Stylish and hot.
  • From Fear to Eternity

    From Fear to Eternity was a superb episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and fun while exploring Friday the 13th "Charmed" style. It was interesting to see how the sisters get tangled up in what is happening once again along with Andy and his partner finding clues pointing to Prue. The sisters are confronted with their fears giving some more depth to their characters. It was great to watch Prue overcome her fear with the help of her Mother's spirit. I like the ending where Prue gets one last message from her mother. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • In this episode a demon whom is named Barbus returned to San Francisco. It is Friday the 13th in this episode. The clock strikes 13. His goal is to scare 13 unmarried women literally to death before midnight.

    This episode is quite interesting. I like how Prue pointed out to Phoebe that when choosing good luck charms, one won't be unlucky. There were some flaws with the camera work and makeup. Some parts weren't consistent throughout the show. There were some simple mistakes as well, like Prue's hair not being streaked with white before wrapping her head in a towel. Unless the white appears after the death, or in her case, scare, that flaw was very noticable. Or when Andy and Darrell were coming to question Prue about the previous murder, they heard her scream and busted in, which is illegal unless they have a warrant. But aside from the basics, the plot was good, and I very much enjoy this series.
  • The infamous Demon of Fear makes his first appearance on Friday the 13th. Allegedly he comes around only once every 1300 years. Wrong.

    For me, any episode with Barbas, played by Billy Drago, is probably going to be a good episode. Barbas is a unique figure in the Charmed pantheon. He is a demon, but he doesn't operate in the normal demonic fashion. Billy Drago plays him with the self-assurance of any top level demon, but also with a creepy amusement. Here is a demon who truly enjoys his work. Barbas here is the blueprint for demons to follow in later seasons. He is a normal-looking human dressed in all black. He even calls himself a demon. We have everything here except the fireballs.

    It is Friday the 13th, and this episode continues the horror elements from last episode. The foreboding manner in which this episode was shot adds to the effectiveness of Barbas's rather famous first appearance. I especially love how Barbas waves his hand and a shadow passes across the face of his victims. Very creepy and very cool!

    This is mostly a Prue-centered episode. Prue overcomes a couple hangovers from the death of her mother and ultimately vanquishes Barbas, until next time, rather anticlimactically. Probably a bigger result is that the sisters are drawn closer together as a result of the trial. This episode also clearly established Prue as the strongest sister, the sister of action; that would be highlighted for the next couple episodes.

    Phoebe's subplot is a further revealing of her good witch nature, which I'm sure we are all aware of by now. She is momentarily the righteous one, until Paige shows up, when her character takes a pragmatic turn. Alyssa looks fantastic here, BTW.

    Piper's subplot is irritating frankly, but I am always irritated by any subplot involving Piper and any man but Leo. At least it is always fun to watch Piper.
  • Hit Me Barbus One More Time

    This episode is the first to feature Barbas and it's a shame as it's completely ruined when watching it during re-runs as you just aren't interested in him anymore, due to his constant appearances in almost every other season of Charmed. He was an effective villain at first but it's annoying that he was used to death.

    From Fear to Eternity has Barbas, the demon of fear, unleashing the sister's worst fears on them, which ultimately will kill them. Barbas needs to kill 13 witches by midnight on Friday the 13th to obtain freedom from the Underworld.

    The motive behind Barbas’ killings is really good in this episode and it's annoying that in his later appearances on the show, his motive is never used again and he just pops up without any real purpose. From Fear to Eternity has some brilliant set pieces and the writers used the various settings very effectively. Prue almost drowning in the shower was a very tense moment, as was the scene when Barbas was about to kill Tangella. The death scene of the apartment block witch was also effective and there were some good special effects used as she burned away.

    Billy Drago is the only down-point of the episode. His awful portrayal of Barbas is just plain bad and it's a struggle to take his character seriously when he's shouting lame threats like "you're frozen in fear!!!" at anybody who cares.

    From Fear to Eternity is probably one of the best episodes of season one and the good points of the hour far outweigh the bad ones. Recommended.

    Rating: B
  • barbas!

    this is the first episode with Barbas, the demon of Fear! we find out prue and pheobes fear! but not pipers. they should have showed pipers fear too.that wouldve benn cool. i loved this episode. it was one of the best in the season. prue was really col in this episode. i love it!
  • Barbus - the demon of fear, comes back every 1300 years on Friday the 13th to try and kill 13 witches. Meanwhile Piper is obsessed with superstitions.

    I thought this was a very good episode. It had a cool demon. I loved the way he always emphasized the word witch at the end of his sentences. It also contained some touching moments where we learn how the sisters' mother died and that Prue can't say I love you. It's pretty touching when we find out why. The demon Barbus kills witches by turning their greatest fear against them and actually scares them to death. Prue finds a page in the book of shadows that was written by her mother to warn them about Barbus. It turns out Prue's greatest fear is drowning because that is how her mother died. I thought Shannen did an absolutly great job in the scene where the demon tried to drown her but Andy and Darryl broke in and cut the attempt short. The look of fear she had was just perfect. The only minus in this episode is the sub-plot of Pipers superstition. It just doesn't work for me. It seems a little overdone. There's no humor in it and it doesn't get me involved enough to care how the subplot turns out.
  • There's Nothing To Fear, But Billy Drago's Acting!

    From Fear to Eternity-The Demon of Fear emerges after 1300 years and sets off to kill 13 unmarried witches by midnight, including the Charmed Ones. The sisters must learn to conquer their fears in order to defeat him. Meanwhile, Phoebe has misgivings about her expected duties at a new job and Piper is frustrated by her superstition about relationships started on Friday the 13th.

    Despite a dry performance from Billy Drago, "From Fear to Eternity" is one of those signature Charmed episodes as it introduces one of its most well known and recurring villains. Now don't get me wrong, Barbas is a cool villain with great M.O., if only the writers could have chosen a better actor than Billy Drago. Hard to believe that this is veteran actor and his performances as Barbas are mediocre at best! Although, you could take in the fact that Billy looks freakishly creepy and fits the role visually, so I'm guessing it was perfect for him. Anyway, the Firday the 13th tale of 13 unmarried witches dead witches by midnight is written well and the death scenes are pretty cool with the womens' hair turning white.

    Prue is at the center of the storyline as she must face her greatest fear of drowning as well as face the demons that is the source of that fear. Shannen Doherty is great throughout fron Prue's near death experience when Barbus tries to drown her in the shower until the end where Prue finds the strength to overcome her fear. The pool sequence where Prue sees her mother and she pulls her up to surface is beautifully shot and moving. It also makes sense that Prue's fear would come from losing her mom and that she is afraid to tell people she loves them because she thinks she'll lose them. Its a touching development and helps bring Prue closer to her sisters. The only thing that doesn't fit in the episode is Phoebe's sub-plot with new job and her boss forcing her to lie to her husband. It just wasn't needed a felt out of place. All and All, despite Billy Drago, this is a great episode with good performances, great scenes and a memorable first appearences of Barbas.
  • Barbas the Demon of Fear is in town and his mission is to kill 13 unmarried witches before midnight so that he may stay on earth. Quite a task!

    It's Friday the 13th and, of course, lots of things have to go wrong. The ever-superstitious Piper is worried about starting any kind of relationship on this date as she fears it will automatically be doomed but the demon, Barbas, has more important things on his mind than Piper's fears. For a start, he only comes to earth every 1, 300 years and, in the one day that he has available to him, he must kill 13 unmarried witches or he gets sent back from whence he came. His method is to play on the fears of those he is attacking. In the case of The Charmed Ones, we learn that Phoebe is scared of losing one of her sisters and Prue is terrified of drowning as that is how their mother, Patty died.

    Barbas clearly has quite a task and San Francisco clearly has a very large population of single witches as this is the city he has chosen for his not-so-frequent visit. Naturally, the deaths of the Halliwell sisters are very high on his list and, indeed, he almost succeeds in killing Prue who is in enough trouble already as Andy and Darryl are convinced that she is hiding something big from them and are determined to find out what but she can hardly tell them she is a witch, can she? Andy would probably believe her in the end but I suspect Darryl would not.

    Needless to say, Barbas doesn't meet his quota of dead witches and is sent away again but I have a feeling he may return at a later date ...

    A pretty good episode, although not stellar, however, Shannen Doherty did a good job in her portrayal of Prue's ultimate fear. It was certainly worth watching.
  • It's Friday the 13th and witches are dying at the hands of the Demon of Fear. He arrives every 1300 years on Friday the 13th and attempts to kill 13 single witches by their biggest fears which feeds him so that he can remain on earth to continue to kill.

    A pretty good episode. a little undermined by some stupid character moves but overall pretty good continuance of strong story lines.

    Billy Drago as Barbas, the Demon of Fear was his usual cryptic stiff self, but perfect for the characterization they were looking for. Quirky and weird.

    He manages to dispatch at least five witches and was heading for the 13 he needed to kill to succeed in staying around permanently. Of course it was nearing dusk and he had only killed five and Phoebe and Prue would have made seven so I think he would have had trouble completing his task. Also, it seems there are witches all over the place. How many witches have we seen killed in San Fransisco alone in the last thirteen episodes. There must be hundreds in the San Fransisco Metropolitan area based on the percentage that have been killed so far. It seems it might be a pretty good minority group populating the world.

    We learn a lot about the sisters from this episode. Prue is afraid of drowning because we learn her mother died that way. Piper is overly superstitious. Phoebe is afraid of losing one of her sisters. Their mother comes back to allay those fears and help them love one another which is the greatest power of all. Andy and Darryl get the run around from Prue once again but this time they save her life. One of these days she is going to have to confess to them what is going on despite her reservations.

    Overall a good storyline. Acting was a little stiff but that may have been more the dialogue than the acting. It's hard to say. A really enjoyable episode to watch. Thanks for reading...
  • pretty visually stunning in many ways...ENTER BARBAS

    easily the greatest episode of this season and definately one of the best episodes ever made for the show if not the best episode.
    i love it and its easily in my top ten ever.
    its high and mighty and in many ways its a triumphant episode that leaves you to always want more.
    Billy Drago is stunning in this episode as Barbas makes his adds to the quirkiness of this episode.
    and it reflects how the power of great acting can lure the viewer into the surreal storyline.
    the prue in the shower scene is a great twist on the traditional version of the scene with a much more 21st century effect,its a grenuine classic episode n many ways.
  • The Power of Superticion.

    On Friday 13th, the Demon of Fear attacks thirteen witches every 1300 years and feeds with their greatest fear. While looking with Prue for a good luck charm for a job interview on the next morning, Prue and Phoebe log tehir names in a promotional list in the Wicca shop to have a discount. The owner is killed of a heart attack motivated by the demon, and he gets the names and addresses of San Francisco's witches in the list, killing immediately three of them of fear. When he traps Prue and Phoebe in a house, they are saved by the power of love of their mother.

    "Eternal Fear" is another good episode of this series. Billy Drago performs an evil spirit that seems to be tailored for his mean face. Piper has a lesson about superstition when she loses the best catch of San Francisco and Phoebe gives a lesson of good character.
  • Prue and Phoebe are stalked by the infamous Demon of Fear while Piper's fear of superstitutions ultimate leads her to losing the perfect man

    The first episode to feature the Demon of Fear sadly not the last. The episode contains a thoroughly convincing storyline, but the performance of Billy Drago as the demon spoils it with his overacting loud voice. Nevertheless the episode contains many classic moments like when Prue was thrown into the pool and her mothers spirit appeared before her, very warm and sort of filmlike. The episode contains warm interaction again between Prue and Phoebe particlarly after the demon of is vanquished and they hug.

    Overall a well played episode containing great performances (except from Billy Drago) and a convincing story
  • A good time to sing about your favourite things

    Quite a good idea for an episode, this, but the writers don't really do it justice. As a rule, I like episodes which show the Charmed Ones getting more into their wiccan side, and it certainly starts well, with Prue and Phoebe choosing charms in an occult shop just before midnight. Unfortunately, the plot seems to stall after this, and it takes a while to get going again.

    The show focuses on Prue and by far the best scene comes when Barbas tries to drown her in the shower. Obviously, you know she is going to be alright, but the fact that her powers don't work while she is under his spell makes it quite nerve-wracking. It makes up for a rather lame vanquish.

    Phoebe and Piper have sub plots of their own while all this is going on but neither are very interesting. Piper's constant references to good or bad luck are pretty wearing and Phoebe's inability to hold down a job for more than three hours is just silly.

    Yet again, Andy is left wondering why Prue is always involved in his cases and, yet again, Darryl fails to see any link. This storyline is getting a little dull now.

    The references to Patty, the girls' mother, are woven in nicely and don't seem too over the top. It's really the first time they've talked about her and it's clear Prue is still cut up about losing her.

    Two last things: Firstly, if the demon only appears once every 1300 years, how do all these witches know about him? Secondly, I've just checked the original air date and it wasn't Friday the thirteenth at all!
  • Really good definetly a charming episode with a little bit of fear !!

    Prue and Phoebe become the target of a demon who appears once every 1,300 years on Friday the 13th and feeds on the fears of witches. If the demon can kill thirteen unmarried witches within the day he returns, the demon will be freed from the underworld to terrorize humankind. Piper is reluctant to start a new relationship because of her belief in superstitions. Phoebe has to decide whether she will cover for her new bosses' infidelity or not.
  • Fear is always around

    When Patty, the girls dead mother, tries to warn them about friday the 13th thay don't know what to think. A woman is murdered by barbus the demon of fear who is released for one day every 1300 years on friday the 13th. He is able to find out what a witches fear is and kill them with it. After 2 witches die and Prue is linked to both Andy starts to question her involvment. Phoebe who has started work at a realtors has a premonition of Prue drowning in the shower. Phoebe manages to save Prue but Barbus trick Phoebe and asks her to come look at a property on the market. She goes and ends up tied up. Barbus calls Prue and changes is voice to look like Phoebe's. Prue comes and is thrown into a swimming pool. She starts to drown but her mum helps her out. Piper is very superstitious about relationships that start on friday the 13th. Good episode and definatley not the last time we are going to see Barbus.
  • i liked it.

    this is the first time that barbus is in an episode of charmed most people hate barbus because he has been in to much episodes but i like him.

    okay so at the start of this episode prue and phoebe are shopping and when they go ou tof the store you see barbus scaring a woman to death and then if he kills 13 dead wicthes by friday the 13th then he gets to be alive forever but thnkfully the sisters stop him. ( not really the sisters prue stops him)

    overall: this episode is really enjoyable one of season ones best episodes.
  • From Fear To Eternity is by many regarded as one of the best episodes of Season one, but is for me totally destroyed by the presence of Billy Drago.

    The script and plot of the episode is very well-written, and it’s masterfully acted out by the lead trio. The whole story about a demon of fear appearing every 1300 years to kill 13 witched is original and fun to watch. The (not so) horrifying deaths of the victims are fun and interesting, although the white wigs are too much, and so obviously fake.

    Piper’s subplot about the eligible bachelor is boring, and is just there as a filler, as it doesn’t affect the rest of the episode, and just seems pointless. Phoebe’s subplot about her getting a job is starting to get old, but in this episode it was necessary for the plot to work, so I’ll forgive them this time. Meanwhile, Prue’s and Andy’s up-and-down relationship is mostly based on Andy’s mistrust in Prue and it’s just getting so boring. In every episode Andy suspects Prue, but then decides he trusts her. It doesn’t make any sense and is just irritating. I did, however like his interaction with Darryl. Ted King and Dorian Gregory have a nice chemistry, and work really well together throughout most part of the first season.

    And now for the worst part: Barbas! He could have been a very interesting and scary demon, but Billy Drago has to be the worst actor I have ever seen. In my life. As soon as he opens his mouth, everything is over-the-top forced, and just… bad! The fact that he’s written as an overdramatic villain doesn’t make it any better. He seems like a parody of the rest of the demons, and is a shame for Charmed. To me it’s inconceivable why they brought him back even once, and yet Barbas has been on the show seven times. Seven. It’s unbelievable.

    This episode could have been a true classic, with it’s great main plot, well written script, and good acting, but just end up rather bad, mostly because of Billy Drago’s horrible portrayal of Barbas, and some unimportant and very dull subplots.
  • Old time fave

    this is another one i can rember watching from when i was younger. i don't realy know why this one has stuck in my head but got to have something to do with the fact that i think that the idea of a fear demon is possibly one of the hardest demons to fight espeaily since fear comes from it would be such a cool power to have.
  • so much in this episode

    I really think this episode was one of the best in the first season. It showed Barbas for the first time. It showed how vulnerable the sisters can be. and it showed what their deepest fears were. I thought it was funny with Pipers fear of starting a new relationship on Friday the 13 th.
    We all know that the guy who seemed to perfect was not the perfect one for Piper because we know Leo is but how the tables turned when Piper showed her reliance on superstition. I loved the ending when Pru finally said I love you. that was so happy as well sad. Great episode
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