Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Random wannabe Triad member puts the sisters under a spell, causing all the leprechauns, fairies, nymphs, etc. to hate them and side with Billie and Christy, then Billie finally crosses the line. Still feels rushed, and there wasn't much suspense.

    Since there are only 2 more episodes left, the plot obviously moved along quite a bit - but I think it actually moved along too much. That rushed feeling is still there, and I really think it could have been avoided considering that Kern mentioned many months ago that he was going to write the finale as a series finale. Also, the Phoebe love side-plot seriously should have stopped by now. It does NOT fit in with series finale typed episodes. At all. As a plus, at least the storyline didn't take as much time up as it has the past few episodes.

    The main plot of the night, getting all the other good forces to hate the Charmed ones, really shouldn't have been fit into one episode. These magical beings must be really stupid or something, because I don't see how 8 years of helping them out can be countered by one instance when the sisters were UNDER A SPELL. I mean, they said they were under a spell so couldn't help out the magical being things. I understand the magical beings being really mad since like half of them died...but to think the Charmed Ones are evil and believe some witches they don't even know?? I don't buy it. And the spells the sisters were put under were pretty lame too. We don't need to see Phoebe make out with another guy, and the Piper housewife/missing Leo/cleaning crazily thing is really overdone. At least Paige's finding herself thing is a bit less over-done...but still, it was sort of annoying. I really didn't feel much of the suspense factor, I think I just felt more disappointed at how quickly the whole magical world can turn against the Charmed ones. Yes it was a surpise to see them orb to the underworld, but it was more of a "WTF? Random!" thing than an "OMG, whoa! *gasp*" thing.

    So, it took less than a month to make Billie want to kill the Charmed Ones, but it took like, 15 years to get Christy to want them dead. And on top of that, Christy only knew them for like a month, but Billie knew them for close to a year. I don't see how that logic works...

    Let's hope next week's episode is better. At least the preview didn't have any lame comedic attempts.