Season 5 Episode 3

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on The WB

Episode Recap

The mirror on the wall from Snow White holds a powerful Evil Witch captive until it falls and breaks. When the witch is set free, she kills the Keeper of the fairy tales and traps his apprentice in the mirror. The mirror tells her that three other witches are more powerful than her, so she decides to use the power of fairy tales to kill the Charmed Ones. If her plan succeeds, not only will the sisters die, but fairy tales will be changed to evil instead of good.

Although Piper has learned to control her anxiety, she still feels lost and confused on how best to protect and prepare for her baby. She tries to summon the ghost of Grams, but instead Grams returns, body and all. Right away, Grams begins helping Piper and making decisions for everyone. Paige, who has just met Grams, isn't so quick to do as she says. But Piper and Phoebe follow her lead, when they discover that someone has sent fairy tales after them.

Convinced that Cole is behind the attacks, Phoebe won't listen to the others when they suggest that someone else may be sending the fairy tales. When she is delivered a pair of glass slippers, she quickly puts them on to prove Cole's role. Instead they carry her off to a benefit where she meets up with Adam Prinze. Adam is considering buying the paper Phoebe works for and although he appears to be a good guy, he is under the spell of the Evil Witch. His orders are to put Phoebe into the carriage by midnight or his life will be in danger. Blinded by her confidence that Cole has orchestrated the evil doings, Phoebe won't listen when Cole tries to warn her. Instead she rushes off with Adam. He follows the orders of the witch and pushes Phoebe into the carriage, which promptly turns into a pumpkin with her inside. Thankfully, Cole stops him before he can destroy the pumpkin and Phoebe.

Meanwhile, Paige is magically driven to take a bite of a poison apple. Just like Snow White, she dies from the poison. When Piper tries to cast a spell to revive her, 7 dwarfs appear instead and preserve her in a glass coffin. By now, Leo has learned from the elders about the Evil Witch and Grams has created a vanquishing potion. Piper scribes for the Witch, leading her and Leo to a Red Riding Hood cape. They make it home, but don't realize that the Wolf has already eaten Grams and taken her appearance as a disguise. While Leo goes to find Phoebe, Piper is attacked and eaten by the Wolf. Leo orbs in after sensing Piper's danger, but all he finds is the Wolf. Before he can take action, the Wolf explodes leaving Grams and Piper safely behind. Piper blew him up from the inside.

Confident from her encounter with the Wolf, Piper is ready for the Evil Witch. They learn that the Fairy Tale book is a portal, so she grabs the vanquishing potion and goes. Shocked by Piper's sudden arrival, the Witch is unable to defend herself. Piper vanquishes her quickly, freeing the apprentice and her sisters in the process. To get home, the apprentice lets Piper borrow one more fairy tale item: Dorothy's ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz.

Back at the manor, Grams must leave. Piper had thought she needed Grams, but it turns out she just needed to be reminded that she doesn't. The experience has taught Paige something too. She was reluctant at first to accept Grams because she already had a Grams growing up that she loved. But now that's she gotten to know her a bit, she can see that she has room in her heart for more than one Grams. They are sad to see her go, but know they will see her again.

Phoebe has her own loose ends to tie up. She apologizes to Cole, realizing that he had nothing to do with all this. She explains that she doesn't trust anyone anymore: not Cole, not Adam, not herself. Cole in turn brings Phoebe to see Adam. Cole explains that Adam was just under a spell, but he's really a nice guy. When Phoebe wants to know why Cole is doing this, he explains that she needs to learn to trust herself, so that someday she'll be able to trust him again.

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