Season 5 Episode 3

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on The WB

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  • There's no place like home...

    As silly as the concept may be, it's coming off of a two-part episode involving mermaids, so let's cut this one a little slack, shall we? It's Charmed having fun, and to be perfectly honest, a decent storyline. Season 5 has shed itself of any bearings to season 4's arc-related activities, and while it doesn't always work, for this episode at least, I enjoyed its frothy appeal.

    Gram's is back at long last (I always enjoy it when she mixes things up). She's here to illustrate to Piper that she can raise a magical child without the help of her overbearing grandmother, and to show Paige a thing or two about witchcraft. I wasn't entirely sure why Paige gave her grams the cold shoulder, but then again, it's obvious the writers have forgotten a lot about the fiery haired Wicca…she hates fairytales here, but loved them back in 'A Knight to Remember' and embraced her birth mother in 'Charmed Again, Part 2,' without accusing her of trying to replace her adoptive mother. Continuity, be damned!

    Phoebe is the bell of the ball, Paige takes a nap and Piper must hunt down the big bad wolf. While Alyssa looked rather silly (and, I'm sure felt a bit daft) having to let her glass slippers do the walkin', this episode once again highlights how good Cole is, and once again proves how frustrating this duo is as a non-couple (Phoebe's irrationality is beyond grating, and we're only 3 episodes in). Piper's storyline was fun, and I liked how she's officially the most powerful witch of all (although how she didn't notice something was amiss with Grams is beyond me. I did think it was funny that the 'Little People' knew straight away).

    Overall, in a season with more than its fair share of clunkers, this was an enjoyable, albeit entirely frivolous, slice of Charmed.

    Phoebe: 'What's next? Leprechauns?'

    Oh, Ms Halliwell, you have no idea…