Season 5 Episode 13

House Call

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

The Halliwell house is infested with residual evil from all the vanquishing they've done over the years. They call a witch doctor to rid the house of the evil nasties, but he turns out to be more concerned about how all that evil got there in the first place. He decides the sisters attract evil, and will someday succumb to it - so they must be destroyed. He casts a hex on each sister: A harmless personality quirk will be amplified into an obsession, and destroy each of them. Paige's ex, Glen, is in town, and she wants to get back together with him. Before she can say anything, though, he reveals that he's getting married. Jessica, the fiancée, is gorgeous and perky and perfect. Paige won't stand for it. She orbs Jessica to a nasty promontory or hell, then goes back to the church and puts on Jessica's dress - and face. That's one way to keep Glen from marrying "the wrong woman."

Piper's nesting instinct hits overdrive, and she's obsessed with getting the house clean. After pitching the dishes, tearing off the roof and encasing all the furniture in plastic, she decides it will be easier to start from scratch, and makes the entire house disappear

Phoebe's competitive spirit is aroused by a rival advice columnist. At first it's pretty harmless, if embarrassing - she strips down to her skivvies for a photo shoot to get extra attention and drum up some controversy. But she decides that's not enough - she wants to kill the competition. In this case, that means transforming the sexist competitor into a turkey. She plans on making an early Thanksgiving meal with her victim.

Leo didn't trust the witch doctor from the get-go, and he's the one who has to clean up his mess - literally and figuratively. After orbing all over town to check up on the sisters, he finally figures out what's going on. Each sister has to be broken out of her hex in her own way. In Paige's case, she snaps out of it when Leo orbs the real Jessica back, and she sees how much Glen loves his actual fiancée. Piper's wakeup call comes when Leo points out that she managed to make Phoebe disappear along with the house. Paige and Piper then visit the witch doctor's lair and get him to reverse the hex on Phoebe before she can turn her competitor into turkey cutlets. Paige makes up with Glen and Jessica, Piper learns to live with a little mess, and Phoebe turns the competition back into himself. Plus, she gets a centerfold spread in 415 magazine to remember the hex by.
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