Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • im really upset

    i hate cristy
    these episodes are really well writen and the parts are well portrayed but i really dont like how this is ending. why cant billy use her projection power to say i wish i knew the truth. and why cant cristy just drop dead and why is the series ending?
    i really liked billy i dont like how this is turning out. it would just be really cool if billy could just get a reallity cheak and kill cristy.
    and why at that moment did billie not trust the charmed ones they were under a spell
    and scenes from next epiison no more manor :(
  • Not enough happened considering there are only 2 eps left!

    I was happy to see that Phoebe finally told Coop she had feelings for him and that she finally came around to see that she will need to fight Billie. The rest of the ep with the triad/triad-wannabe was boring. I barely wanted to watch! I kept thinking that maybe the storyline would change in the middle or something. Next week\'s preview does look good and with only 2 episodes left, I\'m very interested to see how they\'re going to wrap things up.
  • I can't help noticing the bad casting of Christy... sorry

    I mean, it's true, isn't it?
    Marnette Patterson just seems too unexperienced to have such a major role in a TV-show like Charmed, especially not in its final episodes, who should have the best ones, which they won't be. I've seen she has had quite some roles in different shows but she still doesn't look credible to me.

    For example, Joel Stoffer IS well casted! Unfortunately, this was his last episode as the demon Creo but I liked his performance. Cool, strond, dark, evil and a tone of voice that makes you shiver.

    The story lines are leaving a great deal to be desired too! I mean come on, would the magical beings really ignore the fact they were under a spell? NO!!!

    Don't get me wrong, I still like to watch Charmed, but I'm kind of glad they have put an end to it. So it won't bleed to death entirely.
  • The last normal episode from Charmed conting that the others are the final! It could have been more! It's just anoying! So anoying! Too much anoying! The most anoying episode in the history of Charmed!!!

    What was that!? I liked the half part of the episode in the end! (The last 20 minutes) but the first part (The first 20 minutes) was so boring and horrible!!!

    The whole first part was so so bad! The first scene in magic school was a mess, Christie working for the demon and they didn't tell to Billie!! And they didn't attack! The thing of the black room was so not charmed, it is a stupid thing and it's not a good idea for Charmed! More things: Dumain is probably the Demon that has get into my nerves more after the Seer (S4). It's so... And how the Triad talk (the eco) makes gets into nerves aswell! So all the first part is kinda horrible!!!

    There were thinking..."What more we can do to make this one a awful episode??" "Yes, introduce the madic comunity!!" The whole begining with the leprecauns was so so so bad! Why they get the leprecauns in? The scene of the leprecauns in magic school is plain forgeteable!! More things to make the episode a mess... "I love Coop" What!? how can you love someone if you don't know him! They have no talk to each other, Coop just was there to make Phoebe fell in love but Coop was not talking anything about himself!!! So it's imposible love someone that way!!! You can like him, of course, but love??? no at all!!!

    What that enough? NO!!! They girls get under a spell, the magical comunity ask for help, they broke the spell and... they stay at home??? What the *** was that!? At last, we get more into our nerves!!! They din't say anything. they could have say "someone makes us under a spell to don't be there to help you" And piper I don't know if you know but you can freeze an blow things up???! Why she didn't use her powers at the end!!! Very anoying

    To end, a very nerve episode that has a bad story and only a good part in the last 20 min but nothing special!
  • Who thought of this great episode!

    In an attempt to destroy the reputation of the Charmed Ones, Billie & Christy resort to trying to make the magical community see that the Halliwells only care about themselves. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to lust after Coop; Paige cannot hear her charges' call for help; Piper becomes the perfect 1950s housewife.
    This episode is one of the best episodes of Charmed, I thought that the series was turning boring and actionless, but with this episode and the past three I prove myself wrong, these episodes are great, along with Vaya con Leos, I think that these episodes were the one who rescued Season 8 from disaster.
  • One of my favorite shows on TV.

    This episode was quite moving and I am sad to see everyone turn against the girls, but I am guessing the end should be a doosey! I am wondering if they will make the charmed ones just normal everyday girls like they want, and leave the whichy stuff for the sisters Billey and Christy? Just a thought!
  • i like this episode better then previous episode , we got to see Billie turn into evil side on the last scene , Phoebe finally admit she loves Coop even though its kinda fast & this episode lead to next episode ! haha ! =) , read more inside...

    Even though the plot seems to be moving too fast and without making much sense, this episode by itself is pretty good. It marks the transition to the finale and the final events that lead to the Halliwells and the Jenkins to become complete enemies. Billie and Christy\'s imaginary friend uses the Charmed Ones past experiences to distract them while demons attack the magical community. By doing this, he hopes to convince Billie of her destiny while leaving the sisters without support from those they saved in the past. The episode starts from nowhere and the first third of it seems pointless. After that however, the plot becomes more solid and interesting leading to a good conclusion. There where many scenes that were completely unnecessary, like the suicidal vanquish of Creo and his partner or the hologram showing the future of Wyatt, since none of them contributed anything the episode. The important scenes lie beyond these two and the usual magic dose work just right to add jokes and drama to each moment. Once again, whether this is considered bad or not, the sisters are again shown in a less likable way to prove right the points of Billie and Christy. It\'s hard to know who\'s good and who\'s bad, since this hasn\'t been established yet. However, the reason behind the Ultimate Battle is revealed, and it\'ll hopefully become a great finale. The plot and special effects are overall very convincing, while the final scenes successfuly are able to catch the viewer\'s atention, which is the whole purpose of the episode. Since it was fulfilled, this can be considered a good episode, although it still bothers me how they call a group of 10 or so creatures the \'Magical Community\'. Somehow I expected it to be a little bigger than that...
  • gripping!

    I was on the edge of my seat with this episode! I just cannot believe that Billie has fallen for all her sister\'s bull... One thing that really bothers me about Christy is that only half a season ago Billie rescued her from the Triad and now she is a dab hand with the make-up! Even I can\'t put it on that well and I have been practising for 15 years...

    I am just hoping that now Phoebe has seen what has happened to Billie that she will get on board and be ready to kill them.. I have two more shows until the end of the series - I live for Thursday nights!!!
  • Billy is convinced that the charmed ones are bad.

    she is finally convinced after christy\'s friend puts spells on each of the charmed ones so that when the magical creatures were attacked, they did not do anything, but what they wanted to do. i miss the shows with Leo. i want the old exciting action packed episodes back. charmed seems to be limping around until the \"battle.\" if i had just tuned in today without ever having watched this show i would never have even cared about the season finale, and now i dont even now if i really do want to watch anymore of the new episodes again.
  • The Charmed Ones see their reputation injured when Dumaine, some bad guy who was suddenly behind the whole thing, sets out to convince Billie and the magical community that the Charmed Ones are the enemy.

    I have two major problems with this episode.

    1) Return of the frickin' leprauchauns, ogres, fairies and the rest of Brad Kern's beloved ensemble who have never at any point been anything but awfully annoying. It is so unlike the original Charmed that I fell in love with - silly and pointless. Please let this episode have been their swan song.

    2) The logic of the episode. Billie is turned now, yes, and she sees the Charmed Ones as evil, yes, but does she see demons as good?! Apparantly she has no problem with her sister having been raised by the Triad and doesn't question Dumaine at all. Dumaine was an awful new character. There was just no need for him, as the Triad were quite enough intriguing as wirepullers. I am really getting confused as to what Billie and Christy respectively see as good and evil, not least because they now seem to be fooled by Dumaine as well. It's too complicated and unclear.

    Revisiting the magical distractions from previous season, Sin Fransisco, Lost And Bound and House Call, didn't really work, and seemed to be a crude flashback only motivated by the upcoming finale. Phoebe's lust for Coop was downright stupid, as Love and lust hardly harmony. And she has fallen for him way too suddenly in my opinion.

    The only really good thing that came out of this episode was the ending. Though the presence of the magical creatures was frustrating, I liked to see the sisters escape and find themselves in the underworld, now being the bad guys. It does bode well for the two last episodes.

    Bring it on, Charmed.
  • At last! We're getting down to the nitty-gritty.

    I don't know about anybody else. But, I was getting as sick-and-tired as Phoebe and Billie over the incessant harangues, by Piper and Kristie, concerning how they might have no choice but to vanquish the Witches-Gone-Bad. With each applying that label to the other!

    Maybe it was a ploy, by the writers, to induce angst and increase character-empathy among us viewers. If so, I reached my peak, two episodes back.

    And, according to last night's previews, they'll be getting to part 1 of the Big Showdown, next Sunday. I am most anxious to watch it, if only because it means Piper and Kristie will finally shut up!!!
  • Loved the parts that brought in the past. I really miss Leo though!

    I can't believe there are only 2 more episodes left. I don't want this show to end! I love it and I'm not gonna get to see much of Leo once he returns. Anyway, about tonight's episode it was pretty good. The parts that brought up things from the past were great. It was good that they mentioned things from past seasons since the show is ending. Paige being hit with the spell from the Witch Doctor (from episode "House Call" season 5), Piper under the curse of Gram's ring (episode "Lost and Bound" season 4. It was Phoebe that originally was under the spell when Cole gave her the ring.) And of course Phoebe under the sin of lust ("Sin Francisco" season 3. One of my favorite episodes!) I am so glad that Phoebe finally realized she loved Coop. They make a great couple, even if it is against the rules. Just look and Piper and Leo, they did alot that was against the rules like um...get married! I wish Paige would spend some time with Henry. After all he is her husband now and you never see them together. I don't think thier relationship is getting recognized enough since they've been married. Then there is Piper's part in this episode. I missed seeing her. She didn't do much in the episode. I guess they are saving the spotlight for when Leo returns. I can't wait! I’m so tired of Billie and Christy! Kill them already. They got all the creatures (who I always love seeing) doggin on the Charmed Ones. They have just turned into little evil girls. Well, they'll be gone soon enough. I'm just glad Piper realizes who they really are if she can just convince Phoebe and Paige.

  • Well this was just not a good story line

    I understand where the writers are going with this in some way, but this does not seem to make sense of the whole 8 years of charmed, they always get put under spells at odd moments, how did the writers think that turning the magical community against the charmed ones like that in one episode, and that giant guy hitting phoebe was a bit dramatic, if they are the magical community they should know what the hell is going on in there!

    On a light note and less of a rant, it was an ok episode, to be honest nothing to write home about, not the best charmed we have had this season but I guess they are preparing us for the "BIG FINISH" not long to go now, I won't be happy if they don't go with a bang with this like they did with Season 7 by far one of the best finishes they had.

  • Leprechauns again?

    This was an exciting and well-written episode overall, but the reuse of old themes is getting boring. While drawing on a show’s history can add richness to a long-running series, they’ve done it so often in the past two seasons that it simply feels unoriginal. This is a fantasy show—the possibilities are endless. So why the reliance on old plots? And why leprechauns? The viewers are as bored with them as Paige is. Now dwarfs—they’re much more interesting. Less whiny, more sarcastic and funny.

    And what is with Coop? He’s willing to take his relationship with Phoebe to the next level even though she’s obviously under a spell? If Phoebe’s going to end up with this guy, I’d like him to behave more honorably than that.
  • This episode was revealing but could have been better.

    This episode was more revealing to the sisters in the fact that instead of wasting so much time focusing on private matters, they have yet again found themselves playing catch up again.

    The sisters, more so, Piper and Phoebe, because of experience, should have known that Christy was a Trojan Horse waiting to pounce. They should have known that the ultimate power was Billie to start with. For starters it was really way too easy to finally find Christy after all of these years, especially when Billie remembered all of a sudden of a sister missing. And another telltale clue is that Christy shoots fire. Duh...Can we say demon here?

    The sisters should have just faced it after dealing with the Zankou crap that "normalcy" isn't just them. They are magical and that means dealing with the magical community. If they had treated the magical community on a more personal level instead of using them only when they need something, things would have been a little better, they would have probably not have bailed on them like they did.

    Overall, the writing could have been better. I just hope the next episode and the finale are much better.

    Oh, how I will miss my girls...May they be Charmed Forever!!!
  • The Ultimate Plan is finally revealed!!

    Wow, this episode was great!
    I gotta say FANASTIC JOB to Brad Kern and Jeannine Renshaw.
    The Ultimate Plan is perfect, i was trying to figure it out for months and now it's finally revealed:

    The Triad lets the Charmed Ones fight Billie & Christy, the whole magical community will be involved wich leads to the destruction of all good magic because of the immense power that the Charmed Ones and the Ultimate Power possess. Then nothing but EVIL will rule the world.

    I am still wondering if the Triad is the only evil behind the plan, or if there is someone bigger...

    I LOVE Marnette Patterson in the role of Christy, she is great!
    The Phoebe and Coop storyline is finally getting somewhere and the last 2 episodes are gonna be great, I just know it
  • Great episode, Pheobe & Coop are together! Magical beings go against the charmed ones, The sisters are cursed which makes Phoebe horny (again!), Paige a free-spirit (I think, didn\'t really understand her curse), and Piper a 1950\'s housewife (LOL!)

    Great episode, Pheobe & Coop are together! Magical beings go against the charmed ones, The sisters are cursed which makes Phoebe horny (again!), Paige a free-spirit (I think, didn\'t really understand her curse), and Piper a 1950\'s housewife (LOL!) Countdown to the big finally which I am excited about, I will miss Charmed & probably cry in 2 weeks! As Charmed is my fave show & it always will be! This episode was great, Christy (even though she\'s hot) annoys me so much! And even though Christy\'s hypnotised her, Billie still has faith in the charmed ones. I didn\'t like the magical beings going against the girls though!
  • Christy tries to convince Billie that the charmed ones are bad and that they have to defeat them.

    This is the best episode of this season. I just loved it. Only one thing I don't get, why the magical community turns there back so fast to the charmed ones. They helped them for seven years and now they hate them in just one day!

    But now I will tell why I love this episode. In this episode is the change of the season. Now are all the charmed ones sure that they have to defeat Christy and Billie or the evil behind them.
    Also the biggest change of the whole show is in this episode. They start as the "good guys" and the protectors of the magical community and they end in the underworld.
    The magical community attacks the charmed ones and then comes Christy and Billie who tried to defeat the charmed. So they have to leave there home and take the "Book" and come in the underworld.

    I really liked this big change. I'm looking forward to the next episode! I just can't wait for it!
  • Does Alyssa Milano (Phoebe) Die?

    In the thing that show what happens next episode it show that she died. Is it true? Does anybody know?

    Otherwise the Episode was really good. i thought that the creatures or all magical beings were going to kill the charmed ones. Billie and Cristy can die because they are stupid and the charmed one are taking all the crap because of them two witches. Then again Billie is being brainwashed by Cristy but still she is doubting the ppl that took care of her and helped her learn magic but i guess billie would trust her sister that lived with demons most of her life. But i cant wait for leo to come back. i cant wait for the last two episodes.
  • WOW!!! A great charmed episode that brought back some old memories and promised more excitement to come!!!

    What a great episode! from start to finish I was hooked. I loved that they brought back all the magical creatures into it including the leprechaun from season 5 (Even though he dien in Oh my Goddess but lets just leave that!!!!). Even thought Henry wasn't in it, it was great to see paige finally call him her husband and mention how difficult married life is!!! And for those of you who want to hate Billie for going against the charme dones you can't mistake that she is being manipulated into beleiving they are bad. NOT HER FAULT!!!! And once again great special effects esecially when Billie and Christy use they're cool powers to try and stop the charmed ones!!!! Bring on Kill Billie!!!!
  • How could they do that to the sisters!?! Preety much Billie and Chirsty turned everyone against the sisters!

    I was very moved by this episode. I was shoked to see how low Chirsty would go to get Billie on her side.I am acully really well mad! She twisted everything the girls have done for everyone! I am very curouis on what is going to happen at the end of Charmed. I do not understand how Billie can not relize her sister is a fake. I mean how could Chirsty know all about the sisters and what they have done when she has been in a cave. I am just so furous at this moment with this. But I know that it will all come togather at the end. Well I hope! I really hope he elders let Pheobe be with Coop! Can't wait tell next week! 2 to go sadly....
  • Wow!! Thats what I can say about this SPECIAL episode!

    This episode had many things I loved! The whole storyline is just getting soo juicy that I cannot wait for next weeks episode!

    The whole thing about turning the whole magical community against the Charmed ones was soo sneaky and now i hate christy because of it...

    Although i did love the whole Pheobe-Coop thing because finally they got-together and i love him for pheoebe! They are both soo cute together...

    Next episode has to be the charmed ones vs. the ultimate power...It looks like its going to be a very sad ending but a beautiful beginning at the same time...

    Blessed Be
  • A little too light to what we\'ve grown used to over the previous episodes.

    In an attempt to destroy the reputation of the Charmed Ones, Billie & Christy resort to trying to make the magical community see that the Halliwells only care about themselves. Meanwhile, Phoebe begins to lust after Coop; Paige cannot hear her charges\' call for help; Piper becomes the perfect 1950s housewife.

    This episode was a little too light for my liking, a little flash-back to the season 5 days when fairy tale creatures were the norm. I don\'t know really what to think of a writing team that spends three weeks building up tension and then on the final 3 episodes decides to add a light a fluffy one.

    I hope that the final two episodes are better.

    this ep was ok, not great but i loved the humour betweent he leprachauns, specially when the silly one (do not no his name) was gonna take a pic of the evil lol that was hilarious.
    i am really happy that phoebe and coop aretogether and i cant believe billie is so gullible, same with the magical creatires, why would the charmed ones turn against them ?? thats so dumb
    i can not wait until the final battle next wekk, and i really hope leo will be back soon, hope e dnt die
    great use of humour in this episode, the ep was amazing, roll on next week!
  • Billie is finally convinced the sisters are evil. The Charmed Ones are on the run but they are not going out without a fight.

    The storm has finally settled on San Francisco. This storyline has progressed in such a unique ways its amazing. Billie is finally on her sisters side and The Charmed ones are fully under attack.

    Piper: She is still strong on the kill billie and christy train. I dont blame her but this episode finally gave her credibility to be so gung-ho. She is trying to be so strong for the family and she just wants her husband back. Using grams ring on her was a bit of a stretch but it was cute to see her in that role. Although i love piper her plot has been the same since 8.18 and she needs to be concerned about something else for like a sec.

    Phoebe: FInally she and Coop got some action in the real world. I was so happy for her. This is probably the only guy i was excited to her get it on with.Even with cole i was a little iffy but Coop is great. I love her plot, its a sad one but i think the elders sent him to her because they know the Co's are the biggest rule breakers. THey do make a cute couple. She also is truly on the kill billie train.

    PAige: Wasnt really liking her this episode. Although Roses acting was good like last week. Her plot in the episode was dry and kinda boring. She didnt really do anything.

    Billie and CHristy: I was getting irritated with Billies changing opinions. One minute she agrees with christy then the next she doesnt. Atleast she finally chose in this episode. Christy was trying way too hard but i guess she knows its a deadline type of thing.

    The Triad: THey are some smart demons. They planned this whole thing out years ago and it is just fantastic to watch it unfold in each episode. I was amazed to hear that they want to kill all five of them ( kinda suspecting that but it was still a shock).

    What i liked:
    THat tornado thing that the lepracauns created in magic school. That was a great effect. It lasted long too and the wind kept pushing them out, really good scene.
    THe magical community massacre scene. That was just fantastic. Must of cost a lot of money and it looked great. I felt bad to watch a lot of them die.
    The dark room was creepy which was good.
    The ending was just great. That blow to the head should of knocked phoebe out but i was totally surprised he hit her. THen that fireball coming so close to the girls and then hitting the window. Intense!!!!!

    Didnt like:
    I understand paige snapping out of the curse/hex, but i totally dont get phoebes and pipers. Lust could only get rid of by doing a self less act and phoebe didnt do anything. The curse shouldnt of left her. same thing goes for piper. the ring spell only ended when paige orbed it off of phoebe the last time.
  • K's views on eppy Gone With The Witches.

    I cannot believe we're not far from the finale! I'm gonna miss this show! This week was interesting as I dunno how Billie could be so evil to the Charmed Ones, they took her in and taught her how to be a witch! I have been told that the next two episodes (the last two) are gonna go out with a bang! We'll just have to wait and see what happens.
  • FastPaced, ActionPacked, Fun

    This was another really fast paced and action packed episode from the writers. They really are just getting better and better lately. When the show was over, I really was left sitting there thinking, 'hmmm ... it's over already? That can't be right, can it?'

    But it was true ... the episode was so quick, it was over lickity split, and my attention was riveted the entire time!!! I am so glad that we found that there has been a decade long conspiracy against the sisters, and that we found that the Triad has literally been behind it all.

    I was a bit disappointed on how quickly the Magical World turned against the sisters. You'd think after all that time, they'd learn to lighten up a bit ... the sisters can't be everywhere at once. (just a pet peeve there more than the writers or actors of course)

    All in all another terrific eppy, and the trailer for next week has me biting my nails in anticipation!!

    Really bloody fabulous!!!
  • Gone With The Witches

    Gone With The Witches was a perfectly entertaining episode of Charmed. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, drama and intrigue. It was interesting to watch Christy and Billie interact with each other and the Charmed Ones. I liked the story and how Billie and Christy were working for demons while the Charmed Ones were fighting for their lives. It was sad to see Billie go along with her sister even though she was obviously not right in so many ways. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • it was awesome.

    i loved was great. i think people should watch this show. it a drama kind of show. ever time it comes to agood part it ends. y could they just put it as a movie. so we can buy it. plus,we can save would be easier.for some people.
  • What A Piece Of Poo

    Christy and the Triad use a notebook Billie has compiled of the sisters' weaknesses to get an idea of just how to go about making the Charmed Ones look self-involved and unsympathetic to the needs of the magical community as a whole. Paige is cursed with a burning desire for enlightenment; Phoebe's lust is triggered and she sexually attacks Coop; and Piper is put under the spell of Grams' mysteriously re-discovered cursed wedding ring. A timely attack by demons forces the bitter leprechauns and other assorted supernatural entities to seek out the sisters for help, and, as the Triad planned, they find them to absorbed in their own lives to be bothered to help them. The Triad's plan is a success, and Billie and Christy ambush the sisters' in their home and banish them to the underworld while demons roam around above ground.

    This episode was quite disappointing. The spells and/or curses used to distract the Charmed Ones were recycled ideas: the cursed ring that turned Phoebe into a Samantha Stevens look-a-like a few years ago, this time used on Piper; Phoebe reprised her lustiness from the seven deadly sins episode; and Paige's search for enlightenment from, what, the previous episode? returns. Could they not have thought of something else? And, while still on the subject, how did Billie know all of these things about the sisters, yet she did not know that Wyatt was evil in an alternate future?

    All in all, the only thing that saved this episode was Coop- he's funny, and, maybe, just maybe, he'll be the father of the baby Phoebe has been wanting for the past three seasons.
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