Season 5 Episode 3

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on The WB

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  • Another good one.

    For once, I actually hated Phoebe in this episode!

    I liked the storyline, thought it was interesting and I'm glad Charmed doesn't try and stick to one 'genre', they're happy to have light stories and dark stories and embrace ALL supernatural beings.

    I liked Cole in this one too.
  • Happily Ever After

    Happily Ever After was a perfect and very awesome episode Charmed. I really enjoyed watching this episode at this time because I've been watching Once Upon a Time and I think Charmed give that series a good reference and run for their money, and I only mean that as a compliment to Charmed because it really did a great job in bringing their version of Fairy Tales to television. The story was engaging, intriguing and full of magic. There was a lot of character development and it was neat to see Paige finally meet Grams. It was also interesting to see Phoebe and Cole talking as he tries to win her back. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful witch of them all?

    How far we've come from Something Wicca This Way Comes. In this episode, Piper gets all of her confidence back. The final faceoff between Piper, a very good Little Red Riding Hood by the way, and the evil witch, and the screen-grabbing presence of Grams, are good enough on their own to make this a strong episode of Charmed.

    Fairy tales are somewhat dark and morbid themselves, and so this episode is hardly the silly fluff that most might expect. The sisters find themselves in some serious trouble, and the danger continues to escalate until only Cole and Piper's blow-up power stand between them and the brink.

    Grams improves any episode she is in, and Jennifer Rhodes is at her best here. The scenes between her and Paige are especially well done and well-written. Paige continues to be the most interesting sister on the show, and it is unfortunate that an apple knocks her out of action for a while.

    Phoebe's subplot is about as bad as in the first 2 episodes. Her paranoia towards Cole is still mostly unexplained though at least she tells us about a nightmare she had that she is afraid may be a premonition. I didn't care that they tried to bring another guy into the mix. The entire subplot was onerous to me, but Julian, of course, tried his best to save it. The subplot of Phoebe ranting against Cole and then Cole saving her in the end is getting old. Once again, the final two scenes are the best scenes. Cole back in the manor, leaning on the stairs? That is like old times. Strange to think that the last time that was the case he was the Source.

    Piper goes from losing nearly all her confidence to getting that back and her mojo by the end. The confident Piper has some great lines, including "Back off, Grams, I just saved your ass." And the even better, "I saw the wolf eat you."- "Yeah, I didn't agree with him." I really dug that when the evil witch walked towards the mirror, you could see the empty dias with the table in the background. Then, when she turned around, Piper was standing on the dias leaning against the table. Excellent. After the clunker to start, Season 5 has turned it around and will continue to get better, climaxing in Centennial Charmed.
  • Not Fairy Good

    Happily Ever After-An evil witch traps the Halliwell sisters in distorted versions of classic fairy tales, where Phoebe attends a ball as Cinderella and meets Prince Charming, Paige has a taste of Snow White's poisoned apple, and Piper encounters a big, bad wolf, as Little Red Riding Hood. I get it, the writers were trying to have fun with this one but sigh, the only kind of fairytales that appeal to both adults and children are the ones done by Disney! Brad Kern and his team of delinquent writers just get it wrong. I sure this "could" have been a fun ride down fairytale lane but it just comes off as a joke, one. BIG. childish. joke. It doesn't help that the Phoebe/Cole arc rears it's ugly head and it's almost like the writers forgot that both characters came to some sort of an agreement last episode. Suddenly, Phoebe's back "Cole is evil this, you b@stard that!" Calm down woman! You have a nightmare about your exit and suddenly, he's public enemy #1 again? Not to mention, she punches him when he does nothing to call for it! *headdesk* If anything, Phoebe is the one looking like the obsessed ex, not Cole. Poor guy, poor Julian in fact. He basically just stands around while his character gets insulted by everyone for yet another episode. Also, throwing in the character of Adam just seemed like an attempt to add to the drama by making a brief triangle...*yawn*

    Once again, the small character detail/sub-plots are the only redeeming facotr. It's always great to see Grams back (Jennifer Rhodes just a class act!) As silly as the storyline is, Jennifer's delivery makes it a little less silly. It's also nice to see Grams and Paige meet for the first time, even if Paige is hesitant at first to bond with her real grandmother. It's a small, but well written plot for Paige, bringing her closer to the family and showing that while Paige has been through a lot with her sisters, she's still relatively new to the family. Nut a las, for every bit of character development we got glass slippers, pumpkins, poison apples, carages, a axe weilding woodsman and...dwarfs....*headdesk*. Not to mention, the sight of watching Piper vanquish the evil witch in her Little Red Riding Hood get up was pretty laughable no matter how awesome Holly was in that scene. Once again, the episode ends with Phoebe and Cole leaving each other on good terms. I mean Cole actually tries to let Phoebe move on and trust herself again. What's so evil about Cole again? Geeze.... "Happily Ever After" is Charmed at it's fluffy best. Nothing more to see here.
  • This one was actually fun and quite an interesting romp through the land of children's fairytales.

    When the three sisters find themselves trapped in some very 'different' versions of classic fairytales, it has an eeriness to it but also, it is, in its way, very amusing as the girls try to separate reality from fiction and make sense of everything.

    Paige finds herself eating a poisoned apple. (Sound familiar?) Phoebe is Cinderella going to a very fancy ball and, of course, meeting up with the appropriate Prince Charming, while Piper, as Little Red Riding Hood, has to deal with a rather unpleasant wolf.

    The story, of course, was a serious one, but the sidebar of the fairytales was a piece of good fun!
  • There's no place like home...

    As silly as the concept may be, it's coming off of a two-part episode involving mermaids, so let's cut this one a little slack, shall we? It's Charmed having fun, and to be perfectly honest, a decent storyline. Season 5 has shed itself of any bearings to season 4's arc-related activities, and while it doesn't always work, for this episode at least, I enjoyed its frothy appeal.

    Gram's is back at long last (I always enjoy it when she mixes things up). She's here to illustrate to Piper that she can raise a magical child without the help of her overbearing grandmother, and to show Paige a thing or two about witchcraft. I wasn't entirely sure why Paige gave her grams the cold shoulder, but then again, it's obvious the writers have forgotten a lot about the fiery haired Wicca…she hates fairytales here, but loved them back in 'A Knight to Remember' and embraced her birth mother in 'Charmed Again, Part 2,' without accusing her of trying to replace her adoptive mother. Continuity, be damned!

    Phoebe is the bell of the ball, Paige takes a nap and Piper must hunt down the big bad wolf. While Alyssa looked rather silly (and, I'm sure felt a bit daft) having to let her glass slippers do the walkin', this episode once again highlights how good Cole is, and once again proves how frustrating this duo is as a non-couple (Phoebe's irrationality is beyond grating, and we're only 3 episodes in). Piper's storyline was fun, and I liked how she's officially the most powerful witch of all (although how she didn't notice something was amiss with Grams is beyond me. I did think it was funny that the 'Little People' knew straight away).

    Overall, in a season with more than its fair share of clunkers, this was an enjoyable, albeit entirely frivolous, slice of Charmed.

    Phoebe: 'What's next? Leprechauns?'

    Oh, Ms Halliwell, you have no idea…
  • The three sisters become parts of real life fairy tales when an evil witch tries to stop them from having a happily ever after.

    Basing a Charmed episode on fairy tales, I think, is a very good idea. There are so many tales that they could have chosen from that it was impossible for the writers to decide not to do this. I loved the idea of their Grandma coming back and then her being eaten by the big bad wolf. This episode would mainly impress a child, thats why I like it, but I dont think someone looking for a good, serious episode would enjoy this episode. The only part I didn't like in this episode was when Piper became Little Red Riding Hood, I feel as though they could have done a lot better there.
  • The Charmed Ones are caught in fairy tales. Starring: Alyssa Milano, Rose McGowan, and Holly Marie Combs as "Piper", Brian Krause, Julian McMahon

    Of the fifth season this has to be one of my favorite episodes. I liked that Piper (Holly Marie Combs) was reading fairy tales to her unborn child, i thought it was sweet. But i really liked about the episode was that the knowledge of the fairy tales really played part in the episode, and the way to reverse the curse of it all. I liked how Piper was Little Red Riding Hood, Paige (Rose McGowan) was Snow White, and the introduction of the dwarves was really funny. I thought Cole (Julian McMahon) was very good in this episode and very likeable. The explosion in the wolf was clever. This episode just had a great mix of comedy, drama, and thriller elements, that i really liked.
  • Fairytales are based on true events - what would happen if an evil witch wanted to rewrite them?

    I've been watching early Season 1 of Charmed recently and what strikes you straight away when you watch a Season 5 episode like this is that the tone is vastly different. It's all the better for it as well because Charmed seems to work best when given a lighter feel, the first season's episodes are far too serious.

    The Charmed ones are each loosely possessed by a different fairytale. Phoebe scantily clad is Cinderella, Paige is briefly Snow White and Piper is Little Red Riding Hood. This is therefore a perfect time for their Grams (Grandma) to appear. Mainly so she can be eaten by a wolf mind you. The wicked witch is right out of Snow White as well.

    It may all be formulaic but the story itself suits the feel of the show. I actually laughed at how bad it was at times, but there is a feeling of self parody in it all as the actors know its completely ridiculous. In the end you knew the evil witch was going to be vanquished but that wasn't the point of the episode. So reasonably impressed by this, back to season 1 on Monday - I wonder if it will improve quickly.
  • once upon a witch

    this was a good episode, but i hate grams, and i thought she was really random in this epoisode, they should have found a diferent farytale for piper, one that didn't include a grandmother. also i think the i hate cole story isn't really accurate. tecnically he was overcome by the source, and now that he's not he's good tecinally, but i did like the cinderella story it really fits phoebe. and i also liked paiges story, but i think her storyline has nothing to do, but above all i liked it, and i also liked the dwarfs. above all this was a good episode, but it coould have been just a little bit better.
  • Fairy tales from the crypt

    As soon as I heard Piper's opening lines my heart sank. In fairness, though, this does actually turn out to be a far better episode than it could have been. It's kind of like "A Knight to Remember" crossed with "Chick Flick".

    Once you get over the ridiculous idea of a keeper of fairy tales, the action comes pretty swiftly and there's some decent humour with it. In a nutshell, Phoebe turns into Cinderella, Piper into Red Riding Hood and Paige into Snow White. I felt a bit sorry for Rose; Alyssa gets to go to a ball, Holly gets to play kickarse and all she gets to do is lie in a coffin!

    Jennifer Rhodes is back as Grams and gives her usual camp and cutting performance. Not sure why the writers decided to make Paige so cool towards her; it spoilt what should have been a touching family moment. The imaginatively named 'evil witch' was rather dull but at least she wasn't just another demon. Good actress too.

    Cole and Phoebe's storyline shows no sign of moving on and is beginning to get just a little tedious. Why is everyone being so horrid to the poor bloke? He's doing all he can to be good and no-one is prepared to cut him any slack. It's not like he asked to be possessed by the Source. He's the victim here!

    Highlights? Well, it's another blinder by Julian, despite some very thin material. Piper's vanquish of the evil witch is worth watching and Adam Prince almost makes up for the woeful lack of Leo.

    Lowlights? Seven pointless dwarves and Phoebe looking like she's just got a job at the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    But it's the final scene that really sticks. That last shot of Cole alone on the dancefloor has to rate as one of the saddest endings of the whole series.
  • Fairytales

    The writers should be more creative. Honestly this is one boring episode because there are too much fairytales. Snowwhite, Cinderella and many more fairytales, oh my god! ladies will like this episode because this episode makes them feel young. Another episode that Paige died. How many times the sister died in this series? I think Piper is 9, Phoebe is 11 and Paige is 4. Incredible! Why can't they just become a half-whitelighter like Paige? They died so many times.

    My point is--stop! The sisters suffer enough and they don't need to die again and again. This episode is boring, silly and one of the worst episode I had ever watch in this series.
  • Which fairy tale are you?

    Paige is meeting Grams for the very first time. An evil witch wants the charmed ones powers (how is that diferent from any other episode) and she is using fairy tales to get them. Paige is turned into snow white when she bites a poisen apple. Piper summons the 7 dwarfs. Phoebe into Cinderella and the ball doesn't end in a happily ever after until Piper turns to little red riding hood to go and kill the witch.
  • Brilliant episode nice to see that fairy tales still exsist.

    An evil witch from a fairy tale tries to increase her power by trapping the Charmed Ones in warped versions of classic fairy tales. Phoebe attends a formal ball as Cinderella and meets an evil Prince Charming who intends to turn her into a pumpkin, Paige takes a bite from a poisoned apple which leaves her dead and awaits for the seven dwarves to help her, and Piper has a nasty confrontation with a big bad wolf who is in grams's body, in the end Piper kills the evil witch and it reverses all the evil that was done including Paige's death and Phoebe's pumpkin fiasco.
  • Piper is overwhelmed by her pregnancy and requests that Leo brings Grams down. In the meantime, an evil witch from Snow White's mirror on the wall escapes, kills the guardian of the Fairy Tales' realm and plots a plan on how to kill the Charmed Ones.

    I love this episode! There are no regular demons in this one, just some good old Fairy Tale villains. It's quite fun to see how the girls are going to deal with this unordinary plot. They've got Grams to help, but will her skills be enough to deal with a wolf, a poisonous apple and prince charming? Not quite this time. The only bad remark I have is on behalf of the dress Phoebe's wearing to the ball-can it look less like a dress? Seriously guys, you really needed to reconsider that stylist, again.

    All in all, it's a fun episode, really enjoyable and interesting to watch.
    In the end, who can resist Cole saying:" Keep your hands of my pumpkin?" :)
  • When an evil witch is set free from a mirror. She uses fairy tales to destroy the charmed ones. Paige eats a poisonous apple which turns her into snow white. Pheobe is cinderella which later gets turned into a pumpkin and Piper is little red riding hood

    This episode is a very special and unique episode to the rest. It has a whole new theme to the episode which i find quite cool. Pheobe still in war with her demonic ex and Paige meets a new family member. This is a great episode with great features and great special effects.

  • Very Funny!

    I saw this eposide recently and it this is why i watch this show. It takes your classical Fairy Tales and turns them upside down. You'll never look at another Fairy Tale the same agian. It has Piper as little Red Riding Hood(with the Grandma getting eaten too), Phoebe as cinderella, and Paige as Snow white. This eposide will make you watch Charmed, if you aren't a fan allready. This eposide is one of the best not only of the series charmed but, one of the best scifi Eposides ever. So watch this one, you'll be amazed.
  • The fairy tale evil witch from Snow White is jealous when the magic mirror tells her the Charmed Ones are the most powerful witches of all, and she dispatches fairy tale terrors to destroy them.

    The episode begins with Piper and Paige arguing the merit of fairy tales in everyday life. Piper finds them valuable to teach life lessons and Paige is a stout non-believer. This is an entertaining precursor to the hilarity that ensues thorughout the show, as this is as close to comedy as the show gets. Phoebe's crazy walk in Cinderella's slippers, and Piper's dismay at having to wear Little Red Riding Hood's cape were very funny, and the seven dwarves--ahem, little people--that come to Paige's Snow White rescue were hilarious. I think the addition of Grams guest appearance makes for a "charming" episode and establishes the season for a walk on the whimsical side. A great idea, since in past seasons the show has taken the opportunity to take itself a little too seriously.
  • An evil witch turns fairy tales into things for the use of evil. Two sisters basically die and the remaining one has to fix the problem.

    I really did enjoy this epsiode although somethings were definately not needed. The episode was very humorous but at times very dramatic.

    Piper: SHe is having some major issues. SHe doesnt know how to handle the magical bundle growing in her and she needs help. But seriously no one in the entire world has dealt with anything remotely close to what she is going throughe except her mothe rbut she decides to call grams,whatever. I didnt really enjoy pipers scenes with grams, she seemed very "little girl" and ignorant and i didnt appreciate that.she has a severe case of inferiority complex with grams but that comes an end when she saves the day.

    Phoebe: Trying to dispose of her ex demmon husband is a hard task especially when he just keeps popping up everywhere. She wants to vanquish him already but no one knows how to. she really wants to move with her life but cole keeps holding her back.

    Paige: not much going onw ith her this episode. she feels she doesnt need another grandmother and is very cold grams. but byt he end her heart opens.

    The use of fairy tales was a cute idea. I enjoyed watching the writers renditions of each one. Although i could have totally been happy without that disgusting thing phoebe had to wear. seriously it looked cinderella went to a whore store and bought that. it was cute in a way but seriously i really hope alyssa milano didnt have a hand in that dress. the dwarves were ana awesome touch, i loved that. and the glass coffin was cool.

    so phoebe gets trapped in the pumpkin and paige turns into sleepy beauty. piper saves the day but after she gets eaten. she blows up the wolf which was a great scene. it went into slow motion and then they fell to the floor, cool scene. piper killed the wicked witch and learned she can handle the growing child. paige opens her heart and phoebe moves on, well sort of. really nice episode, very family oriented.
  • Charmed Episode III - Revenge of the Knock-Off's

    First mermaids now dwarfs??!! What is Charmed coming to? Anyways, at least the dwarfs don't completely overshadow this episode like the mermaids did in A Witch's Tail as Happily Ever After is a good hour of Charmed which, despite being completely unoriginal, is pretty enjoyable.

    The episode has an evil witch called... the Evil Witch (I see the writers were lazy the day they wrote this) taking control of all the fairytales in the world and using them to bring down the sisters, by having Grams eaten by a big bad wolf, Piper eating a poisoned apple and Cinder-Phoebe going to a ball with a possessed gentleman and a magical dress.

    All the cast look like they are having fun making this episode and it was nice to see Piper all kick-ass throughout the hour. I loved it when she finally confronted the Evil Witch whilst wearing the red cloak. Very nifty.

    I found the dwarfs really annoying but they weren't overused, thank god, and at least they had a reason to be there, unlike the god-awful leprechauns at the end of this season.

    Natalija Nogulich was one of the best demons they've had on the show for a while now and she wasn't completely OTT like most of the actors playing them, just maintaining enough darkness and enough campiness.

    I found Phoebe and her magical dress ridiculous, however, and seeing her walk down the street, legs kicking up in the air, was just embarassing.

    Despite some minor problems, Happily Ever After is a good episode of Charmed with some good story developments and a great demon-of-the-week.
  • Good, but they couldve changed what happened to Phoebe

    This was a very good and humerous episode, but the whole Cole-Phoebe thing keeps coming back, and it just goes too far. They need to maybe work on a love interest for Paige or something different. I liked the whole wolf plot, but the cinderella shoes couldve been for Paige or even Piper, leading her back to Dan or a past love.