Season 8 Episode 20

Gone With The Witches

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM May 07, 2006 on The WB

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  • The Charmed Ones see their reputation injured when Dumaine, some bad guy who was suddenly behind the whole thing, sets out to convince Billie and the magical community that the Charmed Ones are the enemy.

    I have two major problems with this episode.

    1) Return of the frickin' leprauchauns, ogres, fairies and the rest of Brad Kern's beloved ensemble who have never at any point been anything but awfully annoying. It is so unlike the original Charmed that I fell in love with - silly and pointless. Please let this episode have been their swan song.

    2) The logic of the episode. Billie is turned now, yes, and she sees the Charmed Ones as evil, yes, but does she see demons as good?! Apparantly she has no problem with her sister having been raised by the Triad and doesn't question Dumaine at all. Dumaine was an awful new character. There was just no need for him, as the Triad were quite enough intriguing as wirepullers. I am really getting confused as to what Billie and Christy respectively see as good and evil, not least because they now seem to be fooled by Dumaine as well. It's too complicated and unclear.

    Revisiting the magical distractions from previous season, Sin Fransisco, Lost And Bound and House Call, didn't really work, and seemed to be a crude flashback only motivated by the upcoming finale. Phoebe's lust for Coop was downright stupid, as Love and lust hardly harmony. And she has fallen for him way too suddenly in my opinion.

    The only really good thing that came out of this episode was the ending. Though the presence of the magical creatures was frustrating, I liked to see the sisters escape and find themselves in the underworld, now being the bad guys. It does bode well for the two last episodes.

    Bring it on, Charmed.
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