Season 8 Episode 17

Generation Hex

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on The WB
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After Paige and Henry leave for their honeymoon, Cupid “Coop” takes Phoebe on a journey through her past romances in an attempt to revive her excitement for love. Meanwhile, a group of magical teens, who are protégés of Leo, come to the manor seeking refuge from demons that have overtaken the Magic School, forcing Piper to take charge. Billie and Christy’s parents come to town for a visit, but Christy refuses to see them in order to test Billie.moreless

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  • Generation Hex

    Generation Hex was a superb episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, the acting was supreme, and there was some interesting character and plot development. Christy is not alright and she is definitely a little off and more of it is explained in this episode. The Triad seemed pretty powerful but now I question just how powerful they really are in terms of all the villains of the series. It was sad to see what happened to Billie's parents and for her to have to go through something like this. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The sisters grow apart some more, Leo's students are smarter than Piper, and Christy fails miserably at making Billie hate the Charmed ones. Not a good start to Charmed's final 6 episodes.moreless

    Well, if this was just a normal Charmed episode I guess it wouldn't be that horrible, but this is the start of the last 6 episodes ever. So therefore it was pretty trashy.

    First off, I think the sisters have strayed way too far apart. Yes I know Paige is only on her honeymoon, but 5 years ago it wouldn't matter what one of the sisters was doing - she would come back and help the others if there was demon trouble and they were in danger. But now, Piper would rather die than ask Paige for help, and Phoebe apparently could care less about her sisters because she didn't check her phone for missed calls all day. Instead, Piper has to ask Billie for help, then on top of that, random students of Leo are the ones who figure out how to stop the demons, and PIPER is the only one who gets hurt by the demons when they attack at the manor. Since when is Piper, the most powerful Charmed one, a retarded novice witch??? Well, the writers did decide to make Billie the ultimate power, so who knows anymore.

    I really don't see how Christy is going to get Billie to hate the Charmed ones...but maybe that's a good thing because now I can wonder about how Christy will manage to pull it off. I think Christy might flip out now that that Triad guy got her parents killed. Billie hasn't showed any signs of wanting to go all evil with Christy...the storyline can't possibly work out well. Also, the storyline needs to not be the central storyline of the last six episodes of CHARMED, a show that's supposed to be about the sisters. The sisters being sisters, and defeating demons together, then sitting in their living room enjoying thier team victory. Not about Billie being stpuid and Christy being all secretly evil, while Phoebe is off on a random love quest and Piper is left alone and just worries about Leo all the time.

    I have hope that the show will end with a bang, but after seeing this crappy sub-par episode and the previews for next week's episode, I'm starting to doubt that the series will end on a good note.moreless
  • Christie is a babbling idiot no more. Phoebe and Coop take a stroll down memory lane, and Piper tries to fill Leo's shoes.

    I feel this is a really good episode, as Season 8 gets into full swing here with all the final story arcs in motion.

    In classic Charmed fashion the writers juggle multiple balls at once in this episode, and for the most part, they all stay airborne.

    Paige is on her honeymoon and thus only makes a couple spritely-dressed appearances. Yes, she isn't around much, but there is a well-explained reason for that. Rose is as lovely and pleasing to the eye in her couple scenes as the flower with her name, as usual.

    The Phoebe and Coop story line is one of three main plotlines here. It seems many reviewers did not care for the montage of flashbacks, but I disagree wholeheartedly. With the final episode of the series easily in sight, the writers would be remiss to not relive some of those moments and go back and show the viewers some of the history of Charmed through 8 seasons. One could always argue over which scenes should have been showed, but regardless, it was nice to see whatever old scenes they had to show us. The first meeting with Cole WAS the first time Phoebe and Cole were alone together, right? So, the fact that technically she met him while with her sisters before that certainly can be overlooked. And Cole's vanquish was the last and most recent one; therefore the one that the most viewers would recognize. The logic of that obviously was more important than worrying about the technicality of whether Phoebe really should remember that or not. Again, it really didn't matter. The trip through past seasons was still appreciated. And sure, Phoebe was "cured" in ridiculously rapid fashion, but we are all aware of the time crunch involved now. I think Phoebe fans should have just been happy that she finally got a third part of an episode. Her parts have been light this season.

    Piper's story line was a good way to involve two young witches, provide some action, and remain Leo-centric at the same time. Everyone who points out the unlikelihood of Leo keeping two demons at Magic School for vanquish practice probably have a good point, but keep in mind that the main vindictive demon complained of the "humiliation" of being vanquished in typical demon fashion, not the pain of it. The notion of an invulnerable demon is an original one and will pay more dividends in the next episode. The final vanquish was a good one with someone besides Piper getting it done for once. The best part was Wyatt finally speaking, of course.

    The best part of the episode was the story line involving our hottie baddie, Christie. In a flash, she transforms from clueless victim to cunning manipulator. As usual, Billie doesn't seem to think this is strange. Christie is practically forced to deal with her parents when the witches from Magic School show up since they can out her. The parts with her parents are somewhat tedious but well-acted. The sudden introduction of Christie's telepathic speak with Billie is a great idea and quickly sets Christie in opposition to Piper, a condition you know will lead to fiery conflict. Christie's Zankou-like vanquish of the final Triad is a great moment that firmly establishes Christie as the final bad in the series. The Noxen demons served as a good tie between both story lines and will pay more dividends for both next episode. Solidly written and entertaining episode that in the spirit of the last two episodes greatly advanced all remaining plot lines.moreless

    Kill Billie's parents: Vol. 1

    A reasonable hour which moves the Christy arc along nicely whilst giving Piper and Phoebe something to do other than whinge or obsess. Not much sign of Paige though....

    The Christy plot is quite good. On the one hand she's trying to prise Billie away from the Manor while on the other her parents are trying to drag her back into the fold. Bringing back Mr and Mrs Jenkins showed good continuity and I was genuinely shocked they were killed off. Would have been even better if it hadn't been for Kaley's appalling acting but there you go. I also liked the use of telepathy - one of the few powers they've not done to death on this show.

    Demon-of-the-week plot sees Piper helping two Magic School students fight off a pair of 'unvanquishable' demonic brothers. Didn't like this so much. The Leo connection was nice but the actors playing the students were rubbish. I'm not the first to say it but there's no way Leo would have kept two demons locked up like that for torture practice. It was an imaginative vanquish though and I'm glad the younger demon got away as I felt sorry for him.

    Phoebe gets another boring love related subplot. Yes, it was fun watching some of the flashbacks, particularly those with Cole, but the 'frozen heart' idea was pretty cheesy and Coop is really annoying.

    The sisters seem further apart than ever right now. While this does rob the show of some of its purpose, I can see why they're doing it. The finale is only a few weeks away and it's not like they are all going to live in the Manor forever. Whatever people may say, it is good forward planning.

    The final scene, with Christy plunging her hand through the one surviving Triad, is very cool. So now she is badarse number one. Can't wait to see how this ends.

    Score: 8.5moreless
  • This will be more of a nostalgia story than a review, FYI. Basic review: fun episode--who doesn't love a flashback episode?--without too much on the heavy.

    Before my slight obsession with Charmed, this was the first episode that I (sort of) watched. Somebody from school sparked my interest for the show, kind of, by mentioning it a few times. So, when I saw it was on TNT one afternoon, I (again, sort of) watched it. I had no idea what was going on, but thought it was kind of interesting. There were some kind of cheesy demons (The Triad) that were vanishing and reappearing--thankfully I've learned all the actual terms for everything, ie: shimmering, orbing, etc--and it was kind of "eh". I suppose the reason they were cheesy is due to budget cuts though, so I'm not too concerned about it as I watch the episode again.

    I also remember Phoebe on her little quest with Coop, hiding behind the tool cabinet, then going to another past scene, etc. Also, thought that was cool, and the banter and silliness of that scene is what really attracted to me to the show.

    Months later, I ended up buying the BOS, then months after that I got to this episode again. I'd kind of been looking forward to it actually.

    As for the episode, it holds up well. I actually like the Billie/Christy story so far. It's sort of new, sort of different. I still miss Leo though.moreless
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Barbara Niven

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • When viewing her past life from the 1920s, Phoebe tells Coop her boyfriend Anton was a demon. However, in the original episode Pardon My Past, Anton was a warlock.

    • In the season 7 episode The Seven Year Witch, Wyatt uses his powers to heal Piper, yet the sisters and Billie still consider calling Paige back from her honeymoon as if she's the only one around with healing powers. Piper explains in the episode Scry Hard that this is because she "doesn't want to keep forcing Wyatt to tap into his powers before he's ready."

    • TRIVIA: When Paige orbs in from her honeymoon she is holding a drink and says not to worry it is virgin. This is a consistent fact since her first appearance in the episode Charmed Again (1), Paige while never directly saying she was a "recovering alcoholic", stopped drinking in her early 20's due to it being a problem and continued to abstain throughout the show.

    • At the end of the episode Rewitched, Phoebe visits Dex while he is watching the interview with Agent Murphy. Strangely enough, when Coop takes Phoebe to the exact same moment in this episode, Dex is watching a news report on the Golden Gate bridge.

    • TRIVIA: In this episode, Coop says Phoebe he will show her why "it's better to have loved and lost than never loved at all". In the season 2 episode Heartbreak City, Phoebe asks Cupid not to say to her exactly that.

    • By following Phoebe's heart, Phoebe and Coop find themselves witnessing Cole's demise in "Centennial Charmed". How can Phoebe remember how Cole was vainquished, if this happened in an alternate reality, and Paige was the only one keeping her memories when the normal reality was restored?

    • Paige is looking directly at Christy when time stops and the latter talks with Candor. When time starts up Christy has dropped her fork, is facing differently, and looks markedly different...but Paige, still looking at her, doesn't notice the substantial changes which would have occurred simultaneouly from her point of view.

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the death of the last Triad member, Candor. Christy killed him after he murdered her & Billie's parents.

    • When Phoebe and Coop are revisiting Phoebe's past lives, they revisit her season 7 love, Drake. When he leaves the room, Coop speaks aloud to present Phoebe with no regard to whether past Phoebe will hear him - since they duck and hide, obviously they are visible to the past people, so can't they be heard too?

    • TRIVIA: This episode marks the death of Billie and Christy's parents, Carl and Helen Jenkins.

    • TRIVIA: Wyatt speaks his first full sentences in this episode.

    • Phoebe was wrong when she brought Cupid to the college campus and said that that was where she first met Cole. They actually met the day before, when Phoebe and her sisters stopped a man from killing Det. Morris in an alley. The sisters stuck around for witness statements when Cole showed up and introduced himself as the ADA. The college campus scene was just Cole seeing if Phoebe knew more than she let on so Cole would have a better case in court against the man that tried to kill Det. Morris.

    • TRIVIA: The following made appearances in this episode via clip footage from past episodes - Eric Dane, Nick Lachey, Julian McMahon, Billy Zane, Monica Allegeir, Rebecca Balding, Tyler Christopher & Jason Lewis.

    • Why did Paige bother dragging all of her suitcases down the stairs, when she was going to orb them away with her anyways?

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Coop and Phoebe visit her past memories in a quest to help Phoebe start again with love. The past memories are from the season 8 episode "Rewitched", season 2's "Pardon My Past", season 7's "Seven Year Witch", season 3's "The Honeymoon's Over", season 5's "Centennial Charmed""Baby's First Demon", season 6's "The Power of Three Blondes" and season 7's "A Call To Arms".

    • TRIVIA: David Starzyk and Barbara Niven reprise their roles as Billie's parents from the earlier season 8 episode "Mr. & Mrs. Witch".

    • TRIVIA: In this episode Christy demonstrates that she can talk telepathically to Billie, but Billie answers vocally.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • (Piper just finished making a vanquishing potion for the Noxens)
      Piper: Ok. So, the next time the Noxens attack, we'll be ready for them.
      Ryan: What about the whole "unvanquishable" thing?
      Piper: Well, you know, Magic School rules don't always apply to the outside world. It's kind of like Vegas!

    • Christy: I don't have any stuff.
      Piper: Well, you will have stuff, every girl has stuff, we have tons of stuff, you can have some of our stuff, you gotta wear somethin'.

    • Coop: You can't keep running from love...
      Phoebe: I'm not running, I'm walking.

    • Ryan: Let's get out of here.
      Piper: Wait, you can't go anywhere. You can barely walk.
      Ryan: Look, if we don't keep moving, we're dead. Leo was the only one who knew how to stop them and he's not here.
      Piper: Okay well, what am I? Chop liver? Listen, Leo is my husband and if he sent you here for help, then help is what you're gonna get.

    • Paige: I guess I better go. Don't wanna lose my honeymoon. You sure you're gonna be okay without me?
      Piper: Well, we won't know until you're gone. (Paige gives her a look) I'm kidding!

    • Wyatt (to Piper, who was questioning whether Leo would allow the students to go ahead with their plan): Let them try. Daddy would.

    • Candor (to Christy, as she sticks her arm through him, slowly killing him): Congratulations... you just passed...the final...test.

    • Candor (after he killed Christy's parents): I did what was necessary.
      Christy: They were my parents!

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Episode Titles: Italy: Generazione magica (Magical Generation) Germany: Ein höher Preis (A Higher Price) France: Génération HEX (Generation HEX)


    • Title: Generation Hex

      This is a reference to the generation of people born between 1965-1975 called Generation X, and is also a comic book series that was adapted into a TV movie in 1996 called "Generation X".