Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • Hmm, I actually didn't think this episode was all that fantastic. It was definitely good, brilliant on paper, but it just came off as kinda bland to me for a few reasons.

    One of my main gripes was the magical community. I like the shows mythology but the leprechaun/fairy/nymph aspect of it is never done well. Their costuming and overall execution has always seemed cheesy to me. So having more magical creatures than ever was not a pleasant walk down memry lane imo. Perhaps if they used the original nymphs, the ice cream man, a sand man, Mellissa george and fellow valkyries, Thistle, along with the already familiar lephrechauns I would've been more interested by their turning on the Charmed Ones. But as it was, a whole bunch of never-before-seen crazies just didn't give much dramatic impact.

    I didn't mind all the callbacks to past episodes. Much like last week I was pleased to see that Paiges dream/obsession was enlightenment, Phoebe's sin of lust was done well and oh so fitting but Pipers housewife thing was a tad, umm, wrong. At that point I thought the episode should be called "Gone With Consistency". In Lost and Bound Phoebe did not immediately change costume, the housewife effects weren't instant and she flashed black and white, all of those things were just scrapped for the sake of the plot. Plus I just didn't think Holly's attitude was perky enough - even if she did look cute as a button.

    There were some things that I loved though. Much to my suprise I really liked Phoebe and Coop this episode. I still think she and Drake were perfect but the attic scene was so well played by both that I totally bought them as a wannabe couple. So yay, I was very happy with them and with Piper intruding on their kiss, hehe.

    Usually the demon scenes kinda bore me but I like the Triad very much and Dumain. His presence answered a few questions, most importantly about Christies diary and the Triad symbol that led Billie to her sister in the first place. The whole arc I think is well thought out, my only question is if the Triads intention was to have Billie rescue her corrupted sister and then be turned herself then why did why did they order the Scathers to bring her back in "The Last Temptation of Christy"? Anywho, back to this episode, it appears that their plan is to have the Jenkins' and Halliwells take one another out so that no powerful witches, morally ambiguous or otherwise can stand in their way. If it weren't for spoilers I would not have seen that coming!

    The episodes ending was absolutely awesome! Alone in the underworld with spooky sounds closing in! At least they have the BoS I suppose.

    Odds and ends:
    - I really was pleased see see Paige using her orbing tk like Prue used her regular tk.
    - Having the demons vanquish each other was so neat!
    - What was with Coop totally ignoring a Nymph in need?! Granted, if I was a Cupid and never allowed to love I would choose Phoebe Halliwell over a dirty Nymph too but still. It seemed wrong that he was so careless. I mean Phoebe was the one under the lusty sin, not him.
    - All the girls looked incredible, especially Alyssa.

    So, I'd give it only 7 max, the last two episode were much better and I still have high hopes for the next two. Very high hopes. Moreso after seeing the trailer, I mean....WOW! These trailers lately have been beyond anything we've gotten in years!