Season 5 Episode 13

House Call

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • House Crap

    House Call-Glen returns to Paige's life with a big surprise - he is about to get married to a girl called Jessica. Meanwhile, the sisters summon a Witch Doctor whom they want to dispatch all the evil remnants that surround the Manor. Sigh. Typical writers taking what could have been a creepy, dark episode and turning it into one of those unfunny sitcoms you find on CBS. The house being haunted by those demonic manifestations certainly was cool plot, which could have allowed us to see past demons the sisters have vanquished or maybe play the episode as a homage to horror films like "The Hauning" or "Poltergist". Anything but watching a witch doctor turn the sisters into obnoxious, overbearing annoyances for an hour. The witch doctor's reasons for hexing the sisters made no sense! Considering their the Charmed Ones it makes perfect sense that a lot of demons would want to kill them and the house ultimately having all that demonic energy in it. Why would it take the whole episode for the witch doctor to realize that killing the Charmed Ones would tip the balance of Good and Evil, their the freakin' Charmed Ones, he should have known that! It's a stpuid lesson and instead of having adecent villain of the week, we get Paige going psycho on Glenn's fiance, Piper becoming the queen of germaphobes and Phoebe torturing a turkey! Yeah....awesome......Zzzzzzzzzzz. Really nothing more to say about this one. On to the next one!