Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • i like this episode better then previous episode , we got to see Billie turn into evil side on the last scene , Phoebe finally admit she loves Coop even though its kinda fast & this episode lead to next episode ! haha ! =) , read more inside...

    Even though the plot seems to be moving too fast and without making much sense, this episode by itself is pretty good. It marks the transition to the finale and the final events that lead to the Halliwells and the Jenkins to become complete enemies. Billie and Christy\'s imaginary friend uses the Charmed Ones past experiences to distract them while demons attack the magical community. By doing this, he hopes to convince Billie of her destiny while leaving the sisters without support from those they saved in the past. The episode starts from nowhere and the first third of it seems pointless. After that however, the plot becomes more solid and interesting leading to a good conclusion. There where many scenes that were completely unnecessary, like the suicidal vanquish of Creo and his partner or the hologram showing the future of Wyatt, since none of them contributed anything the episode. The important scenes lie beyond these two and the usual magic dose work just right to add jokes and drama to each moment. Once again, whether this is considered bad or not, the sisters are again shown in a less likable way to prove right the points of Billie and Christy. It\'s hard to know who\'s good and who\'s bad, since this hasn\'t been established yet. However, the reason behind the Ultimate Battle is revealed, and it\'ll hopefully become a great finale. The plot and special effects are overall very convincing, while the final scenes successfuly are able to catch the viewer\'s atention, which is the whole purpose of the episode. Since it was fulfilled, this can be considered a good episode, although it still bothers me how they call a group of 10 or so creatures the \'Magical Community\'. Somehow I expected it to be a little bigger than that...
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