Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Holy Suckfest, Batman!

    When the highlights of an episode involve some Ogre-inflicted Phoebe-damage and a vacuum cleaner, you know Charmed is in trouble. Gone with the Witches was an episode with hardly any redeeming features, being one big gaping hole of suck.

    The episode sees Christy attempting to turn the magical community against the sisters whilst her childhood imaginary friend, Dumain, sets events in motion in hope of becoming the fourth member of the Triad. This makes no sense but, y’know, just go with it. Meanwhile, Phoebe's a whore and Piper's a housewife.

    I get that Brad Kern wants to have a long build-up to the finale, but this build-up is just tedious. Every week has Christy trying to get Billie to fully trust her and it's just getting boring now. The introduction of Dumain was unnecessary and it just continues to prove how stupid Billie is, as she doesn't find any part of this situation suspicious. This entire storyline has reduced every single character on Charmed to being completely moronic. Even Billie (who wasn't exactly the brightest light bulb in the light bulb pack) has become so insanely stupid, it's now just completely pathetic.

    The use of the magical creatures was lame, and the sudden change of heart they had was unbelievable. The sisters have helped them on numerous occasions but they change their opinion on them that quickly, it just doesn't make sense. I did enjoy watching their massacre but even that didn't completely save this episode, in my opinion.

    In other news, Billie's "Big Book of Past Episodes" helps the writers fill up some screentime, with each sister randomly possessed by old storylines. Piper's was easily the best, as Holly Marie Combs seems to just rock in any situation, no matter how lame it is. Phoebe's was a mess though. Unsurprisingly, her possession turns her into whore-mode. Something which seems to do nothing but send me into a coma.

    That truly insane comment I made in my review of The Jung and the Restless should be wiped out of my memory. Charmed is ending in two weeks and they decide to fill up episode 20 with such god-awful contrivances, bad dialogue, nonsensical plot twists and re-used storylines.

    I'm hoping this episode is just a mistake, and next week's episode (which looks amazing judging by the trailer) is a major improvement. Charmed deserves to end on a high and Gone with the Witches was just pure laziness on the writer's part.

    Director: Jonathan West
    Writer: Jeannine Renshaw
    Rating: D