Season 5 Episode 3

Happily Ever After

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Sep 29, 2002 on The WB



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    • Phoebe: Hey, I'm walking here!

      Phoebe is forced to walk in front of a cab because of the glass slippers she is wearing. A taxi cab stops short of hitting her and Paige. She slams her hand on the hood of the car and yells, "Hey, I'm walking here!" This is the memorable line that Dustin Hoffman (as Enrico Salvatore 'Ratso' Rizzo) used in the 1969 film Midnight Cowboy. This was also parodied in the film Back to the Future, Part II, where Marty McFly's son does the same thing but in the year 2015. In the 1994 movie Forrest Gump, the line is also used when the character Lieutenant Dan, interestingly enough sitting in a wheelchair (and thus not walking), yells it at a cab driver.