Season 2 Episode 15

Give Me A Sign

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2000 on The WB
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Phoebe helps Piper cast a spell in order to help her choose between Dan and Leo. Meanwhile, Bane is broken out of jail and kidnaps Prue to force her to use her powers to save him from powerful demons that are after him.

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  • No no no and no.

    I gotta say - selective visions much. Prue was in no danger, on the contrary, she loved being in Bane's company. She wasn't exactly fighting her kidnapper for very long. And he was the worst kidnapper "I've seen you use your powers.. on me (like you don't deserve it).. ok then", didn't take much.

    The ENTIRE storyline was pointless and lame and while I like they bring things back especially the idea of mortals knowing about demons, because that comes back later, they could've brought back anyone else.

    And same as others - how is it people are forgetting he IS responsible for killing 9 witches, almost killing a tenth and wanting to kill the Halliwells. Sure he might have changed his mind but he's acting like because he's pathetic for miss perfect now that the others don't matter.

    And oh look Prue is being arrogant again, because her power to 'move' is going to be able to vanquish and kill a demon she knows nothing about.

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with Phoebe casting the spell, it was a bit of fun, and yes it led to Prue (which I guess made sense), and it helped her decide between Leo and Dan. I don't know why Piper was getting so angry acting like Phoebe is going to get Prue killed for casting this spell...

    Oh look now she's also a doctor... And he didn't need his pants off, it was quite a small incision that was above his pants. She is actually a massive skank. First chance she got she wanted his pants off, was flirting with him, and her facial expressions were just URGH. I wanted the smug arrogance off both of them.

    But she is completely out of character. She goes from being beyond judgemental and stuck up, to being head over heels with bad guys in a second. And if anyone else does that they're liars who don't deserve Prue's trust . Phoebe and my god the rant you will get when that episode comes around ha)

    Dead empty house and you couldn't find your clothes? Really.. you must have looked so very hard. But Prue had no intention of ever being with him long term so really it was just a one night stand where she toyed with his feelings. But it's Prue who's angry about being rescued.. really.

    I still like Litvack, the introduction of the upper levels, the fireballs, Piper choosing Leo etc etc. But the whole, Bane knowing Piper would unfreeze him, Bane knowing they'd trust someone they know nothing about who killed 9 witches, it was just a big mess.

    Gotta love Bane getting angry at Phoebe and being rude to her and then Prue standing up for him. He didn't get in this mess because of a demon, he got in this mess himself. He made the situation worse. Phoebe was the only one being responsible and reasonable. Piper agreed with Phoebe but she wasn't saying anything. And Prue constantly kissing and keeping her hands all over him.. like wow!

    Oh god really ' 666' to get into the crypt.. god. But just her smug, arrogant look on her face at the end telling them "told you so". I cannot believe at the end though that Phoebe and Piper feel guilty about their behaviour though! God I cannot wait for Paige, I dislike her often enough, but she's definitely better than Prue.moreless
  • Prue Is One Lucky Girl!!!!

    Prue is one lucky girl!!!! I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by Bane and getting into the sack with him!!! She obviously likes bad boys as do I!!!!!!
  • Give Me a Sign

    Give Me a Sign was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, engaging and full of action and intrigue. It was neat to see Bane Jessup again as he kidnapped Prue to convince her to help him. Meanwhile Phoebe tries to help Piper decide between Dan and Leo with a spell which leads them to Prue while confusing Piper. There was character and plot development, humor, and drama. In the end Bane is safe and intends to return to serve his time which makes Prue want him even more it seems and Piper realizes who her true love is. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • The Power of Sex with Prue...

    This, unfortunately, is a somewhat annoying episode with possibly the most preposterous ending in the entire series. Prue pulls a Paige here, for the second time, as she latches onto a boyfriend and trusts him and her instincts before her sisters. Of course, it idiotically all works out. The absolute best part of the episode is the intro where you see Brian Krause get his first credit as a full time cast member, while Greg Vaughn doesn't even appear in the episode. That is the only sign that you need of what is going to happen. In fact, you could consider just watching the intro and the final scene and skipping the rest.

    However, you would be missing a lot of firsts in this episode. We have our first higher level demon and explanation of a demon hierarchy. We also have our first fireball, which I've been sorely missing. We have our first direct mention of the Source. We also have an environment similar to the Underworld. So, we have some big introductions in this episode.

    We have a great scene between Piper and Leo in the doorway of the manor. I loved how Leo hesitated outside the door and put his hand up as if he could still touch Piper. And, of course, we have the final moment where Piper reveals she is going back to Leo. Even knowing the end result, myself, it still brought a smile to my face.

    I was fine with Phoebe's love-sign spell, for the most part. It was a smart twist to have it end up leading the way to Prue while also pointing the way to Leo. After all, the Angels beat the Mariners 8-7. The one episode fling with Bane I was not fine with. Apparently we have all forgotten that this was the guy indirectly responsible for the death of 9 witches just a couple episodes ago. I thought redeeming him was lame. He made a better bad guy. I guess sleeping with Prue can really change a man. The ending was also completely ludicrous. Bane had no way of knowing that Piper would unfreeze him so that he could conveniently point the death ray at Litvack. Also, if Litvack throws the fireball at the sisters, Prue merely throws it back at him. The sisters were fine without Bane. I guess maybe Prue was due for an episode centered on her. Not all bad except for the ridiculous ending.moreless
  • No Bane, no gain

    I'm surprised this episode is rated so lowly. This is a great hour of Charmed, and one which introduces many of the ideas about demons which become part of the show's bread and butter in later seasons.

    To name a few examples, this is the first episode to show demons lurking in a gloomy underworld (in this case, a crypt), the first to show them punishing and vanquishing each other for failing their tasks, the first to show demonic fireballs and the first to mention The Source of All Evil. The way Litvack and his underlings carry on becomes standard fare in later seasons but this is where it all begins.

    Aside from all that, this is also a very enjoyable hour which sees the welcome return of Antonio Sabato as Bane Jessup from "Ms Hellfire". In a nutshell, he is freed from prison by two demons, whereupon he kidnaps Prue and hides her in a half built apartment. After much soul searching, the two of them make up and make out. Prue's rose-tinted view of Bane, and Phoebe and Piper's outright mistrust of him, is lifted straight from the Season One episode, "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good".

    The whole kidnapping plot is very well done and evolves smoothly into the snogging scene. Antonio and Shannen have amazing chemistry and their scenes together are very convincing. It's a shame we never get to see Bane again as he and Prue would make an awesome couple.

    Back at the Manor, Phoebe casts a spell to help Piper decide between Dan and Leo, but it ends up leading them to Prue. The scene where they find Prue and Bane half naked and snogging is priceless. No action in the love triangle this week but Piper does admit right at the end she is going to choose Leo. Glad she got that one right!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

    • TRIVIA: This is the first time the Source is properly mentioned and referenced, having only been hinted at in earlier episodes.

    • TRIVIA: When Litvack's servant attack Prue and Bane with the weapon, Prue created a telekinetic field around her hand to deflect the beam, much like Vivian - the witch with the power of deflection from the season 3 episode Blinded by the Whitelighter. This is the only time that Prue ever used her telekinesis like that.

    • In this episode, when Piper and Phoebe receive all the signs, they are all for Prue, but they also could be for Leo. For example "{Leo}nardo's Boutique of [Bodega Bay]" {Leo}, [Bodega Bay - where Bane's lot was]. "{Mariners lost to the Angels}, [8 - 7]" {Mariners lost to the Angels, Dan lost against Leo}, [8 - 7, Lot 827, where Prue and Bane were.]. If you look at all the signs this way, none of them were for Dan, but they were for Prue and Leo.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Prue has become attracted to and intent on saving a "bad boy" against her sisters' advice. The last time it was Brendon the warlock preist in the season 1 episode When Bad Warlocks Go Good.

    • In this episode Litvak sends hitmen to kill Baine. Why didn't Libras the demon who appears several episodes later and is said to be the one who kills humans who know too much, just go after him in the prison?

    • TRIVIA: This episode features Marie Wilson's song Making It Up As I Go Along and Beth Hart's song Just A Little Hole.

    • If Bane knew that the girls were witches then why did Piper have to freeze him?

    • When Darryl asked if they knew what the thing was that he gave them, Piper said that they were still looking. Why didn't they tell him that they knew it was a demonic weapon?

    • When Phoebe is in the bathroom writing the spell, after she says the spell there is nothing visibily written on the paper anymore.

    • TRIVIA: This is the first episode in which the sisters learn of the hierarchy of demons. Leo explains higher level demons when they show him the weapon used during Bane's prison escape.

    • TRIVIA: Litvack is the last name of a writer & producer for the series.

    • When Litvack reads a person's mind to see things how they happened, he and the viewers see it from the camera's perspective. If it's coming from their minds then shouldn't it be shown from their perspective?

    • TRIVIA: Steve Railsback is the first actor credited as a "special appearance".

    • The Halliwell sisters have had one of their own kidnapped and yet they can still manage to find the time to put on a fresh coat of lipstick?

    • TRIVIA: Phoebe casts a spell to help Piper choose "her true love" but instead it helps them to find Prue after she's kidnapped.

    • TRIVIA: This is the second time Bane Jessup has appeared, the first time was in the season 2 episode "Ms. Hellfire".

    • In the first scene with Bane, after he takes the blindfold off Prue, her hair is messed up. In the next scene, her hair is smoothed down. Since her hands were tied behind her back, she couldn't have fixed it.

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Piper: I'll give Bane this, he works hard. Tax evasion, racketeering. Pick a crime, any crime.

    • Phoebe: I cast a little spell to help Piper find her love. It was supposed to help her decide between Dan and Leo, but it led us to you. Naked, I might add.
      Piper: I want you to know I tried to stop her.
      Phoebe: Yeah, and you probably would've too, if you weren't busy getting kidnapped.
      Prue: Yeah...

    • Prue: I'm fine. He thanked me for changing his life.
      Phoebe: Wow. You must have been a really good...
      Piper: Influence on him.
      Prue: Yes, well, the influence was mutual.

    • Litvack: This is gonna please the Source.
      Prue: Tell the Source that we said hi.

    • Bane: Oh, hello.
      Phoebe: Hello.
      Piper: Nice to see you again. You should put some clothes on.

    • Bane: Prue?
      Prue: The view is amazing.
      Bane: It's not as good as mine. I thought maybe you left.
      Prue: No, I just couldn't really find all of my clothes.

    • Bane: Prue.
      Prue: If I'm gonna clean the wound, then I have to stop the bleeding, I'm sorry.
      Bane: Do you even know what you're doing?
      Prue: No, not really. But right now I'm the only choice that you've got. So just try and hold still.
      Bane: That's easy for you to say. You don't have a set of fingernails clawing into your body.
      Prue: Yeah, well, I'm almost done, put this in your mouth or something.

    • Piper: That's because it has nothing to do with Prue, Phoebe, it's a sign. Dan was a baseball player for the Seattle Mariners.
      Phoebe: No one feels worse than I do right now.

    • Bane: It was going to be, before you came along, cut me off from my dreams.
      Prue: Because you tried to kill me.
      Bane: Well, that was before I got to know you.

    • Piper: The delivery man said he "got a sign". Leonardo's Boutique in Bodega Bay; Leo short for Leonardo; Bodega Bay, where Dan is from. Don't act blonde. You cast that spell, didn't you?

    • Prue: He lives in a cemetery? How cliché.
      Phoebe: Well, at least it's not a warehouse again.

    • Piper: First, I'd like to tell you how relieved I am you're ok.
      Phoebe: Me too.
      Piper: And second, I'd like to tell you that you have completely lost your mind.

    • Piper: Oh... my... God.
      Prue: Uh...what are you guys doing here?
      Phoebe: We're rescuing you, from … the tall, dark and naked man.
      Prue: I told you to stay away.
      Phoebe: Yeah, now I know why. He is yummy.
      Piper: I don't believe this. We've been frantic, worried sick about you, thinking you've been kidnapped.
      Prue: Yeah, I was.
      Piper (pointing): Panties.
      Prue: Oh, oh. (picks up panties) Thanks. Look, uh, you guys have really got this all, um ... wrong.
      Piper: Yeah, we know, it's a trap.
      Phoebe: A tall, dark and naked trap.

    • Prue (to Bane): Speaking of things that need to be taken off...your pants...
      Bane: Excuse me?
      Prue: Well, I need to get to the... um... wound. (Cocks her head)
      Bane: Forget it.
      Prue: Okay. You know what? It's just gonna get infected, so you can either take your pants off on your own or I can always do it by force.

    • Phoebe: Prue, I just want you to know I'm really pissed at you.

    • Piper: Phoebe, you're overreacting. That's my department.

    • Darryl: This is a nightmare.
      Piper: Welcome to our world.
      Phoebe: Want some aspirin?

    • Prue: Yeah., what was the outcome, Dan or Leo?
      Piper: I never needed a sign to tell me where my heart lies.
      Piper looks at Leo and smiles.

    • Piper: And then there's Dan. Who is still great. And normal. Which is good, considering I'm not.
      Phoebe: 28 minutes, 33 seconds.
      Piper: Really? We ran that long?
      Phoebe: No, I've been timing how long you've been comparing Leo and Dan.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Episode Titles: Spain: Dame una Senal Czech Republic: Dej mi znamení (Give Me a Sign) France: Ange ou démon (Angel or demon) Italy: Il segnale (The sign) Geramny: Das Zeichen (The sign)