Season 2 Episode 15

Give Me A Sign

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 24, 2000 on The WB

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  • No no no and no.

    I gotta say - selective visions much. Prue was in no danger, on the contrary, she loved being in Bane's company. She wasn't exactly fighting her kidnapper for very long. And he was the worst kidnapper "I've seen you use your powers.. on me (like you don't deserve it).. ok then", didn't take much.

    The ENTIRE storyline was pointless and lame and while I like they bring things back especially the idea of mortals knowing about demons, because that comes back later, they could've brought back anyone else.

    And same as others - how is it people are forgetting he IS responsible for killing 9 witches, almost killing a tenth and wanting to kill the Halliwells. Sure he might have changed his mind but he's acting like because he's pathetic for miss perfect now that the others don't matter.

    And oh look Prue is being arrogant again, because her power to 'move' is going to be able to vanquish and kill a demon she knows nothing about.

    And I don't think there's anything wrong with Phoebe casting the spell, it was a bit of fun, and yes it led to Prue (which I guess made sense), and it helped her decide between Leo and Dan. I don't know why Piper was getting so angry acting like Phoebe is going to get Prue killed for casting this spell...

    Oh look now she's also a doctor... And he didn't need his pants off, it was quite a small incision that was above his pants. She is actually a massive skank. First chance she got she wanted his pants off, was flirting with him, and her facial expressions were just URGH. I wanted the smug arrogance off both of them.

    But she is completely out of character. She goes from being beyond judgemental and stuck up, to being head over heels with bad guys in a second. And if anyone else does that they're liars who don't deserve Prue's trust . Phoebe and my god the rant you will get when that episode comes around ha)

    Dead empty house and you couldn't find your clothes? Really.. you must have looked so very hard. But Prue had no intention of ever being with him long term so really it was just a one night stand where she toyed with his feelings. But it's Prue who's angry about being rescued.. really.

    I still like Litvack, the introduction of the upper levels, the fireballs, Piper choosing Leo etc etc. But the whole, Bane knowing Piper would unfreeze him, Bane knowing they'd trust someone they know nothing about who killed 9 witches, it was just a big mess.

    Gotta love Bane getting angry at Phoebe and being rude to her and then Prue standing up for him. He didn't get in this mess because of a demon, he got in this mess himself. He made the situation worse. Phoebe was the only one being responsible and reasonable. Piper agreed with Phoebe but she wasn't saying anything. And Prue constantly kissing and keeping her hands all over him.. like wow!

    Oh god really ' 666' to get into the crypt.. god. But just her smug, arrogant look on her face at the end telling them "told you so". I cannot believe at the end though that Phoebe and Piper feel guilty about their behaviour though! God I cannot wait for Paige, I dislike her often enough, but she's definitely better than Prue.
  • Prue Is One Lucky Girl!!!!

    Prue is one lucky girl!!!! I wouldn't mind being kidnapped by Bane and getting into the sack with him!!! She obviously likes bad boys as do I!!!!!!
  • Give Me a Sign

    Give Me a Sign was a perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was awesome, engaging and full of action and intrigue. It was neat to see Bane Jessup again as he kidnapped Prue to convince her to help him. Meanwhile Phoebe tries to help Piper decide between Dan and Leo with a spell which leads them to Prue while confusing Piper. There was character and plot development, humor, and drama. In the end Bane is safe and intends to return to serve his time which makes Prue want him even more it seems and Piper realizes who her true love is. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The Power of Sex with Prue...

    This, unfortunately, is a somewhat annoying episode with possibly the most preposterous ending in the entire series. Prue pulls a Paige here, for the second time, as she latches onto a boyfriend and trusts him and her instincts before her sisters. Of course, it idiotically all works out. The absolute best part of the episode is the intro where you see Brian Krause get his first credit as a full time cast member, while Greg Vaughn doesn't even appear in the episode. That is the only sign that you need of what is going to happen. In fact, you could consider just watching the intro and the final scene and skipping the rest.

    However, you would be missing a lot of firsts in this episode. We have our first higher level demon and explanation of a demon hierarchy. We also have our first fireball, which I've been sorely missing. We have our first direct mention of the Source. We also have an environment similar to the Underworld. So, we have some big introductions in this episode.

    We have a great scene between Piper and Leo in the doorway of the manor. I loved how Leo hesitated outside the door and put his hand up as if he could still touch Piper. And, of course, we have the final moment where Piper reveals she is going back to Leo. Even knowing the end result, myself, it still brought a smile to my face.

    I was fine with Phoebe's love-sign spell, for the most part. It was a smart twist to have it end up leading the way to Prue while also pointing the way to Leo. After all, the Angels beat the Mariners 8-7. The one episode fling with Bane I was not fine with. Apparently we have all forgotten that this was the guy indirectly responsible for the death of 9 witches just a couple episodes ago. I thought redeeming him was lame. He made a better bad guy. I guess sleeping with Prue can really change a man. The ending was also completely ludicrous. Bane had no way of knowing that Piper would unfreeze him so that he could conveniently point the death ray at Litvack. Also, if Litvack throws the fireball at the sisters, Prue merely throws it back at him. The sisters were fine without Bane. I guess maybe Prue was due for an episode centered on her. Not all bad except for the ridiculous ending.
  • No Bane, no gain

    I'm surprised this episode is rated so lowly. This is a great hour of Charmed, and one which introduces many of the ideas about demons which become part of the show's bread and butter in later seasons.

    To name a few examples, this is the first episode to show demons lurking in a gloomy underworld (in this case, a crypt), the first to show them punishing and vanquishing each other for failing their tasks, the first to show demonic fireballs and the first to mention The Source of All Evil. The way Litvack and his underlings carry on becomes standard fare in later seasons but this is where it all begins.

    Aside from all that, this is also a very enjoyable hour which sees the welcome return of Antonio Sabato as Bane Jessup from "Ms Hellfire". In a nutshell, he is freed from prison by two demons, whereupon he kidnaps Prue and hides her in a half built apartment. After much soul searching, the two of them make up and make out. Prue's rose-tinted view of Bane, and Phoebe and Piper's outright mistrust of him, is lifted straight from the Season One episode, "When Bad Warlocks Turn Good".

    The whole kidnapping plot is very well done and evolves smoothly into the snogging scene. Antonio and Shannen have amazing chemistry and their scenes together are very convincing. It's a shame we never get to see Bane again as he and Prue would make an awesome couple.

    Back at the Manor, Phoebe casts a spell to help Piper decide between Dan and Leo, but it ends up leading them to Prue. The scene where they find Prue and Bane half naked and snogging is priceless. No action in the love triangle this week but Piper does admit right at the end she is going to choose Leo. Glad she got that one right!
  • The whole Dan versus Leo thing drives me crazy because I just can't see the point of it.

    I found this episode annoying on so many different levels. First of all, the entire Dan or Leo scenario is just ridiculous. If Piper needs a spell to help her decide then it seems to me as though she doesn't really care all that much for either of them, however, the ever-loyal Phoebe helps her to cast the spell which complicates matter even more. No surprise there.

    Meanwhile, Bane escapes from jail and kidnaps Prue (who doesn't seem all that unwilling) and holds her hostage while asking her to help him escape the nasty demons who appear to be after him.

    Frankly, I was bored as I had hoped for a much better and more believeable episode. Maybe next time.
  • Bane There, Done That

    Give Me A Sign-Phoebe helps Piper cast a spell in order to help her choose between Dan and Leo. Meanwhile, Bane is broken out of jail and kidnaps Prue to force her to use her powers to save him from powerful demons that are after him.

    A pretty boring episode thanks to the return of Antonio Sabato Jr. as Bane aka "All Looks, No Talent"! Of course, Bane and Prue spend the whole episode getting closer to one another despite kidnapping her and having her bound and gagged. I honestly don't see the chemistry between Shannen and Antonio, especially since they're scenes just drag the episode thanks to Antonio's boring acting. Prue going around defending him got a bit irritating and you can't help but wonder what the hell she sees in him, I'm guess he must have been real good in the bedroom department!

    The only real good parts are Piper and Phoebe's sub-plot with Phoebe casting the "give me a sign" spell so Piper can make her chose between Dan and Leo. It brought some hilarious banter between the 2 sisters and I liked the nice twist of the spell leading them to Prue. Also, I liked Litvack as it's the first time we've ever seen an upper level villain and I love the shot of him holding a huge fire ball in his hands. We also get a quick mention of the Source for the first time, who will become a major villain for the Charmed Ones for the next 2 seasons. But despite those nice developments, "Give Me A Sign" is a slow moving episode that takes to much time building to a predictable climax which is just pointless in the end.
  • Bane & Prue

    When criminal mastermind (and Prue, alias Ms. Hellfire's, former flame) Bane Jessup is attacked by a powerful demon named Litvack, he manages to escape, but kidnaps Prue in order to force her to use her powers to save him from certain death. The mutual attraction between Prue and Bane is even stronger upon their second meeting, and after Piper and Phoebe "rescue" Prue from a compromising situation, she convinces her reluctant sisters to trust Bane enough to follow his plan to destroy the demon. Meanwhile, the spell Phoebe casts to help Piper decide between Leo and Dan only adds to her confusion.
  • I love this episode, it was cool

    It was nice to see that a bad guy can turn into good, too bad he had to go back to jail. It was cool how Prue sorta knew he had a plan to vanquish the bad guy.

    I love the scene when the sister were going to save Prue, that was real funny.

    I love the bit when Leo came and talk to Piper and Phoebe about the weapon that the bad guy uses, because it was Leo and Piper scene, love it!!!

    Hmm at the end when the sisters was talking to Piper about Dan and Leo she said something about I always knew what my heart say and she was looking at Leo, does that mean something???
  • This is a great episode !! written well i thought with the signs and everything ill give it a 9.9 because I dont like Bane !!

    The criminal mastermind, Bane, returns rekindling the sparks between him and Prue. When Bane narrowly escapes an attack by a powerful demon named Litvack he kidnaps Prue planning on forcing her to use her powers to save him from certain death. After Piper and Phoebe discover Prue in a compromising situation with Bane they are reluctant when Prue tries to convince them to help her destroy the demon anyway. Meanwhile, the mutual attraction for Prue and Bane is difficult for Prue to deny and a spell that Phoebe cast to help Piper decide between Leo and Dan only adds to her confusion.
  • Piper needs to choose

    I love all the sexual tension between the girls and the guys on the show. This episode definatley showed it with Prue and Bane. Piper needs to choose who she loves. Leo is the obvious choice because of there connection to the magical world. She obviously loves him but it seems like she doesn't want to hurt Dan.
  • Bane escaping from prison,Prue getting kidnapped, Piper and Phoebe worried. Litvack wants to get rid of Bane but he asks the sisters to help him. they think they have been double crossed. Bane goes back to prison, Piper finally chose between Leo and Dan.

    I think it was one of the more memorable episodes.Piper makes a good amusement while she tries to decide between Leo and Dan. Prue getting kidnapped by tall,dark and handsome is no big surpise since Bane escaped. All of the signs add a new twist to Charmed since Piper is supposed to be picking between Leo and Dan but instead it leads them to a half naked Prue. The story seems a little twisted to me. I didn\'t particularly like Litvack, not because he\'s a demon but the character didn\'t seem to fit. The episode over all was very excellent indeed.
  • Two things: 1. Bane is hott. 2. Piper: I never needed a sign to tell me where my heart lies (looks at Leo and smiles). < - - YES!!! FINALLY!

    well nothing really THAT good happened in this definitely wasn't one of my favorites. HOWEVER, the fact that they had a pretty hott guy play the role of Bane makes the episode a lot better.


    Piper finally admits that she loves Leo!! it sucks for Dan, cause he's hott too, but im so happy that she finally comes to acknowledge that she is only with Dan to try to keep her mind off Leo...and it just really isn't working. and plus, who could resist a guy that gave up being immortal for you? come on now, Piper. its about time!

    hearing Piper say..."I never needed a sign to tell me where my heart lies"...made my dayy, and this episode!
  • prue is kidnapped and piper trys to decide who to chose; Dan or Leo... phoebe casts a spell which conects the two otherwise seperate problems.

    this episode was pretty good. it had some good happenings that were otherwise \"watered down\" by an average plot line. Although the plot wasnt all that great there are some classic quotes here especially from phoebe. It shows a more \"relaxed\" side of prue (having sex with a random). But in the end, what made this episode worthwhile was the fact the piper finally chose Leo and put all the viewers at ease, i mean lets face it her and dan were never going to work. The acting in this episode was superb and the girls deserve to be commended on it. Overall i thought it was a reasonably good episode.
  • Pointless Has-Been Guest Spot #2: Antonio Sabato, Jr.

    Only memorable for the (slightly pointless) return of Antonio Sabato Jr, Give Me a Sign does nothing to further any storylines and it seems like the episode was made purely to give Prue a plausible excuse to jump in the sack with somebody and let Antonio show off his abs for 45 minutes.

    The episode sees Bane Jessup escaping from prison and kidnapping Prue, only to end up with them getting groiny with each other. Meanwhile, Phoebe casts a "give me a sign" spell on Piper to help her choose between Leo and Dan. I'm not surprised Piper can't choose, as they're both devout of any personality...

    The return of Bane wasn't needed and I for one was completely uninterested in his relationship with Prue. Though Shannen Doherty and Antonio Sabato Jr do have chemistry, you have no sympathy for Bane and the situation he's in, whilst Prue should know better than to sleep with the enemy.

    The "give me a sign" spell was fun but it's a shame that it was connected to Prue's storyline as it would of made a neat subplot. Unfortunately, the whole episode ends up being pretty pointless and is immediately forgettable.

    Rating: D
  • co0ol!

    it was cool to see ban again! i hoguth it was cool when he kidnapp ed prue. that was cool! did they srcy for prue in this epside? i dont know, but i liked this epsidoe. i liked the demon what was trying to get bane to do somehting, but it didnt work! that was cool!
  • bane is sexi!!!

    the only reason i enjoyed this episode was because i was able to enjoy looking at pure sexiness on screen. The guy who plays bane is hot. Did you see his sexi body!! whoah!!!! who agrees?? i thought the rest of the episode was alright. any one else agree with me?????????
  • This episode is awesome but I think there are a few things missing..

    I think we are missing some episodes here because this one is not where it is supposed to be..when pheobe's friend is killed and is a ghost...that episode isn't posted and neither is the one where they stop a girl from killing herself and the darklighter goes after Prue...I'm confused but this episode is still awesome!!!
  • Phoebe casts a spell to help find Piper her true love but ends up being a spell which helps them find a kidnapped Prue! Very clever writers! :P

    I thought it was brilliant that they made the spell cast by Phoebe make them help find Prue. It's not something you'd expect at first though I liked the references to the angels and marines and the Leonarda and all that stuff. That was really enjoyable.

    Also nice to put Bane back into the storyline (from the Miss. Hellfire ep) I like it when they use characters again that were used in a previous episode and still wasn't closured. The words TRUST ME was used a lot in this episode and Prue did finally trust the guy. The quotes Phoebe had were very nice, very phoebe-like. I enjoyed that.

    And I especially liked the last past of the episode where Prue asked Piper if she knew who her true love was and how Piper replied with :"I don't need a spell to know who I love" and then smiles at Leo! I love that part!! :)

    Great episode with a nice plot!