Season 2 Episode 10

Heartbreak City

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2000 on The WB

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  • I actually like this episode.

    for the most part I've always liked this episode, I like the cupid I thought he was well cast and well acted. The scene at the club where they fight was completely stupid to me. Piper acted it well but Prue was just being all calm, showing no emotion but she was supposed to be hateful like Piper was.

    The actors of Cindy and Max were annoying and it was filmed in such a soap opera kind of way.

    I also didn't get why at the club they needed to go back to their table and sit down to tell Jack and Dan they'll be gone for another 60 seconds. When saying a spell to send cupid home would have taken seconds. I know they needed it for the story but still. And when he comes out they're 'why are you still here?' well where the hell is he supposed to be!

    Fashion: I loved Phoebe's attire in this episode, she looked very cute.

    Prue's poncho thing is just - no.
  • A shoot and miss episode

    A rather bland and boring episode, which is to corny to be taken seriously 'Heartbreak City' has the sisters helping a Cupid reclaim his stolen ring from a Demon of Hate who is destroying the love connections he made with the ring.

    I dont know what the writers hoped to accomplish with this episode, its certainly not imaginative or intriguing as many of the other episodes this underatted season has offered, the Cupid irritated me with his drippy dialogue, the main leads looked fed up with the material with only Alyssa Milano putting any given effort into her role, but even she came off sounding like a complete loony tune at times with the immensely bad dialogue. Also where the heck is Leo he is sorely missed, at this point we need him to tear apart Piper and dense, dreary drudge Dan. Mind you one great scene is seeing Piper and Prue yelling at Jack and Dan curtesy of the demon so you know, it ain't all bad i guess

    Overall an episode that is draining to watch and could have fared better with a more gripping storyline and decent dialogue 6/10
  • Heartbreak City

    Heartbreak City was another perfect episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was intriguing and full of great character and plot development. It was interesting to see the relationship development for Prue and Piper as Phoebe tried to help Cupid regain his ring of power from Drasi a demon of hate who was causing all types of problems. Phoebe was awesome as she took action and her self confidence is steadily building up. I liked how Cupid reconnected Piper and Dan, Prue and Jack at the end. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • Hate has the truth, and the truth HURTS!

    In what seems to be shaping up as a not uncommon occurrence for Season 2, I seem to disagree with many of the other reviewers. I rather enjoyed this episode, and it was primarily due to the central magical figures in Cupid and Drasi. Yes, Drasi was probably the highlight of the episode. Charmed snared a near perfect actor for this role. There is nothing special about the guy other than what he does. I love how he jumps into lover's thoughts and turns love into hate; I found it quite hilarious. The best thing he does is momentarily break up Piper and Dan and Prue and Jack, which proves as easy as telling Dan and Jack the truth. I'm sorry but Prue and Jack have no chemistry and make no sense together. And Piper and Dan, ugh... First of all, as I would repeat later in the series, it is completely unfair to Dan that he is falling for Piper without knowing what she is, and that is besides the fact that everything Drasi said about her loving Leo was true. Really we should feel bad for Dan if the guy wasn't so sickeningly perfect. Way to go Drasi!

    Unlike many reviewers, I thought the actor who played Cupid did an outstanding job. Maybe he wasn't attractive enough for some people, but the guy was very believable as a Cupid and had good chemistry with Phoebe. I also enjoyed how similar the guy was in manner and speech with Coop later on. Watch episodes and compare the two once. They are strikingly similar for being separated by years of episodes. Very cool.

    Okay, Phoebe basically becoming her own Cupid at the end is almost painful to watch, and the whole Max and Cindy relationship was just idiotic. So, the last 15 minutes of the episode are actually the worst minutes, but the journey getting there was good enough to make an above average episode. At least the two main couples being put back together isn't TOO painful, short and sweet, mostly. And like I said, the relationship between Phoebe and Cupid helps carry us through the drudgery. Since most relationships end in break ups, I'm not sure why Drasi breaking some up would hurt Cupid. Also, don't know why Cupid repairing the damage would hurt Drasi. I guess it was allegorical for the whole battle of love versus hate. Seriously, we already know who wins that battle. Oh, by the way, Phoebe likes Cupids, and they like her.
  • Cupid. Stupid.

    Probably one of the worst episodes from season two, Heartbreak City is melodramatic, corny, nonsensical garbage which seems to drag on for hours and do nothing but annoy.

    The episode sees the sisters protecting Cupid (minus bow, arrows and, y'know, baby-ness) from a demon who has stolen his magical "love-ring" or something. Meanwhile, Phoebe feels lonely.

    One of the worst things about this episode is the bad, soap opera-style acting. Michael Reilly Burke isn't convincing as Cupid whilst the actors playing Cupid's latest love match are simpering, annoying morons. Even the regulars seem to be bored throughout the episode, probably as the material they've been given is so bad.

    Phoebe's descent into "fifth wheel" status is handled badly. Unlike Paige's "fifth wheel" issues in season four, Phoebe almost sets out to become a fifth wheel during this episode. I mean, c'mon, you don't go to a movie with your two sisters and their respective boyfriends and not expect to feel like a tag-along. It's just moronic!

    Despite the lameness of the episode, Alyssa Milano at least puts her all into it, but even that can't save Heartbreak City from ending up a melodramatic mess.

    Director: Michael Zinberg
    Writer: David Simkins
    Rating: F
  • Somebody Shot Cupid...NOW!

    Heartbreak City-A demon named Drasi steals Cupid's ring, which he uses to bring couples together. Now Cupid must convince the Halliwells to help him get it back before Drasi breaks all of the relationships, thus killing Cupid.

    Oh God why? is all I could say trying to get through this ridiculously poor hour of television. I don't know what the hell the writers were thinking when thought they should bring Cupid as a character on the show as it's makes for one of the silliest storylines Charmed has ever done. The writers try to put a modern, 21st century spin of the Cupid mythology but it's just pathetic and more lame than the original tale. I mean, who cares about Cupid and his dumb ring that makes people fall in love? Who cares if a demon is going around breaking people up? Was that the best plot the writers could come up with, how awful! Don't even get me started on atrocious lines, especially this line:

    Alyssa: "What is it?"
    Cupid: "It's Drowsy...his killing love."

    Wow,, like who cares! Shannen and Holly seem obviously bored with their material and pretty much walk through their peformances! Who can blame them, really! Alyssa Milano is the only one who tries to put some energy into the storyline but it's just so bad beyond words she just can't pull off. Also, Phoebe and Cupid's hinted romance was forced, the couple playing Cupid's latest match up were some of the worst actors I've ever see and Phoebe's whole fifth wheel/closed heart storyline was pointless. The only good scene is when Cupid says all the names of Prue, Piper and Phoebe's last love interests, with Phoebe's list being very extended. It actually gave me a good laugh and almost made me forget I was watching an episode devoid of any substance what so ever. All and All, "Heartbreak City" is one of the worst episodes from Charmed with a storyline so corny that I wouldn't be surpised if the writers served the script with butter!
  • A rather unusual episode when a demon steals Cupid's ring and needs help to get it back.

    Just occasionally, even I find some of the episodes of shows such as "Charmed" a little difficult to swallow, even though I am a huge fan of the show in general. This is one of those episodes where I found myself shaking my head more than once.

    Basically, Cupid has his magical ring stolen by a nasty demon named Drasi who, of course, intends to use it for the sake of evil. Naturally, given that he is in dire straights, Cupid turns to The Charmed Ones for help to get his ring back before all hell breaks loose and Drasi wreaks havoc.

    Personally, I found the script poor, the acting forced and the episode in general to be bordering on the ridiculous. It may have been a great one for some people, but certainly not for me. A bit of an oyster among the pearls.
  • A surprisingly enjoyable episode due to the energy that Cupid gives to his performance

    Yeah alright the story is a little dumb and fillerish but the performances rise above it to give an enjoyable episode. Everyone is playing happy couples except for Phoebe until she has to help a Cupid that has had his magic ring stolen by the Demon Drazi (wasn't that an alien Race in Babylon 5) who plans to split up Cupids latest matchmaking.

    Cupid unlike most people they meet in this show is an upbeat and fun individual. Telling Phoebe outright that she's closed her heart is daring and forward of him and then later when he flirts with her in the kitchen it makes for a good scene. I also loved the way that he proved to them that he was in fact cupid by relaying all the past relationships that he had or had not set up.

    The bad guy Drazi was serviceable, his plan to break people up was just a bit twee. It makes for some interesting scenes however. Dan and Jack are kind of getting suspicious of their women, how they leave suddenly and change moods and make excuses to leave in the blink of an eye (due to Piper's freezing obviously). To have Drasi play on these and other fears in particular Dan's jealousy of Leo made for a predictable but entertaining scene.

    Lastly I'm glad that Prue's Astral Projection from last episode remains in place as its a good extension. How long before Piper and Phoebe get much stronger and get new powers though.
  • Meet the Cupid...

    A Demon of Hate sets out to destroy Cupid and all his recent love matches, including the relationships of the Charmed Ones. When Cupid loses his magic ring of love to Drazi, the demon of hate, he visits Phoebe and asks her to help him. She prepares a magic potion to vanquish Drazi, but Cupid's ring saves his life. The demon separates Cindy and Max, a couple that Cupid had brought together, Piper and Dan, and Prue and Jack. Cupid helps Phoebe with her romantic situation and the sisters destroy the demon.

    In "Heartbreak City", Phoebe, Piper and Prue meet Cupid, and they help him vanquish the evil and mean demon of hate Drazi. In the end, love wins.
  • Shoot the cupid

    First up, I think cupids are pants. Surely the Elders have better things to do than patch up relationships between muggles? What has that got to do with witchcraft? If they're really that bored they should spend a bit more time helping the Charmed Ones.

    The plot is also pretty lame: a demon steals a cupid's ring and uses it to break up several of the couples the matchmaker has just got together. Apparently this will cause the cupid to die of a broken heart. Now, if the bloke hadn't been so annoying I might have felt sorry for him. As it is, he is cocky, rude and self-important, and I found myself rooting for the bad guy.

    If the plot is bad, the guest actors playing Cindy and Max are shocking. Is the show's budget really this low? I've seen better acting on Home and Away!

    It's not all bad, however. In a love based episode, it's only right that the sisters' relationships form part of the storyline and it's good to see two of them dating like normal folk. This is the first time we've seen Dan and Jack chatting and it's intriguing to hear what they have to say about the sisters. I do like Jack. It's a shame he and Prue have no chemistry whatsoever. There is also a side plot in which the cupid points out to Phoebe that she has a closed heart. At first viewing, this seems to have been bolted on for no apparent reason but, in fact, the writers do come back to it in later seasons so fair play.

    Drasi is far and away the best thing about this episode and he keeps it from turning too sickly. I love the way he is able to turn Piper and Prue against their respective boyfriends, and that scene where he sticks his hand inside the cupid's chest and wrenches his heart is just gruesome. Anyone else here wish he'd torn it out while he had the chance?
  • Cupid wasn't that stupid, was he ??

    A dateless Phoebe comes to the aid of Cupid when a demon of hate named Drazi steals Cupids powerful love ring and sets out to destroy all his recent love matches. Cupid's future looks bleak as he watches the couples he's paired go from loving mates to sparring enemies and the bad vibes are spreading into the relationships of the Charmed Ones. Prue uses her newly discovered power of astral projection, to help Piper and Phoebe kill Drazi, but Drazi returns from the dead to wreak havoc in the love lives of the Charmed Ones a second time. Phoebe convinces Piper to freeze the demon of hate, returning Cupid his love ring, so that the second time they try the demon is banished forever. All returns to normal in the love lives of the Charmed Ones and many others. Even Phoebe gets a thank you kiss from Cupid that leaves her smiling.
  • cupid

    Leave it to charmed to change a person. A change that everyone has been believing for many many many years. A change that is very legendary when it comes to Cupid. Cupid doesn't shoot people with arrows, he wears a ring. I like that they would do somrthing like that. Make CUpid their own.
  • it was [i]ok[/i]

    i sort of liked this eposide. it was cool seeing Cupid. this is sort of like the episode 'a muse to my ears' casue the demon stole the ring but for diffrent things. it was cool the demon used the ring to seperate people my making them mad at each other!
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