Season 8 Episode 17

Generation Hex

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 16, 2006 on The WB

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  • Generation Hex

    Generation Hex was a superb episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, the acting was supreme, and there was some interesting character and plot development. Christy is not alright and she is definitely a little off and more of it is explained in this episode. The Triad seemed pretty powerful but now I question just how powerful they really are in terms of all the villains of the series. It was sad to see what happened to Billie's parents and for her to have to go through something like this. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • The sisters grow apart some more, Leo's students are smarter than Piper, and Christy fails miserably at making Billie hate the Charmed ones. Not a good start to Charmed's final 6 episodes.

    Well, if this was just a normal Charmed episode I guess it wouldn't be that horrible, but this is the start of the last 6 episodes ever. So therefore it was pretty trashy.

    First off, I think the sisters have strayed way too far apart. Yes I know Paige is only on her honeymoon, but 5 years ago it wouldn't matter what one of the sisters was doing - she would come back and help the others if there was demon trouble and they were in danger. But now, Piper would rather die than ask Paige for help, and Phoebe apparently could care less about her sisters because she didn't check her phone for missed calls all day. Instead, Piper has to ask Billie for help, then on top of that, random students of Leo are the ones who figure out how to stop the demons, and PIPER is the only one who gets hurt by the demons when they attack at the manor. Since when is Piper, the most powerful Charmed one, a retarded novice witch??? Well, the writers did decide to make Billie the ultimate power, so who knows anymore.

    I really don't see how Christy is going to get Billie to hate the Charmed ones...but maybe that's a good thing because now I can wonder about how Christy will manage to pull it off. I think Christy might flip out now that that Triad guy got her parents killed. Billie hasn't showed any signs of wanting to go all evil with Christy...the storyline can't possibly work out well. Also, the storyline needs to not be the central storyline of the last six episodes of CHARMED, a show that's supposed to be about the sisters. The sisters being sisters, and defeating demons together, then sitting in their living room enjoying thier team victory. Not about Billie being stpuid and Christy being all secretly evil, while Phoebe is off on a random love quest and Piper is left alone and just worries about Leo all the time.

    I have hope that the show will end with a bang, but after seeing this crappy sub-par episode and the previews for next week's episode, I'm starting to doubt that the series will end on a good note.
  • Christie is a babbling idiot no more. Phoebe and Coop take a stroll down memory lane, and Piper tries to fill Leo's shoes.

    I feel this is a really good episode, as Season 8 gets into full swing here with all the final story arcs in motion.

    In classic Charmed fashion the writers juggle multiple balls at once in this episode, and for the most part, they all stay airborne.

    Paige is on her honeymoon and thus only makes a couple spritely-dressed appearances. Yes, she isn't around much, but there is a well-explained reason for that. Rose is as lovely and pleasing to the eye in her couple scenes as the flower with her name, as usual.

    The Phoebe and Coop story line is one of three main plotlines here. It seems many reviewers did not care for the montage of flashbacks, but I disagree wholeheartedly. With the final episode of the series easily in sight, the writers would be remiss to not relive some of those moments and go back and show the viewers some of the history of Charmed through 8 seasons. One could always argue over which scenes should have been showed, but regardless, it was nice to see whatever old scenes they had to show us. The first meeting with Cole WAS the first time Phoebe and Cole were alone together, right? So, the fact that technically she met him while with her sisters before that certainly can be overlooked. And Cole's vanquish was the last and most recent one; therefore the one that the most viewers would recognize. The logic of that obviously was more important than worrying about the technicality of whether Phoebe really should remember that or not. Again, it really didn't matter. The trip through past seasons was still appreciated. And sure, Phoebe was "cured" in ridiculously rapid fashion, but we are all aware of the time crunch involved now. I think Phoebe fans should have just been happy that she finally got a third part of an episode. Her parts have been light this season.

    Piper's story line was a good way to involve two young witches, provide some action, and remain Leo-centric at the same time. Everyone who points out the unlikelihood of Leo keeping two demons at Magic School for vanquish practice probably have a good point, but keep in mind that the main vindictive demon complained of the "humiliation" of being vanquished in typical demon fashion, not the pain of it. The notion of an invulnerable demon is an original one and will pay more dividends in the next episode. The final vanquish was a good one with someone besides Piper getting it done for once. The best part was Wyatt finally speaking, of course.

    The best part of the episode was the story line involving our hottie baddie, Christie. In a flash, she transforms from clueless victim to cunning manipulator. As usual, Billie doesn't seem to think this is strange. Christie is practically forced to deal with her parents when the witches from Magic School show up since they can out her. The parts with her parents are somewhat tedious but well-acted. The sudden introduction of Christie's telepathic speak with Billie is a great idea and quickly sets Christie in opposition to Piper, a condition you know will lead to fiery conflict. Christie's Zankou-like vanquish of the final Triad is a great moment that firmly establishes Christie as the final bad in the series. The Noxen demons served as a good tie between both story lines and will pay more dividends for both next episode. Solidly written and entertaining episode that in the spirit of the last two episodes greatly advanced all remaining plot lines.

    Kill Billie's parents: Vol. 1

    A reasonable hour which moves the Christy arc along nicely whilst giving Piper and Phoebe something to do other than whinge or obsess. Not much sign of Paige though....

    The Christy plot is quite good. On the one hand she's trying to prise Billie away from the Manor while on the other her parents are trying to drag her back into the fold. Bringing back Mr and Mrs Jenkins showed good continuity and I was genuinely shocked they were killed off. Would have been even better if it hadn't been for Kaley's appalling acting but there you go. I also liked the use of telepathy - one of the few powers they've not done to death on this show.

    Demon-of-the-week plot sees Piper helping two Magic School students fight off a pair of 'unvanquishable' demonic brothers. Didn't like this so much. The Leo connection was nice but the actors playing the students were rubbish. I'm not the first to say it but there's no way Leo would have kept two demons locked up like that for torture practice. It was an imaginative vanquish though and I'm glad the younger demon got away as I felt sorry for him.

    Phoebe gets another boring love related subplot. Yes, it was fun watching some of the flashbacks, particularly those with Cole, but the 'frozen heart' idea was pretty cheesy and Coop is really annoying.

    The sisters seem further apart than ever right now. While this does rob the show of some of its purpose, I can see why they're doing it. The finale is only a few weeks away and it's not like they are all going to live in the Manor forever. Whatever people may say, it is good forward planning.

    The final scene, with Christy plunging her hand through the one surviving Triad, is very cool. So now she is badarse number one. Can't wait to see how this ends.

    Score: 8.5
  • This will be more of a nostalgia story than a review, FYI. Basic review: fun episode--who doesn't love a flashback episode?--without too much on the heavy.

    Before my slight obsession with Charmed, this was the first episode that I (sort of) watched. Somebody from school sparked my interest for the show, kind of, by mentioning it a few times. So, when I saw it was on TNT one afternoon, I (again, sort of) watched it. I had no idea what was going on, but thought it was kind of interesting. There were some kind of cheesy demons (The Triad) that were vanishing and reappearing--thankfully I've learned all the actual terms for everything, ie: shimmering, orbing, etc--and it was kind of "eh". I suppose the reason they were cheesy is due to budget cuts though, so I'm not too concerned about it as I watch the episode again.

    I also remember Phoebe on her little quest with Coop, hiding behind the tool cabinet, then going to another past scene, etc. Also, thought that was cool, and the banter and silliness of that scene is what really attracted to me to the show.

    Months later, I ended up buying the BOS, then months after that I got to this episode again. I'd kind of been looking forward to it actually.

    As for the episode, it holds up well. I actually like the Billie/Christy story so far. It's sort of new, sort of different. I still miss Leo though.
  • The beginning of the final of Charmed! A great episode that has some original scenes, not a bad one...

    A episode that is kinda weird, it's a episode normal but with some touches of originality. Not the best one but a watchable one!

    The whole story of the demons and the the resolution gives a lots of points: The fight scene at the begining, the cristal scene, the vanquish of the Demon... it's quite well done! So the part of the story that is the supernatural part is ok! In the other hand the "natural" part is not so great: Phoebe back to her past lovers (For exemple the past life love made no sense there!) and Paige not shown at all made the points of the episodes go down... Anyway, we can see what happens to Phoebe when she feels in love. People tend to think that she is obsess and not-normal with that thing, but i don't agree. If you see the premonition that show her talking to the Phoebe in the future you will understand! She has not all want she wanted. Can we blame her for that?? I mean she had her "anoying" moments of course but it's normal. If you think that she is paranoia all the time... just imagine how would yu be like if all that you wanted was not posible to achive. And the same for Piper, she has lost the most important thing in her life! it's normal tobe that way.

    In the off.screen field we can see a great photography (For exemple when Piper is in her room thinking what she should do) and a good camera job that brings up good scenes! The final scene in the room Piper-wyatt and the following scene when Piper goes down the stairs are great!

    SO this episode is definitely a 7 one!
  • While Paige goes on her honeymoon, Piper is sought out by two Magic School students who are hunted by demons. Meanwhile, Coop takes Phoebe on a journey to review her past loves and Christy deals with facing her parents again.

    The absolutely only thing making this episode acceptable is Piper's plotline. The idea of 'unvanquishiable' demons does intrigue, and Holly Marie Combs is as always brilliant, especially when declaring that she doesn't know to vanquish these demons. This is especially good seeing as Piper has vanquished almost every single demon from season 4 and onwards with her exploding power and nothing else. Though I have to admit it seems out of character for Leo to capture living creatures, be they demons or not, and use them as objects for battle training. Leo of all characters would not have done that.

    Paige was hardly seen in this episode, though she was well excused: It has happened before that characters were in few scenes because of some reason of absence (like Piper's journey all the way back in 'The Power Of Two').

    Phoebe's plotline was downright infuriating. Victor Webster continues to get my back up in his performance as wannabe-hunk Coop who forces Phoebe to revisit her past relationships. If there had been an intelligent conclusion and a main threat in the flashbacks, then fine, but this is nothing but a shallow journey down memory lane leading to nothing but a tedious pep talk that sprouts faith in Phoebe yet again. Hurray.

    I particularly disliked the way they manipulated the flashback scenes. The alledged 'meeting Cole'-scene was no such thing, as they first met in an alley - but that was of course in the presence of Shannen Doherty, thus making it painstakingly impossible to show. Phoebe vanquishing Cole was also a blooper: That happened in an alternate reality which only Paige remembers. Seeing the evil cousin as Phoebe is also wrong: The evil cousin did probably not resemble Phoebe, and back then we only saw them as their present selves because 'their souls recognised each other', to put it in Leo'ish. It's sad that a talented actress like Alyssa Milano gets nothing better to do than this crap.

    Arguably worse was Christy's reunion with the parents. Both parents are awful and only Marnette Patterson's talent saves the storyline from going straight down the drain. The parents' murder could have been a sad moment, but Kaley Cuoco's reaction to her parents' death was just downright hilarious. Hilarious meaning terrible. Marnette Patterson's angry response, however, was brilliant and she continues to be the best new asset of the season. Come on, Charmed, you can do better than this. And with the Christy plotline and the finale approaching, I have a feeling you're going to.
  • Phoebe revisits past loves, Piper fills in for Leo by protecting a couple of teens from escaped magic school guinea pigs, and Rose McGowan earns an easy paycheck.

    There's no way to describe this episode except as Phoebe's version of Cat House mixed with random kids no one cares about and the Billie/Christy story arc I can't be bothered to follow. Coop (who I think is great, though seems too innocent to come close to being a good chemistry match to the been there done every possibly sleazy guest star on this show Phoebe Halliwell) uses his magic ring thingy to heart Phoebe into several of her past loves. Excluding Clay (remember him?) and all those other one night stands of course...

    The most noted continuity mistake was Coop taking her back to when she "first met Cole". The scene where he grabs her ankle on the quad was a nice scene to choose, but they shot themselves in the foot by having her say that's the first place where she him. Fans will remember she actually first met Cole in a back alley with Darryl and Prue "I must not be mentioned or shown" Halliwell. Remember the guardians? All right then. I'm not sure if the show's continuity errors are either diminishing my critical thinking abilities or making them worse (don't question our mistakes, just accept them!). I'm not even going to talk about how Christy blinked a couple of feet away from a bench in public (well more accuartely, the Triad guy froze time and she didn't go back to her original position so it probably appeared that way).

    The demons this week are a pair of escaped of lab rats from Leo's vanquishing 101 class which are bent on tasering the kids from the class upon escaping. Basically they regenerate after you vanquish them and the only way to get rid of them is to banish them into the Astral Plane in mid-vanquish (let's just hope they don't regenerate and start tasering civlians in AP-land). Kaley wins the award for the "best" acting scene in this episode with her comedic "omg lolz" reaction upon seeing her character Billie's parents dead (she didn't say lol but she might as well have because it was acted so horribly). As for Paige, she gets an easy paycheck and comes back just in time post demonic vanquish (much like a puzzled Piper did in the season 1 episode "Power of Two"). It's an easy paycheck, and who'd blame her when it means less hang out time with Kaley Cuoco?
  • Really like it something different for a change.

    Two former students of Leo's from Magic School turn up at the manor to inform the Charmed Ones that demons Leo had imprisoned in the Magic School dungeons have escaped and are seeking revenge. Piper ends up helping the two teenagers, but it looks as if they end up saving Piper in the process. Billie's parents also return to see their long lost daughter Christy while Paige is off on her honeymoon with Henry and Phoebe travels with Coop the Cupid to visit her loves in her life as well as of a past life.
  • "Look what you've done"

    I really love it when characters travel through time to have a look at their past and see what has influenced them. I like Coop and having him guide Phoebe through her past loves was a great idea. And I liked revisiting Phoebe's past relationships, it was great to see Cole again. I know, it was good that he finally left the scene, but I missed him anyway! I know that this episode was kind of cheesy, but since the series' finale was coming kind of fast, the storyline was just necessary to explain the further developments in Phoebe's love life. I get why they did it and I liked it despite all of the clichees!!
  • Alot of drama and excitement. I really enjoyed this episode.

    The sisters aren't together which leaves Piper to deal with unvaquishable demons, Paige is on her honeymoon and comes home in the middle of placing crystals to repell the demons, and Pheobe is with Coop exploring her past loves to find out why her heart is so blocked and why she is not open to love. Which we discover is because of all her past relationships that have ended badly like Cole. We really don't see much of Paige in this episode. She comes in once and a while but really does nothing. And piper is having trouble killing these demons but atleast the students of Leo's are smart enought o figure out what to do with them. I really like the episode because of all the drama and different things happening.
  • The Worst Episode Ever and Ever.

    This episode is one the most painful hours in history of Charmed.When I read the spoilers I think this episode could be a pretty good episode, but unfortunately was worst than I ever imagine.I hate episodes of Leprechauns and Nymphs , but I have to admit it even those crap hours of Charmed was better than this horrible episode, and I can't understand why so much people like this episode, the ending is so idiot.I don't know why I still watched Charmed after this episode, even Coop was boring in this episode, That guy is so hot, and talented but I have to admit it that I like the acting of Rose and Holly.If I wasn't a Charmed fan and I watched this episode I would hate Charmed too.
  • Could have been alot better!

    Paige and Henry leave for their honeymoon, and Paige tells Piper that if anything should happen that she is only an orb away. Piper tells her that she will let nothing disturb her on her honeymoon, as they have Billie and Christy to help them fight any demons. Coop takes Phoebe on a journey through her past romances to help revive her excitement for love. She goes though the first time she met Cole and where she vanquished him, going out with Jason, Les St. Claire and most recently Dex. At the end of her journey she releases all her feelings and becomes ready to begin again. Billie tells Christy that her parents are in town, but Christy is not ready to see them. Billie's father tells her that if Christy doesn't see them, they will not be coming back. A group of Leo's students from Magic School need help vanquishing some indestructible demons, forcing Piper to take charge. Christy eventually gets Billie to take her to their parents, and Billie leaves her with them much to her dismay. Christy is warned by the last triad Candor that she is being distracted by her family but Christy ignores him. She gets a call from Piper and rushes off, but when she sees Piper she realises that Piper never called her. She rushes back along with Billie to find her parents have been murdered. Leo's students find a solution to help vanquish their demons, but Piper is unsure. Wyatt tells her that his 'Daddy would have let them' and her faith is restored and they vanquish the demons. A furious Christy finds Candor and confronts him. She then kills him and as he dies he tells her she passed the final test.
  • Would you like to be my cupid?

    Generation Hex surprised me. I had low hopes for it, and when I read some reviews of it, saying it was pretty bad, they didn’t get much higher. But when I finally watched it, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d though, but actually one of the best this season (even if that’s not saying much).

    The main story was fairly interesting, much thanks to Christy. She’s looking to be a great character, complex and deep, and Marnette Patterson is a really good actress. Her story about the personal struggle against both the triad and the sisters is fun to watch, and we see that she has many layers. And as the show goes on, Billie is becoming more and more acceptable. I’m not saying I like her, because I don’t, but she’s not bad either. I can stand her, and she’s actually bringing something to the show, which is more than I can say about her appearances in the beginning of the season. I also loved that the writers weren’t afraid to kill their parents off, although if they hadn’t we might have been spared the horrible crying scene of Billie’s.

    Piper’s sub plot about the magic school was pretty unoriginal, but it was nice to see some signs that Leo was there once, and that he will come back. And the fact that Wyatt spoke was also good. That is one mute child.
    The absence of Paige, on the other hand, is totally bad. She had nothing to do whatsoever, and I really missed her throughout. I hoped we could see some scenes from the honeymoon, but all we got to see was Paige with a drink. No Henry at all.

    While I think Phoebe’s story with Coop is as old as the show itself, I enjoyed watching her subplot. Not because it was particularly well-done, because it wasn’t. Some of the didn’t fit, and the conclusions about her being afraid of love was too easy. We’ve all known it for the past 6 years. No, the reason why I liked their little quest in the past, is that Phoebe finally had something to do. She’s been really underused this season and the only things she’s really done is obsess about children and pregnancy, gotten a new apartment and scared Dex away. And let’s face it, those story lines aren’t really new either. Phoebe has this season become a dry boring woman, and it’s nice to see her warming up, and actually have something to do. Furthermore, I’m starting to like Coop, even though he’s not at all original. He has a fun character and there’s some chemistry between him and Alyssa.

    So all in all, Generation Hex is a good episode. Standard Charmed, with a bunch of ok/semi-bad subplots, and a really good main plot. The Christy storyline is what’s saving this season, and I hope it won’t disappoint us in the end. Well Done.
  • Piper and some Leo's proteges come up with a plan to defeat the unvanquishable demons, Phoebe is out with Coop to revive her past tensions with love, and Paige is on with her honeymoon.

    This episode, well it was not very good, probably if they just make the battle against the so supposed indestructible demon it would have been better, some times in Charmed the battles are really boring, not like in Season 1-3 where they kick and fight against a whole bunch of demons, well the thing is that I think that this episode was OK if you are talking about like if this episode was not really the great thing. First of all, Piper is afraid of losing Leo's proteges after they beg for help from him, but he is not here for the moment so Piper thinks that she can do it all on her own, meanwhile, Phoebe looks on her past loves and discovers a unique similiraty in which all of them turn out dead, (and I get to see Cole for a moment, he is so cool!) and later Coop manages to take out Phoebe's doubt on love out from her, and Paige is out with Henry on her honeymoon, fearing that demons will attack. And most important of all, Christy and Billie go out with their parents, but Christy refuses to see them, but later surrenders and think that hse is being taken by their love, when the last member of the Triad recruits the same demons Piper is facing to kill them and that brings Christy with her last test....
  • This was a good episode. But it had some flaws which we shall have to mention.

    Thank god Billes parents are dead. Her mother was such a mog. Billes reaction to her parents death was unrealistic and unpratical. Why didn't she call for Paige and her healing power how uttaly stupid. Paige might aswell of not been in the episode. was only in it for a munite at most. Phoebe just had a flash back episode which ment her story was going nowere. Piper and her opsesion with Leo I mean come on we know ur hurt and all but god give it a rest. Wyatt talked like and ejeet for his fist sentance to be about Leo is patheic. Sad just sad I expect alot better from these people.
  • More of Christy's secrets are revealed. ooooo its getting good now!!!

    The writers have finally decided to put the boring fisrt part of season 8 bhind us and beginwith the build up to the awesome series finale. And by the looks of things it is going to be spectacular! This episode definatley compares to the last two christy centred episodes and showing us that little bit of humanity she has left, when we see how she feels about her parents. This episode had a lot of storylines for an episode of charmed and the writers were wble to pull it off just fine, keeping us glued to the creen throghout! And with an ending like this one I really can't wait for the next one! An am expecting a LOT of these kinda endings to come!!!
  • Paige is on honeymoon, Phoebe goes to the past, Piper helps out Leo's students and Christy evilness continues

    A very average episode from Charmed. Paige's honeymoon follows on nicely from the last episode but her presence is sorely missed, despite stopping by a few times (I'd love to do that its so cool)
    Piper's storyline shouldn't have been that bad but she dealt with Leo's students in a tactless manner- they nearly die and all she can do is make stupid jokes- its not in keeping with her character at all. The references to Leo were nice but I doubt that he would've trapped 2 invincible demons in Magic School- uncharacteristic of him.
    Phoebe's storyline allowed us to visit some old faces- Cole and ... well thats it all the rest her old boyfriends were annoying! Her whole stpryline is ridiculous though. The last boyfriend she had was Dex, only 6 months ago- seriously its not that long! She's not that old, I thinks shes in her early 30's and that gives her plenty of time to find love. It was also stupid that she was cured so quickly- sure she might've given up on love but things like that take time to heal not just poof! I'm ready to date again. This storyline really brought down the episode.
    Christy and Billie's storyline was fairly interesting. Christy is a good actress and definitely outshines Billie. The storyline with their parents was unnecessary but it served it purpose. An evil Christy is a very interesting path to follow and I'm actually looking forward to seeing the story play out, even though I know because this is charmed as the baddie she won't survive or at least remain evil.

    My favourite part of this episode has to be Wyatt. He speaks his first sentence and although a three year old probably wouldn't understand whats going on it was so sweet to see him be the voice of Leo- a definite highlight!

    Overall 6.5/10 some good parts but some equally bad ones too.
  • I loved it!! Its an excellent beginning for the end! They have now made it much more jucier and I REALLY cant wait for the next episode!

    Its sad that the series is ending...BUT still I LOVE it and im going to support it all way through...This episode was excellent going through Pheobe's past loves was amazing...The fact that Paige rested and went on Honeymoon...As well as the fact that Piper could take care of herself!!

    I was sooo sad when Billie and Christy's parents were killed though...
  • What I liked very much about this episode, is how you saw a a lot of Leo in Wyatt. The fact that Wyatt got to talk in this episode, and give a lot of heart, was very moving. Its comforting to know that Wyatt can fill a very difficult place.

    Piper has to fight a battle that would be great with the help of her gone away husband Leo. Though he is gone, a part of him is still there, and it comes out in their son Wyatt. Billies turn against the sisters, was especially difficult to watch. She was a very big part of them, and started to become like family. Making their power stronger than before. Now it turns out, Billie's sister Christy is the ultimate power, and Billie just happens to be the key. Mean while, Paige is off on her honeymoon with new husband Henry. On the other side, Pheobe is off with Coop (cupid) looking at the loves of her past, to find out exactly why she is closed off to love, and to find the wall, and break it down.
  • Christy's parents are in town, Leo's students are in trouble and Phoebe visits her past lovelives

    Not a bad episode, kinda average
    Leo's students were kinda irritating me with their constant 'Leo this, Leo that..'

    Billie was having a bad hairday if ya ask me, but she was acting really good when she saw her parents got killed

    Uhh what else, it was a good plot, just sad that Paige and Phoebe weren't battling with Piper in the fight against the demons.

    Also what I didn't like was that Christy killed the last Triad member so easily, that was a little weak.

    Well that's it for this episode, hope the last 5 ones will be a bit better

  • Phoebe is brought back to her former romances by Coop who helps her to break the sheild around her heart. While Piper deals with her own problems concerning Leo's former students and some demons they tourched. Also Billie & Christy go to see their parents

    This was a good episode because I really like the episodes where they go back in time and see there former selves. It is always fun to see the reactions on there faces to seeing themselves. Also they talked more about Leo which is cool because I can't wait till he comes back on the show for the last couple of episodes. I actually wish they would have showed Paige & Henry more in this episode. Even though the whole next episode is pretty much all aout how they merge bodies or souls(something like that?). This was on overall great episode so i'll give it a 5/5(*****/*****).
  • Another flashback episode: Charemed Style

    Although this episode was much like the Season 5 episode Cat House, I am glad they brought in the story with Piper and Leo's students to expand and make it more interesting.

    Althought I am not really a fan of "Coop" and Phoebe getting together, it was cool to see Charmed do their famous flashback. Where they stick the current carachters in old footage. Very original.

    But the story I most liked was the one of Piper and Leo's students. Althought one thing I didn't get was the whole indestructable demons. You would think we would have heard of these demons before now, but I guess they have to introduce new stuff sometime, even if it is 5 episodes away from ending.

    Another great thing was Holly Marie Combs looked like she lost some weight which is great because ever since she got pregnant she has never been the same size as she was season 5 and before. So it is good to see her back in her old look.

    So overall great episode but they rehashed the whole flashback thing and I hate them putting phoebe with someone she would never really go for in the series.
  • Oh my ... it was good to see the girls again!!!

    Okay, I love the way the show is going now, I love the seemingly internal struggles of all the girls. I hope on one of the last couple of eppies, we\'ll see our girl Phoebe getting together with a love.

    I like the culmination of the ultimate power between Billie and Christie. I also like the way they\'re rounding out the series with the \"next generation\" of witches ... which seem intelligent and powerful, compared to the \"witches\" the Charmed Ones have saved in the past. (Remember the girl cleansing the house in her sing song way? Couldn\'t fight off a fly, let alone a warlock)

    I love the way there\'s still humor, and fun, and it\'s not lagging around. I felt badly that B and C\'s parents got killed. That was unfortunate, it would have been nice to have seen all four of them together in the end. :( (just ONE happy ending would be lovely)

    This episode was one of the better episodes written this season, I know they\'re gearing up for the end so I hope they continue with the good writing. We need to go out with a BANG.
  • An episode that would have been better. if it wasn\\\'t one of the last episodes.

    Well where should I start?

    First of all, I'm watching Charmed since the beginning and the first 3 seasons where just great (a couple of fearie eps excluded) but I missed longer storys.
    Now season 8 defenitly has one, but they aren't spending a lot of time on that, this episode would have been better if it was like mid season 8.

    The flash backs where fun to see although I never liked Phoebes 7 episode friends, there where (again) a couple of mistakes but they aren't to bad to ruin everything.

    The Piper story was fun to see althougt I stick with my opinion that it would have been better a couple of episodes ago, this are Charmeds final episodes, why do they have to use old storylines? Can't they build up to the finaly?

    What I do have to say is that I love Christie, from the beginning she had something she is played by a great actress and her character unlike Billies is just realy good, I loved the way she stood up to the Triad.

    Well lets see what happens in next episode, from what I have heard it won't be much different as for finaly build up.

  • Another flashback episode. It seems Charmed is trying to save money by putting together an inexpensive (read: cheap) episode as filler for their final season.

    This episode reminded me of the season 5 episode \"Cat House\", where Phoebe and Paige are transported back in time into various scenes of Piper and Leo\'s relationship, only this time it\'s Phoebe\'s past relationships that are explored. I understood why Phoebe would look lackluster about this particular trip, but Alyssa Milano looked particularly blase\' about the scenes she was in. Perhaps it\'s because it\'s the final days of Charmed and perhaps it was just her mood at the time of the filming, but I didn\'t find those scenes very endearing or persuasive in terms of getting Phoebe to find love again.

    As far as Piper\'s involvement with this episode, I thought it seemed rather contrived, especially having Wyatt step in and remind his mother about how Leo would have done things. I found it rather cheesy, unfortunately. The two teens who were brought in as this week\'s guests tried hard to make us care about them, but with the whole situation seeming too contrived, I found myself not really caring if the demons got to them or not.

    The involvement of Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins, after having given them a rather fun episode a while back, but now unceremoniously killing them off, is really indicative of the carelessness with which this final season is being pulled off. This episode is indicative of the budget cuts that were thrown at them for this last season. It seems the network is trying to strangle the last vestiges of what was a great series, and force them to produce substandard shows due to inability to really bring about what the final season should be - a fun filled, energetic and powerful romp through the Charmed universe, so that it can go out with a bang, and not with just a puff of smelly smoke. The series had better step it up for the last few episodes, or it will have died a death even more sad than Firefly.
  • Perfect episode

    It was great to see all of Pheobe\'s past loves and to see that she hasnt truly given up. Im still sad that Leo isn\'t back yet but the episode was so refreshing and i lovved it. i absolutely loved it. It was also kind of funny to see that at least one of them had a sort of normal honeymoon. I love henry too him and paige are perfect together.
  • at last new Charmed episode but just an average , simple episode... read my review inside ;)

    okey just watched this episode , it was pretty average , simple episode...

    i dont want to comment long , so i just have to say what i want

    the storyline simple as hell and definitely boring at times... the plot could have been better ! we already waited like 2 and half month and i was expecting something better and good then this , now we only have 5 episode and somehow i think the ending will not leave us memorable

    okey about the episode

    like many of yall said Paige have only like 3 times in this episode but all her 3 scene are great and i love it actually... and i love her last scene when she healed Piper , that was funny LMAO and yeah she look great with that dress lol !

    okey Piper , i think she look absolutely beautiful in this episode ! the make up are great , i love her hair and clothes too in this episode... not like cheap clothes she used to have , her storyline kinda boring and weird with that students

    Phoebe , she look horrible with that bun hair , she need to release it ! im enjoying her scene ! although they are alot of mistake , stupid writers they couldnt remember ! but whatever i dont care actually... i love her past love life scene , expecially Cole of course and i love how her reaction in every her love scene

    Coop , just okeeeeeeey.... nothing bad

    Billie , whats up with her hair , seriously now she look like dog , only she need some chain at her neck... but she wasnt bad actually in this episode , nothing annoying altough i think she could show some sadness scene when she saw her parents die !

    Christy , AWESOME ! she really take her character really well then the last episode , and she starting to turn evil and the last scene when she killed that Triad was just great... i cant wait to see her in next episode !

    Fightscene : theres not fight scene in this episode , just when Piper & the students fight the demon

    Demon Of The Week , boring and i hate it !!!!!!! useless in my opinion

    overall i gave it 9/10 , simple , average but im still enjoying it !

    and sorry my english :P
  • Charmed has been a great show throughout the years and has given an insight to another world and also the paranormal. the episode was cool.

    This episode was good but there isn\'t as much magic and action as there used to be but it is more graphic.NICE EPISODE,but it sucks b/c the series has to end.

    This episode was good but there isn\'t as much magic and action as there used to be but it is more graphic.NICE EPISODE,but it sucks b/c the series has to end.

    This episode was good but there isn\'t as much magic and action as there used to be but it is more graphic.NICE EPISODE,but it sucks b/c the series has to end.

  • Great episode. But thier was no interactionbetween the sisters in regards to the magical situation at hand. Christy and Billie held the episode together, if it wasnt for thier subplot....I wouldn't of liked it so much


    I loved this episode. It seemed so orignal and unique. Billie and Christy were both fantastic. Marnette is a marvellous actress. I know money is tight at the set of Charmed, but couldn't they at least afford a comb for Billie's hideous hair.

    Paige's absence throughtout the episode wasn't that all noticeable, the few scenes she had were enjoyable to watch. I love the contrevesay of Cantor killing the Parents, and Christy getting very angry about it and killing him. Both of the girls acted dramatic in the aftermaths of the death, with Billie crying and Christy killing the Triad whilst cursing.

    Wyatt and Chris we finally got to see ina scene together, they both looked so cut. Wyatt talking was so cute and very well thought out. I loved seeing Chris.

    The opening scene at the breakfast table was awesome. I love how they are all caring for each other, and how welcoming Piper is to Christy. I loved the telepathy throughtout the episode, it was very humerous.

    The plot was fabulous. I like how it involved "new" demons and Leo. The action scenes were great and I liked the final vanquish of sending the Noxon to the astral plane, and was that a SPELL I heard.

    Phoebe and Coop have so much potential and chemisrty on-screen. I liked the clip show plot, and I liked hearing Phoebe's reactions to the different scenes. Coop's powers are really cool, and I love how they come from the "heart".

    Piper was excellent, her one-liners were hilarious and seeing her doing what she does best, was great. She's smart and looked sexy. I loved seeing her reason out the plan and working with Billie. Paige looked stunning in her blue dress, and hat!

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