Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • How could they do that to the sisters!?! Preety much Billie and Chirsty turned everyone against the sisters!

    I was very moved by this episode. I was shoked to see how low Chirsty would go to get Billie on her side.I am acully really well mad! She twisted everything the girls have done for everyone! I am very curouis on what is going to happen at the end of Charmed. I do not understand how Billie can not relize her sister is a fake. I mean how could Chirsty know all about the sisters and what they have done when she has been in a cave. I am just so furous at this moment with this. But I know that it will all come togather at the end. Well I hope! I really hope he elders let Pheobe be with Coop! Can't wait tell next week! 2 to go sadly....
  • Billie is finally convinced the sisters are evil. The Charmed Ones are on the run but they are not going out without a fight.

    The storm has finally settled on San Francisco. This storyline has progressed in such a unique ways its amazing. Billie is finally on her sisters side and The Charmed ones are fully under attack.

    Piper: She is still strong on the kill billie and christy train. I dont blame her but this episode finally gave her credibility to be so gung-ho. She is trying to be so strong for the family and she just wants her husband back. Using grams ring on her was a bit of a stretch but it was cute to see her in that role. Although i love piper her plot has been the same since 8.18 and she needs to be concerned about something else for like a sec.

    Phoebe: FInally she and Coop got some action in the real world. I was so happy for her. This is probably the only guy i was excited to her get it on with.Even with cole i was a little iffy but Coop is great. I love her plot, its a sad one but i think the elders sent him to her because they know the Co's are the biggest rule breakers. THey do make a cute couple. She also is truly on the kill billie train.

    PAige: Wasnt really liking her this episode. Although Roses acting was good like last week. Her plot in the episode was dry and kinda boring. She didnt really do anything.

    Billie and CHristy: I was getting irritated with Billies changing opinions. One minute she agrees with christy then the next she doesnt. Atleast she finally chose in this episode. Christy was trying way too hard but i guess she knows its a deadline type of thing.

    The Triad: THey are some smart demons. They planned this whole thing out years ago and it is just fantastic to watch it unfold in each episode. I was amazed to hear that they want to kill all five of them ( kinda suspecting that but it was still a shock).

    What i liked:
    THat tornado thing that the lepracauns created in magic school. That was a great effect. It lasted long too and the wind kept pushing them out, really good scene.
    THe magical community massacre scene. That was just fantastic. Must of cost a lot of money and it looked great. I felt bad to watch a lot of them die.
    The dark room was creepy which was good.
    The ending was just great. That blow to the head should of knocked phoebe out but i was totally surprised he hit her. THen that fireball coming so close to the girls and then hitting the window. Intense!!!!!

    Didnt like:
    I understand paige snapping out of the curse/hex, but i totally dont get phoebes and pipers. Lust could only get rid of by doing a self less act and phoebe didnt do anything. The curse shouldnt of left her. same thing goes for piper. the ring spell only ended when paige orbed it off of phoebe the last time.
  • Wow!! Thats what I can say about this SPECIAL episode!

    This episode had many things I loved! The whole storyline is just getting soo juicy that I cannot wait for next weeks episode!

    The whole thing about turning the whole magical community against the Charmed ones was soo sneaky and now i hate christy because of it...

    Although i did love the whole Pheobe-Coop thing because finally they got-together and i love him for pheoebe! They are both soo cute together...

    Next episode has to be the charmed ones vs. the ultimate power...It looks like its going to be a very sad ending but a beautiful beginning at the same time...

    Blessed Be
  • One of my favorite shows on TV.

    This episode was quite moving and I am sad to see everyone turn against the girls, but I am guessing the end should be a doosey! I am wondering if they will make the charmed ones just normal everyday girls like they want, and leave the whichy stuff for the sisters Billey and Christy? Just a thought!
  • I felt that this episode is a very special one, seeing as there are only two more left. I thought that it could have been a little more packed, because it is all so close to the end. Still, I love the show. Previews for the next look tear jerking.

    To sum it all up, Billie has finally completely sided with Christy. Phoebe admits to her sisters and Coop, that she is in love with him. In this episode, the sisters were put under spells of past expierences that they wished not to have lived again, causeing the good magical creatures to turn on them. At the end of the episode, Christy and Billie came to kill the Charmed ones. Fortunately they escaped and were able to get the book of shadows as well, but what they didn't expect was to end up in the underworld. With Piper saying, "We're the bad guys now." For those that saw previews for the next episode, know it will be and episode to remember, both the final episodes with be episodes to remember. Farewell Charmed ones. Thank you all for filling our lives with a great magic.
  • A little too light to what we\'ve grown used to over the previous episodes.

    In an attempt to destroy the reputation of the Charmed Ones, Billie & Christy resort to trying to make the magical community see that the Halliwells only care about themselves. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to lust after Coop; Paige cannot hear her charges\' call for help; Piper becomes the perfect 1950s housewife.

    This episode was a little too light for my liking, a little flash-back to the season 5 days when fairy tale creatures were the norm. I don\'t know really what to think of a writing team that spends three weeks building up tension and then on the final 3 episodes decides to add a light a fluffy one.

    I hope that the final two episodes are better.
  • Not enough happened considering there are only 2 eps left!

    I was happy to see that Phoebe finally told Coop she had feelings for him and that she finally came around to see that she will need to fight Billie. The rest of the ep with the triad/triad-wannabe was boring. I barely wanted to watch! I kept thinking that maybe the storyline would change in the middle or something. Next week\'s preview does look good and with only 2 episodes left, I\'m very interested to see how they\'re going to wrap things up.
  • Loved the parts that brought in the past. I really miss Leo though!

    I can't believe there are only 2 more episodes left. I don't want this show to end! I love it and I'm not gonna get to see much of Leo once he returns. Anyway, about tonight's episode it was pretty good. The parts that brought up things from the past were great. It was good that they mentioned things from past seasons since the show is ending. Paige being hit with the spell from the Witch Doctor (from episode "House Call" season 5), Piper under the curse of Gram's ring (episode "Lost and Bound" season 4. It was Phoebe that originally was under the spell when Cole gave her the ring.) And of course Phoebe under the sin of lust ("Sin Francisco" season 3. One of my favorite episodes!) I am so glad that Phoebe finally realized she loved Coop. They make a great couple, even if it is against the rules. Just look and Piper and Leo, they did alot that was against the rules like um...get married! I wish Paige would spend some time with Henry. After all he is her husband now and you never see them together. I don't think thier relationship is getting recognized enough since they've been married. Then there is Piper's part in this episode. I missed seeing her. She didn't do much in the episode. I guess they are saving the spotlight for when Leo returns. I can't wait! I’m so tired of Billie and Christy! Kill them already. They got all the creatures (who I always love seeing) doggin on the Charmed Ones. They have just turned into little evil girls. Well, they'll be gone soon enough. I'm just glad Piper realizes who they really are if she can just convince Phoebe and Paige.

  • Does Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) Die?

    In the thing that show what happens next episode it show that she died. Is it true? Does anybody know?

    Otherwise the Episode was really good. i thought that the creatures or all magical beings were going to kill the charmed ones. Billie and Cristy can die because they are stupid and the charmed one are taking all the crap because of them two witches. Then again Billie is being brainwashed by Cristy but still she is doubting the ppl that took care of her and helped her learn magic but i guess billie would trust her sister that lived with demons most of her life. But i cant wait for leo to come back. i cant wait for the last two episodes.
  • Billy is convinced that the charmed ones are bad.

    she is finally convinced after christy\'s friend puts spells on each of the charmed ones so that when the magical creatures were attacked, they did not do anything, but what they wanted to do. i miss the shows with Leo. i want the old exciting action packed episodes back. charmed seems to be limping around until the \"battle.\" if i had just tuned in today without ever having watched this show i would never have even cared about the season finale, and now i dont even now if i really do want to watch anymore of the new episodes again.
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