Season 5 Episode 13

House Call

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Feb 02, 2003 on The WB

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  • A bit of a turkey, this one. Get the carving knife there, Pheebs. Ta!


    From the sublime to the downright embarrassing, the quality of Charmed can change as easily as flipping a switch. It's usual for this show to follow any arc-heavy episode with a stand-alone, but this one suffers more so due to a haphazard script and a ''kitchen sink'' feel to it. On paper, I'm sure, it sounded like a hoot: Paige getting married and orbing Glenn's fiance into a volcano; Phoebe turning her competition into a turkey and then eating him; and Piper, bless her, always with the short straw, going on a massive cleaning rampage. Unfortunately, the episode never quite takes off, mostly falling flat on its face at every turn. The absurdity of Piper dismantling the roof because it was dirty did illicit a chuckle, as did Leo's cautious words to Phoebe about her competitive streak as she held a butcher knife, but nothing gels. It's just cheap joke after cheap joke, and never has the show looked more hokey, visually, than it does here.

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