Season 2 Episode 17

How to Make a Quilt Out of Americans

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2000 on The WB

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  • The Charmed Ones vs....The Golden Girls?

    How To Make a Quilt Out of Americans-A group of three elderly witches, one of them close friends of the Halliwells' grandmother, summon a demon to restore their youth. However, in return, the demon wants the powers of the Charmed Ones. Phoebe: "Good witches don't freeze."

    An episode that feels as old as dirt (pun intented!), "How To Make a Ridiculous Long Title" sees the sisters' Grams' friend stop by and using them to get their powers for a demon so she and her friends could become young. While Anne Haney (Aunt Gail) gives a good performance I guess, the storyline just drags for ages and never interests. Aunt Gail outsmarted the sisters way too easy and they should have been more suspecious earlier on. Cameron Bancroft (Cryto) is a lousy villain and even when the sisters lose their powers to him his still boring. I guess it's interesting watching the sisters battling a demon without their powers and using their knowledge of their powers to outsmart him but it just doesn't come off strong on screen.

    Piper's little dilemma is the most interesting plot of the episode. It would make sense that she's had enough with being a witch since she can't even solve her issues with Leo and Dan without their being a demon attack every second. Holly really convinces with Piper's frustration over the situation and it's one she'll continue to deal with throughout the series. The big break-up scene between Piper and Dan was acutally well done and dare I say Greg Vaughan was actually given a chance to act! You kinda feel bad for Dan despite being him being devoid of any personality. So to sum it all up, Aunt Gail and her girls go dead, Cyrto goes proof, and Dan gets dumped, All and All, an episode that dies of old age before it's over!