Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Let’s take all that’s been bad with Charmed the last four years and make an episode of it!

    A complete mess, Gone With The Witches doesn’t just have a disastrous title; the whole episode was plain abysmal. It was like the writers started out with the goal to create the ultimate bad episode. Everything that’s been bad about Charmed since Season 5 is here. Leprechauns, fairytale creatures, repeated storylines, transparent romances, bad demons and awful writing. It’s all there.

    There’s nothing that I really liked about the episode. The reasons the demons used to persuade Billie and the fairytale creatures that The Charmed Ones were evil didn’t make any sense and were just not thought through at all. The actors were generally bad, and the Leprechauns were just awful. Billie continued to be totally gullible and annoying, and throughout the whole hour I had trouble even caring. It didn’t help that most of the hour just was a big yawn.

    Phoebe and Coop’s story is boring as hell, and about as thin as a piece of paper. Piper and Paige had absolutely nothing to do, and if they found something to care about, they just kept repeating themselves. If this wasn’t enough, the writing was seriously ludicrous as well. The dialogue had no suspense whatsoever and a lot of things made absolutely no sense.

    Although one of the worst episodes ever on Charmed, it did feature one good point. It began the finale. It turned the whole magical community as well as Billie and Christy against The Sisters, and the next episode, which will work as a conclusion of the Season’s Main Arc, looks to be really action packed and interesting. I will look forward to next week’s episode, and pretend that the giant mistake of Gone With The Witches never happened.