Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Are they done recycling storylines this season?

    Are they done recycling storylines this season? I am so tired of not seeing anything new! And here is my one question: Where did they get a diary for Billie of all the things that had happened to the Charmed Ones before they ever met her? And how did she know about all those things, but NOT about how Wyatt was almost turned evil, but they stopped it. Gee, seems a little more important than Gram\'s cursed ring. This whole season just seems to be recycling storylines from the last seven years. I want to watch something new!! Also, I would have thought that Billie was smarter than to suddenly believe that her sister (being raised by demons the last 15 years) is suddenly know all be all and knows everything about the charmed ones. As for the sisters being selfish and wanted a life, has anyone mentioned to Bille that they fulfilled their destiny four years ago, and just kept doing it because they liked to? I still don\'t understand how trying to get your husband back, find a family, enjoy your husband and your life could make Billie think that they are evil? Huh? Is Billie still going to college? She must be if she still has a dorm room. How selfish of her....