Season 5 Episode 13

House Call

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • "I'm Phoebe, I Wear Slutty Outfits For No Reason!" #3 - Naked Cover Spread

    With Charmed, there are fun episodes but then, occasionally, there are just ridiculous ones. House Call falls into the latter category and, unlike most "possessed sister" episodes, is one of the most embarrassingly awful episodes in Charmed history.

    The episode has a group of witch doctors putting a hex on the sisters, causing their little personal flaws to be magnified, turning each Halliwell into complete psychotics.

    Phoebe's hex makes her pose nearly nude for a Stuff magazine-like pictorial and then turning her rival advice columnist from another paper into a turkey, before trying to cook him. Yes, I'm serious. Piper goes OTT with cleanliness and eventually makes the house disappear whilst Paige shapeshifts into Glen's new fiancée so she can marry him. All of the hexes are ridiculous with Phoebe's being the most laughable. I really doubt Alyssa had a good time trying to be taken seriously whilst chasing a turkey around the manor with a meat cleaver in hand.

    House Call is an absolutely terrible episode which suffers from bad plotting, bad acting and bad special effects. One good comment: I really like Rose's hair in this episode; it's really 1940's-ish. Nice.