Season 2 Episode 17

How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2000 on The WB

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  • Three grannies use the Charmed Ones to summon a demon that "promise" them eternal youth. In the words of La Prue, don't these innocents EVER LEARN?

    A lot of people don't like this episode for some reason but I enjoyed it very much. It's one of the little enjoyable gems of season 2. The demon is encountered in a different setting and through a better developed plot other than just having the usual demon attacks innocent in alleyway, girls go hunt it down, vanquish it in house and have pizza at P3 or whatever.

    After an old friend of Grams the girls call Aunt Gail comes to the manor requesting help to stop some demon/supernatural activity in her town (apparently someone's been skinning recent graves) the girls decide to go to investigate. It's very cheesy of me, but I think it's very cute to see the Halliwells go on a little road trip and have the sisterly dynamics show through here. There is a useless plot about Phoebe and glasses but no one really cares about it.

    What the girls don't know is that Aunt Gail and her two friends have been the ones skinning the corposes in order to ressurrect the demon Cryto and gain eternal youth. She's not really a magical witch, but still practices the craft and has enough magical resources to summon him and steal the girls' powers for him. Of course it's predictable where this is going and before you know it Cryto toasts the other 2 grannies and threatens a now young Gail to get the Charmed Ones (whose powers had been stripped through some weird iced tea mix). The earlier scene where they're given the power stripping iced tea is kind of humorous since you can see how Prue doesn't buy any of it (and blocks one of the ladies from pouring more) contrasted with Aunt Gail's desperate and greedy lust for their powers and her youth.

    Another good element of this episode is the element of grayness. People often complain this show portrays people as either totally good or totally evil and this is one of those episodes where we have people in the middle. Although Aunt Gail desperately tries to strip the Charmed Ones' powers, she also seems to care about their well-being and doesn't want Cryto to hurt them. We also see her motivation for wanting eternal youth: she's old, lonely, and sick with a lot of medical bills. It didn't excuse what she had done, but by the episode's end she pays with her own life to redeem herself.

    It also shows that the Charmed Ones are more than just their powers, but also their strategic and brave wit. They were able to defeat a demon who stole their four powers (Prue had Astral Projection by this point in the series) despite being powerless. Then again, demons in this series are almost just as dumb as their innocents and for some reason are able to buy a fake freeze.

    Good episode and in my opinion highly underrated.