Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • The Ultimate Plan is finally revealed!!

    Wow, this episode was great!
    I gotta say FANASTIC JOB to Brad Kern and Jeannine Renshaw.
    The Ultimate Plan is perfect, i was trying to figure it out for months and now it's finally revealed:

    The Triad lets the Charmed Ones fight Billie & Christy, the whole magical community will be involved wich leads to the destruction of all good magic because of the immense power that the Charmed Ones and the Ultimate Power possess. Then nothing but EVIL will rule the world.

    I am still wondering if the Triad is the only evil behind the plan, or if there is someone bigger...

    I LOVE Marnette Patterson in the role of Christy, she is great!
    The Phoebe and Coop storyline is finally getting somewhere and the last 2 episodes are gonna be great, I just know it