Season 5 Episode 3

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on The WB

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  • Not Fairy Good

    Happily Ever After-An evil witch traps the Halliwell sisters in distorted versions of classic fairy tales, where Phoebe attends a ball as Cinderella and meets Prince Charming, Paige has a taste of Snow White's poisoned apple, and Piper encounters a big, bad wolf, as Little Red Riding Hood. I get it, the writers were trying to have fun with this one but sigh, the only kind of fairytales that appeal to both adults and children are the ones done by Disney! Brad Kern and his team of delinquent writers just get it wrong. I sure this "could" have been a fun ride down fairytale lane but it just comes off as a joke, one. BIG. childish. joke. It doesn't help that the Phoebe/Cole arc rears it's ugly head and it's almost like the writers forgot that both characters came to some sort of an agreement last episode. Suddenly, Phoebe's back "Cole is evil this, you b@stard that!" Calm down woman! You have a nightmare about your exit and suddenly, he's public enemy #1 again? Not to mention, she punches him when he does nothing to call for it! *headdesk* If anything, Phoebe is the one looking like the obsessed ex, not Cole. Poor guy, poor Julian in fact. He basically just stands around while his character gets insulted by everyone for yet another episode. Also, throwing in the character of Adam just seemed like an attempt to add to the drama by making a brief triangle...*yawn*

    Once again, the small character detail/sub-plots are the only redeeming facotr. It's always great to see Grams back (Jennifer Rhodes just a class act!) As silly as the storyline is, Jennifer's delivery makes it a little less silly. It's also nice to see Grams and Paige meet for the first time, even if Paige is hesitant at first to bond with her real grandmother. It's a small, but well written plot for Paige, bringing her closer to the family and showing that while Paige has been through a lot with her sisters, she's still relatively new to the family. Nut a las, for every bit of character development we got glass slippers, pumpkins, poison apples, carages, a axe weilding woodsman and...dwarfs....*headdesk*. Not to mention, the sight of watching Piper vanquish the evil witch in her Little Red Riding Hood get up was pretty laughable no matter how awesome Holly was in that scene. Once again, the episode ends with Phoebe and Cole leaving each other on good terms. I mean Cole actually tries to let Phoebe move on and trust herself again. What's so evil about Cole again? Geeze.... "Happily Ever After" is Charmed at it's fluffy best. Nothing more to see here.