Season 4 Episode 3

Hell Hath No Fury

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2001 on The WB

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  • Good ending to the Prue angst.

    See one thing I want to say/ask. In the season 3 premier, she freezes 'only the innocents' which is why Cole doesn't freeze - makes sense. She then says she can't freeze the other people/demons because once they're immune then they're immune. But cole wasn't frozen then so by that logic he should be immune now too but he freezes still.. So unless she could freeze the people back then and thought she couldn't so she didn't try which also makes no sense.

    I did love Piper's acting/reaction to the book being gone and Phoebe trying to explain that Paige may have taken it. And Cole not wanting to go along to 'vanquish' her ha. I'd go along just to watch.

    Overall I do love this episode, I feel it closes up the Prue angst, gets Piper to deal with it and gives them a way to let the sisters and Paige relate to each other (family deaths). I like the little smile at the end with Piper calls her her sister.

    On a side note Paige has to be the worst worker there, she gets over the top emotional and would probably get sued a lot for making unlawful judgements, she leaves work often and apparently never does paperwork... Just saying.
  • Hell Hath No Fury

    Hell Hath No Fury was a superb and very entertaining episode of Charmed and I really enjoyed watching because the story was good, there was character and plot development along with the sisters bonding. Paige caused some chaos after taking the Book of Shadows and using it to cast spells around the workplace. I liked how everything worked out and I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!
  • Piper gets furious and Paige gets betty-booped.

    This is another very strong episode for the stellar Season 4 of Charmed. Piper is tiring both Phoebe and Cole out with her drive to vanquish demons. She is being openly hostile to Paige and won't listen to Leo. This is another role switch from the last episode, where Piper seemed somewhat recovered from her grief and Phoebe was the troubled one. Here Phoebe is back to being the sane sister and mediator between Piper and Paige. Fulfilling her role as the spirited sister, Paige borrows the Book of Shadows so she can cast some spells for personal gain. As usual when spells are cast, this leads to some unexpected consequences. Her subplot is mostly of the lighthearted variety. It is understandable that she is still grappling with the idea of being a witch.

    Piper's grief issues are the primary plot of the episode. I really appreciate how this season spent the first 3 episodes dealing with Piper's grief over her sister. It shows how seriously the writers take the characters and the realism of the show. As they are throughout the season, Cole and Leo remain strong participators in the events. Perhaps my favorite moment in the episode is when Cole prepares an energy ball to blast Piper when she is attacking her sisters. Phoebe shows off some of her own strength in her fight with Piper, and Paige fittingly saves the day by guessing at Piper's hidden fury. Leo also plays a key role when he shows up in the nick of time to orb Piper and Paige to the mausoleum. Holly Marie is amazing once again in that emotional scene.

    The final scene between Piper and Paige is very well done and enjoyable to watch, and the episode comes to a satisfying end with Piper referring to Paige as her sister.

    Great episode all around. Season 4 continues to satisfy all expectations.

    BTW, this is also the first episode where Paige uses what will come to be HER spell- Let the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the scene to be unseen.
  • Good riddance Prue.

    Paige seems to be better. It tends to be lame show at best but Shannon what's her name made it all the more pathetic, so good riddance to her. Maybe it will go up from here with this new witch. Seems like the Phoebe character will get a chance to be less ditzy. Hopefully the new one will play her role with innocence instead of stupidity. I gave up after season one and caught the opening of season four by accident, maybe I'll give a few more episodes a chance and see where it goes. I hope it's not downhill again.
  • Paige breaks the Golden Rule and removes the Book of Shadows from the house. Meanwhile, Piper's internal grief at the loss of Prue has alarming effects.

    Paige, new to witchcraft, decides that she will take The Book of Shadows to work and cast some spells to help people in need of a hand. This works out in a variety of ways and Paige may have bitten off more than she can chew.

    Meanwhile, Piper, grieving terribly at the loss of her big sister, Prue, is internalising her grief and becomes a Furie, a nasty demon, hell-bent on revenge, and she doesn't really care who gets in the way.

    Funnily enough, it is her new half-sister who is able to understand what she is feeling as she too felt lost and abandoned when both of her adoptive parents died and left her alone. Nice piece of acting from Rose McGowan in this one.
  • Betty Paige. Arf.

    An irritable subplot mars an otherwise confident hour from this witchly series. It's such a shame the writers were afraid to dedicate an entire episode to Piper's bereavement over her sister's death, it would have benefited greatly from it. Unfortunately, a subplot that's supposed to flesh out Betty Paige makes a mockery of the hour and the audience.

    The subplot doesn't even take up that much screen time, but it certainly throws every boob gag, and then some, at the screen, hoping some of them pay off. None of them do, the boobs who wrote this script approached it in such a puerile fashion, it's embarrassing rather than entertaining. >>

    Piper and Phoebe have their moments, though. Phoebe has made the transition to middle-sister mode quite nicely, and she kicks a lot of ass in this one. It's fun seeing her otherwise pointless ability come into play with some impressively choreographed fight scenes. Meanwhile, Piper's breakdown at Prue's grave once again highlights how talented Holly is, tapping every emotional beat without ever overdoing it. >>

    Overall, it's another strong hour from season four. There are some nice, quiet character moments (Phoebe confiding in Leo) as well as a few entertaining tiffs (Cole attacking Leo) and Piper's derailment, of course, being the highlight. It was a risk giving Rose such a silly subplot so early in the game, one that unfortunately doesn't work in her favour.
  • "Not to be awkward but your married to our whitelighter and Phoebe is shacking up with a demon. on balance, do you think my friend could stay cute?" - Paige Matthews

    This is an awesome episode! Piper really expresses her anger at Prue dying (which is how most of the audience felt) whilst Phoebe and Paige try to help her from destroying herself and everyone around her.

    Holly Marie Combs deserves an award of this episode - her emotion was really strong and painful to watch in places. i especially liked the bit where she pounded Prue's grave screaming "How dare you! how dare leave me all alone!" very emotional. also the bit where she wrote on the book and Phoebe's comment "Is it necessary to disfigure the book?" was very funny. but the episode belongs to Pagie. she really shone in this episode and helped Possesed Piper show her fears and in return for this, Piper called her a sister. Good stuff.
  • The Furious One

    Hell Hath No Fury-Paige takes the Book of Shadows into her work to cast spells which help her co-workers. Meanwhile, Piper, who is filled with anger over the death of Prue and the recent actions of Paige, is turned into a member of a supernatural band of vigilantes known as the Furies.

    Another solid episode that sees the sisters continuing to live their lives without Prue, while Paige has a little too much fun trying to understand her new powers. While it would be expected that Paige would first us her powers for personal gain, the magical hijinks kinda got over-the-top when Paige's boobs become the size of melons! It's funny for like 5 seconds, then you just wish they would just get rid of them already.

    The real story is Piper once again, and it's great that the writers still have her grieving. Her one woman mission against the demon world is done well throughout raging from hilarious to painful as Piper is letting her pain get to her so much that it's getting other people hurt in the process. Piper's transformation into a Fury is entertianing and the Furies themselves are decent modernized version of the Greek mythology. The scene where they attack the manor is suspenseful as Phoebe tries to be honest with Piper and confesses any problems they might have between them. Then of course, Paige is trying to use her power, but is still incompetent when using them. Surprisingly, Paige does save the day in the end as she reveals what the source of Piper's pain. It's a heartbreaking revelation that Piper hates Prue for leaving her and Holly Marie Combs gives yet another powerful performance as well as Rose McGowan who is also superb in that scene. The scene at the end where Piper and Paige finally find common ground is well done, especiallyt Piper finally accepting Paige as her sister when she reveals to Paige's boss they are sisters. All and All, "Hell Hath No Fury" is a furiously good episode with more great performances and a solid plot despite the lame hijinks of Paige's sub-plot.
  • Backfire or bust

    Another cracking installment! This is one of those rare episodes in which the demon plot and the sister plot are equally good, with a near perfect balance of humour and drama.

    The demon plot sees Piper on a baddie-bashing bender, only to meet her match in the shape of three furies. Unfortunately for Piper, her anger causes her to become one herself. This may sound like merely another 'sister turns into something' episode but it actually links perfectly to the ongoing theme of Piper's grief. I love the idea that Piper's way of coping is to go on a revenge mission; it's not the Piper we know but grief works in strange ways. The sequence of freezing and blasting outside the garage is wonderful and the scene at the mausoleum brings the saga of Prue's death to a sad but satisfying end.

    The sister plot is comical but also highly believable. Who wouldn't want to cast a few spells if they were given the chance? Unlike some on here, I thought having Paige's boobs swell up when her spell backfired was hilarious. It was totally unexpected and led to some very funny moments. Much like Phoebe at the start of the series, she is clearly keen to have some fun with her witchcraft. It's really refreshing!

    Piper is still struggling to accept Paige and Phoebe is doing a great job of smoothing things over. I'm not sure simply moving each sister one rung up the ladder is the right thing to do. It's a bit of a cop out by the producers and I definitely preferred Piper as she was. Just because she is mourning Prue doesn't mean she has to become her.

    Lastly, it's nice to see Phoebe's levitation power being used so effectively. It's not used half as much as it should be IMO.
  • Great episode, That Holly Marie Combs can really act!!

    New to the witchy world of The Charmed Ones, Paige is learning to control her new telekinetic powers and steals the Book of Shadows from Phoebe and Piper to use the spells for personal gain. Meanwhile, Piper's inability to deal with her sister's recent death makes her vulnerable to the Furies, female demon vigilantes who lure her into their fold, which makes her turn in to a fury.
  • Made me Cry!!! :(

    This episode honestly is an awesome installment. The first 3 episodes of this season are great so this is only expected. I've always said that Holly Marie Combs (Piper) is an amazing actress. She always was a very emotional actress, thats why she had so many emotional scenes.But her preformance outside Prue's grave made me cry for such a long time. She really made me bealive that she had just lost her sister, so i appload her for that scene. I think this is the episode that Piper and Paige really connect as "sisters". A lot of progress for every character in this episode!!
  • This episode focuses on Piper's grief towards Prue.

    Hell Hath No Fury is one of all time favourite Charmed episodes. It's great that they show the main characters dealing with the death of Prue in different ways.
    This episode focuses on Piper's grief towards Prue. She gets turned into a fury, who punish evil-doers.
    Another plotline was Paige misuing magic. I get the personal gain thing, but come, how is enhancing her breast size an exact punishment? That was probably the most dissapointing aspect of the episode.
    Piper's mourning at the end of the episode was absolutely saddening to watch. Holly is such an amazing actress, she can do anything.
    Overall this episode sees Paige becoming a closer member of the family, Piper trying to overcome her grief, and Phoebe and Cole, well, being Phoebe and Cole.
  • The Furies

    As it turns out Piper isn't exactly dealing as well as we thought with all the big changes in her life. And it's not really about Paige this time and her knew role as a memeber of the family, this time it's about Prue and Piper's unresolved anger and her death. She represses so much anger at being left without her big sister to help and take care of her that she falls victim to The Furies, a group of kind of intense female demons that seek out evil. Fortunately, Paige has the solution this time. She understands Piper's pain because she two has gone through it when her foster parents died and left her alone.
  • This episode has Piper dealing with Prue's death in a way that most people are afraid to do it. It is my favorite episode.

    In my favorite episode, Piper has to deal with Prue's death. It hits home like "Death Takes a Halliwell" because it forces one of the sisters to deal with death. Here, Piper is not fighting death, but rather she is dealing with how life is going on without her loved one and she can't stop to handle it. HMC's acting is amazing in this episode, and Piper once again proves herself as my favorite sister. When my grandma died, I couldn't move on, and I don't know if I have yet, but this episode revealed how it is okay not to be okay with death, but how it is important to deal and move on. This episode hit home in more than one way. The scene in the cemetery was incredible.
  • Wow! This is my favorite episode of Charmed. Hell Hath No Fury like Piper's unexpressed emotions.

    It's just so emotional. Piper is a strong person, and to see her break down like that, wow! Holly Marie Combs was amazing in All Hell Breaks Loose, Charmed Again 1&2, and Hell Hath No Fury. Piper's unexpressed fury was towards Prue, which I can understand. She hated Prue for dying. She hated Prue for leaving her. Even though it sounds selfish, it was okay for her to hate Prue. I felt the same way when my best friend died. We were friends for around five years, and he died right before my eyes. I loved him, but I hated him for leaving me all alone. It's kinda like that Pink song Who Knew in a way. Three years ago, Phoebe, Piper, and Prue didn't get along that well. If you would've imagined that they would be gone in three years, you wouldn't know what to do. You would've probably made the time you had left the best. The most emotional part for me would have to be when they took Piper to Prue's plaque. "How dare you! How dare you leave me! How could you go and die and leave me here all alone! Please come back! I need you! Please come back!" I now understand the reason they wouldn't let Piper see Prue. So many things she didn't want to say, but came out with. Emotions ranging from hate, love, frustration, denial, and sadness. Prue would still be alive for her if they did let her summon Prue. She has to let go.
  • Piper gets turned into a fury for not dealing with Prue's death and Paige learns a lesson about magic.

    Possibly my favorite episode of the series. Or well one of many. It was a great episode. Plus, I liked how they mixed mythology into there by having the furies. HMC proves once again that she can deffanitly act. Paige steals the book to perform some spells on her life and ends up with some funny results like enormous breasts. Piper goes on a vanguishing spree trying to supress her feelings over Prue's death. Yet, instead of helping it gets her turned into a fury because of her unexpressed rage. Truth is, she's mad because of Prue leaving her. The scene in the mosuleum is the saddest part of the episode. Once again I cried along with Piper as she confronts her feelings.
    One of the best episodes!
  • Wow What a great Episode!

    This is onne of my favorite episodes becuase of Holly Marie Combs. We find he charmed ones still trying to get used to the loss of Prue and how to move on. Piper is "moving" on by chasing demons with Phoebe along for the ride so to speak. Of course her reason for this is to try and ease the pain of losing Prue. Poor Paige is completly ignored by Piper. My favorite part of this episode is where Leo takes Paige and Piper to what Pipers mad at. Watching Piper loose it and truly get angry and let out her true feelings regarding the loss of her sister had me in tears. Holly did such a great job putting you right there with the charecters. She made your heart break right along with Piper.

  • This particular episode makes me cry everytime i watch it. Now in Charmed there were alot of tearjerker moments..but this one is very strong. Piper who was one of the most level headed or strong witch...become so weak over her sisters death.

    This episode was and will probably always be a tearjerker to me. Because you see how pain can consume someone if they don't express it. Piper blamed herself for alot of things.. she wished it was her instead of Prue. She thought of Prue as the stronger witch. Now that she would become the oldest sistr it pressured her a she lost her sister. So she goes on a rampage killing demons and putting Phoebe at risked of being killed. So throught all her pain and suffering she doesn't realize what she is doing and inhales the smoke which turns her into a fury. The only reason she becomes one is because she habord so much anger. So a down a sister Pagie and Phoebe had to find a way to save her. She they lure her to the house by using Cole who had been a demon for over a century. Leo orbs her to the musulim to Prue's grave. Pagie come and tells her to tell Prue she's anger with her and Piper faces her problem. She lets out all the anger she harbored.
  • Piper is transformed into a fury. Meanwhile, Paige has taken the Book Of Shadows to her office.

    Piper, after the shock of losing Prue, starts hunting down every demon in San Francisco. While trying to vanquish the Furies, she is transformed into one. Meanwhile, Paige, new to being a witch, brings the book of Shadows to work. When she starts casting spells to help all of her friends and get revenge, she soon learns that there are consequences.

    This is one of those episodes that is good if you have never seen before. But if you watch it again it gets kinda boring. Not one of my favorites but an okay episode never the less.
  • Wonderful!

    This episode was WONDERFUL!!! One of the best. Piper is still griving over Prue's death so she ggoes and kills every demon she can find,and gets infected by a fury which turns her into one and it makes it bad when Paige takes the Book of Shadows. Then Paige and Phoebe have to find a way to turn Piper back.

    It is a very good written episode. The actors did a wonderful job of acting. At the end when Piper just like broke down was the best part. It did not seem fake at all!
    This episode was amzing i really liked it
  • How could anyone dislike Paige/Rose after this?

    This is the episode I have been waiting for in Tv-Series history! Finally we see someone deal with the loss the real way. The painful way. Grief can't be dealt with within 45 min and this show made sure that the halliwell sisters stayed as real as fiction allows.

    Piper turning into a fury because she suppressed her anger reminded me of myself. Of course I stayed human ;) and paige helping piper through that phase by sharing her pain was just awesome! and touching too.

    Plus the Furies are one class of demons that obviously took some time creating them. Unlike the Grimlocks for instance. The Tattoos are wild and the way they disappear makes me wonder how many ways the writers will find to make someone "shimmer", blink or orb :) But vanishing in smoke is kinda classy you have to admit that.

    And the last scene is my absolute favorite of this episode: when Piper says "her sister" upon being asked who she was Paige/Rose looks down and smiles. Humble, proud, cute. Love it!
  • Fabulous Episode!

    I really like this episode so much, Its really funny and very intersting, have great scenes, was very well-written (by the fabulous Krista Vernoff)The episode shows the introducing of Paige in witchcraft, she stoles the Book Of Shadows and take it to her work and there she begin to making spells for personal gain to herself and to the other people that work with her, Piper became a fury after a hunting with Phoebe and Cole, after the end of mess that Paige made , Piper attacks the manor, with the others fury, they are after Cole, In the end Piper goes after Paige to know her better.Great Episode!
  • This episode was absoloutly hilarious.

    Piper is running around risking her life & Pheobe's to carelessly kill demons, while Cole feels that he has to follow them around to protect Pheobe from being killed or losing another sister.

    Piper is being dismissive of Paige while Pheobe is trying her best to welcome her as a sister.

    Paige pays the sisters a visit & Pheobe shows her the book of shadows and tells her that it musn't leave the house but Paige of course doesn't listen & throws it out of the window then takes it to work where she starts using the spells for personal gain & of course there are very funy consequenses Paige has to pay.

    Pheobe realises that she is no longer the younger sister now that Paige is in the picture.

    After almost turning into a Furie, Piper (with some hellp from Paige) finally let go of all her anger towards Prue, and came to terms with the fact that she's never comming back. It was a nice touch to have Paige be the one to realise who Piper is really angry at & to help her through it.

    The final scene when Piper finally calls Paige her sister was very touching.
  • Charmed is a great show, by far one of my favorites. I think that the scripts are writen great everytime. This episode especially. Hell Hath No Fury, served the show justice.

    I definetely thought this was one of the better episodes. I love charmed, no matter what anyone thinks. It is a greatly writen show. I thought that this episode was great for Holly Marie Combs, it showed a lot of depth to her character. It was a great way for Rose Mcgowan to come in and show her acting. I love this episode.
  • A Very Emotional Episode...

    Hell hath no fury, is one of charmed's best episodes ever.
    Holly Marie Combs as Piper really proves that is a great actress. I don't think I have ever seen anybody so real! It was like you could see real pain in her eyes. It was really touching. I must admit that I cried a bit in this episode.

    The only minus about the episode was that I didn't think that Paige's acting was on top all the time. But what can you do? She was kinda new at the act so.

    Watch this episode, it's very emotional.
  • An emotional episode. I could almost cry from the pain piper was going through.

    This episode was a very emotional episode. It was also the episode that in a way, guaranteed the contination of my favourite show as Piper began to learn that nothing she could do could bring back Prue, and that even though it hurt her emotionally so much, because there was so much change, what with a new sister, becoming an eldest sister(Piper), and for Pheobe, having to adjust to no longer being the youngest of the sister. And then there is Paige, who has to come to terms with the fact that she is a witch and not just a witch but one of the three most powerful witches in the world. And on top of that she has just found out that she has sisters. This episode was pure genius and it is the reason I love Charmed so much.
  • Both Piper and Phoebe are mourning Prudences\\\'s death, but Piper finds it very difficult to cope, while Paige helps Piper face her issues over her eldest sisters death, having never met her and having the advantage of seeing the situation clearly withou

    The scene where Paige tells Piper that it is okay to hate Prue makes me cry every time. Paige shows maturity and rose shows in one of her first episodes just how talented she is. In my opinion, even though it is my favourite episode it should have involved some emotion from Paige, struggling with the idea that she lost her oldest sister before she even found her. Holly Marie Combs is such a brilliant actress, emotion coming through with every line, especially \'it hurts to talk Leo, it hurts to breathe\', it\'s very convincing. i think that Alyssa Milano lacks as much emotion as Holly gives though, and i\\\'m not convinced of Phoebe\\\'s pain over Prue.
  • The episode totally belonged to Holly Marie Combs... The end was sad and it marked the end of a much loved character but also the entrance of a new one.

    I found this episode very emotional, filled with action and tears. The episode truly belonged to Holly Marie Combs.

    The Fury storyline was interesting for me- when Piper was converted because of her pain in losing Prue.

    This episode was a tearjerker- especially with Paige and Piper- who were the outstanding characters in the episode.

    Excellent excellent episode! Well done to Holly and Rose.

    Overall Grade- A++++++++!
  • Boob! Humbug!

    A mediocre episode which succeeds in playing out its main objective but does so in a slightly predictable and un-original manor.

    Hell Hath No Fury has Piper being turned into a Fury, a group of demonic women who were turned demonic after suffering through great pain. Meanwhile, Paige uses the Book for personal gain and ends up regretting it.

    Holly Marie Combs is absolutely amazing in this episode and the closing moments, in which Piper breaks down in front of Prue's grave, are heartbreaking. Holly is undoubtedly Charmed's greatest acting asset and it's a shame she is so underused for most of season four. Just in this short scene, she brings all the emotions hiding beneath Piper's surface to ahead and screams and shouts at Prue for doing this to her. It's an amazing scene and one of the best of the season.

    Paige's subplot could have been entertaining with a decent moral at the end but a charming storyline eventually turns pathetic as Paige's spell inadvertently causes her boobs to triple in size. It's a ridiculous story development and also incredibly patronising, especially the moment where she finds it difficult to drive her car as her boobs keep getting in the way. Uh, sorry writers, but women with big breasts can actually drive without difficulty! It's so sad to see a show which once had a strong, feminist message has been degraded to such nonsensical storytelling. And I'm also annoyed at how the writers almost try to cover up the titillation by saying its all part of the feminist message, "Girls out there, dress up in slutty outfits... to, uh, show off your femininity!" It's a stupid message and incredibly sad to here from this show.

    This could have been great, but falls under the dark spell of Brad Kern, who has shifted the interesting storylines to the background to make way for big boobs and sex gags.
  • The start of a whole new chapter for charmed

    This is a really good episode and marks the point when Paige's relationship with her new sisters really begins.

    Piper (Holly Marie Combs) is amazing in this episode. From her determined attitude to her anger when being a Fury to the heart-breaking scene at the Prue's gravesite she shows that she is one hell of an actress. Her anger is shown perfectly in her conversation with Leo in the bedroom. She is utterly cruel to him (which Leo deals with quite well) and is another display of Combs acting ability

    Paige's character is developed in this episode. We see her as a kind and caring person who dearly wants to help her co-workers. She is obviously handling her magic well and shows that she will make a very good sister with her ability to see why Piper is really mad.

    The final scene where Piper goes to thank Paige is really sweet and shows that the formation of the bond between the two sisters. My favourite bit of this episode comes at the end when Piper acknowledges that Paige is her sister for the first time. Very touching
    Cole is a little harsh towards Piper (and Leo) and I feel he could've given her more support in this episode.

    I have a feeling that this episode marks the last time that we see over-dramatic mourning for Prue therefore marking the end of Prue's time on the show. I'm not saying she won't be remembered but definitely less from now on.

    This is a wonderful episode and paves the way for Paige to begin becoming a true Halliwell
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